Things I am thankful for (ABDL version)

I am thankful for my husband who accepts me in diapers.

I am thankful I can wear them 24/7 and have a normal brain. (No more OCD thoughts about diapers)

I am thankful diapers have been normalized in my home

I am thankful for the companies out there that make good diapers and care about dignity than saving money.

I am thankful for some people out there who make outfits for ABDLs and have opened a compajny for it such as Lil Kink Botique and Littles Lavatory

I am thankful for Tykables that have diaper subscription cases.

I am thankful for all my fans out there that have supported me by subscribing to my content, even if it was for one month.

I am thankful for the fact that Casey had bought ABU and fixed up the mess the previous owner did and shipped out orders that customers had ordered.

I am thankful for Emma ABDL and Mindlessly Diapered that had inspired me to start making money on my content and some others too I had seen on Twitter.

I am thankful that Pocketstars allows messy content on their site.

I am thankful Just For fans does allow ABDL and age play on there while Onlyfans decided to throw everyone out who had that content on their site.

I am thankful for all the ABDLs that condemn any behavior in the ABDL community that is inappropriate like invading IC forums with their ABDLism and fantasies.