The security scan at work

Yesterday when I went to work, I walked into the building and saw a security guy standing with a man and he had his shoes off and he was taking off his belt. I could tell he was angry because he said “This is bullshit” and started saying how this was all ridiculous that they are treating him this way. The security woman behind the desk said “we don’t make the rules.” I wanted to stay around and watch the scene because it was so interesting and I was curious what was going to happen so I kept on walking through the lobby and sat down in the chair with my book and I had 25 minutes left till my shift started. The man yelled at the security saying how bullshit this all is and he had a pointed nose like Dustin Hoffman and sort of looked like him and then when he got his stuff on again, he passed by me and he looked awkward and he walked into some huge room down the hall.

I have seen people angry online about security and going through the scan and I have never had to take my shoes off there or anything else. I didn’t have to go through it because I had my badge with me. I always keep it clipped to my shirt. But it was one interesting scene and there was no violence. I always get nervous when I see conflicts because i don’t even know if the person will lash out but this time I didn’t feel nervous. Probably because they are security and are trained to fight if they have to so if he dared to laid a hand on them, they would probably tackle him to the floor and call for help.

When we fly at the end of the month, I want to arrive there a little earlier for in case we all get pulled aside and they have to look through our stuff and open things and have us take off our shoes and they might want my husband to remove his braces because he has medal on them that holds the laces and it takes him about a half hour to put them both on.