Positive things the Corona Virus has done

Gotta think positive as I was always told when bad stuff happens.

  1. We have been saving money on gas so I still have gas in my car about 1/2 when I normally fill it about 2-3 times month, I think 2 now that both my kids go to the same school.
  2. We have been saving money on school lunches so we have extra $110 a month and plus that money they still had on their lunch account will still be there when school resumes.
  3. My kids have been playing outside now, they are stuck at home and can’t go anywhere so they have been playing outside on the swing set and running around and eating outside and playing with the dog out there we have been watching on week days.
  4. More jobs have opened, now with high demand now in food and products and more people buying online and ordering pizza and take out, places have been hiring more workers. So if you have been laid off, go out and apply if you need money.
  5. Taxes deadline have been extended and so has the local Art Tax.
  6. Some places are putting mortgages and foreclosures and evictions on hold.
  7. People don’t have to return their library books to our local library and there will be no late fees either. They do not want any books being returned either until after.
  8. Parents will be able to spend time with their kids and do stuff at home together. Me and my son played video games yesterday.
  9. Fred Meyer is doing sales, I mean what the heck, this is a crises and they are doing sales to encourage people to shop for wants? I am not sure how I feel about businesses using this virus to make more money.
  10. Onward got released early to home video; digital and on Disney Plus.
  11. Gameloft decided to gift us Disney Magic Kingdoms players 3 Sapphire chests due to the quarantine so that got me to welcome Laurel earlier.
  12. Video game sales have increased and so has alcohol.
  13. No more rush hour in my area.
  14. I was able to go across the street from my house and mail my Gamefly game in the mail box because of less cars on our road. I didn’t have to get in my car and go to a blue mail box 2 miles from my home to mail it off.
  15. Pedestrians can now order at the drive thru.
  16. People have found “clever” ways to have fun at home, hashtag “stuckathome” on twitter.
  17. More houses are being cleaned by the homeowners or tenants.
  18. Places like Facebook, ebay, Amazon have banned price gouging so they will remove any listing doing it. Report if you see it.
  19. And of course this will become part of our history and might be like The Great depression except it was caused by a virus we knew nothing about and no medicine had ever been made to treat it and how people didn’t take this seriously so they kept going out, got infected and got sick and some of them died. The ones who did go out and work would be seen as heroes.

Things I am hoping that will happen thanks to this virus:

  1. People will realize how being a store clerk, stocker, packager, working in the kitchen is just an important job as any other job out there.
  2. People will realize how important national healthcare is because shit can happen and you need medical care when something happens that is out of your control
  3. People will realize what an idiot Trump is and how incompetent he is as a president and down playing this virus and hopefully people will vote against him this coming election.
  4. All bills get put on hold and it will only apply to people who have lost their jobs related to this virus and they would need a letter about it. Capitalism will resume when this all blows over.
  5. People learn how to have fun at home and learn they can interact online like on Skype or on Facebook or talk on the fricken phone again. Maybe people will get landlines again or go to a phone plan with unlimited minutes.
  6. More movie releases will happen digital and go on stream or go on cable or satellite to rent because all the movie theaters are closed.
  7. People might change their perspective and how they feel about working from home and it stops being stigmatized.
  8. More places outlaw price gouging, 34 states already have a law against it so far but that only applies to emergency situations and for certain products. I also hope airlines will stop being allowed to do it too.

And there is the bad too and other possible changes this virus might do. I get a feeling the state gov. will shut down our state and order everyone to stay home and fines will be given if caught in the streets unless you have a good reason to be out like if you have a doctor’s appointment, if you need food or if there is some emergency or if it’s business related. People just won’t stay home and they are treating this like it’s a vacation and early summer break. I don’t know if I should call this a positive change because this may only happen because of people being ignorant and this wouldn’t have to happen if everyone just stayed home and businesses would close on their own because of lack of customers. The country or state wouldn’t be forcing them to shut down. Some business have shut down on their own because they want people to stay home, not encourage them to keep going out and they don’t want to spread the virus and get their own workers sick.

Some towns on the beach have already shut down basically by closing all their hotels and resorts and camp and RV sites and telling everyone to get out or be arrested because people wouldn’t stop traveling there to vacation. But sadly that will just move them. If all small towns did that, then people wouldn’t be able to travel and they would stay home, same as if all the hotels shut down all over the states and resorts, everything. Then people wouldn’t be able to travel because of no place to stay. I am sure their intention was to get away from people but instead lot of people had the same idea and all went to the coast only to be spreading the virus there so now people there are mad and had an emergency meeting.

Look, if you want to be away from everyone, STAY HOME. It’s that simple.

The problem with my computer

I tried to get my computer fixed through Dell and they got the sound to work but it breaks out so it skips so I still have to use headphones. But they were going to charge $239 for software warranty for a year so I got my husband because he handles the finances and they said it’s good for a year so that way if anything goes wrong they will fix it and I wanted them to fix it for one time but he told me it would cost us $239 still to have it fixed so we will just take it in because it will be cheaper. But now I know what the problem is, something didn’t update, the Windows did but not the software or hard drive, I don’t remember which. That is probably why I have been having problems with the right mouse button working and why it doesn’t always recognize plugged in software like my portable CD ROM drive or why my right mouse button on my computer mouse doesn’t work sometimes so I have to fight it to get it to work and why sound wasn’t working. Windows gets updated and it sometimes messed things up on your computer, this is one of the reasons why I hate Windows Update and why I always had it turned off when I live in Montana because it would fuck things up on my computer and I couldn’t afford to take it in to get it always fixed but since we are under warranty it doesn’t matter but we only have the other warranty, no the software. My husband said he tried to get it renewed once but they wouldn’t do it because it had already expired so I guess he didn’t want to pay for it this time and it would have cost us that much for them to update it this one time. I think I will take it in tomorrow and tell the guy what the issues are and what my computer needs so he can update the software or just hold off until tax return if my computer will last that long and get it fixed through the guy and that will be my tax purchase. This year it was the New Nintendo 3DS XL and one year it was the Nook Color and in 2013 it was the WiiU.

I am wondering what is the whole point in warranty if they will still charge you when they fix it. My husband said he bought software warranty once and they still charged him to fix things on his computer when I said why couldn’t he buy it for one year and he said he did that once and they still charged him so to me it sounded like a scam so I would think a professional company wouldn’t do it.

Small Sacrifices

I decided to do some random research again and this time it was on Diane Downs. What lead me to it was seeing on Reddit that Ann Rule died at the age of 83 and it mentioned she wrote Small Sacrifices and I looked it up and saw it was about Diane Downs and I saw a movie was made out of it. So today I decide to look her up and I learn something new. She has a daughter a year older than me and she got pregnant with her during trial and had her ten days after she was sentenced. Of course her daughter was adopted out by the state to a different couple so she never met got to meet her half siblings. But after reading some articles on her, I decide to watch the movie so I check to see it’s on youtube and I find it and it had foreign subtitles but the spoken language was in English. It starred Farrah Fawcett and if the movie was actually accurate about how Diane behaved, I didn’t know she was crazy.That would be my mom’s word. The way she talked and behaved and acted the part she had her fourth child and then she was snatched from her and she didn’t seem to care and the way she dressed while being transported. They said she was a narcissistic and had antisocial personality disorder and she was labeled as a deviant sociopath. I wondered why couldn’t her ex husband take custody of their kids and I got my answer at the end. But I cannot imagine hurting my own children or imagine doing a crime and then wanting all the attention. That to me is crazy. It makes me wonder what she was like during all those years before she killed her daughter and attempted to kill her two others because she was a sociopath. I remember seeing a book about it when I was 15 and I wanted to read it but my aide wouldn’t let me because she thought it would be a bad book for me. What did she think it was going to do to me? Make me think it’s okay to kill your kids if you don’t want them anymore? Even I knew then she was selfish and in 5th grade when I first heard about her killing her kids, I was shocked because I never heard of a parent killing their own children. Now I want to read the book and see how different it is from the movie. The movie fictionalized names except for Diane’s but I know the book didn’t because I remember the names. But her dad believes she is innocent so he has a website up about her trying to prove her innocence and I wonder if narcissists believe their own lies and are they actually that delusional like does Diane really believe some random man shot her kids and think she is really innocent?

Vacation sweepstakes

I won another sweepstakes from a entering I entered months back at our local mall here. It was a trip to Las Vegas, 3 days and 4 nights and a cruise for the same nights and days. But here is a thing, It’s not really free. It sounded like it would be one of those timeshare things because they told me when I get there, I will go to a preview and then be given $200 in dining to use anywhere in the states and I had up to one year to use it and then I will have another two years to do the cruise. Sounds good right? They told me I would have to pay for my own transportation so that means paying for my own airfare and port fees and paying tips and beverages which would be liqueur. Then they wanted a $198.99 vacation deposit and then I will get it back at the preview. I have a problem with paying money upfront so I handed the phone to my husband and he talked to them to let him make the decision. He said we were not interested and that we couldn’t afford it and he just stood there and then he hung up. He told me it was a scam and they wanted $800. What? She told me it was $198.99 and how did the cost change? But my husband said it was a scam and I hate it when people change things like this and not stick with their word and I hate unexpected finances. This is why I don’t really consider this a free trip and it’s misleading and asking for deposits and I don’t even know if I am going to do it or not due to finances and the fact I just used my vacation and I only get one week’s vacation time a year. I don’t know if I get two weeks yet. I would have to check with my boss. My mom gets 12 weeks, I wish I got that much but she had been working as a nurse for 39 years and she got that many vacation weeks and she had been working as a hospice nurse for three years. So of course I will get nervous about unexpected payments for free trips and it having to be now because of my money anxiety and fear of losing it and then regretting it.

I wonder if entering vacation sweepstakes anywhere are all scams because I have to remember and start assuming that every one of them will want money and you will always have to pay your way and they may just be timeshare things they want to sell you and they are just being misleading by calling it a sweepstakes and saying to win a free trip.

I once won another sweepstakes and they also wanted a deposit but I was given a piece of paper when I won and I had to call the number by a certain date and do the deposit but I had forgotten about it and never did it so it expired and I tossed my prize out. It was also where you had to pay your own way down.

Also giving out your card information on the phone, bad idea because it could have been a scam. My husband thinks it was a scam and my Dad said it’s not really one but they just want to sell you things and they have done it a couple times. So maybe it wasn’t a scam but I am never comfortable giving out my card information unless I know who they actually are such as a legitimate company like Best Buy or Allstate or Gamefly or Gamesto, Target, or Paypal but someone can just call you and claim to be from a legitimate company unless you called their number and then that is different. I even saw a movie about it in Wisconsin and I forget the name of it but it’s a new movie and it’s about a woman who scams and she scams this guy who had a high paying job and a college degree and he got scammed by her because she pretended to be from a bank so he gave her his card information and she spent his money and stole his identity and then he was facing charges with the law for something she did using his name so he has to go find her and make her clear his name. I didn’t watch the whole thing because we were on a trip and I didn’t want to stay and watch it wasting our vacation. I could always rent it. But in the movie it was so obvious his identity was stolen and he still didn’t realize it when his credit card company called and when he was being arrested and being told by the officers what his offense was. i said to my husband how can he have a college degree and still not know he was scammed? My husband told me some people are not street smart and I said how can someone with a high IQ not be street smart and he said intelligence and street smart are not the same, then he told me it was a comedy so it was meant to be funny.

When entering sweepstakes, I would expect them to call within a week or so or whenever they do the drawing but I guess with vacation sweepstakes, they will always draw names.

Oh yeah the lady hug up on my husband without saying “Okay thank you and I hope you have a nice day, sorry this wasn’t the right deal for you.” That is one of my pet peeves. I wish they would at least be polite but they have poor social skills so mine are better than theirs. I don’t know why they can’t be polite, how hard is it to say “I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy (whatever), good bye.”

My unhealthy obsession

Ever since I came across Lucky Otter’s Heaven I have been obsessing about narcissism and the more I keep reading about it, the more it sounds like Jerry. I have even joined Narcissistic Abuse subreddit on Reddit so I can read stories there and learn more about it. I have also been learning about narcissism also being a spectrum and that there are subtypes of it. Not every one is the same with it and I learned that not all of them have high self esteem and think highly of themselves they can also have low self esteem and not like themselves and not all of them boast about themselves and exaggerate their achievements.
Part of me enjoys reading about all this because it’s very interesting and it makes me feel better about myself because it would mean I was not stupid and I am not alone and the other part of me says this is all pointless because I am not even with him and whatever he did in the past is irrelevant because it’s in the past and it’s not going to change anything. Rather he was a narcissist or not is irrelevant. I think majority of the time I am online, I am reading about narcissism. I guess I found a new special interest.

I am realizing he may have been a convert narcissist. That is what Lauren Bennett told me on her Lucky Otter’s Heaven blog. I decided to look it up and found an article and it is almost describing him.


The shy covert form of narcissism is the form that describes Adam best as it is characterized by unfulfilled expectations, and a vulnerability to stress.

He was shy and he always felt alone in the room with other people and he had social anxiety. He also had anxiety and seemed to get it easily so I would say that is stress there he got. He also had expectations that were impossible to meet. He wanted a certain lifestyle but couldn’t have it so he was depressed about it and had low self esteem, nothing seemed to be good enough.

The attribution style of the covert narcissist is also preoccupied with grandiose fantasies, where he is at the centre of his world.

Yes he had dreams but doesn’t everyone and he also had fantasies but doesn’t everyone? But when he would express his, he would act like it will happen and that’s real and he didn’t seem organized. One time while we were delivering papers, we drive by a school with kids outside playing for recess and he says “That is where Junior will go to school when we find a place up here to live” and another time we looked at an apartment in another area and he had me write a check to reserve a apartment unit and we had a few days to change our minds to get my money back and he didn’t even think this all through and he could never seem to know what he wanted in life. It was all fantasies he had and would try and act on them and he obviously didn’t have any money but he always made me think it will happen. So we look at this nice two bedroom apartment and they had yoga classes, exercise room, swimming pool, garages, and it was expensive rent and he was planning on moving in there but it never happened so on the last day of us deciding if we want to live there or not, I call the number and tell the landlord we wouldn’t be moving in and she voids the check. I did this because I didn’t want to lose my money and my ex did a good job with procrastination and he would say he would do things and not ever do them. I felt proud of myself than sitting back and waiting to hear his response and then I lose my money. Another time we were going to take a trip back to Montana to get my stuff and I knew there was no way he could possibly do it due to no money and how disorganized he is and he said at the last minute we couldn’t go and I wasn’t upset because I knew. He also talked about having his ex girlfriend’s daughters living with him when he gets custody of his son and talking about living together and he made it sound like it was all real. He also fought an fought to get custody of his son and there was very little chance he would ever get it because he couldn’t even support himself and he couldn’t afford childcare and he took his kid to work with him and a judge would not grant custody to the dad and have them get food stamps and child support and also the fact women are more likely to get custody and he never gave up but he never got custody. I also remember when he bought these nice furniture and put it on a payment plan and he couldn’t even afford it and he had it in storage. I have no idea if he lost them or had to cancel them because we were no longer together. But I do know he has lost everything twice from looking on her Facebook (she transitioned remember).

He is plagued by feelings of unworthiness and shame as he is unable to attain his goals, but he keeps that fact hidden.

This sounds about right. He didn’t seem to ever meet his goals and he did keep it hidden by acting like it will happen. He had shame I would say because he hated his lifestyle and how he is.

Because of his fear of exposure he is unlikely to seek out appropriate friends, but is more likely to surround himself with inferior types.

He didn’t like me talking to my parents on the phone and always had to know everything I said and he had a very private life and didn’t want people knowing a lot about him. This raised red flags for my parents. He also did not have friends his age and he told me he preferred teens and young women and I am vulnerable and he may view women as inferior and my mom thinks he hated women and had no respect for them. Of course I disagreed with that and said he didn’t hate women but what if she was right? I wonder if my mom has ever known a narcissistic in her life to make her say these things and not believe his “oh poor me” stories and she viewed him as crazy. I wonder if she was ever in any abusive relationships, she has told me she has known some crazy guys before meeting my dad and said it was normal I met two crazy guys because she has known some too.

He will admire people who have high accomplishments; however he will secretly envy them, and hold strong feelings of resentment.

Yes totally him. He seemed to be happy for people with great things and then talk negative about it. he seemed happy for my parents and me for what they did for me and then he seemed critical about it.

He is more likely to hide himself away, and get little credit for his achievements.

He was a very private person and nothing was ever good enough for him.

He has a marked propensity towards feeling ashamed.

I think he was a shamed of himself.

He is on a relentless search for glory and power (often through his children or other family members), and is very sensitive to criticism and failure.

Ah yes, he was very sensitive to criticism and he didn’t feel good about himself because his life was a failure to him so he was not happy about himself and was ashamed of it.

He has an inability to depend or trust on others, and shows irreverence towards authority.

He had trust issues and didn’t want me talking to other guys online unless they had Asperger’s and I refused to dump all my online friends just because they were the wrong gender for him. He also didn’t like me talking to my parent son the phone and he has always been his own boss because he had always been a manager. How many times have I seen people mentioning online about how their bosses are narcissists? He was his own authority so he had control and could do things his way. He considered himself a hard cold boss and people always liked it which is why he always got hired and he blamed it on Black and white thinking which is the reason why I despise black and white thinkers and always find it offensive when they make it a autistic trait because they are basically saying we are cold hearted and judgmental and don’t give a shit about others and will not listen. Black and white thinking is also part of narcissism.

The covert form of narcissism is reflected as hypersensitivity. However, it seems that the covert narcissist fits into everyday society better than the overt variety.

Yes he was very sensitive and cried easily and anything hurt his feelings so I always had to keep thing bottled up, watch what I say and how I say it and he did fit into society. If you were to meet him, he would be a very nice guy and talk easily to you and be happy and you wouldn’t even notice he is an abuser. He seemed to get along well with people because I saw how he talked to everyone and got along and he didn’t seem to have enemies. He had no problem getting a job either and would be hired on the spot according to him.

Whereas when Covert, (Narcissistic Vulnerability-Sensitivity) it is marked by largely unconscious feelings of grandeur and openly displayed lack of self-confidence and initiative, vague feelings of depression, and an absence of zest for work (narcissistic deficiency). The difficulties associated with covert narcissism is that it includes anxiety and pessimism, lack of fulfillment, and vulnerability to lifeā€™s traumas, and is also associated with introversion, hypersensitivity, defensiveness, anxiety, and vulnerability. However, both distinct forms of narcissism are associated with psychological problems and difficulties in effective functioning, and both share common narcissistic characteristics such as conceit, self-indulgence, and disregard for the needs of others.

Depression, low self esteem, anxiety, bad self confidence, he had traumas, he was defensive, hypersensitive, he seemed introverted because he didn’t have friends except for lot of acquiescence and he had online friends. I think he had mental issues. My mother thinks he is beyond help when I said I think he had issues he needed to sort out first before entering a relationship. I was told on Wrongplanet by someone that personality disorders are tough to treat because it’s something so normal and natural. I wonder if my mom thinks my ex could have had some problem with his personality which would be why she said he was beyond help because personality disorders are tough to treat.

Another thing I have learned about narcissism is some of them will use their emotions and cry to get their way. They will have crocodile tears. I have no idea if my ex faked his or not but he did cry often. He was very sensitive and would cry. I was on ADISC and an aspie posted on there asking about why being sensitive is so bad and why do people have a problem with it. I told him about my ex and how toxic sensitive people are and he told me it sounded like my ex used his emotions as an excuse whenever he didn’t get his way. That was an eye opener about how wrong I was about sensitive people and my ex was not one of them. He was a manipulator who let himself cry so it was like a tantrum. Then I learned this is a characteristic of convert narcissism. They will cry to get their way, get empathy from you and make you feel guilty. It’s all about them, they never cry for you or anyone else, only for themselves. My ex did cry for himself.

I used to think he was this way because he overcompensated. He didn’t accept himself, he had low self esteem, was jealous so he had to put others down, and he was just a negative person. Now I am realizing these may have been characteristics of narcissism because of the way he handled it. I still wonder if one can stop being a narcissistic. Sometimes I see people say how they can help it and that it’s a choice but I say if this was a choice and they could help it, then wouldn’t they just stop it? Why would this even be a disorder if this was a choice? I don’t think they do it on purpose because they really can’t help it or else it wouldn’t be a disorder at all. Unless they mean people who don’t have NPD but are still a narc but they don’t have the disorder. I think my mom’s oldest sister is one based on the stories my mom has told me about her and she agrees she is one but she does’t have NPD, she is just a narc but doesn’t not have the personality disorder.

But anyway realizing my ex may have been a narc tells me my experience with someone with low self esteem, being very sensitive, especially to criticism, was not accurate at all for how people are with it because he was a narc. Even being in a relationship with someone who claimed to have Asperger’s but yet their honesty always hurt you and they had to tell their kid everything about you, sensitive to criticism, their black and white thinking, their lack of empathy, etc. and then realizing they may have had narcissism would also tell you this is not a typical relationship with a person who is on the autistic spectrum so that would be a relief because it would mean we are not toxic people and that we will abuse you and hurt you emotionallyand bring down your self esteem because that was narcissism they did. But sadly the women at *AssPartners (that is what I call the Delphi forums) don’t give a darn and they don’t care what their partner has but yet they would rather use autism as a scapegoat for their partner’s abuse and get offended if you tell them it was not autism and that is narcissism. You would think they would be relieved after hearing that news like I was about my ex using his emotions as an excuse to get his way? But noooo.


This is supposedly the worst narcissism there is and the toughest to spot but my parents spotted him and saw right through him and believed my stories. From what I have been reading about it, they are so hidden, others won’t see it but you. Like I wrote about my ex, if you met him then, you would think he is a nice guy. When I was with him, I did not see any abuse so I thought my parents were crazy for even thinking I was being abused and I said to my mother ‘No mom he never hit me or called me any names’ and I thought they were being judgmental about him and didn’t understand him but it turns out they were correct and they saw right through him. I wonder if this is why he was always so worried what people thought of him so instead of trying to figure out what makes them think negative things about him and change that about himself, he had anxiety about it instead and worried and didn’t want me talking to my parents. He never told me I couldn’t talk to them nor did he ever stop me, he would just get upset and had to hear our conversation so I would only call them when he was at work or when he was inside a store or something and I also used to take a step outside just to talk. He never followed me. I would get off the phone when I would see him coming. He was also vulnerable to stress and he was always worried like the articles say about it.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if his own ex was a narc? Just something in the articles jumped out at me when I read it and I am basing it on the stories my ex told me about her when we were together.

My ex also blamed him being hyper sensitive and taking things the wrong way I say on his social issues. I even wonder if he used Asperger’s for his behavior and hid behind the label. I am even thinking what if all his traits were actually narc traits. What if he had just made the whole thing up? Sure he had above normal hearing but I have met **allistic people with that good of hearing too. But he told his son about it and everyone else and she had it on her Facebook wall too but she mostly talked about her multiple scoliosis. But narcs can use labels right to hide behind it so they can continue their behaviors and use the label for it to make themselves look innocent because Asperger’s is better than being a narc. But one can have both I believe. We are not immune to it. Even when we were together and after we had broken up, I felt he used it as an excuse because instead of trying to improve things, he did nothing. He discovered it, read about it, decided it fit him and that explained his behavior and then that was it. Didn’t decide what he can do to improve like most aspies would. I am not saying that there are none that use theirs as an excuse because I have seen that a lot online too but they could be the minority of the autistic population. He always told me how he wasn’t normal and how he wanted to be normal but yet he wasn’t doing anything to be normal. I wished I had said something about it but didn’t because I thought it would be like telling a bling person they can work on seeing now that they know they are blind. Actually that is possible, they have surgeries for it just like I could get a laser eye surgery so I wouldn’t need glasses anymore. I used to be deaf and then I had tubes put in but I was under two years of age when it happened. I had middle ear fluid so that made me deaf so it got fixed but it took my mom awhile to work on me hearing again and that was her trying to find doctors to listen to her and having to find a doctor on her own because no one would give her a referral. Back then we didn’t have internet like we do now so she couldn’t go online and look for a doctor in the area that specialized in ears. She also couldn’t go on and ask online about referrals and where to go like parents do now with their special needs kids or when they are sick. I have seen aspies get better too me included and in Parenthood Hank finds out he had it and he starts working on being a better person through help with his therapist such as being better at empathy and showing better care for others and being more sensitive and my ex didn’t do that. I would like to think it was because he probably didn’t know how to do it and also he couldn’t afford therapy and had no health insurance. But yet he could have used his grandparents money to pay for therapy.

Also this stuck out for me too:


Narcissists will put down and insult the people around them, including family members, in private to their partner. This seems like they are putting others down while putting themselves up on a pedestal in order to make themselves feel better than everyone else.

My ex did all of this, put my family down to me, said they spoiled me and let me get away with things based on my diagnoses, thought it was wrong for them to not humiliate me whenever I did a social blunder or did a mistake and told me how bad my self help skills were and how low functioning I am. He also said how my parents don’t want me to feel bad so they will say how mild I am and that I am no that bad off. I am embarrassed to say I believed him so I thought i was worse off than I rally was, handicapped and disabled. I was brainwashed and felt confused so I made tons of posts about it online and I was accused of seeking attention and faking it but what they didn’t know was that I was a victim of emotional abuse and gaslighting so I was being told these things and believing it. There is a saying my mom told me about, “if you hear a lie, it becomes true.” The first negative thing my ex ever told me was when we were going down to California to get his son because he had visitation rights with him for one week because it was Christmas vacation for him, he told me “I think you have some low functioning autism in you” and I said “what? why do you say that?” and he told me how I don’t get things and I am slow at understanding so I ask lot of questions. I noticed online how other autistic people seemed to get things quicker than me so maybe it was true and I was mixed perhaps. After all I had always felt slow and stupid even my report cards are bad everything needed improvement and I had C’s or B’s and I didn’t like the comments either teacher’s wrote like how I don’t follow the rules and another I remember is difficulty with change and aspies are very smart and get good grades and are advanced in knowledge and language and I wasn’t. After all he was just being honest and he wouldn’t hurt me because he really liked me and was crazy over me. Little did I know this was the beginning of his negativity towards me and it would get worse and worse before he is saying I am like a five year old and using it against me. I will not let anyone do this to me again and not listen to them if they try to say how low functioning I am and do any armchair diagnosis. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Sadly these things are common in abusive relationships and it may not be about being told about how bad you are with your disability, it can be about other things which is one of the reasons why women stay because they believe they are not good enough and no other man would want them and they are lucky their partner tolerates them and puts up with it because they love them.

*ASPartners is the actual name of the forum.
**Another term for normie, a person who doesn’t have autism

The big three O

My husband always gets offended whenever I say I am getting old or that I will be an old woman when I hit that big three zero because he is ten years older than me. I remember when Danny was feeling down in that episode of Full House because he was about to turn that age too. I am feeling like him. I don’t wanna get old. Twenties means being young, thirties means getting older and then it will keep on happening so that means your skin will shrivel up and you lose color in your hair and you no longer pass off as a young adult or a teenager.

I’m getting old. Old I tell you. My son asked me the other week what number I am (how old are you?) and I said “Old. I will be the big three zero this month.” No wonder it’s rude to ask adults how old they are. No one wants to be reminded how old they are getting. I wish the fountain of youth did exist, then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting old.

My pet peeves for bloggers

1. Posting too many blog entries a day. This floods up my Reader making it hard for me to scroll to see other blog entries others have possibly made and it outdoes those who don’t make many a day or none at all and when they do make one, your blog posts outruns them and I don’t even see them. I unfollowed two blogs for this, nothing personal.

2. Getting defensive in your response when someone doesn’t agree with you or shares a different perspective. I just simply stop reading your blog when I see this and there was one blog I enjoyed reading and I stopped reading it when he gave me a defensive response and assumed I didn’t like his blog and thought I was leaving him negative comments.

3. Not having any archives on your blog. This makes it so hard for me to view all your posts and I am more likely to not even bother with your blog because I am forced to see all your posts from recent to old and what happens if I leave the page, then I am going to have to start all over again to get to the part I left off.

4. Hiding behind the screen. I don’t have a problem with anyone leaving me comments who are anonymous or not logged in but my issue is people who leave hateful comments and trollish ones and don’t even bother to use a proper internet name so instead they post under the names like “whatever” or “N/A” and start accusing me of things that are not true because they are clearly illiterate and if you don’t like my blog why do you continue reading it? Which is why I have comments turned off to people who don’t have WP accounts. It’s sad I had to sacrifice others leaving me comments who don’t have WP accounts because of one person. But what they probably don’t know is I can see their email and their location thanks to their IP so I know it’s the same person. Really, if anyone can’t be bothered to show who they are so they must go anonymous to leave such comments, they mean nothing to me and it tells me you are just on here to troll, congratulations for making this blog post. No I don’t mean posting your real name, I don’t expect anyone to post their real names online when they make comments. Maybe some day I will grow a thicker skin and turn all comments back on again and be ready for more anonymous comments that are hateful and just simply ignore them and not let it bother me.

I don’t have that many pet peeves because lot of things don’t other me that bother others or because I have not witnessed it yet.

Narcissistic love.

I found this link here:


It talks about how we love our appliances and we get mad and frustrated when they don’t do what we want it to do. I get frustrated with my ow computer when it acts slow. It will freeze and act funny and then certain webpages will freeze and that makes me frustrated so I have to be patient. Some people have a temper and will curse and swear at it and talk to it like it can hear you and I remember my English teacher saying in high school that sometimes computers like to give you a hard time by freezing just to make you mad. They have a mind of its own. I used to joke about my first computer having Asperger’s because every time it did a Windows update, the computer would act funny and it did not adjust well to the change. So I turned off the update because I hated what it would do to my computer and then I would have to wait for it to adjust before it runs right again.

With narcissists, people are like appliances. They want us to do things they want us to do and they get frustrated when we don’t do what they like. When I was reading the article, it made me think of my ex again. I don’t know if he had NPD so I like to say he had narcissistic behavior and acted like one or say he had tenancies. I think it was due to him over compensating so it made him behave like one and he didn’t like himself so he may not have been a bad person.

In my relationship with Jerry, I felt like I had to be a certain way or else he would ignore me. He never made me be a certain way and he made it clear to me he didn’t want me to change because he did’t want to be a control freak. I felt I had to try and no matter what I did was never good enough to satisfy him to make him feel he was with an adult instead of with a baby or a five year old or with an eight year old. I feel he threw me out of his life like I was a disposable and it made me think of the analogy about when our appliances break down. When an appliance quits working, what do we do about it? We throw it out or put it away and ignore it like we don’t have it anymore. We have our broken DVD/VCR combo player and the motherboard in it fried so now it won’t play VHS movies because it runs slow and I tried to toss it out but we can’t toss it out, it has to be recycled and I don’t know where to recycle appliances so it’s still sitting in the garage. I thought about narcissism, when a partner is useless to them because they are not doing what they want them to do, they all of a sudden ignore them, go silent on them, they don’t bother to break up, they just disappear and ignore you because you are useless to them. That is what my ex did. He ghosted. I would like to think he went silent on me because he thought breaking up with me would hurt my feelings and he didn’t want to hut my feelings so he thought ghosting was the better answer, I also like to think that maybe he was feeling bad for how he treated me and he kept hurting me and confusing me and he didn’t want that so he decided to quit talking to me. But he never apologized so that makes me think “neah that couldn’t be but it is a pipe dream there.” Also the fact he messaged me online about my new boyfriend and saying how he hopes thinks work out for me and then messaging me again months later asking if I am still with the boyfriend and we talk for two minutes and never again do I hear form him. I always found that odd. Maybe he wanted to see if I was working right and I still wasn’t so he decided to leave me in the trash and while he was ignoring me, I was just kept out in the garage like we have with our VCR/DVD combo player because we have no idea what to do with it. He probably didn’t know what to do about me so he had me in the garage. It was very confusing how he treated me and I will never understand it all and I don’t think I will ever understand his idea behind it and his intention.

Could Jerry have been a narcissistic due to him not liking himself and over compensating? Can one stop being a narcissistic after getting their issues resolved? Can a narc still be a good person despite having it?

Silly answer to a silly question

Here is one thing that a four year old is good at, asking 437 questions a day. Fortunately my son doesn’t ask that many questions or he is smart enough to realize “Mom doesn’t know all the answers so don’t ask her too much.” Sometimes they will ask silly ones and mostly I have no idea how to answer them because I don’t know either. I have only known two four year olds who had this badly and wouldn’t accept any answer so they would ask the same ones over and over, fortunately mine doesn’t do this.

Today we were going for a walk, my son, my daughter, and me, we were walking through a neighborhood behind our house and we go by this two story house with steps that lead up to the front door. My son asks “Why are there stairs there?” and I knew how to answer this silly question this time. I told him if they didn’t have stairs there, then people would have to use a ladder to read the door knob to get it open and they would have to climb inside. it would be annoying to have to put up a ladder every time and to climb up it and putting the ladder away so stairs make it a lot easier to get to the door so you wouldn’t have to use a ladder. I felt proud of myself for being able to answer this question without saying “I don’t know.”

I can remember this conversation from when I was eight. Mom took me to pottery class every Wednesday after school. We would drive through the original part of town that had very old houses and where the fort was. They had flower beds and grass between the roads and they also had this white thing I am not sure what they are called. But it had a roof too with white pillars and I would always ask my mother every time we drove by it “What is that for?” and I didn’t accept any answer my mom gave me. It was like a ritual I had, ask her that question every time we drive by it and then one day she told me “I keep telling you what it is and you won’t accept the answer. Should I make up an answer and tell you that is where they tie people up there instead of taking them to jail because they have no room in them so they take them there and tie them up there so they won;t go anywhere.” I thought this was funny and I pictured officers taking people there and tying them to the poles. So then on every time we drove by there I would point to it and say “there’s the jail.” This was a clever answer my mom gave me to get me to quit asking her that question. Now she had to hear me say it was the jail every time we went by it. I guess I was satisfied with the answer even though I knew it wasn’t true. But I must have annoyed my mother with my bunch of asking questions but she knew how to shut it up in me but it was never a cure because they would return in other situations.

Unfollowed two blogs

I unfollowed one of the Nintendo blogs and Harsh Reality because they had a shit load of new blogs every single day and it was flooding up my Reader. I wish we could filter our blogs we follow because these two made way too many and I just didn’t care about what they wrote because it didn’t catch my interest. It was so overwhelming. But I do have Harsh Reality bookmarked so I can visit it from there any time. His goal is to offend, I guess he offended me by making way too many blog posts. I am offended by too many blog entries a day by the same user šŸ˜‰