Eight fun games narcissists like to play (and one they can’t play).

LOL hilarious article about games narcissists play.

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Here are eight games that are lots of fun for one of the players: the narcissist who initiates them. And like the overgrown babies they are, if you refuse to play or appear to be winning their game, they will pout, whine or throw a tantrum until you concede or let them win. This is a humorous yet serious look at the many games narcissists like to play, from the website The Narcissistic Life. Don’t play these games. Let them sulk and whine all by their widdle selves. Take the ball and go home.

Games Narcissists Play
Written by Alexander Burgemeester

Narcissists are masters at playing mind games. They play to win and take no prisoners. They are poor losers and if they don’t win they will often react in a fit of rage and stomp away like a little child. The only way for the other person to win…

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Four Years Now

I have had this blog up for four years now. A lot has changed in the last four years. When I had first started this, I was going through a lot of anxiety because of my husband’s medical condition, I was shutting down and not functioning well, our son was only a year old and we were still living in our 900 sq foot apartment. My husband was working full time then and we were not getting any money from Social Security for our son or for him.

We live in a house now, my husband is now disabled and no longer works, my mom will retire next year in 2017 because she feels ready and because of her own medical condition, and my dad still works.

Our son is five and he has gotten a lot better thanks to help he has been getting in school and his awaiting evaluation appointment is set up for June 6th because he will be in kindergarten next year and developmentally delay isn’t counted as a disability to get support through IEP in our state and my mom thinks the category they are using for him is too extreme and broad even my own aunt who is a retired special ed teacher also agrees it’s inappropriate and says you can still get an IEP for ADD and anxiety which my mom thinks is what our son has so thus the upcoming evaluation.

I am still working the same job and I sleep on the couch now because my bedroom was moved to the basement so our kids could have their own rooms now and my husband snores so I sleep on the couch because of it, my husband has a toothache and right now we need to work on dental insurance so he can get that fixed so he isn’t using his sleep apnea machine or else it will hurt his face because it presses on the pain.

Our kids got to fly for the very first time and we went to Wisconsin last summer using our tax return money and my mom’s family got to see the kids and my grandparents. Sadly our son can’t even remember the flight.

I have had my wallet stolen by some guy but he didn’t get much from me thank god and it turned into a funny situation actually but two months later I got lot of my stuff back that was in my wallet because it was mailed to us finally and the only cards that were missing were my bus pass and my debit and expired credit card and the Homestreet card, and my Target debit card and some other card that came with it wasn’t even mine and it was someone’s nursing license.

My husband has given up on his feet because doctors told him there isn’t anything else they can do about it after medications have stopped working with him he took for pain and health insurance won’t cover pain clinics. But he no longer uses a cane since he is no longer working. He uses pot now for his feet. That started in our apartment about the same year I had started this blog and I had issues with it at first because of the smell and I didn’t want it around me and I didn’t want to smell like pot and have our son smell like it too. Also our state has legalized it so I can mention it now, yay. I did vote for it too for the sake of my husband because his license to use it expired and he never renewed it so now he isn’t using it illegally anymore.

Our daughter will be two next month and she still isn’t interested in potty training but has showed signs

We do get Social Security for both our children and my husband and I still receive it too for my own mental/neurological problems while he receives his for his medical issues and neurological.

I still wear diapers 24/7 and my kids have seemed to have forgotten about it so that’s good. That’s because I don’t let them see me in them anymore.

I have been practicing spanking on my husband sometimes and he seems to like it

I also have a new computer so I use Pidgin for messenger

I don’t streetpass much anymore because I have lot of the stuff completed in the plaza games and have all the panels completed except for the newest one. I also don’t go to the bookstore anymore and read before work or after and I don’t buy ebooks anymore because I have too many to read to catch up on. All I was doing was just hoarding and it was a waste of my money when I could be spending it on other things like on my theme background for my 3DS or on eshop games.

I do Nintendo Badge Arcade now and Pokemon Shuffle on a daily basis and I also do Pokemon Picross everyday to earn 9 picrites and I play Miitomo everyday to earn ten points for My Nintendo. I have also been playing Mario and Luigi Paper Jam and have made it to the final battle Bowser and I have been playing Zelda Picross and have almost all the regular puzzles completed.

I don’t feel the daddy and little girl much between my husband and I because we spend most of our time apart. He is by himself and I am by myself with the kids.

I still do writing.

My parents still live with us.

My dad’s mother and his brother have both died. My uncle’s funeral will be this July so I have requested time off to be there and plus I will get to see Montana again and my old home town and the town I used to work in.

I have noticed a big difference between my daughter and son. My daughter can do more than what our son did at this age and she babbles a lot. I also don’t nurse her anymore because I got tired of her on my boob and it was starting to feel funny to me so I started to give her sippy cups instead and she is weaned now but will still want my boob sometimes.

I have worn different brands of diapers and never stuck with the same brands. Right now these Molicare Super Plus diapers suck because they keep bunch up and getting uncomfortable when wet. I hope these are just defective ones because I never had this issue before and I do admit they feel a little stiff so they could just be due to age and no wonder diapers expire.

And I have started this blog last August which I call My World where I put all my none AB/DL content.

So four years and lots of changes that have happened since I started this blog.









Ordered more diapers again

It’s been a while since I have bought more diapers from online. Last time I remember ordering a case was ATN and it was from someone on Reddit. Now that I am out of X Plus diapers from Bambino and I am down to a few DC Amor diapers and I am using Tena Smalls (North American version), I decided to order more finally. I got Molicare Super Plus again and I only bought one case this time knowing that Bambino will do another sale around Easter and I will check out the prices then. Daddy still talks about potty training me sometimes.

Our credit card was hacked so I had to use my husband’s credit card so it felt like I was a kid again when he handed me his credit card like he was my dad and I couldn’t remember my own password to my own paypal account so I couldn’t log into my own and switch paypal accounts on my ebay account. For some reason it was showing my husband’s account and he doesn’t have Paypal credit on his like I do on mine so he had me use his credit card instead to pay to save me the hassle of trying to figure out my password.

Bad rash

Thank god I am not incontinent. I have a pretty bad rash on my bottom because I didn’t use rash cream again due to laziness. Plus I didn’t wipe either because I didn’t want to go looking for wipes so I developed a rash on Friday while I was at work. I came home and took the diaper off and the rash was pretty bad so I put rash cream on it and when I wet my new diaper a little bit, my bottom started to sting again so I took the diaper off and chucked it on the floor by the couch where I was sleeping. Today I went the whole day not diapered because I was airing out my bottom and I spent all night last night sleeping with my pajamas and Always Discreet pulled part way down so my bottom would hair out. I am butt naked again under my pants so my bottom can air out but it’s a pain to feel the urge to pee feeling in my bladder due to no diaper. No matter how many times I squeeze the urine out of me, the feeling comes back a few minutes later. Drats time to hit the toilet again. I can’t stand this anymore.

Wet butt

Today I was in the basement on the computer with my son and listening to music on my husband’s computer. I come back to the basement after I checked up on my daughter who is napping. Then my husband calls me to come here and I walk up to him and he whispers in my ear that I leaked. I didn’t feel any wet spots so he pointed to my butt and there was the tiny wet spot. I asked him how bad it was and he said it was pretty pad. I must have peed through my diaper in the back. So I grab a clean diaper and go change in the laundry room and I looked at my pants after taking them of. Sure enough there was a wet spot in the middle of them on the butt and a tiny wet spot on the side. I change and put on some clean pants. Good thing this didn’t happen in public and the diaper was very wet almost to the top. I must have peed a lot so that is a good thing. Maybe that made me pee off a pound or so.

Our diapered weekend

My inlaws offered us last weekend that they will watch our this this weekend so we both have a break. My husband decided to go out and do something for the weekend and asked me what I wanted to do. Since I am only off two days, we can only do local traveling. I normally stay home but my husband wanted to leave and I like to travel but I never know where to go. I thought of going to Seattle and just go on the Space Needle because I had only been on it once when I was six. My husband didn’t like that idea and didn’t see anything in Seattle and he wanted to go to the coast so he was looking at bookings online for hotels. I didn’t want to be stuck in a area where we booked a room but he did it anyway and I didn’t want to spend $400 bucks a night or $500 so he found one for $199 a night. It was at a bed and breakfast.

We dropped our kids off on Saturday and headed to the coast. First stop was Cannon Beach and I hadn’t been there since I was eight and I can remember being upset because we were going to Seaside and the last minute they changed their minds and went the other direction so I was upset because of the change of plan. I don’t even remember what we did there except walking around on main street and then a thunderstorm hit and people were standing at the coast watching it and my mom said those people were being scary. I remember my mom saying a bolt of lightning hit one of the poles and it knocked out the power on one side of the block and it started to rain and we left. I can remember my mom saying she saw the electrical current run down the telephone line after it struck one of the poles. But this time there was no thunderstorm and I actually enjoyed the time there than moping and being unhappy and we did see the beach where they filmed The Goonies and then we checked in at the inn that was a few miles south and I put a diaper on my husband. He was supposed to put one on that morning but didn’t so I spanked him with a TV remote again. Then we headed out to Seaside and walked around and he wet his diaper once and then we headed back.

My husband had to take a dump so he waited until we got back to our room to do it because he didn’t want to stink up my car and he did it in the bathroom when we got back and had the fan running. Then he took it off and put it in the wastebasket. Here is an odd thing about the room we stayed in, lack of waste baskets, only the bathroom had it. I told my husband there is no way we are leaving our diapers in here because it’s a bed and breakfast and we could be back. The business is small and they only have ten rooms total.

We showered together for the first time and my husband didn’t put another diaper on again so I pushed him on the bed and spanked him and diapered him. He enjoyed that so I told him I will hit him harder next time so he won’t like it.

So for the whole weekend we both wore diapers together and my husband wanted to walk on the beach but it was raining off and on and I didn’t even want to do that on Saturday when it was nicer out. I was never a beach person and even when I was a kid I didn’t like trips to the coast when we would stay over night because it was all small towns and I didn’t like small towns and everything was just boring. My parents always found things to do there and I can remember riding horses on the beach one year when I was seven and that was somewhere in Washington and I can remember I got sick with a ear ache because my mom made me shower and she ignored my fears and water got in my ear and that is the reason why I hated showers because I had tubes in them and they always hurt when water got in them and that was another reason why I hated having my hair washed and why it was so frightening. When I was older I would just fold my ear over to keep the water from going in them whenever I had to tilt my head.

I thought about going up into Washington again but we didn’t have time for that so we stayed in Oregon and the funny thing is I was sleeping and then the guy on TV said our state name wrong pronouncing it as Or-Gone and I woke up. As a joke I say if you want to offend people on the west coast, pronounce the name as Or-Gone.

We even made it out like bandit because we looked in a couple Goodwills and looked in the thrift stores including a bargain store in a small town and I got my daughter a Barbie doll with four outfits because they came together for $4. My son got some stuff too like a game for his Leapad and he got a used Hotwheel set and my daughter got a Hello Kitty alarm clock.

But we didn’t even need to bring that many diapers with. I could have brought three along or two and that would have been okay than having a bunch of extra diapers with and my husband could have brought three or four along. He only used one diaper a day and one at night so three.

We picked our kids up on the way back and our son was the only one in the car not diapered. Poor him lol. I didn’t show our kids their new stuff until this morning.  I didn’t want to show them last night or they might get too excited and then it will be hard to put them to bed. My daughter discovered her first Barbie doll so I opened it for her and she really likes it and I just put an outfit on it. Now she wants it off. I guess she likes it naked.

My husband woke up wet this morning because his diaper had leaked so he decided to take a shower. He better wear another diaper when he gets down here.

But it was nice not having any kids with us because they would have gotten bored and restless and we wouldn’t have been able to look in toy stores and our son would have wanted stuff he found in Goodwill and thrift stores and it just would have been hard because of the whining and the fits and we would have had to stop for food for them. My husband and I basically only ate twice a day, breakfast and dinner.

But the only thing I left behind was my stuffed Clifford so I will have to give them a call today and see if they will ship it, if not, I will just let it go since I have other stuffed animals and I am not driving two hours there to get it and back.

And we did take all our trash with us and kept them in the trunk of my car and we didn’t throw them away until we got home. We saw no other place with trash cans and when we did, they always had a curvy thing above the hole and our bag was too big to fit it in there. I could have just pulled everything out of the bag and just throw it in there but I didn’t want to do that and I didn’t want to just leave the bag sitting there by the trash can.

My sleeping area

So this weekend I gave my children their own rooms and my mom helped me with it because she is more organized and knows how to plan things and break things into smaller pieces and know where to start and it resulted in having a very sore body I was limping on Sunday night and on Monday and then on Tuesday I walked more normal but still felt a little sore in my lower legs but I am feeling a lot better now. I just couldn’t stop working and I had to get it all done to get it off my mind. Now my husband and I share a room now and I now sleep in the basement with him. Each of our full beds are on each side of the room in the corner by the fireplace. he has his side, I have mine and my area is all girly and childish because it looks like a kid sleeps in this bed. I had Dora the Explorer blanket, pink sheet with white stars, stuffed animals, Hello Kitty Jelly Belly jar, mini Winnie the Pooh dresser for my Nintendo DS and 3DS games, key chains on the lamp, Build a Bear wardrobe, Build a Bear car, Shopkins, Build a Kitties. Care Bear latch hook kit set, and I plan on hanging up my two posters above my bed and I think having some fabric hanging above my bed as canopy would make it look nicer. In my other bedroom it was all spread out, it looked more like an adult’s room but now it’s all in one area. My husband teased me about it saying I was making his room look all girly so I told him he was making his room look at guyee because of his swords and shield he has up on the wall and he said he was just messing with me. I told him if he didn’t want to see my stuff, we can always go to IKEA and get something that will cover my bed and shelf so he wouldn’t have to look over here. He said he was messing with me.

Now I tease my husband about if I have to watch what i do down here now because he might get turned on and will want to have sex more and if my area turns him on and if my pajamas turn him on.