Too many diapers

My mom and I were going through stuff again in the garage to see what there is to get rid of and she saw my two boxes i got from Bambino diapers and they were the Xplus. I told her those were mine and she said I had too many diapers. She took them all out of the box and I cleaned off the stairs that lead to the basement and my mom decided to keep the diapers there. I stacked them by the door and I had to tell her not all of those were mine because she was telling me I had too many and I needed to stop buying them because I had enough and I would mind as well donate some if I am not going to use them. So I told her some of them were my husband’s and she said “does he use them at all?” and I said “sometimes?” and she said again we could donate some to Goodwill. I decided my husband had enough diapers and now he has ordered me AC Amer diapers from ebay and I told him “Mom is now going to kill me when she sees I have gotten more” and he said she didn’t have to see them and I said “if she doesn’t see the package.” But he is the daddy so he got his baby girl some diapers that were printed. he also got himself a sample pack in his size so we could wear them together.

I also told my husband I told my mother that not all of the diapers were mine and he said “You told her I wear them?” and I said  “You told your parents so we’re even now.” I meant it as a joke but I was serious.


Getting less embarrassing

My parents got back from their cruise. I ran out of Bellisimos in my room so I went out to the garage and got the last three packs out of the box. I brought them inside and there was my mom being nosy again because she asked what I was doing so I told her I was bringing in some stuff. She asks “What stuff?” I show her the packs and she goes “Oh the diapers.”

I have gotten used to it so it wasn’t embarrassing to be honest about it. She was in the living room watching TV but I still didn’t feel comfortable to say I was bringing in some more diapers.

New diaper bag

My purse was falling apart so it was time to get a new one. I went to Goodwill and looked at purses. I looked at the big ones and my son enjoyed seeing them all and thought the little ones were for kids. He was even trying to help me pick one out but I told him that purse wasn’t big enough and I needed a big one so I could fit my stuff in it. I look at the big ones I could find and I put each one in the cart so I can look at it later and decide. I even liked the purple one but discovered a part was broken off that keeps the flap closed so I put it back. Less decisions to make now. So I found two good ones and kept them in the cart. Then I looked around. I looked at the game controllers and then saw what diapers they had and all they had were pull ups. I also looked at the toys and left my son there and went to the books and then I heard my son crying “Mommy.” I said I was right here and he kept calling my name so I just went over and got him because I didn’t want to shout across the store at the top of my lunges so he can hear me and follow my voice. He was crying, poor thing and I called his name and I said “Did you think I left you?” and he said “yeah” and I went back to the books and he went with me. Last year and the year before he would have loved to stay at the toys and won’t get scared but he was too young then to be left alone so I didn’t leave him with the toys then but this time I felt he was old enough because I can remember being in toy aisles alone that young and he got scared instead. Kids change.

My son wanted a Hello Kitty book I found so I got him it and I got myself a book by Ann Rule and I forget the name of it. I also got him some candy and I got myself some too. Then we went home and I cooked up some mac and cheese and I find out my husband doesn’t like it because he had it too much. So only my daughter had some and me and my son wouldn’t eat his so I stuck it in the fridge with the rest of the mac and cheese. My mother in law was also over and she didn’t want any either because she had already eaten.

Here are the diaper bags I got:

This will be my primary diaper bag.

My other one for if I have to pack a premium diaper which would be too big for the other one.

It has different sections in there unlike the other one. It looked like it was meant to fit a laptop in there.

Smallest messy diaper

I did this on August 6th and I was going to upload it but I forgot so I am doing it now. I messed my diaper and then I changed the next day and it turned out the mess was not that big. It stuck to my butt and I had it fall off my bum into the diaper. It’s just two small turds and brown streak from the poo on the diaper. I did dump the turds in the toilet. I have been pooping small amounts lately for some reason. i do this off and on and then comes along the gas pains and diarrhea. I am hoping it won’t happen again this time.


My husband’s surprise

I came home from work and boy it’s hot outside. I am not sure what the temperature is but it was hot where I don’t want to be outside. I come inside and I see some food on the kid’s plate and a bottle. I say “Hello?” and my husband says hi from the living room. I ask him if that is my food on the kiddy plate with the bottle and he comes in and says “did I surprise you?” I say “yes” and he tells me to get to the table. I carry the plate to the living room and sit at the table. Both our kids were still up and I eat the sandwich bagel and I don’t drink from the bottle because we had our son in the room so I took the top off and drank out of it like a cup.
Then my husband opened the cheese stick for me. Then when I was done eating, I went upstairs to shower and my husband took my clothes off me. Of course we shood our son to the bathroom and kept him out of my room. Then he took my diaper off me and I headed to the bathroom to shower.

I signed up for Diapermates

My husband and I were talking last night and he mentioned about finding me a playdate, another female, no men. I liked that idea and decided to sign up for DM again and coming up with a username was tricky and making a description of myself. I am a woman looking for other women in the area but I am open for men too but not as play dates. I want to meet other AB/DL parents so I stuck it in my description too. I also put in my profile that I am married so everyone knows and won’t hit on me or expect anything sexual. I also blocked my ex. I found her profile and blocked her because I don’t wish to correspond with her. She was also looking for women too.


I had been wearing the same diaper from yesterday before work and it was really smelly from the pee. The diaper still felt comfortable but it was really wet in the middle where us females pee. Then I decided to get changed so I had my husband do it. Daughter was napping but our son was watching TV on the main floor so I went to the basement and he took my pajamas pants off and took off my diaper and then our son came in the room after my husband had taken the diaper off me. I don’t think he noticed because he didn’t say anything. My husband kicked him out and then he cleaned me up and we had to kick our son out several times and then he stayed out. My husband told him we will be right with him when we are done here so wait. Then he placed the diaper on me and got my pants back on. No sex because of no time. I wasn’t expecting to have it because our son was up. Then I carried the wet diaper upstairs to the bucket and put the wipes and rash cream back in my room. Then I emptied out the bucket and washed my hands and then went to my son for his attention and he never asked what we were doing which was good. That means he didn’t notice and if he asked, I wouldn’t have told him.

I got these diapers for $70 online from a person on ADISC and these things do hold a ton I can’t even fill them to full capacity or otherwise they start to smell real badly. I say these diapers are good for one a day, put one on when you get up and then wear it until the next morning when you get up. I would say that depends on how much you pee. They may be more expensive but they last longer and you go through less a day unless you poop.