On Sunday we went to my husband’s cousin’s wedding. It was in a natural park and it was at a campground. They had it in the day area. It was a small wedding and pretty casual and very inexpensive because there was no wedding cake, only regular cake you buy in the store, potluck, no catering, no wedding gifts, lot of people didn’t get them any, lot of people dressed casual, not in fancy clothes, they used a relative to marry them, he is a real minister but was doing it for free as a wedding gift, and everyone stood or brought their own chairs or sat at picnic tables. This was planned in a few weeks before the wedding so it was like all thrown together quickly.

When I had to change, I carried the diaper bag, an actual diaper bag because it had my daughter’s diapers in there and her clean dress to change her into and wipes and I wasn’t going to carry a diaper in my hands for everyone to see so I carried the whole thing up with me. I go to the restrooms and it was locked, all of them so I thought I would have to walk all the way across the open area to get to the other restrooms but instead I saw there were more on the other side of the building so I checked and the first door was unlocked so I went inside. It was not an outhouse but it was out of toilet paper but that didn’t matter and it needed to be cleaned. I changed and tossed it in the garbage. No way was I going to dig in there to bury it so I left it on top. I wrapped it of course so no one would see the inside of it. Then I washed my hands with a baby wipe instead of using the dirty sink. I was now in my last Tena Slip diaper.

The wedding didn’t last long because they only stayed a couple hours and then everyone was leaving. On my husband’s side, everyone seems to be more introverted because families never stick around long to visit like they do on my mom’s side because when that happens, they do it all day long and so do my parents friends. I remember when my husband and I got married, by the time it was over, all of my husband’s family had already left and the only ones who were there were my mom’s side and they hadn’t gone back to the house yet they were staying at my parents had rented for the week. I remember I was expecting to hide out upstairs from all the people but that didn’t happen but instead I went straight home after the reception and relaxed because I needed to rest and I didn’t want to be at the house because I spent six hours around people so I was exhausted. I remember my husband and I left all our presents behind to my parents and relatives had to take them to the house. I have been wondering if I am also introverted because I am all alone (if I wanted friends, I could just go to my group and hand out my phone number to everyone to call me if they ever want to do something together or come to my house and play video games or just go on my Facebook and ask my old friend to bring her kids to my house and we can play video games together or watch a movie or go to work and ask my co workers if they want to hang out at my house) and I wouldn’t know what to do with a friend or how to interact except play video games or do computer together but it was a lot easier when I was a little kid and then it got harder due to interests change and social skills change too because people change and so do the rules. But enough of that.

On the way home I felt the urge to poop, no wait I felt that at the wedding but the urge wasn’t strong enough for me to be able to push it out even with the diaper off so I waited. The urge got strong when we got close to home and I didn’t start to push it out until i got out of the car and I was doing it while I was getting my daughter out of her car seat and getting stuff from the trunk and I didn’t finish until I was in the backyard with the kids while my husband went inside to rest his feet. It wasn’t a big load, it just took a little while for the strong urges to stop. I stayed in it for a while and then I changed and it was a big mess then because it took lot of wipes to clean it. My husband wanted to play tonight but he was busy with his game and he was live online with his microphone talking to someone from on there. He even hushed me and said he was live online so they could hear me when I went in and said “You said you wanted to play” and I just left and changed myself because I wanted out of the thing and I wasn’t going to wait.

I also played Pokemon Go. A new game I had been trying since my birthday and I just play it casually, I don’t go outside just to catch Pokemon, I only do it when I am out of the house. I tried at the wedding but there was no cellphone service and you need that for internet so I read an ABDL book instead on my husband’s phone, but at the cheese factory we stopped at I caught about five new Pokemon there and they had three Pokestops there. I was surprised because it’s in a small town. I don’t do dumb stuff with it like play it while I drive or play it while I walk. I stop to catch a Pokemon and whenever I see a Pokemon on my phone, I just tap it and it lets me try and catch it than me trying to walk to any location just to catch it such as on someone’s property or in a store, etc. So any location I am at, I just check for Pokemon and there is a Pokestop at my train stop so I get new items there everyday and then I go to the park when I arrive at work because I have about 15 minutes to spare so I walk around to all the Pokestops I can get to and collect items and I do it again before the train comes and my workplace has a Pokestop there too so I have gotten new Pokeballs from there.

But I have been in a fresh diaper now for the past two hours. Now I just wish they would fix all the bugs in Pokemon Go. I have been kicked out of the game already several times especially during the Pokemon catch when trying to catch a more rare Pokemon and GPS freezes so I have to exit the game and go back in and wait for it to load up and I can’t even view every Pokemon in my Pokedex I have caught so far. The game has also frozen on me several times too especially when I have caught a Pokemon.


Almost had my diapers destroyed

This happened yesterday and boy was I furious.

It started in the morning when my son mentioned there was water on the floor in the kitchen. I thought he was talking about a few drips or some spill and I wasn’t in a rush to get it. Then he said again it was dripping so I figured he means the sink. I decided to check it out and I see the dishwasher is overflowing. I turn it off and tell my dad about it and he says something must be clogged. The rug right by the sink was all soaked so I went downstairs to see if it leaked in the basement and there was a bunch of water dripping on top off stuff and on top of my dresser and it soaks all the books and my diaper package was wet. My dad says it wasn’t the dishwasher and said there was water running. I ask him what was running, the dishwasher? My dad said it was the sink so I thought it over flowed. How did that happen? My husband who came out of our bedroom said he must have done it because he was making coffee.  What happened was, he had just gotten up so he went up to the kitchen and the water thing to the coffee pot was nearly empty so he pulled the faucet hose out of the sink and put it inside the thing and turned the water on. Because it runs so slowly (it needs to be fixed) he didn’t want to stand there and wait for it so he went back downstairs and he forgot about it). I was very angry because I thought I had lost my diapers so I am screaming at him about his mistake because he had left the water on and left it alone. This was the second time he had done it but last time it was worse because it went into the bedroom and it nearly destroyed photo albums and our home movies from my childhood. So my mom also yelled at him last time and now I was yelling at him about it for 15 minutes. He thought it was no big deal because he saw it as a mistake. I was even more angry he could see it that way because I thought my diapers were ruined and water did get on them and the whole package was soaked so I didn’t know if water seeped inside and I don’t want water damage and if this kept on happening, the wood would just rot and mold would grow in the basement and spread. But he cleaned it all up and he washed all the towels he had used to dry the walls and floor and the ceiling and he had moved stuff to get it away from the dripping. We did  turn the dishwasher back on since it wasn’t overflowing. Luckily the diapers didn’t get ruined because it was only drops of water that got on the plastic and that is water proof. I realized I was more upset about the diapers so that was why I was furious because I thought I had lost them. I told my husband “you don’t ever leave the water on when you leave the room.”

I am glad no diapers were harmed during this incident.

Not a real birthday present

I remember when I was 15, our English teacher gave out this fun assignment to the whole class. We had to work in groups and the fun assignment was we have these annoying relatives and they give us bad gifts. The teacher had fake cards written out with a pictures cut from magazines and glued to them. I can remember one gift was someone got a tool set but it was so he could fix his bike, someone else had always wanted a stereo but instead they were given a toy stereo that was for kids and you couldn’t even play CDs on it, and another gift was someone wanted a car but instead they got a toy jeep little kids ride in that is for ages 3-7. Someone else got a kid’s bike because they always wanted a bike. I learned how not to give gifts that day.

My family does these sort of things. When I was 22, I was given a tool set for Christmas also and it came with a putty knife. My parents had gotten us that gift just so we could patch a hole in our wall my husband accidentally put and I felt that was not a real gift because I had learned in class when I was 15 that you do not buy someone a gift just so they can fix something. It reminded me of that assignment when someone got a tool set for their birthday so they could fix their relative’s bike when they come to visit.

My birthday is coming up again and my aunt and uncle came over and they got me a present and they got me a nice big cupcake. But when I opened my gift, it was my old Montana license plate with my name on it. They had found it in Montana in the old garage. I must have left it there when I moved and back then we didn’t need license plates on both ends of the car so I only had one for the back. But it was not a real gift and I didn’t really like it. I told my son it was not a real birthday present and you don’t just find something that belongs to someone and give it to them as a gift, that is not a real present. He asked me about the license plate so I told him about it and he asked why I had it and I told him my aunt and uncle gave it to me as a birthday present but it’s not a real present and I explained to him about what not to do when you give someone gifts.

My husband is the only one who has gotten me a real present, it was a video game he got on Amazon for my 3DS. It wasn’t something of mine he found around the house and gave it to me as a “gift.”

Got to play on the McDonalds playland for a few minutes

My husband decided to take the kids to McDonalds so we went to the one we usually go to because they have a play area. But it was all taken down and the whole area was bare so my husband went inside and asked them about it and they said they were getting new equipment and they laughed when my husband said the kids wanted to know. It was actually our son that wanted to know. Our daughter was too young to know what was going on. So we went to a different McDonalds with a play area and the kids played. Then when we were leaving, our son came out when I told him to but our daughter didn’t. So my husband told me I would have to go in the play equipment to get her and he would do it but he is afraid he wouldn’t fit. But the rules state only kids 4-12 can be on the equipment but we had broken two rules anyway, our daughter is two and I let her on there anyway, the rule states you have to wear socks and she didn’t have any on so I went in there and got her. My son pulled her out while I was holding her and then I joked to my husband “I got to play on it for a few minutes.” He laughed and I told him I was just joking.

My poopy diaper causes a little havoc

I spent a whole week in Montana with my family. I had a couple poopy diapers and I did it when no one was around. So when I pooped in my diaper, I wore it for a while and then when I was going to go on the boat, I changed in the bathroom because my mom put my husband and I and our kids on the sun porch and it has doors and windows and no curtains so it lacked privacy. So I always had to get dressed in the bathroom and change. I had to hide my poopy diaper and I didn’t want to put it in the trash and be seen with it so I hid it under the towel and left it in my room and kept it hidden under the towel and I closed the door to keep in the smell.

Later I heard my mom commenting about the whole house smelling like poop and my cousin *Kay said she thought it was her son so she checked his diaper and it was clean. I say nothing about it because my Aunt M was in the room and so was my cousin. My mom then said in my ear if I had a poopy diaper in here and I said. I didn’t have one in the room so it wasn’t a lie because it was in the other room. Then she said the smell was real strong in my bedroom so I must have changed in there. So I grabbed a plastic bag from under the kitchen sink and go in my room and put it in the bag and open the door to outside and tossed the bag outside. I think my mom saw me do it because she was looking at me when I came back in the room. Then I went outside and picked it up and put it in the trash. My husband heard the whole thing because he was also in the house when it happened and he didn’t know what was going on until I told him in the car on the way home and he thought it was funny and then understood what the whole thing was about. I was just too anxious to throw it away because I didn’t want to be seen with it and have relatives know I wear diapers.

A Big Mess

The other day after I had gotten my diapers, I had on a Tena Slip Maxi and I had it on from the night before and I had to take a dump so I went in the kitchen and pushed it out and it was real soft. I wasn’t expecting it to be this soft but I could tell it was a big one and I sat back down in the living room and felt it spread all over. It felt so good I had to masturbate in it so I went upstairs and did it and got so turned on by the mess I did in my diaper. Then I stayed in it until around 3PM and I went to the basement to get changed by my husband. he was able to do it and he was turned on that I was stinky and said he could smell it right when I got in. He took off my shorts and then he took my diaper off and it took a bunch of wipes to clean me up. My body was so turned on, my pussy kept farting and it took him a few minutes to get the mess cleaned up and he said it was all over in the diaper. I enjoyed having the wipe on my bottom and my butt crack being wiped and then he had sex with me. I only came down for a diaper change, not sex but he wanted it. he said my diaper change was my sex not his s he did it his way. Then when he was done he placed a fresh diaper on me and it was a Tena Slip Plus diaper. Not Super. I thought they were Super but they were Plus diapers. Then I threw the diaper away and it was very nasty and it was very full of poop. My husband said I had diarrhea but I didn’t have a diaper blow out. But I imagined that is how the character in my stories poop in her diapers, her poop is always that soft but she hates changing them so she always stays in her mess and her husband always has to clean her up. He can’t get her to change right after she messes.

I also had our door blocked off to keep our kids out so none of them would walk in on my diaper change. If my husband said I stunk, I wonder if the kids smelled it but said nothing.

Tena Slip Maxi cloth like

I got some Tena European diapers from Reddit for cheap. It all cost me $67 total for three packs. Two Super and one Maxi. I am wear the Maxi one and the print on them is different than on the old ones. I have heard some bad reviews about them saying they don’t hold in the odor well and they sag and don’t hold as much as the old ones. I never had an issue with cloth like so I decided to give them a try than being disappointed. I put one on it feels nice and soft even though they are thin but they still felt nice like I still had on a diaper. I didn’t pee in it until this morning when I got up and the diaper held it and I have had it on all day and peed in it a couple more times and then I had to poop so I pooped and then peed at the same time and the diaper still held. So far I have not felt any sagging and there is no bunching and no odor. They have not loosened up yet as I have seen some say online in their complaints. I think I would stick with these if they were not so expensive. Molicare Super Plus have been bunching up and sagging for me like the Abena M4.