ABDL Hidden Language

Almost everyone says things they don’t mean just to be be nice or polite or just to avoid conflict. In ABDL, it’s common sense to also say things we don’t mean just to be discrete.

“I need to use the restroom/toilet/bathroom.”

What we mean:

I need to change/check my diaper.

“I am getting dressed.”

What we mean:

I am changing my diaper

“I need to get the trash out of my room”

What we mean:

I need to empty out my diaper pail/get those used diapers out of my room

“Excuse me, is there a single restroom/toilet/bathroom/family toilet I can use?”

What we mean:

I need to change my diaper so I need a single toilet room so I am wondering if you have one?

And of course if someone had the balls to confront you about diapers, I bet many of us would just say we have medical issues.

What we mean:

I wear diapers because (list our real reasons here)

In ABDL munches I am sure we would understand this language and if you know someone who does wear diapers. I sometimes wonder if my parents know what I am actually saying when I say either of these things. I keep thinking no one is going to know what you mean if you don’t say it because I don’t expect anyone to mind read. But my husband can actually read my mind. I still haven’t learned to read his.

Any other ABDL hidden language out there we use when we actually mean something else?

An ABDL anime I was shown

A couple days ago I was shown a photo via PM asking if this was Natalie from my story as a soccer player.

I clicked on the link and it showed me a drawn photo of a anime girl wearing a soccer uniform and you could see her diaper peeking out in the crotch. She had blonde hair too and breasts so I knew this was a grown adult. But she looked very young in it.

While it’s a cute photo, I am afraid it will be seen as lolicon and child porn if I were to share it on my page. It wouldn’t be illegal in the US but it is in some other countries.

Also I don’t even know if the character is underage or 18. And anything can be made into porn. You can take any innocent photo and make it sexual and it will be porn if you get turned on by it and jack off to it.

But yet someone posted a drawn photo of baby Link. But everyone is okay with Disney characters and Video Game characters being in diapers, even if they are made into babies which is how Link looked. But anime, that is a no no because it would be considered lolicon and lolicon is considered child porn. I looked up what lolicon was and it’s just anime girls, young adults and kids.

Daddy gave me a bath

Someone finally got me something off my Amazon wishlist and it was Rearz Princess diapers. I did some special photos just for him and a video as a thank you.

I put my 2nd one on last night and I didn’t wet it till this morning after I got up. I had two Red Bulls this morning that were 8 oz cans.* But traffic was bad this morning because someone was walking along the freeway shoulder and they got hit this morning and the city closed both ramps so it put more traffic on the roads making it backed up. I even called my kids’ school to let them know they might be late and the lady staff person said they had gotten calls from some of their employees too so nothing to worry about.

But diapers do come in handy because on the way back, I had to pee and it was uncomfortable too. Red Bulls will make me pee. I peed twice on the way back and they were big ones. Then I had another one when I got back and I pooped and it smelled bad so my daddy gave me a bath. He undressed me and gave me a bubble bath and showed me some toys and washed me the way he used to when our kids were little. Last time he had given me a bath was when we were in our apartment and then we moved and it changed everything because my parents were here and then our son got older and then we had another child. Now they are both in school all day. That means I only need to do one trip now instead of two and I am using less gas now so that will save us some money and I bet that extra money I would have been spending on gas would pay for their school lunches we have to buy now. Plus that extra money we have now we used to use to pay for preschool. Before that, I used to buy an extra case of diapers whenever there would be a sale going on which happens around every Holiday. Instead of buying one case, it was two cases. Now I only buy one which is every month now I buy them instead of every 2-3 months.

Daddy washed my whole body and he washed my hair even though I showered last night. Then he dried me off and he diapered me and got me dressed again back in my outfit and he put my hair in pigtails. He also made me wear it out of the house like that. No one said anything about my hair so that means no one cares and maybe because keep this town weird. Then he made me my lunch and it was a TV dinner, Sponegbob version and he gave me a cup of milk. I don’t normally eat TV dinners because they are small and high in calorie but Daddy bought it for me when he last went grocery shopping and he bought it for all his kids and I didn’t have mine yet. And because of that, I ended up having two tacos for dinner and then I was full. I would have normally had one but I think it was because of that TV dinner because it was so small so it wasn’t enough.

*I know I said I was going to lay off the Red Bulls but caffeine addiction is so real I have had caffeine withdrawls several times already when I go too long without. I just get a bad headache and it feels someone had hit me there. At least it’s caffeine and not drugs or cigarettes or tobacco or street drugs. My mom even seems to be encouraging my addiction because she told me on the phone I was having a caffiene withdrawl and to have a Rockstar. But then she said it was my choice and I could have that or get some Tylenol.

In the doctor’s office

I went to see my new doctor to get to know each other. I had been there twice already but I saw different doctors then, one for my ear because I was having tinnitus in it and it felt like I had a ear plug in my ear because the sound was muffled in that ear. The other one was to get my IUD replaced.

But anyway, she checked my blood pressure and my temperature. She also asked me about my family and employment and asked me about exercise, my IUD and periods and childbirth and any past surgeries, and medical questions and she had pulled up my medical history. One she asked me about was convulsions and I said that was back in 6th grade when I was having seizures because of the side affects of the medicine I was on. I was on different meds then and I guess when they both mixed, it created the side affect of a seizure. I did hear how mixing different pills can cause other medical issues so I think that was the case. So my parents had to take me off all my pills.

She also checks my heart and breathing. She had to lift the back of my shirt up to put the stethoscope. Most doctors just do it over the shirt. I knew the back of my diaper was peeking over my pants and she didn’t say anything about it. Then she had me lay down and was checking my tummy and had to lift my shirt again and then she brought up my diaper but she called it a brief. I was too nervous to even correct her.

She starts asking me all these questions and I be honest about it. She asked if I leak and I say sometimes. She asked me how often I wear them and if it’s sometimes or when I am out of the house or all the time and I say “all the time.” She also asked when I leak, when I cough or laugh and I realized where this was going so I say “I don’t have any incontinent issues, I just like to wear them.” She goes “Okay, that means I won’t give you another pill then” and she moves on like nothing happened.

Then I was discharged and given my check out papers.

My Attends Premier review

I ordered a pack of them from llmedico back in July. I wore them and I thought they held well like a premium diaper but there were some problems with it.

The wetness feeling:

Often times I felt like my pants were damp but the diaper itself would be dry on the outside so it’s not like I peed through it.

The smell:

The odor control is very poor so they smell terribly before they even leak or have full use out of them and this isn’t even the end of the day. My mom had to tell me to go change and that she had smelled it for a while and can’t handle it anymore. I didn’t smell it so bad odor control.

The sag:

They easily sagged when wet.

I would consider these if they also have them available in plastic shell.

Gone for two weeks

It’s that time of year again where I will be going to Montana. We used to go for the 4th of July but for the last couple summers it’s been August. I didn’t go in 2015 because we went out to Wisconsin instead for my aunt’s wedding reception, I didn’t go in 2017 because we went to the coast instead and my son went out to Montana with my parents and me and my husband took our daughter with us to the beach. But this will be the second year we go in August and this time I took two weeks off instead of one week. I found out I had 28 vacation days so I took two weeks off instead of all those days.

Because ll medico sent me the wrong size diapers, I won’t be getting the right ones till Tuesday and I would be gone by then so I have no choice but to bring my pack up diapers with and bring some liners too for inserts and I still have two unopened packs of ABUs so I will use those too, and I have those crappy Attends diapers and I know I will have to fit all that in my trunk. My suitcase with my kids’ suitcases since they are riding with me because my parents are taking my nephews with them and my brother will meet them out there. Plus my kids will be packing toys and I have a bad to pack too with my stuff and I will need to fit those diapers so I told me kids they can only bring what they can fit in front of their seats. My daughter already has her toys in there because she had left them in there because she likes to bring some with whenever we leave the house and she leaves them in the car. I had to clean it out and I put all her toys in a black bag I found and she left her pink Barbie case in there too.

Even if I do run out of diapers on the trip, there is always Walgreens and I can buy some there. I always see adult diapers there, the tabbed ones. I once had to buy a pack there in Wisconsin and I ended up having to throw them out because I couldn’t fit them all in my suitcase and bag. I hope someone else had taken them before a trash collector came. But right now I think I will try and jam as much as I can in my trunk. I also hope I will find good diapers again at a thrift store there in town like I have last time. I will also bring scented trash bags to keep my room from smelling.

One thing I won’t be having for sure is Redbulls. No Redbulls on the road trip or it might make me want to do a poo. I will just use a 5 hr energy. I might have one at the lakehouse if I happen to see one at a store but save it till I get home so I won’t end up doing a public poo. Every time I have a red Bull, I always poop if I haven’t pooped in days. My husband thinks it’s a coincidence because he doesn’t think it makes you poop but I think it does because it always happens after I have had one.

So folks, whenever your diaper order comes, always open the package and not wait until you are ready to use them. You gotta be sure they are the right order so you have diapers by the time you need them so you aren’t stuck with crappy ones. I still have my cloth ones too and they are also for back up. But this was not a good time for that mistake but my bad for not opening the package.

Ouch my butt

I took my kids for a free swim the other day because my son has been wanting to go swimming. I took both kids there and I parked on the street in a neighborhood and walked there because their parking lot is full and last time we were there, we got lucky there was only one parking space left. I didn’t really want to go in there again and not find a parking spot so I parked in a nearby neighborhood.

I wasn’t planning on swimming but it turned out I had to be in the pool anyway because their rule is a child under 48 inches has to be with an adult and my daughter is just under it. They actually measure small kids in the line to see if they are tall enough or not to swim alone and then they put a bracelet on them and they put it on the parent too. Good thing I did bring my swimming suit and 3 towels.

I had to throw my diaper away I had on and I had it on since last night and it was barely used. Since I change once a day anyway, it wasn’t really a waste.

I went diaperless and used my continent privilege. If I were incontinent, we would have had to go home and my kids would have been so disappointed.

My son played by himself and found some random boys to play with and they did water basketball. My daughter spent most of her time going down the little slide and I swam with her. But when I sat on the bottom of the pool, I sat on something hard and it was not comfortable. I wondered what was I sitting on and I felt down there and the surface was flat and I felt where the pain was coming from and I felt some hard bones down there on my bottom. Ouch, did I really lose this much weight it now hurts to sit on hard surfaces? I am always wearing diapers so I already have padding and I sit in soft chairs mostly. I sat in a hard chair at Barnes & Noble and felt no pain but that is because I have on a diaper so that gives me padding. I could feel my butt bones in my butt and it felt very weird. They were sore for the rest of the day from sitting on them. I am always joking about if I lose more weight, I would have to carry a pillow with me everywhere, I guess I don’t have to because I have on a cushion already, my diaper. Hey another advantage here to wearing diapers.