My Plan for Testing My Dad

An idea came to my head about testing my daddy to see how serious he is about this whole diaper thing. I want to see how far I can go with it. Hey kids do test their parents and I am just a baby girl so I am going to test my dad.


I did go in the bedroom today and I grabbed a pair of my panties. My dad pulled them out of my hands and tosses them back in the underwear pile. I grabbed them again and he kept grabbing them out of my hands. Then he threatened to spank me. I still grabbed them and moved away from him quick when he wasn’t looking and his feet hurt too much for him to even move. He told me he was going to hurt his foot if he has to move. I didn’t want to hurt him so I stopped. I decided tomorrow I will get ready earlier just to test him and see if I can make it to work wearing underwear.

At 3PM I will start getting ready for work. I know my dad will give me sex or a spanking or both but I really want to see how serious he is and how he can force me to stay in diapers. His feet hurt when he gets home and he can’t always change me but I want to see what he does despite all the pain he is in. How can he have sex with me, how is he going to grab me and go after me for putting on panties and not taking them off if he is unable to stand? 

I’d be very disappointed if I won. I will update later and tell you how it goes.


But as I was getting ready for work today, he decided to stand up despite in being in so much pain and decide to put the diaper on me when I was about to do it because he loves me.