I might not have to get toilet trained after all

My daughter has been sitting on the big potty instead of on her little potty chair. My husband had been showing her potty training videos for toddlers on youtube and she had been watching them. Then she had been sitting on the potty. She has been doing it since Halloween and peeing in it and even did a poop that first night. But the next day she regressed because she wouldn’t sit on it again but the next day she did. Then finally she got interested in it again two nights ago and peed in the toilet after my shower. Then last night she peed in it again after I took her wet pull up off. Then today this morning after she woke up, I out her on the potty and she peed and later in the morning she was pointing to her crotch and I took her upstairs and put her on the toilet again and she peed and wouldn’t get off the potty so I cleaned while she sat and then she came down and wouldn’t let me put the pull up back on her. She was pointing to her butt saying poop so I looked and didn’t see any poop. Then I tried to put her pull up back on her but she ran away saying no. I thought maybe she wanted to wear real underwear so I asked her what she wanted to wear and to show me so she runs upstairs and I follow her and she was saying poop and went in the bathroom and pointed in the potty and there was poop. I was so proud of her. Then finally I was able to put the pull up back on her and I told her see how much easier it was to poop in the potty because she didn’t need her butt wiped.

Yes there are actually people out there who don’t wipe their butts after taking a dump.

But I am hoping she will keep moving forward with her potty training and I told her if she keeps her pants dry all week, I will let her get underwear this weekend.

PSA: So You Found Diapers In Your Son or Daughters Room

I found this posted online so I am reposting it here.

So you found diapers in your son or daughters room. I am sure you are a bit perplexed, and in all likelihood, you are probably shocked and maybe a bit concerned. Many things may be going through your mind right now. You are likely concerned that they may be having a bed-wetting problem or some other medical issue. I cannot speak for that side of the population, but as I have grown up over the years I can help you understand another reason why your son or daughter may have diapers in their room.
My name is Jacob, I am a twenty-one-year-old college student. I am also someone who actually enjoys wearing diapers. Yes, you read that right. I enjoy wearing diapers. In the event you have seen some television program that portrays the behavior as freakish or pedophilic, I want to assure you that that is not the case in the least. Media is about ratings and shock factor. If a television program aired and portrayed us in a normal light with a slight quirk then the network would not have favorable ratings. Now take a moment and think about what I am saying. I am someone who enjoys wearing diapers, I really want you to think about what that entails. Of all the horrible things your child could be doing on this planet, is really wearing diapers all that bad. Yeah, it may not be normal, but is it really that weird. We all have quirks. I want to talk first about the three major types or people I have encountered who make the conscious decision to wear diapers, then I will talk about different approaches. There are a few kinds of people who enjoy wearing diapers but keep in mind that each person differs and may be a mix of them.

First off there are those who enjoy wearing them because of they are to them like a child is to a security blanket or a teddy bear. They help relieve stress and anxiety, and overall help relaxes a person on a stressful day. I myself identify most with this group. Sometimes people that fall into this level of diaper enthusiasm may wear a diaper without wanting to actually use the diaper while other times they may feel the need to use the diaper. I have personally met both sides of the spectrum. I’ll admit there are days in which I simply want to wear a diaper after a hard days work or class to relax, while there are other days where I want to wear and use the diaper.

The second group of diaper enthusiasts I would like to talk about are what are called “Diaper lovers” or sometimes referred to in short as “DL’s” this means the person usually has a sexual fetish that involves either the direct usage or indirect usage or diapers. However keep in mind that anyone can be a mix of any of these three major groups. For instance, many people who have sexual desires for diapers may also relax and unwind by simply wearing a diaper.

Lastly, the third major type of person who enjoys wearing diapers is called “Adult Baby” This type of person emotionally enjoys not only wearing diapers but also being treated like a baby. Adult babies typically enjoy bottles, bibs, being fed essentially the whole baby treatment. Adult babies can vary so much as we all do in every other aspect. Some feel like they are toddlers, and will talk in a simple babyish accent, while others like to feel as if they are still a baby and want no control over their bodily functions or autonomy in general.

Now there are two options to make after discovering your child is wearing diapers and you do not suspect them for medical reasons. To approach them and discuss the topic or not. First I recommend gathering as much knowledge as you can while being discrete. Are the diapers they are using printed babyish diapers or are they simple plain white, blue, or purple? I recommend not to invade private space, but at the same time if you plan on approaching your child (which I recommend) then you will want to be prepared and ready for whatever it is that they tell you. Gather as much information as you can without being too intrusive. Then you need to decide if you truly want to know the reason behind your child’s diaper usage. Keep in mind that this will likely be the biggest secret they have ever kept from you. You need to be prepared for whatever the worst case scenario is in your mind, while at the same time try to keep an open mind.

As I have mentioned I recommend approaching your child. This is because this is likely the biggest secret they have kept from you, and thus is obviously very important to them. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but another reason I recommend approaching them is to set ground rules. But first, let’s talk about how you should do it.

Using evidence you have gathered you likely have an idea of if they are a Diaper lover or an Adult Baby, but you may not have much information as to whether or not they wear for emotional reasons such as if diapers are like a security blanket. I recommend approaching them and letting it out. You need to talk and then listen to what they have to say. Tell them you found their diapers and have been looking online and understand about Diaper Lovers and Adult Babies. Be prepared for whatever they say, try not to interrupt just listen.

Now, what do you do? Well, this is where it gets tricky, and I am going to approach this in two ways. First off Are diapers really that bad? Can your child overdose on diapers or can he or she really harm themselves by wearing diapers? Think about all the things you child could be doing that is much worse. So your child has a quirk, what child doesn’t? You need to decide if you are going to allow them to continue wearing diapers or not. I am obviously biased, but I can tell you that whatever decision you make will likely be one of the biggest impacts on their life.

If for whatever reason they wear diapers as a security blanket I recommend allowing them to continue and seeking temporary professional counseling. By doing so you can get professional advice and learn if this is something that really needs to be addressed long term, or if this is something that will become the new normal. Allowing them to continue shows that you love and care for them. With professional counseling, your child may no longer find a desire to wear diapers. However be aware that this is rarely the case. This is the only type of diaper enthusiast that I recommend getting counseling for. This is because if your child receives sexual gratification from wearing diapers than their fetish is no different than any other fetish. By forcing them to go to professional help you are only telling them they are a freak, and embarrassing them further. In short I really only recommend professional help if your child is wearing for emotional reasons, if they are wearing for sexual gratification, then by taking them to seek help you will only embarrass them further and push them away.

If your child’s diaper usage is a fetish then let that be the end of it. You cannot get them to stop and by forcing them to promise to you to stop you are only forcing them to lie to you and in the end they will feel bad and guilty. I recommend telling them at that point that the subject will not be brought up again unless it becomes a problem. This could be smells coming from your child’s room, or diapers out in the open. If you are going to let your child wear diapers for emotional reasons or any other reasons you need to set ground rules. They must have self-control while remaining hygienic and keeping smells down. I would recommend getting a diaper genie and placing it in their closet along with an air freshener. They should also be responsible for taking out their garbage and keeping smells down, as well as remaining hygienic as possible. You could make them do chores for an allowance which they could spend how they choose, or you could outright buy their diapers for them. Remember that is important to your child and they are going to be looking up to you for your response and guidance. You are the parent and you will set the rules. If they choose to disobey the rules then they should loose their diaper privilege in the same way they may lose a cell phone or video game system.

The biggest thing I do not recommend is scolding them or calling them a freak. This is what I have been dealing with for ten years now. My mother discovered my obsession with diapers when I was eleven years old. She sent me to counselors and sought professional help. After three different doctors told my mother I was okay, but that this was not going to go away she gave up trying to get a doctor to get me to stop. Instead, she would belittle me and even try to humiliate me. I remember once I had a friend over spending the night and she came into my room with one of the diapers I had hidden in my room in her hands and told me in front of my friend, “oh Jacob I thought you were going to be wearing another one of your diapers today?” That was one of the most humiliating things I had ever gone through. I do not recommend taking this approach. If you do not want your child wearing diapers that be understandable, but the likelihood is that they will not and cannot stop. I purged many times, but the desires never went away, and it took me many years to recover from the damage caused by my mother on this aspect of my life. If you decide that you will not accept your child wearing diapers then tell them, but know they will not change, instead they will try to hide it and feel guilty. If you find diapers later on in your child’s room discipline with caution, be gentle but firm. Ground them if you need to but do not make a public spectacle and humiliate them further.

I really hope this is helpful and hope that this will positively impact someone life, I am better now, I have learned to accept myself even if my family has not. If anyone has any questions regarding this aspect of my life or any questions about diaper wearing, in general, please feel free to contact me.

– Jacob

(Please Note: I have posted this prior to publishing on ADISC via my Tumblr account. Feel free to publish this article on any website that you deem helpful to spreading a positive message)

“Just like her mother”

My daughter isn’t interested in using her potty. Whenever we ask her if she wants to sit on it or try using it, she goes “no.”

One morning she was playing with her diaper and trying to take it off. It wasn’t wet or messy so my husband and I asked her if she wanted to use the potty. I told her every time she wants the diaper off, she has to use the potty and asked her if that is what she is yelling us and my husband asked her “Do you want to use the potty, is that why you’re taking it off.”

I take my son to school and then I come home and my husband told me she had soaked her diaper after saying no to the potty and then she peed in her diaper.

My mom then said “Just like her mommy.”
I couldn’t believe my mom said that in front of her so I guess my diapers are not meant to be a secret from her.

But later in the week my husband told me she meant from when I was her age. She wasn’t talking about now, she was talking about when I was little. Then he said I had a grin on my face when she said it so I must have liked the comment. Then I said I probably should start assuming she is only talking about me as a kid, not about now.

I used to watch these when I was 2-3. These were the only Sing Along videos I had at the time.


The video below is all in three parts. This was my favorite video of all time I must have worn it out because I remember when we moved into our new house, my mom kept telling me “There is no Heigh Ho” and I could never understand why she wouldn’t get it out for me and play it for me. Then one day she bought the tape at a store when we went out together and got food and stuff. I can remember her taking the packing off the tape and playing it for me. I never knew why she bought it again if we had it and where that other video went so I figure we either lost it or I wore it out so it got tossed. But when my parents took me to see Snow White when it came to theaters, they thought I would enjoy the moving because of the song I always liked to sing, but instead I got scared right when the Hunter took out his knife and I wouldn’t calm down so we left money wasted. To this day my mom still doesn’t know what happened except that “I got scared.”

I offended my husband

Last night I was in the basement getting my diaper changed and my husband had sex with me. I feel asleep a couple of times during it. Then I heard foot steps upstairs so I thought the kids were coming down. I told my husband that and he said “That’s why I said I was getting your diaper on, you fell asleep.” He put rash cream on me and then put the diaper on and then he had me take my clothes off. He took off my sweater and then I thought I heard him sigh like he wasn’t happy so I asked if I did something wrong and he said he didn’t say anything and he would’t laugh at me. He took my shirt off too and put my sleeper on and then I asked him if he was offended and he said he was. Ooops. I offended him for misreading him and then asking to be sure I read him right.

I’m so offended

Today I went to a Halloween Munch and we all wore our costumes. Most of us. There were lot of people there. We did a costume contest and the ones who wanted to do it, we all went to the front of the room and stood in a line and a person was handing out prizes. She was allowing people to pick. Then I was expecting to pick but she skipped me and the other guy next to me. I got her attention and so did the others saying she missed me and she said this was a contest. The other person said “Sorry you didn’t win anything.” I was so offended because I had on a Cookie Monster costume and it looked good and I felt it looked better than lot of others and some had good costumes too. But I felt so offended. But I didn’t cause a scene or throw a tantrum showing how offended I am. I just held it in. Then on the way home a new thought popped in my head for an online game in the games section on a forum. It would be called “I’m so offended” but then I thought it should be “What offended you today?” or “Post what offended you today.”

This thought popped in my head because of something recent that had happened on another forum and the word “offended” has been on my mind lately and the thoughts about how people will always be offended so it doesn’t matter what we do or what we change about ourselves, someone will always be offended. So I got home and got on my computer and posted the game thread “What offended you today?” and posted about m being offended for not winning and I said what costume I had on.

I changed my diaper in a kid school

Today was my son’s field trip to the pumpkin patch. I had to wait around near the school because we live seven miles away and it would have taken me about twenty minutes to get home and back so that would have been about ten minutes of being home and then having to leave again so I just close to the school and drove around. Then I went back to the school and grabbed our lunches and the umbrella and my purse and went inside. I signed in (at my son’s schools visitors and volunteers all need to sign in and out and wear a name tag or a badge) and went to his class and put his lunch with the rest of the lunches. All the kids had to use the bathroom before the field trip so I asked the teacher if they had bathrooms at the pumpkin patch and she said they do. Okay so I that meant I didn’t have to change before leaving. But shortly later after everyone had went, my diaper felt uncomfortable and it was smelling like urine so I figured I better change now so I am not doing it there.

I change in the girl’s restroom and I pick a stall that actually latches shut. the first one didn’t so I had to go to a different one. I noticed there were some kids in there still and they were so quiet. I saw though the stall cracks when I tried to open one of them and I saw a kid. So I changed and put the wet diaper on the toilet and the tabs didn’t make noise when I took it off. Then I cleaned myself with an adult wipe and stuck it in the diaper and put the clean one on and stuck the dirty wipe and the wet diaper in the plastic bag I had with and I washed my hands and I could hear the kids and parents leaving for the buses. I was going to take the wet diaper with and put it in my car but saw the big trash barrel by the restroom door and tossed it in there figuring no one is going to know. After all it was in the plastic bag and you couldn’t see through it because it was The Disney Store bag. Besides the trash can would get empty out that same day. Plus it was pretty empty still so it sunk to the bottom. Then I left.

And it’s another 3 day weekend, woo hoo. But is it for my son? I would have to check the school calendar.