Okay, I was not literally asked these all the time but I just like the name. But these are questions I get asked from time to time. I will start from the most frequent ones (not in order) to the rarest.

Can I have your phone number?

I do not talk on the phone.

Do you have Kik/Skype?

I don’t Kik and I don’t use Skype.

How did you get into diapers?

This question I hate because I have been asked this so many times since I was 17. I have gotten tired of answering it so you can read my answer here

And I will say I just wanted to wear diapers again since 3rd grade to make my answer short. The TLDR version is in the link.

Do your kids know about your diapers, what do they think of it?

Something I don’t ever talk about with my kids so I do not know what they think and they never said what they thought and I think they might have forgotten I even wear them. My son has said like “big baby diapers” and asking why I have them in my room or asking me why my underwear is plastic.

Are you incontinent?


What kind of diapers do you wear?

Different kinds, you can see it on my Twitter. This question I also hate because I never stick to the same diapers. I’d rather be asked what kind I have on now or what kind am I wearing now.

Hi I’m (insert minor age here) years old and I love your blog, I would like to chat.

Sorry, I don’t talk to minors. My websites are supposed to be for adults only, 18 and up. Come send me an email again when you turn 18 and I might respond then.

(I might add more later if I get any more of the same ones)