Pokemon Rumble World vs Pokemon Rumble Blast

I have been playing PRW for over a month and have captured 345 Pokemon so far. It’s a freemie game from the Nintendo eshop and you can use real money to buy gems from the shop in the game to speed the game up and to buy certain items and clothing including Pokemon moves or otherwise you will have to wait a few hours before you can use the same balloon again to go back to the world and have it randomly select a course for you to play or otherwise us a gym to slow the spinning down and to use two gems to stop on course you want. You would have to use a couple gems to play the world again if you don’t want to wait for the balloon to blow up again. I have spend less than $3.00 on the game for gems and I get my free gems from meeting other Miis from streetpassing and for calling someone free online once a day and for spotpassing. I added a bunch of people to my friends from reddit who were exchanging friend codes and some Miis will also hand you a free gem sometimes after you rescue them in the levels. You can also get free gems by doing challengers but you can only win them once after you do a challenge. There are no limited lives in the game so it costs you two gems to continue.

Because I liked this game I decided to try other Pokemon Rumble games so I rented PRB from Gamefly and got it. It’s almost the same as PRW but there are no gems, you don’t have to spend any real money, there are no hot air balloons, there is the world view of course like in Zelda or other Pokemon games and you get three lives. I have captured 101 Pokemon in this game. There is no spotpassing feature but there is Streetpassing and I notice the levels are identical like in the other one and so are the challenge courses where I go in the arena and fight the other Pokemon. I can do the same level over and over without having to use gems or wait a couple hours or three.

The game starts out the same because you just continue and there is only one saved file so it starts where you left off and you do save and quit when you are done playing and then you hit the home button and close out of the game. Now I want to try the Rumble Blast U for WiiU and the one on WiiWare. But I don’t want to get myself overwhelmed with all these games so I will stick with these for now. I just keep saving up my gems for another hot air balloon by meeting other Miis and them giving me a free gem and you get a free gem after every five Miis you meet so that is two gems there when I do spotpassing because I always get ten friends total and I get a gem from meeting Miis through streetpassing and calling someone online for free once a day and after that it’s ten play coins if you want to do it again or else wait until the next day to do it for free. I am just too cheap to spend any real money for gems and they are pretty cheap to buy.

More Streetpassing

I got done at 8:10 so I walked over to the mall to get tagged again by other Nintendo 3DS users. I went up to McDonalds and got none and I dropped by at Gamestop and then I headed to Barnes & Noble and got four tags. One of them came from Japan and I think I saw the person but I was too shy to shove my Nintendo 3DS in her face showing her her Mii character in my Mii Plaza asking if it’s her. They were speaking Japanese and she and her boyfriend or husband were looking at Minecraft stuff. But I got my first foreign Mii. I tagged her three times because I kept going back to the store to try and get more tags because they have the Nintedo Zone. I guess you can’t cheat the thing because I didn’t tag the same people again. But I did tag another Oregonian again, the same one and I defeated one of the ghosts in Find Mii and I am almost done with the Pikimon panel already. I also walked around the mall and also stopped at the ATT place and got nothing. Since I forgot my Nook, I just walked around trying to get tagged. It seems to be the hotspot for meeting the same people. I bet it will be better if I try and hit it during the holiday season and after when everyone is taking back gifts or try Black Friday. 

More Streetpassing

I just discovered three places at the mall have a Nintendo Zone so that means when I go back there next time, walk to the other two places to get tagged. I would hope someone walked by there with their Nintendo 3DS in sleep mode. I wonder how long it holds their tag until it expires. I went to the mall today after i got off work to get some streetpass tags and I got four at Barnes & Noble. I just read a book on my Nook and didn’t finish it but will next time I am there. I had to leave because I want to be home around 9:30 to feed my baby. On the train I got three more tags from out of state so I knew the train had travelers and I lost my stylis to my Nintendo Dsi XL. It fell out of my hand and it went into the seat I was sitting on and I couldn’t get it out so I had to buy a new one when I got home. I got it on ebay and it was inexpensive, $1.19 w/free shipping and it was a brown stylis. I still need to buy a new one for my 3DS so I use my other Peach style stylis which my son broke the bobble head off and the paint on the stylis is wearing off from my fingers but it’s a stylis and it’s useful. I just have to be more careful so I don’t drop my stylis.

So next time I go back to the mall, I am going to walk up to McDonalds on the 3rd floor and pass by it and then go back down and pass ATT retail store and then go to Gamestop and then Barnes & Noble. I also got another panel competed and yesterday I beat Find Mii and now I am doing it again to get more outfits for my Mii. Because I have been doing this, I have met the same Miis and they went up a level for Find Mii and I finished two rooms today in one battle.

Nintendo has sure found a way to make gamers get some exercise. They have created the Wii Fit and some games that make you use your body when you play and now they have created the Streetpass for their Nintendo 3DS and that sure encourages people to go out more and walk at places to get some tags. It sure gets me out of the house so I am not housebound. I also keep it in sleep mode now and it barely uses any battery. Then at home I just plug it in to keep it charged and then I take it with when I leave. I am thinking in October when the game convention happens I can go there and stand outside or something and get a bunch of streetpasses. But strangely I don’t get a lot of Washingtonian streetpasses. We live right by the state and it’s right across the river and surely people come down here from up there like we used to do when we lived there. I only get lot of Oregonians.