The Test

I tested my father and he is really serious. Unfortunately he was able to move because he was not in that much pain. I go in our bedroom and I start getting ready for work I take off my wet diaper and put it in the bucket and then I grabbed my panties. My husband moved his chair and grabs them from me and I throw them at the bed. I clean myself up with baby wipes and then I grab my panties again and my husband gets up and grabs them from me. He pins me on the bed and I keep trying to get up but he keeps pushing me down on the bed and wouldn’t let me leave. He then has sex with me.

Then after that he diapers me and gives me a bottle with milk in it and said I was now five months, younger than our son and he was going to call me in sick and make me go to bed early. Then he decided to be nice and let me go to work and not make me go to bed early. Now I know I can get him to change his mind if I beg but he told me he can be mean if he wants to be. I am afraid of that being true so I may not dare to test him to see if I can make him be mean. He also rubbed my diaper as he gave me my bottle.

Stuck in diapers