Enough defending ABDL bigots

It’s 2019, there is no excuse anymore to be ignorant about us calling us pedophiles. So someone makes a post on social media calling us pedophiles and other ABDLs fight back and defend themselves against the accusation and we get scolded for “harassment.” I’m sorry but anyone who wishes to defend ABDL bigots are just as bad as them and you also are not better than they are and I will just block you too on social media for endorsing such behavior.

Telling someone they are wrong is not harassment.
Telling them to STFU isn’t harassment, be bigot, get treated like one.
Telling them “Okay boomer” isn’t harassment.
Asking them where is their proof of us being pedophiles is not harassment.

If you make hateful posts against a group, do not expect any kindness and yes you will get hostile responses too because you insulted a whole group of people and anyone who scolds us for defending ourselves, you are just as bad as they are and throwing your community under the bus. Do not expect people to not respond when you choose to make a hateful post. And do not hide behind the “everyone has their own opinion and not everyone agrees with us” BS. You wouldn’t be saying the same about racism and homophobia and transphobia, etc. If someone made a hateful post against race or LGBT or disability, I doubt you would be scolding them for defending themselves and not blame them for their hostile responses.

Seriously, if someone is genuinely confused, they would be asking “How is ABDL/babyfur/DDLG not pedophilia?” and we will gladly explain and not jump all over them. That would be a sign of them being open minded and wanting to learn. Someone who calls us pedophiles is not open minded and don’t care to learn. They will keep finding justification to hate us. They are not worthy of our time and respect. The moment someone calls us pedophiles is the moment they lose all my respect for them and I have no empathy for them so anything that comes with it, they made their bed, go lie in it and anyone who wants to defend these bigots are just as bad and you are throwing us under the bus when you do this.

My made up religion

Religion is basically made up but the difference is I think any other religion made up by others wouldn’t be protected by the law. Why? Because any one would abuse it like “it’s against my religion to not go to work on Saturdays” or “It’s against my religion to not work holidays” because anyone would be using it to get their way and work places would be screwed. When I was around age ten, I tried to make homework be against my own religion because I didn’t want to do homework. I was doing it right alright because I was forcing it on my mother like how religious people force their religion on others like that one man in Sweden who wouldn’t shake this lady’s hand after their interview because of his religion.

I also think people do a religion because they need rules but you don’t need to pick a religion to do, why not make up your own.

My religion is:

No toilet usage

No underwear

No weighing above 125lbs

No unemployment

No belief in god

No church

No Christmas before Thanksgiving

Must shower when I see too much pubic hair growing in

Must not judge people for things they do that are totally different that are not harming others no matter how gross it is.

Must exercise 5 times a week on weekdays

And more I might add.

I shared my religion with my online friend and he told me if everyone in my city followed mine, they would have a problem with waste management. He also thought not going to church and no Christmas before Thanksgiving was a contradiction.

I think athiesm is growing because less people have gotten religious. I also wonder what life would be like if religion no longer became protected at work. You no longer have to accommodate it. You can fire someone for not working Sunday or Wednesday due to church being more important, you can fire someone for misogyny behavior because of their religion, you can fire someone for not following your work dress code because they found it more important to wear something to work that is their religion, you can fire someone for taking too many breaks because they had to pray, what would all these people do about their religion? I also wonder how far can someone go with their religion to a point you can fire them like what if homosexuality was against their religion so they were spouting homophobia at work, they are creating workplace harassment. But wait this is part of their religion and it’s illegal to discriminate against religion but it’s also illegal to discriminate against homosexuality so this is a double edge sword. I wonder how this is handled? Technically if you fire them, they can sue you for discrimination for their religion. That one man in Sweden sued the work place for his religion because he wouldn’t shake this lady’s hand and she didn’t hire him for his misogyny. So he sued and won.

I am all for respecting peoples religion just as long as their beliefs do not harm others and they don’t do actions that are harmful to others. Misogyny isn’t okay and neither is homophobia so I won’t respect that religion there. It is also against my own religion to be intolerant towards others religion that do not put harm on others.

Got bag checked

On Saturday I took my daughter to see Disney on Ice. I would have taken my son too but he wanted to go to the video game expo thing so he went there instead. I had my Hello Kitty diaper bag with me with my wallet and phone in it and book and Gameboy with Game Boy games I got at the gaming expo and my head phones and an extra diaper. I Pick up my tickets at Will Call and go inside.

I get my tickets checked and then we have to set our purses on the table and it had a picture on there saying “no bags larger than” and it had inches listed and a square and I set mine down and it was bigger than the square.

The lady looks inside it. She looked pretty young, maybe in her early twenties. She asked me about the black plastic bag and asked if it’s been opened and without thinking I say “no” and she asked what was in it and she would need to see. I open it a little so she could see it and she goes “I have to know what that actually is.”

I say again “My underwear.”

Yes I chickened out saying “diaper.” I am always going in my posts “it’s a diaper, diaper diaper diaper” and having my character say in my stories “Why is everyone afraid of the word diaper?” and acts non compliant when any nurse or medical staff doesn’t refer it by its proper name. Apparently it’s cultural to call an adult diaper by another name because an online friend of mine who likes to read my stories has asked me if it’s really an American thing to not call it a diaper. That indicated that in his country, they call it a diaper, not a brief or a pad. Plus I also remember him mentioning that it seems to be a North American thing to avoid the D word.

But moving along, she says “it’s fine, I am not going to say anything” so I open it and look away and she goes “I am going to put this thing on your bag since it’s a medical bag” and she put some thing on it you would put on a wrist when you go into a water park or some attraction to indicate you have paid. I didn’t even look at it and we just go through and I look for my seats and I buy my daughter a snow cone and a cup and she picked a Princess cup and Beauty and the Beast straw. I got my son some little things at the game convention, I couldn’t have her come home without any merchandise and the cups were under $20. I spent $24 on her so more than I spent on my son because Disney on ice stuff is more expensive because it’s Disney. Disney stuff is always pricey but I know some of it is cheaper like at Ross or any clearance stores and even The Disney Store will sometimes have clearance items too and have 2 for $15 for plushies. Still cheaper IMO. It’s no surprising that many of the stores have closed in malls and we only have 1 left in my whole entire area. As a child, pretty much every mall had a Disney Store and then they started to shut down in the 2000s in locations.

But my daughter never once asked to get anything when we were there so I told her how proud I was of her because she never once asked for any toys when we were there and she said, “I have enough toys at home.” I gave her a wall sticker reward when we got back to reward her got good behavior I wanted. I actually had to ask her if she wanted a snow cone in one of those cups and ask her if she wanted a coloring book because she would not have asked for those on her own.

I did look at the thing on my bag and I saw it said nothing on it and it was just plain blue. And I also did end up changing in the restroom during intermission. I didn’t want to leak and I was smelling some urine.

ABDL Hidden Language

Almost everyone says things they don’t mean just to be be nice or polite or just to avoid conflict. In ABDL, it’s common sense to also say things we don’t mean just to be discrete.

“I need to use the restroom/toilet/bathroom.”

What we mean:

I need to change/check my diaper.

“I am getting dressed.”

What we mean:

I am changing my diaper

“I need to get the trash out of my room”

What we mean:

I need to empty out my diaper pail/get those used diapers out of my room

“Excuse me, is there a single restroom/toilet/bathroom/family toilet I can use?”

What we mean:

I need to change my diaper so I need a single toilet room so I am wondering if you have one?

And of course if someone had the balls to confront you about diapers, I bet many of us would just say we have medical issues.

What we mean:

I wear diapers because (list our real reasons here)

In ABDL munches I am sure we would understand this language and if you know someone who does wear diapers. I sometimes wonder if my parents know what I am actually saying when I say either of these things. I keep thinking no one is going to know what you mean if you don’t say it because I don’t expect anyone to mind read. But my husband can actually read my mind. I still haven’t learned to read his.

Any other ABDL hidden language out there we use when we actually mean something else?

An ABDL anime I was shown

A couple days ago I was shown a photo via PM asking if this was Natalie from my story as a soccer player.

I clicked on the link and it showed me a drawn photo of a anime girl wearing a soccer uniform and you could see her diaper peeking out in the crotch. She had blonde hair too and breasts so I knew this was a grown adult. But she looked very young in it.

While it’s a cute photo, I am afraid it will be seen as lolicon and child porn if I were to share it on my page. It wouldn’t be illegal in the US but it is in some other countries.

Also I don’t even know if the character is underage or 18. And anything can be made into porn. You can take any innocent photo and make it sexual and it will be porn if you get turned on by it and jack off to it.

But yet someone posted a drawn photo of baby Link. But everyone is okay with Disney characters and Video Game characters being in diapers, even if they are made into babies which is how Link looked. But anime, that is a no no because it would be considered lolicon and lolicon is considered child porn. I looked up what lolicon was and it’s just anime girls, young adults and kids.

Daddy gave me a bath

Someone finally got me something off my Amazon wishlist and it was Rearz Princess diapers. I did some special photos just for him and a video as a thank you.

I put my 2nd one on last night and I didn’t wet it till this morning after I got up. I had two Red Bulls this morning that were 8 oz cans.* But traffic was bad this morning because someone was walking along the freeway shoulder and they got hit this morning and the city closed both ramps so it put more traffic on the roads making it backed up. I even called my kids’ school to let them know they might be late and the lady staff person said they had gotten calls from some of their employees too so nothing to worry about.

But diapers do come in handy because on the way back, I had to pee and it was uncomfortable too. Red Bulls will make me pee. I peed twice on the way back and they were big ones. Then I had another one when I got back and I pooped and it smelled bad so my daddy gave me a bath. He undressed me and gave me a bubble bath and showed me some toys and washed me the way he used to when our kids were little. Last time he had given me a bath was when we were in our apartment and then we moved and it changed everything because my parents were here and then our son got older and then we had another child. Now they are both in school all day. That means I only need to do one trip now instead of two and I am using less gas now so that will save us some money and I bet that extra money I would have been spending on gas would pay for their school lunches we have to buy now. Plus that extra money we have now we used to use to pay for preschool. Before that, I used to buy an extra case of diapers whenever there would be a sale going on which happens around every Holiday. Instead of buying one case, it was two cases. Now I only buy one which is every month now I buy them instead of every 2-3 months.

Daddy washed my whole body and he washed my hair even though I showered last night. Then he dried me off and he diapered me and got me dressed again back in my outfit and he put my hair in pigtails. He also made me wear it out of the house like that. No one said anything about my hair so that means no one cares and maybe because keep this town weird. Then he made me my lunch and it was a TV dinner, Sponegbob version and he gave me a cup of milk. I don’t normally eat TV dinners because they are small and high in calorie but Daddy bought it for me when he last went grocery shopping and he bought it for all his kids and I didn’t have mine yet. And because of that, I ended up having two tacos for dinner and then I was full. I would have normally had one but I think it was because of that TV dinner because it was so small so it wasn’t enough.

*I know I said I was going to lay off the Red Bulls but caffeine addiction is so real I have had caffeine withdrawls several times already when I go too long without. I just get a bad headache and it feels someone had hit me there. At least it’s caffeine and not drugs or cigarettes or tobacco or street drugs. My mom even seems to be encouraging my addiction because she told me on the phone I was having a caffiene withdrawl and to have a Rockstar. But then she said it was my choice and I could have that or get some Tylenol.

In the doctor’s office

I went to see my new doctor to get to know each other. I had been there twice already but I saw different doctors then, one for my ear because I was having tinnitus in it and it felt like I had a ear plug in my ear because the sound was muffled in that ear. The other one was to get my IUD replaced.

But anyway, she checked my blood pressure and my temperature. She also asked me about my family and employment and asked me about exercise, my IUD and periods and childbirth and any past surgeries, and medical questions and she had pulled up my medical history. One she asked me about was convulsions and I said that was back in 6th grade when I was having seizures because of the side affects of the medicine I was on. I was on different meds then and I guess when they both mixed, it created the side affect of a seizure. I did hear how mixing different pills can cause other medical issues so I think that was the case. So my parents had to take me off all my pills.

She also checks my heart and breathing. She had to lift the back of my shirt up to put the stethoscope. Most doctors just do it over the shirt. I knew the back of my diaper was peeking over my pants and she didn’t say anything about it. Then she had me lay down and was checking my tummy and had to lift my shirt again and then she brought up my diaper but she called it a brief. I was too nervous to even correct her.

She starts asking me all these questions and I be honest about it. She asked if I leak and I say sometimes. She asked me how often I wear them and if it’s sometimes or when I am out of the house or all the time and I say “all the time.” She also asked when I leak, when I cough or laugh and I realized where this was going so I say “I don’t have any incontinent issues, I just like to wear them.” She goes “Okay, that means I won’t give you another pill then” and she moves on like nothing happened.

Then I was discharged and given my check out papers.