Pooping in public

I used to be bias and judgmental about ABDLs messing their diapers in public. But after wearing them 24/7 for so many years now, I realize it’s not black and white.

I have blogged here at times about the time I have messed in public even though I didn’t want to but it was either that or suffer.

I don’t carry an extra diaper with me much after I started using premiums and I also know how many I go through a day so I don’t need an extra change during the day. I often don’t need to make a bowel movement when I am out of the house and when I do, there is always a restroom around.

But at times my stomach would decide to flare up where I get very bad cramps and I am sweating from the pain and it decides to happen when I am at work and I could run to the toilet every time the pain gets bad hoping I will finally poop but it’s always a waste of my time because then I am getting behind my work schedule so I am like “aw fuck it and just shit myself since I work alone anyway and no one is ever around.” Then I am dealing with the mess in my diaper and runny poo is not comfortable but at least I am not in pain anymore. Great, now I have to go home that way, sarcasm. If I have an extra diaper with me, I would go change into it at the end of my shift and using wet paper towels to clean off the mess. I once even messed myself on the commute train while coming home for the same reason.

I also wrote about the time I was getting my son from school and I was sitting in the car line waiting for him when the urge to make a BM hits. No not know, I thought. I could have just left the line and park my car and then having to do that long walk to get into the school and then having to go into the office first and then possibly wait until a staff in there gets to me if they are in the middle of something just to use the restroom. then leave again and get back to my car and get to back of the line and I didn’t want that inconvenience and since I wasn’t going to leave my car, I let it loose than dealing with the uncomfortable feeling and then risk getting myself constipated from holding it for too long. I am wearing a diaper so I will mind as well use it for what it is intended for. I have always had problems with constipation from holding it for too long and I never liked the feeling of a BM either so it always amazes me how people can just hold it like it’s nothing. I could never do that. I would need to get to a toilet ASAP because I hated feeling the need to take a dump. That was why I would take aspirin or something whenever I would get on my period because they would feel like I am constipated and I need to take a dump. Labor felt the same way too but the pain was more intense. Then it would feel like I was taking an enormous dump except it was a tiny human I was shitting out.

I have also ran outside in dirty diapers and I am not going in any buildings so it didn’t matter and I am outside and I am only passing people. It’s not like there will be crowds of people and I would have to go through them.

Sure if this became a normal thing and more of a common thing, I would have to start bringing an extra diaper with just in case or else it’s go home to change and that would be so inconvenient. If anyone wants to mess themselves in public, take a odor pill or something or just at least go change ASAP. I know some do it for the thrill and gratification and that I what I frown upon there because they do it intentionally and don’t try to change. It’s not like they got hit with stomach issues or that they had no access to the toilet so they couldn’t hold it or something. Whenever that had happened to me, I would try to stand far away from everyone as possible and sit far away from everyone as possible. If there were no isolated seats or if someone seat near me, nothing I could do about it but at least I was heading home. I am also understanding why some people would pull their pants down and shit in public,same as for urination but I always think they should be wearing a diaper then. I just assume it was done by a homeless person. I found out this is a common problem here in my city in downtown. Homeless people are always shitting and peeing on sidewalks and they have city people that clean it up and they patrol the sidewalks looking for urine and feces and they also pick up garbage and needles to keep downtown looking nice and to keep it smelling fresh from feces and urine. Perhaps if they would have public restrooms available 24/7, this would end the problem but then they end up getting trashed and vandalized. Congratulations, now we have a public urination and shitting problem because of those assholes.

In fact I am thinking about always bringing an extra one with just in case because I have had my Northshore Supreme failed on me at a resale and the diaper wasn’t even that wet but somehow it dripped down my leg and my skinny jeans soaked up the urine and I had no spare diaper. I just knew “well this is the end of my day after this sale.” My mom was with too and I didn’t say anything and just dealt with wet jeans and they dried quickly. I don’t think anyone noticed since they were dark jeans.

Last weekend I took my son to a friend’s birthday party he was invited to and I was foolish to not change before leaving and I was foolish to not bring a spare one. So I take him and he wanted me to stay so I do and I leak but my pants soaked it so it didn’t get on the chair. I just waited for the party to end and then kids were just hanging out and boy did I tell my son we had to leave because I had something to take care of. I felt I ruined his day but he was still happy because he got to play games there and got a goody bag and he got a balloon.

So I am not going to auto judge someone when they say they have messed in public because I never know why they did it and where they were when they did it. Unless they tell a story about them doing it and it’s clear it was deliberate and done out of gratification, then I judge them. There used to be someone on Dailydiapers who was always bragging about it and mentioning how people would notice and they would mention how they stay in the same diaper in public and how they love the smell of it. I thought that person was disgusting and he had a lot of negative karma for it and then he was eventually banned. I assume for that behavior and no one wants a creeper on their forum nor do they want to be associated with them.