Popping Pimples

I have always loved to pop pimples including my own. Whenever I see one, I feel the urge to pop it because it’s a pimple and I hate them. I can’t stand to see the sight of them either and I know better walking up to someone and just popping it without their consent and I wouldn’t ask a stranger if I could pop theirs. My husband got used to this part of me. I have always wanted to pop his pimples and would walk up to him and start doing it and sometimes he would have to stop me because we would be out in public or something and I have had him pop mine and my ex’s too and my mom has also popped mine. For my husband this was all weird and he got used to it. This is one of my uncommon things I am into and I have lot of scars on my chest from picking at my pimples. Fortunately I have never had acne on my face, only on my back and chest and it’s mild. I don’t have any scars on my back I don’t think because I had no way of picking at them back there. Then when I reached adult hood, the acne declined but it still happens this time of year because I sweat and pores get clogged and there is pimples. It’s not as bad as it was in my teens and I used to rub stuff on it when I got older to treat it and as a young adult I got acne treatment stuff to rub on it. I encourage myself to shower every night before bed because it’s warmer out now and hot so that means sweat and clogged pores so I must shower and wash myself to keep them unclogged so I get less pimples. My son used to get tiny whiteheads and I dared to not pop them because I didn’t wan to hurt him and they were too small for me to pop and I read online it was normal for babies to have it. My daughter didn’t get much. I think she only got one.

Not too long ago my husband had a huge pimple below his arm pit and it hurt like heck. I was hoping it was not cancer because it was a lump so he went to the doctor for it and they said it was a pimple so they gave him something to put on it and told him to take a shower every day. He came home and told me and showed me the white heads he had on it and I was about to pop it when he shouted “Don’t pop it, the doctor said not to.” He also told me it would hurt. The following day he showed me his pimple and it had more whiteheads and then the next day he showed me it again and I saw it was a lot bigger and he told me it popped and it oozed for two hours and he had to keep wiping it. The next day he showed me it again and it was oozing so I put my hands on it and started squeezing and all the puss came out and blood and I used toilet paper to wipe it away as I squeezed it all out. Then he said it hurt after I did it and then the next day there was no more white head and the whiteheads never came back. It has been healing and I haven’t checked it yet to see how better it’s been getting.

Here are some great pimple popping videos. I would have loved to film or take pictures of my husband’s but he didn’t want it online.