Messy diaper in the car

I had to pick up my son from school today and while I was waiting in the parking lot with the other cars, my body decided it needed to make a BM. Oh no, not here, I won’t want to mess in my diaper and then having to change it wasting it.

I try to hold it but it’s uncomfortable so I just let it out and then I feel better.

My body used to just do a BM in the evenings and it was like it had a time frame when to do it and it was as if my body knew I was home for it to make a BM but after wearing diapers 24/7 for so long, my body is now doing it at random times and it feels uncomfortable to hold it so I look for a toilet and a few times I have just let it out in public when there was no toilet around. A couple times it was because I was sick and holding it was very painful in my abdominal area.

But it happened in the parking lot in my car and my son didn’t seem to notice when he got in. Then my bladder was hurting so at a red light I was able to let it out also and it was a long one I did and the pee went to the front of my diaper and I could feel the urine going up to the front. I had no idea the whole entire front was soaked until I looked. It went all the way to the top when I peeked inside. I waited until my son was out of the car before I snapped a photo of the front of my diaper and posting it on Twitter.

I go inside and ask my husband in the bathroom if he wanted to change me so he tells our kids we were going upstairs to help me with something in my room and to watch TV down here so they stay down here while he cleans me up on my bed. He uses a lot of adult wipes and he says it was all over and some of it got on my leg so he cleaned that up too. Then he put a cheap diaper under me and he fucked me and I felt pain in my bladder again so I relaxed and when he was done, we saw that I had pooped during sex and also peed. He said good thing he put a diaper under me because I just had an accident because I am a baby. He cleaned the mess off me again and put another clean diaper under me and put rash cream on and put the diaper on me.

Then after he left my room and I was standing up to get dressed, I peed again and it was another big one. Then my bladder felt better again than uncomfortable, that feeling you get when you have to pee very bad. To me it’s very uncomfortable now to feel it so it feels painful. I had to throw my own used diapers away because my husband was too sore to do it.

I wonder if any non ABDLs have pooped during sex or peed, my husband thinks that happened because I relaxed my muscles too much and that happened. Not that I am losing control. I can’t tell between if I am going to have an orgasm or if I have to pee. I relaxed and peed and pooped instead.

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  1. You got a good husband,,but i think most men that have wifes or girlfriends in diapers would do the same thing ..I know i would ..

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