Diaper Disaster

This is why I should always keep a spare in my purse. I took my husband to get his pills and then I headed to the mall because he said he would just take the train home. I park my car at the mall and I wet myself and then I leak because I had peed through the diaper again. I thought about turning the car back on and just going home but then I might be late to work because I didn’t know how bad traffic would be. Last time the freeway was slow so we both ended up going to the mall and then my husband and I separated and he did his own thing while I went to the bookstore until work. So I headed inside anyway and my pants were wet, just the front where my leg is and part of the back and I don’t think they were noticeable because they were jeans and I had on a long work shirt. I head into the restroom and just wipe off my diaper to dry it off using toilet paper and my finger nail scratched the outside of the diaper leaving two slits. I had to stay in the same diaper and not pee it again so I ended up with a full bladder and dealing with the pain to go while working. The wet spots did dry eventually and I didn’t wet the diaper again until I was taking it off and I flooded it and it felt like I was swimming in it. It must have been a defective diaper again because it was the second time it’s happened. Last time I was in bed when it happened.


Elmo sandwich

Today for lunch Daddy made lunch for the kids and while they had regular peanut butter jelly sandwiches, he had given me the same but he had used the Elmo sandwich cutter and cut it on the sandwich to make it shaped liked Elmo. I asked him why did he only do that for me and he said it would be too messy for our children. He was right because it was messy so I had to use wipes to wipe my fingers. He also served it on a child’s plate.

Mom gets mad about the poopy smell

I better write this now before the day ends


I had on a ABU diaper from yesterday and I finally had to do a poop again I hadn’t done since Tuesday morning. Last night I pushed and it came out but it didn’t feel like a big one and part of it still felt stuck inside of me. I did pee in it more and I could feel the pee going to the front and the diaper held it all. I slept in it and the next morning I get up and my mom makes french toast and I decide I better change. I go back upstairs and I change in my room and it’s a big mess I didn’t realize how messy it was until I opened my diaper and it was all soft and it looked runny and it did spread. I even had to wash the crap off in the tub so I wouldn’t use too many wipes and good thing we had our plumbing fixed and the clog was band aid with hair. They had to snake it after we got the pipe behind the tub replaced. It was getting corroded and it’s hard to snake through a medal pipe so they were finally able to snake through it when we replaced the tub pipe and the p trap and that is what came out. But I washed off the shit in the tub and then dried off and I put rash cream on and get a clean diaper on and get my pajamas back on and I was still upstairs when my mom gets mad at me about the smell asking if I have a poopy diaper up there and I say I just changed out of it and she raises her voice saying to get rid of it and the whole house smells like a sewer and how this is all ridiculous. I guess I took too long to get downstairs to get the trash bag to empty out the bucket because there was no more room in there for another diaper.

I get a trash bag and empty out the bucket and the waste basket and open the window and take the bag outside.

Search terms again

I just read another blog by someone about disturbing search terms she found and I decided to look through mine again to see if there are any interesting ones or if I have gotten anything disturbing. I have never gotten a search term yet that is about me. The ones I found that stuck out for me were:

“she is wearne a adolt diapers”

The misspelling make sit look like I am reading ‘she is wearn a Adolf diaper’ and then I see Adolf Hitler in my mind because of me being visual. Then I am seeing Adolf Hitler’s diaper. In know it’s supposed to say “she is wearing a adult diapers”

“adult diapers pooping around people”

“diapered family”

“patient required to wear diapers”

“mom’s wearing diapers pictures”

How do you wear diapers pictures lol? I know it’s supposed to mean they want to find photos of a mom wearing diapers but my literal thinking thinks of something else because of the way it’s written which made this funny.

“i see my mother in law in diapers”

I hope I never have to seer that.

“rent forced her diaper”

What? What does paying rent have to do with diapers?

“i dont want to be a diaper lover”

“life as a diaperex mother”

Luckily I am still married.

“ashleys diaper adventurez”

“mother diapered me”

“adult baby walk in mall only wear diaper”

“adult bany son secretly put on a diaper and poop into it .”

I think they meant to type baby.

“still diapered because of mom”

My son is potty trained.

“mother feel like giving up”


And these are the search terms from January 15th to today.

Crinklz review

I am finally feeling better. I have gotten sore at work for the past two days from working and feeling like I am dragging my legs across the ground because I would feel like I had lot of clothes on for winter. That is just how my legs felt when I would walk. I even came home on Thursday night and went straight to bed. No dinner, nothing. I put pajamas on and climbed into bed.


I had on a Crinklz diaper I put on yesterday when I got up. I wore it all day and wore it till this morning. It did hold a lot and the tabs held good but I had to take it off sadly because it smelled like pee and I had to go out grocery shopping with my mother. I was only wet in the middle but I could tell it was a lot of pee.

But some other time I will try those other diapers again and next time wear them when I am not sick.


A crappy diaper review

I had been sick for about a week now. Gas and I was farting and belching and having some cramping and my poop would be very soft and then I had diarrhea all of a sudden and I had some nausea. Then I was feeling better on Sunday and then I got sick again yesterday because all of a sudden I felt cramping and nausea after I ate the pasta my mom made the night before. Then I was having diarrhea all night and throwing up.

I had on Tykables and they look like good diapers, not as comfortable as Little Pawz but the tabs can restick over and over so I kept on taking it off to shit and it was all runny stool, no solid poo or soft poo and it was just tiny poop chunks too. I also had diarrhea in it because I got sick and tired of running to the toilet and I couldn’t even sleep because my tummy and my bowels kept me up all night and then I was hot and my feet and legs felt funny like they were swollen. Every time I farted, I felt poop come out and the diaper held it but when I took it off this morning, it was only messy in the middle but I still changed and I got no rashes and it didn’t hurt at all because it was all watery. So I didn’t get to test the diaper decently because I got sick again and I was sick when I tried the Mydiapers so I might have to retry them again when I am not sick because I was dehydrated so I didn’t get to pee much so I was drinking water all night long to keep hydrated.

Now I don’t know if I should go to work today or not. So far I have no had an upset stomach or been having diarrhea after eating something but I had something small. I won’t make the same mistake again and eat a big meal. I wonder if that is what happened when I ate the whole thing of pasta in the left over container my brother didn’t bring with and then it made my tummy act up again unless it was a coincidence and it took that long for the food to get to my colon and then I felt sick again. Then I felt hungry again like I was starving and then I was too afraid to eat anything because I didn’t want cramping again or nausea. Last time I was sick with diarrhea, I didn’t have any cramping which was nearly a year ago and it was on a weekend I remember. Then I would feel better until I would have orange juice and then it would get my gas going again so all night long it was very noisy and active and then I had diarrhea the next morning. But not this time because the bug is different each time.

So I know this was a crappy diaper review I just did.

Little Pawz review

I found these to be the most comfortable diaper to wear. They were thick and it felt like wearing a cushion around me and they felt very soft. But sadly the absorbency is way too high for me because I didn’t use it enough before it was full. It was still wet in the middle when I took it off after having it on from around 3 in the afternoon yesterday till this afternoon. It was smelling too much of pee so I had to change. I put on Tykables next and they are not as thick as Little Pawz.