Reasons why ABDLs potty train their actual kids

I get this question from time to time if my kids wear diapers or if I keep them in them or even commented that my kids must be wearing the same baby diapers as me. Sorry to disappoint you but both mine are out of them.

Why do we potty train our kids as ABDLs, maybe for these following reasons:

We want diapers to be sexual again

We don’t want our kids to be bullied and picked on in school if we can help it because kids are cruel

We don’t want CPS to come take our kids away for child neglect

We want more spending money than using it on diapers for our kids

We get tired of changing them like most parents

Because you are supposed to potty train them, humans are like sheep and never question why things are like this or that way or why the rule even is there. We tend to follow rules blindly without even questioning it. Now I was one of those kids to question everything and if you didn’t give me the reason why, I would test you because “Because I said so wasn’t the answer” and my only reason to follow rules was fear and to stay out of trouble, not because I understood

We want our partners involved again

And maybe, just maybe because they are ready and we are not going to force our lifestyle onto them and shove it in their faces like people do with religion or with their political beliefs and other beliefs

A blog article I have always liked

This is an article I have always liked. I am not sure if this was ever actually real because this is where you talk to a cat and the answer is ghost written by a human which I assume is the owner. But I was never sure if this was made up or if this is actually real and it was submitted to him/her.

Dear Readers:

I am on vacation this week! Please enjoy this classic letter that you may have missed the first time!


Dear Tazi:

I started wearing adult protective underwear (aka “adult diapers”) when I was pregnant with my daughter and having bladder control problems. Tazi, they were so comfortable I did not want to stop using them, even after I no longer needed them! I rarely soil them because I wear them for comfort, not protection, but they are a lifesaver when I am stuck in traffic and can’t “hold it in” any longer!

“Emily” is now three and I never knew she noticed my protective underwear use until now. I have been trying without success to toilet train her for over a year now when the other day she screamed that “if Mommy can wear diapers so can I!” I was terribly embarrassed because she screamed it in front of several people in the children’s department store where we were shopping. Blushing I explained to onlookers that she must be confusing sanitary pads with diapers. Several people laughed and I was able to leave without humiliation.

Tazi, I am a busy work-from-home Mom. I do not have the time to fight my daughter on this issue. I know she needs to toilet train, but how is that going to happen if I am not able to set the example she needs? Do I have to give up my comfort for Emily’s developmental health?

Comfortable, Not Incontinent

There is more in the link of course and based on the answer, I hope I won’t have to give up diapers for the sake of my daughter when potty training comes. I hope she will train and my diapers won’t cause her a potty training delay. My daddy will be using potty training for me as the last resort hehe if she doesn’t train and is using me as an excuse. I will just try and keep it from her. The mother in the question thought she did too but was surprised her daughter knew. Kids know more than we think.