My Camelots review

I decided to give these a shot. Instead of waiting for them to come in my subscription box randomly, I decided to use my funds money to buy a pack. These are the most absorbent diapers ever on the market so far, holds 7000 ml.

The pack came and I tried one and I wore it all day and over night and it leaked. I also had a lot of energy drinks too so that made me pee a lot.

Last night I decided to put one on again after not wearing for a week or two. I got changed and then less than a half hour later I felt the urge to poop so I pooped while sitting on my couch whole sewing up a seam on my pajamas while listening to Christmas sing alongs on Disney Plus on my phone. Then I peed and I felt it against my skin because it was so warm.

I don’t remember when I peed again but I remember I did a big one in my diaper this morning before getting out of bed and I felt it because of the poop. But it all absorbed in the diaper and I put my robe on and went on with my day. I remember I did a big pee again around noon and it went up the front of the diaper and it absorbed and it had no leaks. Normally diapers leak on me when I have messed in them and then pee heavily. But not these. I did wet them again while working out and they still didn’t leak and I even say in my wet and messy diaper and there was no wet spots on my wooden floor.

I don’t plan on using up the entire pack and I plan on using these for special occasions since they hold so much and these are good for travel use and when I am out all day. I can drink a bunch of sugar free energy drinks and not worry about my bladder. But just as long as I don’t have to poop because pee always makes poop smell as it gets wet from the pee.

I would keep these on longer but sadly I would have to take it off and change into a different diaper for work. These are also very thick too and they are very comfortable. I can feel the squishiness and the dampness in this diaper and I am not sure how many times I have peed in it other than the heavy pees I remember doing.

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  1. I always wear a pair of Leakmaster plastic pants over my diaper, and if I mess and wet them the smell is contained. I’m in diapers and plastic pants 24/7, and have had a dirty diaper in public without any confrontation

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