My Sister Blog

Anything that isn’t ABDL related goes here in my other blog. If you want to listen to my “whining” or read about my views on life or read about my crazy ex’s and see my “weird” thoughts or see some random youtube videos and hear my favorite video game music, and hear about my childhood and all my disorders I have been diagnosed with, it’s all there.

Yes my ex’s were truly crazy, the first one had undiagnosed schizophrenia and the second one had Borderline Personality Disorder and schizoaffective (also undiagnosed at the time), that is if she was telling me the truth about her diagnoses when she finally found my blog. But then again I’ve read how manipulative narcissists can be so they fake conditions and trick their doctors and get other diagnoses instead and because covert narciscism isn’t known by lot of professionals, they tend to get diagnosed with other conditions but might not be limited to BPD, Asperger’s, avoidant personality disorder, social anxiety, PTSD or C-PTSD, and anxiety. So we never know.