Yes, ABDL is a fetish, get over it

There was some recent blacklash on Twitter and someone getting blocked for arguing that ABDL isn’t a fetish. But yet that person still has not provided any source showing where medical professionals are saying this isn’t a kink. Even I have gotten into an argument with this person about it on Dailydiapers and I remember seeing her getting into an argument about it on Fetlife with other users.

This is something that keeps popping up in the ABDL community from time to time about rather ABDL is a kink or a sexual fetish or just a interest and a personality thing and some out there will keep comparing this to being gay or trans because this is part of their expression and identity but I think there is confusion here.

When people say ABDL is not like being gay or trans, they are not talking about age regressers or those who are a kid at heart or anyone who is child like and likes kid shows and Legos or any toys. Also doing these things does not necessarily make you a ABDL. So I don’t feel threatened when I hear this. Only Jerrys call all this ABDL and that is what makes them an idiot.

If anyone feels threatened with “your kink is not like being gay or trans” I would think they are insecured about themselves because they think they are being seuxalized because of their interests or what they wear. I used to have an online friend who was so insecured about himself, he was stalking my posts online and would call me on the phone or message me whenever he saw a post written by me he didn’t like. He could not tell the difference between a disability and ABDL or between having emotions of a child and being ABDL or being child like and ABDL. I mean he didn’t even call himself ABDL and said he wasn’t one so why was he getting all bent out of shape when I wrote that lot of ABDLs had a problem with Heidi Lynn because she would be an AB in public making us all look bad. Then he started comparing it to himself and I was like “dude, you said you aren’t even an AB so why are you so offended by it?” Then of course when she died, all of a sudden, she was the most respected person in the community instead of a creep despite there being backlash about her life before her death. And my online friend was even misgendering her and using her dead name and I asked him to stop and his attitude was like “Whatever.” I am sure he did it out if ignorance and didn’t realize she was trans or didn’t realize you have to respect pronouns and use the name they go by. He did this with few of my other posts too I can’t remember but it was all ABDL related and it was annoying each time because he would always take them out of context and always saw it as an attack on his personality when he wasn’t even ABDL because he was so insecured about himself. He thought people were going to think bad of him out in public if they see him when in fact no one goes around and thinks someone is an AB for wearing a men’s size Sesame Street t shirt. I saw saw one at target last week in the men’s section. But I don’t talk to him anymore and glad.

Guess what, no one is going to look at you if you are wearing a Sponegbob shirt and think you are a ABDL. No one is going to call it a kink if you are at Build a Bear and looking around and getting your animal stuffed and picking out an outfit for it and registering it and giving it a fake bath. Unless you are obviously dressed up as an AB and obviously padded where it’s impossible to not notice and you are carrying a pacifier and talking baby talk to your partner and referring them as “mommy” or “daddy” that is not okay and that is what they are talking about when they say “your kink is not like being trans or gay.” But if you are just wearing regular clothes with characters on them and you have some padding and you aren’t carrying a pacifier and not calling your partner mommy or daddy and not throwing fake fits, I don’t think anyone is going to have a problem with it. You’re still being yourself but in a appropriate way and that is not what anyone is talking about when they say “your kink is not like being trans or gay.” If people notice some padding, they will just think you are incontinent and that is okay. But most people are not going to notice it because they are not paying attention.

Perhaps adult baby isn’t the right term for you to use on yourself to refer to your child like interests and what regular clothing you wear you would find at Wal Mart or JCPenney and for what TV shows you watch and what toys you collect if this is part of your personality and you aren’t doing it to role play but you don’t do any of the baby stuff but wear diapers. I am not saying you shouldn’t put that label on yourself, anyone is free to use whatever label they want since there is no criteria for ABDL. But if you do, you are going to get offended (just like my old online friend) when you keep hearing “ABDL is not like being trans or gay” or just grow a thicker skin and learn the fricken’ difference. Not everyone in the ABDL community considers themselves a ABDL for this reason.

I also don’t think being child like is the same as age play because age play is also a kink, being child like is not, same as having a child like personality and liking kid stuff, not a kink.

So calm down people.

Edit: Fuck, just noticed I had accidentally misgendered Heidi so I fixed it. Damn brain fart. Luckily I only did it once so I had missed that mistake before posting this, my apologies.

I think I know who left that pad on my cart

As a follow up to my post about I am thinking who I know might have left it on my cart. This one co worker whose mother had died so she had to take some time off work. I can’t remember which one it was since I get those two ladies mixed up because I am not good at remember people. I still forget names too when people come and go and I can’t keep track of whose name is who because by the time I remember, they then quit working there and then another person is working there and I have to start all over again from remembering their name. I didn’t seem to have this problem as a kid because it was consistent of who the students were and they would stay and kids didn’t come and go so I always had time to know all their names and then they would stay at my school. We lived in a area where no one was poor because it was all houses around and we lived in the suburbs, there was no low income housing nearby nor apartments. In high school it was when I started to notice I couldn’t remember names anymore and it was harder and I thought my memory was just going bad. That was because we would get lot of foster kids in our school and they would come and go and also we would have different students in each class. I can just remember seeing some strange kids and then they would be gone and back then I just thought it was because I didn’t know them so I didn’t get to hear their name and because they were not in my class, zero. Back then I didn’t think much of it then because I had excuses for it. It got worse in my adulthood and I thought I was losing my mind until I realized this was a common issue in autism thanks to my local support group and online forums. Perhaps it’s also a executive functioning issue too because I found out it also affects memory and I have gotten shamed for it and it’s been a struggle to get my parents to understand too how important is for me to have stuff in certain spots and leave things where I can see it like my mail than tossing it in a pile with the other old mail and new mail. I would leave my parents mail on the kitchen counter for them to see it than tossing it in a pile and not telling them. But yet it was hard for them to do it because they expected me to always dig in the junk on the dining room table for any mail and I told them I can’t remember to do that so it helps me if they just leave it where I can see it like on the kitchen counter. They have gotten better at it now. I think it was when I told my mother “How am I supposed to open my mail if no one tells me I got it? I don’t toss your guys mail in a pile with the old stuff and not tell you, instead I leave it on the counter for you guys to see” and my mom finally understood. I think she finally imagined herself how annoying it would be to have to sort through all that mail and organize it to see if there is any new mail and that would be annoying if done on a daily basis and having to drop everything to do it. No wonder I did’t want to check the pile for any new mail. I probably didn’t notice this in my childhood because I had adults do everything for me and they always would tell me where something is if I asked and no one shamed me about it and we didn’t get different kids a lot at my school because we were not poor and didn’t live in a poor neighborhood and we always had the same neighbors and when some would move and new ones would move in, they stayed for a while. We weren’t constantly getting new neighbors. Another issue I had at my old work was they were constantly rearranging things and they would do this like multiple times a month. I was expected to remember where everything is but the problem was they would always move things and I was still expected to know where they moved it too. I couldn’t even ask where something was without getting shamed for asking. It came to a point where I would just start looking around and that would always lose time because I would spend like 10 minutes looking for where they put the bar of soap one of the guests had asked for. By the time I would remember where everything is now, the following day they would be moving it again and boom, I would have to start over. This is probably why I lose my temper sometimes when someone touches my stuff and moves it and I like to know where everything is and not have anyone touch it. I even have certain spots where I put my stuff so I always know where it is so I am not constantly losing things and misplacing things. When you are a child, you have less expectations but when you are an adult, there are more so your problems start to appear and it’s not like they had just started. I used to get real hard on myself and mentally beat myself up because I thought it was something I had control over and I had to try harder and then I would get anxiety for failing or messing up. I just didn’t know this was a deficit I had in my brain and not something I could help but I can do things to help with it like have routines and keep things in certain spots and yes be accommodated by being allowed to ask where things are and have them tell me and show me and be patient with me when it takes me a while to get into that routine. My mom says that old boss was just an asshole but I think it’s unfair to call someone an asshole for not knowing about your disability because they were expecting your brain to work like everyone else’s and expecting you to be like everyone else. How are they supposed to know if you don’t bother to tell them your diagnoses? If you tell them and they still don’t bother to read up about it and try to understand it, then you can say they are an asshole. I was also expected to make lists too but that didn’t help because I would forget to look at it and forget about that task. I need verbal reminders. I am surprised I didn’t get fired but I suspect that was why I was never put back on full time again when they had to lay off the majority of their workers when business slowed way down and then whey things picked back up again, all those people returned to work and I was only used for when someone called in sick. I quit working for that reason when I realized I was never going to get full time back and my employment was about to run out. Because I had so much troubles there, I didn’t have a problem using that place as a reference for my past employment when I went on SSDI. I knew there was going to be negative stuff about me and that is the whole point of getting on disability is being honest about yourself and not hide anything or try to appear normal. I also realized improv acting wasn’t for me because you constantly switch roles and it’s hard to keep track of who is playing who and the fact you have to come up with lines on the spot and there are no scripts so I decided to stick with other acting projects.

Trolls on Reddit

There are lot of fake stories on Reddit and people there tend to go through someone’s post history and catch them in their lie and call them out on it in a humorous way. “I see you were 15 years old six months ago and now you have a 13 year old son” and they link to the source to show everyone the story is fake.

There was on particular person on there who decided to post a AMA thread about “her incontinence.” My online friend showed me that thread and wanted me to ask “her” some curious questions so I did. Here is the thread that person had posted they had now deleted:

And this this where I post my questions and I get insulted and accused of having motives.

Now this person sounded very genuine and I thought “she” had scared people off because no one had asked her anything else after her response towards me and even my online friend was puzzled and confused just as I was. My online friend assumed she meant because I am ABDL, she thought I wanted her to write details so I could jack off to her story. But she also told me my username was creepy too in her edit and removeddit doesn’t show that part. If you want to read any deleted posts in a thread, just go to the url on the page and add in “emov” between the R and the E and it will tale you to all the deleted comments. Sometimes they are not all there because some comments are deleted too quickly for them to be archived and sometimes not all the comments load for some reason but it works most of the time.

I was upset about it at first because I have always been accused of different things since childhood like teachers thought I was manipulative and who knows why. Maybe it was because I had inconsistent behavior because I would copy people or because I lived in the moment and online I have gotten different accusations. I real life I don’t get accusations anymore because I don’t go out and interact with people so that never happens anymore. All my interactions are online.

But “she” finally deleted her thread and I thought she didn’t like the questions she was getting anymore and you can tell in the photos, some other questions were “creepier” than mine and I get attacked and those other people don’t. My online friend said if “she” was also screening their post history before answering their questions.

But then I decided to see if she had really deleted her account or just that thread so I looked her name up by replacing my name with hers to my profile url and her profile popped up and she had posted again but this time in ABDL.

Now this time “she” was posing as a curious DL that is thinking about going to the airport in a messy diaper and going through TSA. I then realized something was up and this didn’t add up. How does a after school teacher and a college student fly a lot? And why would an IC person be asking this question, surely if she flew a lot she has probably been there lot of times and also she would have mentioned she is IC but failed to. Also why would a ABDL be so opposed to the word diaper and call my questions creepy and say I have motives? Also she said she took odor pills to hide the smell so why would this need to be asked? I took a screen shot of this thread thinking “she” might delete it again and I am thinking the person behind the name will make random threads on diapers and then deletes them when they get bored. I don’t even know if this user is even a girl now and even incontinent. I did call her out and linked to the thread where she insulted me and I got upvotes. As a result, the person deletes their thread and no response to my post.

I think this is definitely a troll here and they just delete their comment history while 13 year olds fail to delete theirs because they don’t think people will go through their profile. I even think this person here has created other threads in the past related to diapers and has deleted them.

I am so over the accusation now because this was just a troll and not a real person.

Got busted

I was in one of my moods again and posted a hilarious thread making fun of the word privilege by feminists and it didn’t go the way I expected but then it was starting to go the way I expected it. Maybe I should have saved this thread for April 1st. But anyway the veil slipped and Elfy had to ruin the fun by locking it and had humor at the end. But at least he or she got it right about the word privilege.

One of my other jokes in that thread was if feminists were going to write an article about distance privilege because my aunt and uncle and cousin and her husband and son all went to Australia for cheap because they flew from Hawaii. Only $400 round trip per person.

After all doesn’t privilege mean having advantages? Everyone has advantages and disadvantages that come with it so that means everyone has privilege.

I honestly don’t mind the word privilege, it only bothers me when it gets used to invalidate other peoples problems and issues just because they have privilege. This video sums it up:

Was I really having a political rant? I never thought about it. I just saw it as me having a sense of humor so I thought of ABDL privilege. I can drink Red Bulls and not worry about having to pee again so quickly because I can just go. Just imagine what a disadvantage non diaper wearing people would have? After all, that is how I see the word get used so I have been finding different privileges out there.

I sometimes wonder if my ex was a pedophile

He was always so obsessed with pedophilia and being called one by his ex and always being worried about people thinking he is a pedophile.

Back then I just thought he was being a worried nut and I still supported him and kept reassuring him he wasn’t one. I kept reminding him I was a 21 year old woman, not a child.

He just loved calling anyone a pedophile and telling me if I do this or that, people will think I am a pedophile. I always told him “if someone thinks that, they’re an idiot.” Now I think that is what he probably thinks of others so he was just projecting.

I didn’t think anything when he got a crush on this 15 year old girl on Wrongplanet and saved a photo of her she posted on that forum. He was telling me how people would think you’re a pedophile if you have pictures of kids on your computer. But he had it on his laptop and would look at it and I thought “well just as long as he isn’t fucking her and trying to have sex with her or date her, he isn’t a pedophile.”

He also loved calling lot of ABDLs a pedophile and there was a user on the old xsorbit story forum that was ran by Elizabeth, Winz, and Lil Vickie and this one member there had a black and white photo of a small child, a toddler and he said he was a pedophile. Now I am laughing as I write this because lot of people have kids as their avatars, I’ve had my infant son as my avatar because I was so proud to be a mother finally and thought he was so cute. I have even used Michelle Tanner as my avatar for another forum when I was binge watching Full House. Everyone likes Michelle. I guess we’re all pedophiles bwahaha.

When I found her Facebook page in 2015, she was obsessing about pedophilia and always posted how much she hates them. Now many people hate pedophiles but how many of us spend our time hating on them and posting how much we hate them? I am betting those who waste all their energy posting how much they hate them must be in the closest pedophiles and they are so insecured about themselves. Same as when they go around calling everyone a pedophile for what they wear or what photo they use or what things they like or what they enjoy doing that are childish activities or what they see as childish and being so self conscious about themselves about any activity they do or who they are with.

But there is no concrete evidence if my ex was a pedophile or not. It would be so Jerry of me to just say she is a pedophile. But I wonder if there are any pedophiles out there that hate other pedophiles so they constantly post on social media about how much they hate pedophiles.

I had this thought digging at me so I just had to write this down.

Thinking about taking a break from social media

If anyone has been following my blog or knows me, they know my ex was a jerk and treated me poorly and compared ABDL to pedophilia and the way he treated me was awful.

So when this person posted about ABDLs being pedophiles, that totally triggered me and set me on flashbacks and brought back all the hurt feelings and seeing people defending her made me angrier because how can anyone accept this and find it okay to be called a pedophile? They acted like it was nothing like taking a cookie from a cookie jar.

I also posted about the drama on ADISC and it got shut down fast and the reason was to avoid drawing attention to that person for their trolling and/or because they are suicidal.

Then I see another thread and it’s all about being happy this drunk driver killed a Nazi on the road and someone retweeted it saying how no one was hurt. Apparently a Nazi isn’t human but someone who thinks we’re pedophiles is? What is wrong with this logic? What if that Nazi had a mental illness, would people still be defending them? Would they still be excused for their Nazism? What about for their Racism? Homophobia? Transphobia?

So I just knew I better take a break so I can stop being triggered and have my hands shaking and my chest hurting.

Congratulations this person had drew so much attention and hated it lmao. Oh and she also apologized but it was a crappy one because she never apologized for causing so much pain and distress in us and it was all about her. Talk about narcissism. They just can’t accept any responsibility.

Very well played Jerry. Anyone who posts about their suicide and asks about how they shall kill themselves is doing it for attention and to play with your emotions so you feel bad and then she got pissed when she didn’t get that ammo. I only regret not reporting those posts and that poll. People who are her apologists are her flying monkies and got manipulated. Anyone can be toxic. I just learned that blocking someone doesn’t always solve the problem because the issue is still there. People will be talking about it, reposing about it, etc. and the hurt feelings will still be there. I bet blocking apologists wouldn’t solve the problem either.

I need a break and I will try and stay away until next month and hope this all blows over. It seems like everyone else has moved on because it all died down and I am only being triggered now by unrelated posts. I just hate double standards. People say you’re horrible if you don’t care if someone is dead but yet this is totally fine with another person if they are a Nazi.