“Just like her mother”

My daughter isn’t interested in using her potty. Whenever we ask her if she wants to sit on it or try using it, she goes “no.”

One morning she was playing with her diaper and trying to take it off. It wasn’t wet or messy so my husband and I asked her if she wanted to use the potty. I told her every time she wants the diaper off, she has to use the potty and asked her if that is what she is yelling us and my husband asked her “Do you want to use the potty, is that why you’re taking it off.”

I take my son to school and then I come home and my husband told me she had soaked her diaper after saying no to the potty and then she peed in her diaper.

My mom then said “Just like her mommy.”
I couldn’t believe my mom said that in front of her so I guess my diapers are not meant to be a secret from her.

But later in the week my husband told me she meant from when I was her age. She wasn’t talking about now, she was talking about when I was little. Then he said I had a grin on my face when she said it so I must have liked the comment. Then I said I probably should start assuming she is only talking about me as a kid, not about now.

I used to watch these when I was 2-3. These were the only Sing Along videos I had at the time.


The video below is all in three parts. This was my favorite video of all time I must have worn it out because I remember when we moved into our new house, my mom kept telling me “There is no Heigh Ho” and I could never understand why she wouldn’t get it out for me and play it for me. Then one day she bought the tape at a store when we went out together and got food and stuff. I can remember her taking the packing off the tape and playing it for me. I never knew why she bought it again if we had it and where that other video went so I figure we either lost it or I wore it out so it got tossed. But when my parents took me to see Snow White when it came to theaters, they thought I would enjoy the moving because of the song I always liked to sing, but instead I got scared right when the Hunter took out his knife and I wouldn’t calm down so we left money wasted. To this day my mom still doesn’t know what happened except that “I got scared.”

I offended my husband

Last night I was in the basement getting my diaper changed and my husband had sex with me. I feel asleep a couple of times during it. Then I heard foot steps upstairs so I thought the kids were coming down. I told my husband that and he said “That’s why I said I was getting your diaper on, you fell asleep.” He put rash cream on me and then put the diaper on and then he had me take my clothes off. He took off my sweater and then I thought I heard him sigh like he wasn’t happy so I asked if I did something wrong and he said he didn’t say anything and he would’t laugh at me. He took my shirt off too and put my sleeper on and then I asked him if he was offended and he said he was. Ooops. I offended him for misreading him and then asking to be sure I read him right.

I’m so offended

Today I went to a Halloween Munch and we all wore our costumes. Most of us. There were lot of people there. We did a costume contest and the ones who wanted to do it, we all went to the front of the room and stood in a line and a person was handing out prizes. She was allowing people to pick. Then I was expecting to pick but she skipped me and the other guy next to me. I got her attention and so did the others saying she missed me and she said this was a contest. The other person said “Sorry you didn’t win anything.” I was so offended because I had on a Cookie Monster costume and it looked good and I felt it looked better than lot of others and some had good costumes too. But I felt so offended. But I didn’t cause a scene or throw a tantrum showing how offended I am. I just held it in. Then on the way home a new thought popped in my head for an online game in the games section on a forum. It would be called “I’m so offended” but then I thought it should be “What offended you today?” or “Post what offended you today.”

This thought popped in my head because of something recent that had happened on another forum and the word “offended” has been on my mind lately and the thoughts about how people will always be offended so it doesn’t matter what we do or what we change about ourselves, someone will always be offended. So I got home and got on my computer and posted the game thread “What offended you today?” and posted about m being offended for not winning and I said what costume I had on.

I changed my diaper in a kid school

Today was my son’s field trip to the pumpkin patch. I had to wait around near the school because we live seven miles away and it would have taken me about twenty minutes to get home and back so that would have been about ten minutes of being home and then having to leave again so I just close to the school and drove around. Then I went back to the school and grabbed our lunches and the umbrella and my purse and went inside. I signed in (at my son’s schools visitors and volunteers all need to sign in and out and wear a name tag or a badge) and went to his class and put his lunch with the rest of the lunches. All the kids had to use the bathroom before the field trip so I asked the teacher if they had bathrooms at the pumpkin patch and she said they do. Okay so I that meant I didn’t have to change before leaving. But shortly later after everyone had went, my diaper felt uncomfortable and it was smelling like urine so I figured I better change now so I am not doing it there.

I change in the girl’s restroom and I pick a stall that actually latches shut. the first one didn’t so I had to go to a different one. I noticed there were some kids in there still and they were so quiet. I saw though the stall cracks when I tried to open one of them and I saw a kid. So I changed and put the wet diaper on the toilet and the tabs didn’t make noise when I took it off. Then I cleaned myself with an adult wipe and stuck it in the diaper and put the clean one on and stuck the dirty wipe and the wet diaper in the plastic bag I had with and I washed my hands and I could hear the kids and parents leaving for the buses. I was going to take the wet diaper with and put it in my car but saw the big trash barrel by the restroom door and tossed it in there figuring no one is going to know. After all it was in the plastic bag and you couldn’t see through it because it was The Disney Store bag. Besides the trash can would get empty out that same day. Plus it was pretty empty still so it sunk to the bottom. Then I left.

And it’s another 3 day weekend, woo hoo. But is it for my son? I would have to check the school calendar.

Had to go diaperless

Today at work my diaper reeked of urine so bad I had to take it off. I didn’t want to smell that way on the way home and the smell had gotten worse by the end of my shift. So after I got done, I decided I was going to take it off. I had no extra diapers with me. I got a trash bag and went in the bathroom and took it off. It was only wet in the middle but it stunk so bad the whole bathroom smelled like piss. I rolled it up and put it in the trash bag and hid it under my coat for in case anyone came in the room. Then I clocked out and I went in the bathroom again and got some toilet paper and put it in my crotch to catch any drips or vaginal discharge. The whole entire break room smelled like pee because of the wet diaper. Then I went to the basement level and tossed the diaper in the dumpster and went up to the main floor and left.

I came home and I went straight to the basement to get a diaper on. My husband caught me and said “Ooo bad girl, I caught you without a diaper on, do you need a butt spanking.” I told him it smelled so bad of pee I took it off at work and i wasn’t going to smell like piss on the way home. He told me he was just messing with me. I got rash cream and diaper on and then got my pajamas on and had my mac and cheese.

If ABDL got treated like LGBT

This is something I see come up now and then in the ABDL community about age identity. I still don’t believe in it and I don’t think it’s the same as being transgender. Why? Because if age identity got treated the same as transgender these following things could happen:

Jesse has always felt like a seven year old so she decided to start identifying as a seven year old. Now that she is seven, she is now going to have to change her legal age and change the year she is born and will have to do this every year. Now that she has had her age changed, now she needs parent guardians because seven year olds don’t live on their own and make their own adult decisions. They need a mommy or daddy to do that for them and to raise them. Now that she is seven, she now has to either go to school or be homeschooled because it’s the law that kids have to go to school and seven year olds attend school. She also is not allowed to drive because she is seven. She also cannot smoke or drink or go to places on her own because she is seven. She can no longer vote because she is seven and now she has rules to follow and has restrictions about what she can watch and what she can do online. She can no longer do social networking because she is seven. She also can no longer work so she must do odd jobs and do chores to earn an allowance because she is seven. Oh and if she has kids, what happens, should she get them taken because seven year olds don’t have kids and shouldn’t be raising them. What if she is married? Oh she has to now get a divorce and her marriage is now invalid because seven year olds can’t get married. They also can’t be having sex so bye bye sex life. Is this what they want?

Now try two years old. Imagine what your life would be like if you tried to identify as a two year old. Do you want that lifestyle? It can’t be changed like how gender identity can’t be changed.

Feeling younger isn’t the same thing.