Getting used to it

Last night I went in my mom’ bedroom to tell her I was going to bed and we’ll talk tomorrow but I saw she was in bed reading. I was surprised. She thought I was sleeping so she didn’t come in my room. I got on her bed and sat next to her and she said “Go change your diaper and then come back?” and I asked why and she said “You smell like pee and I don’t like that smell.” So I left her room and got undressed and took the diaper off. It could hold more but I had it on since two so it was time to change anyway. I showered so I could wash my back and chest and face to avoid pimples. I also washed my hair and skipped the shaving. Then I dried off and put my pajamas on again including a fresh diaper. Then we talked. We discussed our upcoming yard sale and how to get it organized but we would have to wait until my brother gets all his stuff out of the garage first. We have tons of stuff we want to sell and I will put the ad on Craigslist and put up signs at the intersection and put it on our mail box or pole. We also talked about our dogs we used to have and my brother’s Shih Tzu and I discovered he had peed in our house before, the dining room, rug and floor which is why he is outside often. My mom laughed when I told her I didn’t want to live another Squeaky life and live that lifestyle again. Neither of us liked that dog and she didn’t like any of the other dogs except Pepper and Huckleberry Hound. My cat quit being litterbox trained when she was around eight so I started to keep her outside because she would pee or poop in the house. She was peeing in my parents attic after I moved out of state so they started to keep her outside all the time. Then Mom wanted to go back to reading so I went back to my room and went to bed.

The next morning I went in the bathroom to weigh myself and I only left the diaper on which is about a pound because it had pee in it. Then the door opened and I asked who it was and it was only Mom so good thing I didn’t push it close thinking it was my son. I used my pants to cover my diaper and she said ‘You don’t need to be embarrassed” so I uncovered it and it was awkward. I had my arms in front of my diaper and then Mom said “let me see what style you have on” and I uncovered and she saw it and said nothing. I waited until she was gone and then I weighed myself and got dressed again and went back downstairs. I looked dry in the front so she didn’t see I was wet.