First diaper blow out

I don’t ever recall having a diaper blow out as an adult. Yesterday I got very bad stomach cramps and I figured I just had air and I needed to fart it out. So I couldn’t sit long without my tummy hurting again. I was then up in my room watching a abandoned house youtube video and I did a small poo in my diaper and I thought that was the end of it.

About ten minutes later, the cramps came back and this time I heard gas in my belly so I knew I was going to have diarrhea. I just stayed relaxed waiting for the poo to come but I could tell I was constipated because the poo was pretty hard.

I got a little more out but I could still feel more in there and it would take lot of grunting and pushing till I pass out and sweat.

I just kept relaxing and waiting for the poo to come while I pushed a little and I felt some runny poo come out around it. Then it came out and I felt better and then came the runny poop. It came to the edge of my diaper so I had to use a baby wipe to wipe that part of the mess away and I got my changing mat and put it on the couch where I was sitting and sat and I felt it spread and it came out of my diaper and onto the pad. I pooped more and then I was dripping poo out of my diaper when I stood up and I carried the mat under me when I moved over to my changing station so I wouldn’t get poo on the floor.

I finished pooping and then I took it off and it was one big mess to clean up. I couldn’t take a shower because my son was using the bath tub to soaked himself down there. I think he has started puberty because it was really swollen down there when he was complaining about the pain down there and I had my mom look at it (she’s a retired nurse) and I also looked at his chest and it looked like he was starting to get men breasts. My mom thought it looked normal like a boy’s chest, not puberty.

So I couldn’t bath and I had to use a lot of baby wipes to clean myself up. Then I felt more pain and I had to break my religion and use the toilet to leak my stool in because it was so runny.

Then my body was trolling me because when I would feel better, the cramps would come back when I would be in my room so I had to head back to the bathroom to let out my loose stool.

Then after my son was done with the bathroom, I showered and I was expecting to poo in the shower but the cramps never came back and I just wore a robe only after my shower to be sure I was done having diarrhea.

All my poo was solid and then liquid and it came out of my diaper because it was so runny and it was all over on the side of my buttock and around my butt crack on my butt cheeks and I did a photo set of it while it happened and while I cleaned it up and put it on my pocketstars where they allow messy content. I hear Patreon doesn’t allow it so I don’t post it there and Justforfans will allow none of it if it’s obvious you are messy. I actually had someone leave their cancelled reason “not enough poo” and I was like “but they don’t allow that stuff.” Then I saw someone had joined Pocketstars where she was posting her messy content Patreon made her remove, so I joined it later and am slowly putting my old content on it I still have. I have already put some of my messy content on it and I put my diarrhea messy diaper photo set on it and am thinking if I shall make it pay to view too for those who are not subscribed so they wouldn’t have to pay a subscription to see it and to see my repeated content again I have on JFF while I have my messy set already posted for my subscribers. I would just have to post it again for pay to view.

I haven’t made my page public yet but I am already getting some subscribers already so I am thinking my page have been in the featured already or they have searched my username on there and found me. Someone even messaged me on Patreon asking for my url because they can’t seem to find me when they searched me.

I have had diarrhea in my diapers before but I never ever had it leaked out of my diaper where I was dripping poo out of it nor have it come out the top.

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  1. You should invest in plastic or latex bloomer pants.. i wear them over my diapers all the time because sometimes you just never know whats going to happen..🍻

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