Playing with my Loose skin

Residual of having kids. My belly looks perfect postpartum but when I pull on it, you realize how loose it actually is because of how far out I can pull it and how I can make it look like belly fat and have it hang out of the diaper and then it bounces back to normal. Then my daughter comes in the room so I had to stop the video and pull my shirt down. You can hear the door opening and that was her entering.


The video should start after clicking the link. I got this idea after seeing a couple youtube videos of former fat people pulling on their skin to show how far they can stretch it and theirs were a lot stretchier than mine. The most I have ever weighed my whole life was up to around 170 and that was in 7th grade. I was playing with my belly fat then too. So maybe some of my loose skin on my belly is from when I weighed more and then lost the weight because I didn’t like my body and how big I was so I stopped snacking for the taste of food and eating just to feel the texture and the taste and I stopped going for seconds during meals and walked more and dropped to 150 by 8th grade and stayed there until age 15. My weight had gone up and down since and I am hoping to keep it down this time.



32 weeks

I am 32 weeks along and I have gained 12 lbs so far. My belly is 34 1/2 inches, I am not sure how much my boobs have gotten bigger but they sure filled in and are no longer deflated. They are perky again. I am not as crazy about my diet this time like last time. I took the books and internet literal so I stuck with a restricted diet it recommended so I only had fresh fruit and veggies, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, 100% whole wheat products, cereal WIC covered such as Kix, Cheerios, Raisin Bran, and I had milk. I also had cowboy salad and fruit smoothies and a salad. I totally cut out junks and sweets and had very little of it because I read that will make you gain tons of weight and it would be harder to lose after the baby. This time I am not so crazy about it so I am eating my normal diet except I am eating more. I still have my sweets and junk food and guess what, no excessive weight gain. I haven’t had any whole wheat products either. But I have been drinking milk even if I am not having cereal so I have some calcium and I try to remember to eat some fresh fruits and veggies so I came home last night from work and had celery with peanut butter even though I didn’t feel hungry.

How do women gain 40 lbs or 50 lbs or even 70 lbs during their pregnancy is beyond me. I tried asking about it once on Babycenter and I got flamed and trolled for it and some said I insulted them with my question. That is a question I have asked my doctors, my mom and they don’t seem to know either. My cousin told me gestational diabetes makes you gain lot of it. My mom said some women hold lot of water so it makes them gain a lot because it’s water weight and she also said some don’t eat right and some eat too much. I have been eating junk food than cutting it out and I still didn’t gain a lot so it makes me wonder still. Maybe I am not eating enough. I did try and purposely gain weight during my last pregnancy in the last month by eating chocolate and sweets and all it did was it would fill me up and I wouldn’t be hungry anymore and I barely even had an appetite so it was harder for me to eat because my son squished all my intestines together. I gained about seven lbs in the last month before delivery. This time I have gained a little more for how far along I am and I wonder if diet has anything to do with it. I haven’t been eating as healthy like in my last one and I didn’t start going for my walks again until January and I have put on most of this weight since my son’s birthday. I have even put on two pounds over night a few times. Makes me wonder if my baby had a growth spurt. At least this time my back isn’t uncomfortable like it was last time with my son but I do get short of breath and feel pressure in my chest area so I have to sit back in my chair and I take iron pills because I am anemic and I feel normal again. I was feeling exhausted and sore when I walk and move up and down the stairs and felt I had no energy to do anything and now I feel better with the pills. I wasn’t anemic last time in my pregnancy but this time I am and they said it’s very common and it happens to lot of pregnant women. So every morning I take my pill with my prenatal vitamins and then I have to remember to take the pill again after work or later in the day.

My daughter also pushes on my bladder so it feels I have to go all the time and it’s uncomfortable but I try and ignore it and deal with it. She also moves strongly than my son did so it’s more pressure I feel and she moves a lot more than my son did when I was carrying him. Right now she is still. I feel she is a big baby because I feel her in my hip bone, right below my rib cage, in my pelvis area, way on the side of my tummy, she is everywhere when she moves and pushes against the wall of my uterus and my hip bone.

My medium diapers still fit me. I have thought about getting a large though but I think I will stick with mediums for now. Some of my cloth diapers have gotten small on me so I put them aside and plastic pants leave marks on my belly despite that it said online that size will fit my waist size and my hips and thighs. But I guess with pregnancy, it makes the sizes me off because my tummy is out and I am not big around so I may have to switch to disposables 24/7 soon until I have my baby. No way am I buying XL or XXL plastic pants and then have them not fit me after I have the baby if this is only temporary. At least I will have a break from cloth. Sometimes I want to quit wearing them but it’s the cost that makes me stick with it.

I still can’t seem to find any maternity pants that won’t keep falling down on me. I have a size 2 maternity pants and they slip down and I can’t stand pants hanging on me so I prefer to have them pulled up all the way so they hug my crotch. I also have other Maternity pants I got at Goodwill and they all fall down too. I have a pair and it covered my belly too so I use diaper pins and connect it to my bra so they stay up and not fall down and it won’t distract me at work. I have none maternity clothes that still fit me like my pants and shirts but none of my jeans fit me. Anything with no elastic in the waist won’t fit me.

But this pregnancy is going good as did my last one but this one is a little different. I don’t know if my daughter will come early too like my son did or if she will be late. Then a month later I plan on getting a IUD or marina whatever I am getting. I am getting the one with a hormone in it and it stops your period and I think that one will last me five years before I need another one put in. My husband and I don’t want anymore kids. It’s because of financial reasons and my husband thinks three is enough lol. I wanted more than two kids when I was little but I have changed my mind as an adult.