Adventures of a very messy diaper

It was nearly time to take my son to his reading program and I had a messy diaper to change. My husband was still in bed sleeping and I go in there and I pull down my pants and undo my onesie. It was so nice I didn’t have to take everything off.

But when I opened my diaper, I didn’t realize how big the mess was. I realized it had spread all the way up my butt and some of it fell in the diaper I was taking off. I wipe some of the poo off with the back of the diaper and it took me a bunch of wipes to clean up. Lot of it even got on my hand and I had to be very careful I got none of it on the clothes. It took me longer than normal to clean myself up and I also saw the inside of my diaper and I was wetter than I realized because of how wet and yellow the middle is.

Because of how long it took me to clean it all up, my husband had to help me get our son ready because he never got himself ready while I was getting ready and he was being picky about what shirt and socks to wear and I had to yank him and push him since I can’t carry him and I just grabbed a random shirt out of the drawer and my husband made him put it on and I had to pull him outside and push him in my car and slam the door closed and he yelled and screamed on the way and then by the time we got there he was over the tantrum and was back to normal like nothing had ever happened. I guess next time, change out of my messy diaper sooner. I feel all this was caused by a messy diaper I made and if I had cleaned up sooner, my son would have had more time to go through his shirts and wouldn’t have had that tantrum again and I wouldn’t have been rushing him telling him to keep his shirt on next time and get ready when I tell him to. We also made it there in time and I was able to find the class because they had up signs and arrows pointing to the direction so that made it a lot easier for me and we still got there ten minutes early. But I still need to have better planning before leaving so me and my son are not fighting because he likes to take his time and go slow and I am running around the last minute trying to get him ready because he failed to get himself ready and there is a screaming match between us and then my husband shouting at him too and threatening to spank him. I have no idea how I would do this without him. I imagine we would always be late to things.

After the clean up, I opened the window to air it out and I put on some cream and then a fresh diaper and I threw my other one away and cleaned all the poo off my fingers and made sure I got it all off. Then I snapped my onsie closed and pulled my pants back up and retied the whatever it is called. it’s like a belt but it goes around your pants like a belt for decoration and it came with these pants when I got them at 18 years of age when mom and I went school shopping for the new school year. Now they just fall down on me even with a thick diaper.

I don’t often have big messes to clean. I use adult wipes when I do but with all the other messes I use baby wipes.

3rd day of wearing Game Over Onesie

I got changed into my onesie again and I put on a different pair of skinny jeans that are also loose on me. I also put on a long sleeve shirt I have had since I was 15 and I put on the same jacket from yesterday. I took my daughter to that yard sale. They had so many duplicate games and movies. I got a Pooh game for my daughter, it was an educational game. I also found a Tomagotchi game for Wii and it looked like a Mario Party version game because it’s a board game with mini games. I also found two unopend rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and opened roll of Hello Kitty Christmas wrapping paper. The lady there sold it all to me for $2. Then my daughter wanted to go home so we did but I stopped by my old neighborhood first to see my old house and it was the same color as my parents left it when we moved. The porch is still there they built and the pavement to the front door, my old playhouse is gone, all our bushes and flowers are still there my mom left and everything is still there (nothing on the house has ever been replaced and changed) including the basketball hoop my dad put up.

Then I went home because my daughter was tired and wanted to go home. I cross the state border and see there is a traffic jam and I was right next to the exit so I got off and took the other route home. I see another yard sale on the way back and it’s on the same street as my home is on and decided I will stop there after I get back. But my parents decided to leave when I got back and my husband is still sleeping and I will wake him up when I have to take my son to his reading program.

While I am playing my Disney Magic Kingdom game, my body decided to make a bowel movement in my barely used diaper. Damn it and I had decided I am going to try and poop in my diaper no matter what and I try to ignore the urge but it gets too strong so I let it out and then I felt better and sat back down again. I don’t notice any smell. I also realized not too long later “damn it, I have to take my son to his reading thing so that means I would have to get out of the car, and take him to that class so that means I have to change out of this diaper anyway.” Then I realized later, “wait a minute, I never changed out of my diaper today from last night because I didn’t wet it at night until I woke up. I think I wet it before I went to bed but I can’t remember. But it wasn’t too wet and I still felt dry so I knew it can hold a lot more and my pee wasn’t big this morning. So I didn’t really waste a diaper so it was like “oh this lady has to change her diaper anyway and hasn’t changed yet today so let’s get rid of some waste.”

So all afternoon for the past hour I have been walking around in my shitty diaper under my Game Over onesie and even had to deal with a temper tantrum daughter because she wasn’t getting her way about something and she was beating on her brother and I had to carry and literally drag her up the stairs and put her in her room and told her to not come out until she is done crying and screaming. She stopped eventually but stayed in her room.

My onesie does come in handy because instead of seeing my diaper, my son saw Nerf This again and the dot. I used to just wear a one piece bathing suit under these pants so I wouldn’t have to be tying sweaters or jackets around my waist. Then I decided to start using onesies because they have snaps at the bottom. I have one other onesie in the basement I bought at a AB munch years back before I even had kids. I am thinking about buying more and only buy cute ones or colored ones. I don’t like any kinky looking ones. I think Little For Big has many of the kinky looking ones but I liked the Game Over one and it looked more like normal clothing to me and a normal shirt if I wear bottoms with it. There are some other onesies by them that look fine but I am not really interested in the prints. I do like the Strawberry one. Not something I would be able to wear around my kids or out in public because it does look AB. I can get by with the Game Over one because it looks vanilla.

Google bodysuits, it turns out clothing companies make them for women. I doubt they have snaps at the bottom though. I guess women wouldn’t want their underwear showing or have their shirts ride up. I mean why not put snaps at the bottom to make it easier for women to go to the bathroom? Even as a child I hated body suits because that meant having to take everything off above my waist just to pull down the one piece clothing to pee. Also what about one piece clothes with zippers in the back, I have had to ask other teachers to pull down my zipper part way so I could go to the bathroom because I couldn’t reach up there and pull it down myself. Wouldn’t it be easier if they had snaps in the legs? As an adult, I avoid those clothes now because what am I going to do, ask some random stranger to help me with it so I can go to the bathroom when I mean I need to change my diaper?

It would be interesting if there were snaps at the crotch and it allows the woman to open it and she stands over the toilet bowl and pee without actually sitting.

My Game Over Onesie

When it came in the mail yesterday. I just had to wear it. I put it on for my work out and worked out in the onesie only and in my socks and shoes. It felt good and it looks like a regular clothing item except it has snaps at the bottom and it hid my diaper pretty well.

My son would’t quit knocking on the door and asking to come in and I kept telling him no. He does not take no for an answer so he will keep pushing and pushing, another reason why I never take him out and I get cranky when I have him and then I am mad at him at the end and need to be alone and I can’t talk. I am so worn out.

But my son finally comes in my room and doesn’t knowledge my new outfit and my daughter comes in too and she also doesn’t notice my outfit. They just play with my toys in the toy chest. Lot of them are just Happy Meal toys and some others are My Little Pony dolls from my childhood and I have some Pocahontas toy set from my childhood I bought at Disneyland with my own money I got from our garage sale from stuff I sold. I also have a virtual 102 Dalmatians pet I found as a newly adult. I dunno if it still works, batteries had corroded in it. 102 Dalmatians has also been one of my favorite movies and Cruella De Vil is my favorite villain. It has been weird seeing Glenn Close in her other movies as a good person so that just means she did great with her role in the Disney film. Some other toys in my toy box I have had since my teen years which are just happy Meal stuff like the 102 Dalmatian toys and those electronic Sonic games. I used to have more of those electronic games but got rid of them when the batteries died in them. And some other toys I got as an adult from Happy Meals. I even have Shopkins and Cutie cars in there from the Happy Meals. I mostly just buy the toys. That was how I completed my Toy Story 4 RV set.

My daughter then notices my suit and says I have a tail and my son then sees it and I asked him to read the words on my butt and he tries to sound it out but says it wrong so I asked him to spell the word. He spelt it out and I said it said Nerf and then he read the second word. Then he put two and two together for the words and the dot and said “Oh I get it, we are supposed to shoot you there, I have my Nerf gun, can I shoot at it” and I tell him I don’t want anything being shot at me. He also recognizes it’s a video game outfit and I tell him it’s just a body suit. I wasn’t going to tell him it was an adult onesie. He also said I had padding in there. That was my diaper and he just thought it was part of the outfit. The padding was to protect me from the Nerfs he thought and I let him think that.

I wanted to wear it around the house too but was unsure how my parents would feel if they saw me in it so I out some shorts on after the work out and wore it like that until I had to get ready for work.

The next day I decided to wear it again but this time under my normal clothes. At least it will keep my diaper from showing and I can wear anything. I pick out a pair of skinny jeans that are too big on me I have had since I was 18 and I pick out a t shirt with Koala bears all over and I tuck it in. I even use a belt and tie it around my waist to hold the pants up.

I took my son to this story time event at Barnes & Noble (Toy story 4 they were doing and each child makes their own Forky and they get a $4 coupon for the B&N cafe for the kid’s meal thing there and a choice of drink or milk) and told my daughter I will do an outing with her next time. My reason is I just can’t handle two kids and my husband wanted to stay home because of his feet and my parents had plans. So I wore my onesie there under my outfit and the shirt stayed tucked but the pants kept riding down because they were big on me from weight loss. Even with a thick diaper, I would think they would stay up but they don’t. The belt doesn’t stay tight either so I had to keep retying it to make it tight again. But that is what my onesie was for. I also wore a jacket that was made of cotton.

Then after the story event, I went to a neighborhood yard sale and took my son there and he had brought his piggy bank along. He did buy some Boomblox stuff at B&N and fortunately they were not busy because lot of the money he had were just change so we had it all over the counter and me and the cashier were counting it out. He was the only cashier. Then after my son paid for his toys, i paid for my little Shopkin.

My son got a Nintenddogs game (Dalmatian version, he loves Dalmatian and I tell him they are both alike so I already have a Dalmatian and he wants a dog which we refuse to get because we don’t want to take care of any pets) and I got my daughter a dress and I got a pair of pajama bottoms that were child looking and I also got her a Disney Princess doll for free and I got a Shopkins book for free because some neighborhoods here do this book drop off thing where people just put their books in there for anyone to take. It’s a socialism thing they do. Have books you already read and would like to share, just put them in there for someone else to take to read but you take at least one book, not all of them. I wish my neighborhood did something like that. My son also got himself some lemonade and a cookie with his own money. Where did he get all these coins, he said he had been finding them all over the house and on the ground. Plus I gave him some of that money my work buddy found in the dorm in one of the desks and said to me “I never saw this money, you can have it” and had me clean it out of the drawer.

We also did the bouncy toy together, one of those bouncy things on air that blow up and you jump in and the neighborhood was also doing some block party so they had the street closed off. I got to go in there because I was light enough and some other parent went in there too and she was also pretty skinny.

Then after that we went home and I changed out of my onesie and changed into a different pair of pants but kept the same shirt and socks but I changed my shoes. I then did some yard work; pulled some weeds, cut up some thorn bushes and put them in the compost bin. I am clearing out this section in our yard that was being swallowed by that weed. Then I cut the grass in the front yard and way in the back yard.

I enjoyed wearing my Onesie. I plan on wearing it again tomorrow under my normal clothes. I can even wear short skirts again with nothing under it because the onesie will just hide my diaper and I don’t have to worry about them showing. I wore a pair of underwear (I found at Goodwill and brand new too) over my diapers and they hid them well so I wore my Hello Kitty skirt for it.

I found a yard sale on my local craigslist here and they are selling a bunch of video games and I want to check it out tomorrow. They had a bunch of photos too of their stuff they are selling and the prices they are showing. I won’t be surprised if lot of the games are gone because 50 cents each for a PS1 game. I will bring my daughter this time since it would be her turn for an outing. I love looking at video games and buying them whatever catches my interest. But then I never even play them so I guess I hoard things. I see myself more of a collector and I just play with them by stacking them and looking at them and organizing.

A fantasy I want to try

A thought popped in my head. My family is planning on going to Montana in August and I requested vacation time again.

A fantasy came to my head, more like a social experiment, Montana is a conservative state so it made me think how me and my husband shall go out alone to Missoula or Kalispell, just the two of us and I am dressed up like a baby, an obvious baby and I carry a diaper bag around and I am obviously diapered. Then we will both see how much attention we get. How do people react, will conservatives feel threatened by something unusual and give me trouble about it? They hate change. Or will they go the liberal route and say nothing and just ignore it? Would it be because they are secretly judging us or because they wouldn’t dare to confront you because you could be one of those crazy leftists?

I told my husband about it and he liked the idea and said he will do it too, dress him up like a baby and I am the normal one and we will see what different reactions we get between a man and woman doing it. We will both take turns and do it two days in a row.

Now this is just an idea here, it doesn’t mean we will actually do it. Anything there could be preventing us from doing it or maybe it will be because we didn’t get the courage to do it. Do I really want to be seen like that by my family, what about by my brothers’ friends if they are there? What about our kids? I have thought we could always change in a restroom after we leave and no one would know. Then we change back into our regular clothes when we go home.

We can’t do that here in the West coast where everyone is too liberal because no one isn’t going to care. Plus we live in a city where our motto is to keep everything weird so if I went out as an obvious baby and obviously padded, I doubt that is going to get me any attention and everyone is just going to carry on and mind their business and act like they don’t notice. I have already done this twice at a nude beach (or maybe 3), go and be there diapered and have nothing on and how much attention had I gotten, almost zero. Last time I did it, I only got attention from 1 person and that was it. But we did get lot of stares and that was it. But no one cared.

And we also don’t want to be doing it in two small towns where I grew up because I don’t want to be seen by people I knew as a teen. In small towns you are most likely to run into people you know. Then what am I going to explain to them? That I am just doing some social experiment to see what reactions I get for how I am dressed? That I had lost a bet perhaps or that I did a dare and now I must take photos now to show that I actually did it?

No more toilets challenge

My birthday is coming up in 4 weeks. I already got a birthday present from daddy, it was that Game Over onesie. Amazon came and dropped it off and I got a email about it but it wasn’t at either door. I got scared someone had stolen it already or maybe the carrier did. So I went to my account and tracked the package and I saw the package was on our patio and they had just tossed it on the ground next to the busted frog which my dad said he would clean up the other day. So I went out there and got it.

I had decided on something. Since I have always wanted to be fully dependent on diapers and do everything in them, I had decided I will mind as well start bringing some extra diapers with for in case I have to do a bowel movement when I am out of the house and then go change. I am already carrying a diaper bag around and the other day I had used my hiking back pack because I had decided to carry one extra diaper so I put my other stuff in it too I keep in my purse.

At work yesterday I had used my regular diaper bag again because I only had one extra diaper and I decided to not change into a fresh one before work so I put on my Hello Kitty plastic pants and wore them to work. I had a slight leak when I got off the train after work and I didn’t know I had badly leaked until my husband took them off for my diaper change. They were dripping and the diaper was wet and on the outside too. I did wash the pants in the sink after the sex and diaper change. Then I just hung them up on the hanger above the sink and then turned the washer on because I had clothes in it that needed to be washed and I am washing my work shirts and my skinny jeans I leaked on.

I decided after my birthday, how many days can I go without even using the toilet. That means possibly going through some extra diapers a day due to poop. I put a clean diaper on and then I already have to make a BM a few hours later or even an hour later. If it gets too expensive, I can always just go back to using the toilet again for number 2’s to save on diapers and I only mess in them if I am going to change it anyway or have had it on for too long so I would have a reason to change. Daddy won’t know I am breaking the rule. I am supposed to be doing everything in them and not ever use the toilet. I also don’t want to be taking Nullo or Devrom because of how expensive they are and because you have to take so many of them a day for them to be effective. They are also used for body odor too, some people have very bad BO when they sweat so they might take those pills too.

Last time I did something like this was when I was 19 ( I might have done that same challenge again in later life but can’t remember) and it was with an eating disorder when I was throwing up my food but that is another story. I will say I haven’t done that in a real long time and my teeth are fine but maybe that is why they are yellow now. I sometimes worry it will come back so I work out and just control my food portions and limit sweets and I feel more empowered that way. Eating disorders are no fun.

Figuring out my diaper preference

I started wearing diapers again when I was 17. I just randomly bought a pack and it was Western Family Sure Comfort. They were $11.99 per pack. Then the store stopped selling them and had them on sale for $9.99 I remember how noisy they were and I wondered how incontinent people wore them without anyone noticing and they made by bottom look fat. Looking back, I would say they were fair diapers and I would go through 4 a day if I wore full time for the weekend. That is about average use for diapers.

Back then, it was just a diaper so it didn’t matter what kind they were and how thin they were or how they felt, at least it was a diaper. I would also buy the cheapest cases out there and I always wore different ones back then too. I would also use plastic pants over my diapers and they often wore out because I always bought generic plastic pants and they were cheap. It took me a while to figure out what diapers I preferred and starting to become picky about how they feel and fit. I also used to go to thrift stores and just buy diapers there and buy whatever they had. I don’t do that anymore because their diapers suck and it’s always cheap brands. I just go online now to order more diapers when I am down to my last pack.

I had figured out I like thick diapers, plastic backed, good odor control, and I like Tena Slip Maxi despite how thin they are but I can still feel them. I will still try other brands from time to time so I will go to Wearing Clouds and try some or just buy a pack of a different brand so I did that with Northshore Supreme Lite purple when I ordered a case of Northshore Supremes because I liked the color even though they don’t hold as much but they are like other diapers I used to wear. I now like diapers where I don’t have to change all day because of how much they hold and it’s cheaper too.

I will still buy from Goodwill sometimes so I once got Attends and they suck. They barely hold anything now. When I wore some in 2003, they were dated from 1995 and maybe 2001 and they held well then. I once got Shopko brand diapers I found at a second hand store in Montana and they barely held anything so I got rid of them. My mom saw them in the junk pile we were getting rid of and asked me why I was getting rid of them, can I not pee in them enough. I told her they sucked and they barely hold one normal wetting and I like real diapers. She asked me what do I do, flood them. I told her not like the rest of them can in the toilet and I can’t even pee normal anymore because my bladder is used to having no pee so I always feel I have to go. Then that was the end of that discussion.

There have been other premium diapers I wore I decided I didn’t like:

Molicare Super Plus because they bunch up, even after one small wetting.

ATN Tranquility because they have gotten too thin and I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.

Abena M4, gotten thinner and they bunch up and the odor control is bad.

Wellness Brief because they are also too thin and last time I wore the, they just worked like the Supreme Lite. I think the blue color is ugly anyway.

Sure I would still buy other brands, even these if I see them at a thriftshop because I like having back up diapers.

I know another way of saving on diapers is go buy diapers you see at second hand stores, go buy baby diapers in stores or boosters and use them as boosters. I would not recommend Luvs because they gels fly all over and it makes a mess and you see crystals everywhere and it gets all over your skin. Do not buy Luvs. Pampers are fine, though, they are the most expensive. I would stick with other brands but stay away from Luvs. I would only do this if you hit on hard times. Do the math and see if you have really saved any money. If not, then stick with what you usually get.

I recently found IC pads at Goodwill so I bought the pack and I don’t know yet if they are good for boosters, just cut the slit in them and open them and stick them in there.

But my top diapers are:

Better Dry


Northshore Supreme

I am keeping Dry 24/7s off the list because I need a size small and I have not seen that size in months. I will just keep the three above as my primary diapers and still buy others if I find any on sale or even buy a pack of other diapers like Dotty the Pony or Supreme Lite while I buy a new case. Then those diapers would just be something for me to wear sometimes when I am in the mood.

Plus another way to save money is just buy stickers and put them on your white diapers and put mailing tape on the front over the stickers to hold them in place. Forget the pricey printed diapers that are so over priced and tend to suck anyway because they are not as good as the premium non ABDL diapers. They either don’t hold as much or the odor control is bad. You can go to thrift stores or Goodwill and find stickers there because I am always finding some there. I even have a box full of stickers because my husband found it at a Goodwill. I have other stickers too around in my bedroom I had also found at Goodwill.

I also decided I did not like pull ups because they don’t work like toddler pull ups. A toddler can fully pee in a pull up because they are made for accidents and then it needs to be changed. An adult pull up is only made for bladder leakage and for those who can still make it to the toilet. It’s also made for people who can stop the flow once they start. Unless I see a pull up out there that can hold as much as a Supreme Lite, I might reconsider. But I can imagine how expensive it would be so I would unlikely buy. I got rid of all the pull ups I had including the Always Discreet and gave them to Goodwill.

Dorm rooms again

So I volunteered to clean dorm rooms all this week and on Monday just for extra money for car insurance so it’s extra money right there. That means I had no day off and I used my weekend to clean them too and it’s only for one week so I can handle that.

I bring one diaper this time and it’s a Crinklz one instead of a Supreme Lite one. I totally soaked that one in a few hours and changed before I went to bed because it was saggy and uncomfortable and what do you know, it was also wet in the back so no wonder it felt uncomfortable.

I come with the same diaper bag and I was finally given a shirt and I changed into that. I also had on a different pair of jeans that are wearing out so they are already starting to rip and I had on my work shirt that was a different pair because the other ones smelled like urine so I had to toss them down the chute and wear fresh clean ones. I don’t want to smell like piss. You will smell like piss if you wear clothes that smell like it.

I had to change my diaper around six pm because it was uncomfortable and it was starting to smell I think and because I had it on since I went to bed and I was starting to feel sort down there so I changed in the bathroom and it was only wet in the middle but it still smelled. I had it on long enough so it was time to change and I wasn’t wasting it. I drank 3 bottles of water and I still didn’t pee much but maybe because it was hot. I had my Red Bulls with I had bought on the way and I was craving them badly. I had cash and I found some extra bucks in my diaper bag. I bought 3 for $7, plus the extra 30 cents due to bottle deposit. But I didn’t drink them because I didn’t feel like it and didn’t have the desire and I guess it was because it was hot out. If I drank it, I would be peeing a lot and I would get dehydrated and then get bad headaches. So they stayed in my diaper bag all day long in the flaps where the bottles would go.

This time there was no trash bag with garbage in the dorm room so I put my used diaper in the plastic bag and tied it and shoved it in the corner by the toilet. Then I went back to work.

At the end of the day, my manager was asking everyone if anyone needed to use the bathroom before they clean the dorm. I got my trash bag with trash and went to the dorm and my used diaper was still there so I put it in the trash bag and left the garbage right out the door for someone to collect when they collect garbage. The diaper did smell when I picked it up. The smell went through the plastic. That is why I didn’t want to carry it in my bag.

Tomorrow I will only be working part time and then I have to go to my real work. But still extra money there I am getting, $18 an hour. I should say today since it’s after midnight. If I wanted full time extra shifts, I could pick the morning one but then I would have to get up at 5 AM and I don’t want to. I will take the summer heat over getting up earlier than I do for my kids during the school year.

No one questioned me why I was taking my bag with me to the bathroom, no one questioned why I was taking the trash with me to the restroom. I used to have these fears when I started wearing 24/7 (before I was forced) and would be stuck in a wet diaper and be uncomfortable in it but would suck it up. Then I would have leaks (even with plastic pants)and that would be even more embarrassing and then I got used to it when I saw no one says anything about it. I am sure now people have noticed and said nothing. I remember at my old work, I would be told by an office clerk “You can get changed now” and I assumed they meant back into my street clothes from my work uniform when my shift was over. But I wondered then if they knew because it’s strange to tell someone that when they already do get changed into their normal clothes.