The sicko was finally caught

I used to speak with this person back in 2003-04. He also ran a MSN group called AspergerWorld3 and only in MSN chat he would talk about peeing on children and touching them wrong and told me it was “legal” over there. He was from England. His wife was just as creepy and I don’t know why I continued speaking to this guy but I finally blocked him because I did not like hearing his stories about what he likes to do to children and trying to push me to do it too. He also used to ask me why didn’t I stop my brother from leaving the bedroom when he was three to tell my mom and dad when I was trying to get him to sniff me down there and why didn’t I keep peeing on my brother after I did it once when I was four while taking a bath. I was four and six. I didn’t understand the concept of private parts then but my little brother grasped it quickly at three years of age. He was very bright advanced at his age so he understood better than most kids his own age. Me, I was below my age level so I didn’t understand as much other kids my age would understand. What got me to stop finally of asking my brothers to sniff me down there was I didn’t like being screamed at about it and being in trouble so I only thought it was wrong because my parents say so, not that I really understood. Do any six year olds really understand or do they know it’s wrong because the grown ups say so?

But this guy was finally caught and I was hoping he would be. I kind of outed him in 2010 on a forum and he said I was lying about it so another guy made a video about it on youtube and said I was a liar. He is known as a troll in the autism community. This sicko was also an aspie and I thank whoever wrote the article for not mentioning his condition. It’s totally irrelevant to what he did. The last thing we need is another aspie doing a crime and their condition going in the media about it. If they do commit a crime, don’t mention them having it. This guy messaged me on youtube saying he never spoke to me and I was spreading a rumor about him and he ironically called me a pedophile and said he will find out what school I work at and have me fired because I shouldn’t be around children. It was over my diapers. But I don’t work in a school so I don’t know where he got that from and what does me wearing them have to do with pedophilia? Unless it was all a bluff because he blocked me after sending me two messages on my youtube wall but I deleted them because I didn’t want a sicko on my page. Plus I wonder where he got the idea I was working in a school as a janitor? I never worked at a school so either he was lying or the guy who made the youtube video was mistaking and told him but I always wonder where people get false information about me. I just find it amusing.

Now to hope another sicko aspie out there gets caught. He is also a pedo and has been banned on autism forums before because of it. He has acted on it online and he likes to pray on aspies and auties, including the underage. He will ask to see their penis or to hear them pee and other private parts. He is also infamous in the community. I was also his online friend and I had no idea he was like this until I heard from others and I was shocked he would ask under age kids, I was 17 when he asked to see my boobs and to hear me pee and stuff but I never thought he would ask anyone younger than that. Then he quit doing that stuff to me because he didn’t want to upset me so I thought he didn’t do it to others until I heard about it in 2007 on Zomgaspies (defunct but reopened, not sure if it’s still around) and then in 2010 I heard he did it to people young as 11 on Aspergic (now defunct). I did do something stupid about it in 2010 and someone else on Hikiculture wanted to out him and we all thought he should but I didn’t know then it was a bad idea so me and him would posting information about him on every aspie forum we are on and including Yahoo Answers and I also went on the Delphi forums and got banned from there. I didn’t go to that website anyway so I didn’t care if I was banned from it. But the admin from Hikiculture got his facebook account suspended because of it, he posted the stuff there about him. People saw it and thought we were prying on him because of his AS when in fact it was because he was a pedophile and his condition had nothing to do with it. I think I have said before on this blog, if someone has a disability, people automatically assume you’re doing it to them because of it. But yeah it was a dumb move because we really had no proof except hearsay and people would just think we were slandering someone because they don’t know the whole story and don’t know the person and have never been his victim and also the fact the guy could cover his tracks after seeing it being posted. But it was a dumb move on our part. I also didn’t have proof on Stephen Gandy when I outed him as a pedophile on a forum when someone asked about his youtube name wondering who he was because he tried to add him as a friend on there. I replied saying he was a pedophile and said what he told me about when we used to chat. I then wished I kept my mouth shut about it. But I am glad he got caught and now there is an article about it online and that is my proof now if anyone tries to say I am lying because they believe him instead. The same person who asked on a forum who he was, outed me on a new autism forum telling me I was right about him. Duh, I wouldn’t lie. I don’t know if he thought I was lying or not or was skeptical about my claim.