My poopy diaper this morning.

I posted the photos on Twitter of me this morning wearing the diaper before taking it off. Here is the diaper I took off.

I didn’t have time to post it this morning because of kids and then volunteering at the Halloween party and doing other things so this is my chance now before I forget.

My destroyed diaper

I took it off this morning and I pooped in it last night and slept in it. I almost posted it on Twitter but then realized not everyone likes to see messy or wet diapers like I do so I decided to just post it here again with link only.

My big messy diaper

It’s been awhile since I last made a post here.

Last night I was in my room watching TV while my kids were having their baths and after they were in bed, I went to the laundry room to do some laundry when I messed my diaper. It was nice and soft and I pushed it out and it also came out on its own. Then I sat in it and I felt it spread all over and it went to the front too and peeing in it made it even softer. I even took a picture of it to show how big it is:

I have the wipes on the diaper I cleaned the mess with.

This is with it closed:


I also dripped on the floor and it was white but I cleaned it up.



Messy diaper change

I pooped in my diaper again today and my husband felt too sick to his stomach to change me so I had to do it myself. I went in the basement and changed and it took lot of wipes to clean up and I got some poop on the floor and accidentally stepped in it so I had to take off my socks and then I saw I had some poop on my bare feet so I had to clean that up. It was like stepping in dog shit or cat shit or geese shit. I even had to use a towel to quit stepping on poop and then I had to wet it down and wipe up the floor. Then I rolled the diaper up with the used wipes and put it in the diaper pail.

Then I decorated some of my diapers using stickers and mailing tape. Who needs printed diapers or diaper stickers when you can buy your own sticker sheets and stick on the stickers yourself? It’s a lot cheaper. Right now I am wearing a Teletubby diaper I made.