My DC Amor experience

Have they changed the diapers? The tabs held better and didn’t rip from the diaper and I didn’t notice any bad smell but my nose is clogged from the cold.

I put one on yesterday and I peed in it several times but they weren’t big ones. Then I came home and I pooped and slept in it and did big settings in it at night and I wore it all morning and peed more in it. The diaper never leaked and it got too uncomfortable and started to feel gross so I changed out of it. No wonder these are very expensive diapers. Go to the website and they cost over $200 for a case. The design is cute but how much they cost and can hold is too much. Last time I wore them, they smelled due to poor odor control so I had to change when it could hold more. I say these are great use for travel or when there won’t be any access to the bathroom.


My crappy Supreme clothlike review

I wore the new sample that came with my order. It was nice and thick and I thought it held well. It didn’t bunch up like the Molicare Super Plus does so I give that a point and also I pooped in it and it was nice and soft but the poop gave me a damp spot on my jeans when I peed in it again. I won’t deduct any points for that because poop is what makes the pee not absorb so it leaks. Also the diaper made my pants feel like they were damp like I had pee through them but they weren’t damp.

Sadly my husband couldn’t change me because his feet were too sore from being on them today for over four hours so I had to change myself. I put on another free sample and this time I will see how much it holds.

So far these don’t bunch up when wet. This stays towards my ‘diapers to get’ list.

Tena Slip Maxi cloth like

I got some Tena European diapers from Reddit for cheap. It all cost me $67 total for three packs. Two Super and one Maxi. I am wear the Maxi one and the print on them is different than on the old ones. I have heard some bad reviews about them saying they don’t hold in the odor well and they sag and don’t hold as much as the old ones. I never had an issue with cloth like so I decided to give them a try than being disappointed. I put one on it feels nice and soft even though they are thin but they still felt nice like I still had on a diaper. I didn’t pee in it until this morning when I got up and the diaper held it and I have had it on all day and peed in it a couple more times and then I had to poop so I pooped and then peed at the same time and the diaper still held. So far I have not felt any sagging and there is no bunching and no odor. They have not loosened up yet as I have seen some say online in their complaints. I think I would stick with these if they were not so expensive. Molicare Super Plus have been bunching up and sagging for me like the Abena M4.

Crinklz review

I am finally feeling better. I have gotten sore at work for the past two days from working and feeling like I am dragging my legs across the ground because I would feel like I had lot of clothes on for winter. That is just how my legs felt when I would walk. I even came home on Thursday night and went straight to bed. No dinner, nothing. I put pajamas on and climbed into bed.


I had on a Crinklz diaper I put on yesterday when I got up. I wore it all day and wore it till this morning. It did hold a lot and the tabs held good but I had to take it off sadly because it smelled like pee and I had to go out grocery shopping with my mother. I was only wet in the middle but I could tell it was a lot of pee.

But some other time I will try those other diapers again and next time wear them when I am not sick.


A crappy diaper review

I had been sick for about a week now. Gas and I was farting and belching and having some cramping and my poop would be very soft and then I had diarrhea all of a sudden and I had some nausea. Then I was feeling better on Sunday and then I got sick again yesterday because all of a sudden I felt cramping and nausea after I ate the pasta my mom made the night before. Then I was having diarrhea all night and throwing up.

I had on Tykables and they look like good diapers, not as comfortable as Little Pawz but the tabs can restick over and over so I kept on taking it off to shit and it was all runny stool, no solid poo or soft poo and it was just tiny poop chunks too. I also had diarrhea in it because I got sick and tired of running to the toilet and I couldn’t even sleep because my tummy and my bowels kept me up all night and then I was hot and my feet and legs felt funny like they were swollen. Every time I farted, I felt poop come out and the diaper held it but when I took it off this morning, it was only messy in the middle but I still changed and I got no rashes and it didn’t hurt at all because it was all watery. So I didn’t get to test the diaper decently because I got sick again and I was sick when I tried the Mydiapers so I might have to retry them again when I am not sick because I was dehydrated so I didn’t get to pee much so I was drinking water all night long to keep hydrated.

Now I don’t know if I should go to work today or not. So far I have no had an upset stomach or been having diarrhea after eating something but I had something small. I won’t make the same mistake again and eat a big meal. I wonder if that is what happened when I ate the whole thing of pasta in the left over container my brother didn’t bring with and then it made my tummy act up again unless it was a coincidence and it took that long for the food to get to my colon and then I felt sick again. Then I felt hungry again like I was starving and then I was too afraid to eat anything because I didn’t want cramping again or nausea. Last time I was sick with diarrhea, I didn’t have any cramping which was nearly a year ago and it was on a weekend I remember. Then I would feel better until I would have orange juice and then it would get my gas going again so all night long it was very noisy and active and then I had diarrhea the next morning. But not this time because the bug is different each time.

So I know this was a crappy diaper review I just did.

Little Pawz review

I found these to be the most comfortable diaper to wear. They were thick and it felt like wearing a cushion around me and they felt very soft. But sadly the absorbency is way too high for me because I didn’t use it enough before it was full. It was still wet in the middle when I took it off after having it on from around 3 in the afternoon yesterday till this afternoon. It was smelling too much of pee so I had to change. I put on Tykables next and they are not as thick as Little Pawz.

MyDiaper review

The first diaper I tried was MyDiaper Night. I have heard bad reviews about MyDiaper and how they are a rip design from Fabine which is why they changed their design. I got these anyway and I thought it was a good diaper. I am not sure how many times I wet it but I believe I did one big wetting in it. Sadly I had to change out of them because it was smelling like pee so I had to change. The next one I put on was MyDiaper Night Animal.

Me standing in MyDiaper Night.


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Feels like diaper wasted but I had it on from before work until morning and it was smelling so I had to change but these were good diapers since they could hold more. Also the tabs restick and can come undone.