Is WordPress after us now?


First it was Tumblr removing ABDL content due to their change of policy so many ABDLs shut down their blogs. I still kept my Tumblr page up since all I do is repost ABDL pictures or themed ones or reblog ABDL stuff. I haven’t gone there in a while so it’s pretty much dead.

Now I see baby Emma had her wordpress ( suspended. She also had 3 other WordPress blogs too and they were all suspended. Has WordPress changed their TOS now and are they now going after ABDL blogs?

I just looked through my links and saw two dead ones, (one was private) so I removed them both. I have not gone though all my following blogs lists yet but the abdlgirl one is still there.

So if this blog disappears, that would be WordPress suspending it. But I will still be at Twitter, Dailydiapers, Adisc and some other websites.


I have come across a blog entry and it was about the war on sex workers and how so many places have shut them down.

But anyway, for WordPress, the blog entry stated from the TOS:

  • – Specifically things hosted on and not instances of WordPress open sources software on people’s self hosted sites. There is a lot of confusion over this one. is a business venture by the company Automattic, which was started by a founder of the open source software project. You will not be prevented from making a site with WordPress software you have downloaded from or installed through your web hosts control panel.However, you may have your account shut down or content removed if you host your blog/site at, which says in its TOS: “There are limitations to the mature content permitted on our service. Please don’t: Post visual depictions of sexually explicit acts (such as, but not limited to, images, videos, and drawings) that can be considered pornographic; Post links or ads to adult-oriented affiliate networks, such as pornography site signups; Post links, text, or images promoting or advertising escort or erotic services;“ and has been known, thought firsthand accounts, to suspend adult industry workers using it for personal or promotional blogging.It’s not clear to the extent Automattic polices use of other services/plugins that you log into with a account (like JetPack), but we’d advise caution for WP users on wing your images to be compressed by JetPack packaged plugins, for example.

Someone online, could have reported Baby Emma’s blog and claimed it was a sex work and escort service because ABDL is a sexual fetish. But I found her blog again and she migrated to another platform it seems like. There are bitter ABDL out there who get angry if they have to pay so they will try and shut them down using the TOS to manipulate the service. They will make false claims and they succeed because the service buys it.

Perhaps this blog still stands because I am not making any money off of it and I am not selling anything here. I am not doing any meet ups here or hosting anything. I am not charging anyone to see my photos I have posted here. I am also not charging anyone to hang out with me and I am not renting out any room for any photo shoot.

Do people truly believe ABDL is an escort and sex work service if you are making money off it or are they just claiming it to shut them down due to jealousy and anger?

I’m Impressed how quickly paypal refunded me

Here is what happened. LKB had a 50% clearance sale. I got the crayon outfit for half off. It’s Thanksgiving so I expect shipment to be slow. It’s typical for her to have a delay in shipping around the holidays so I give it a week. Well she contacted me via email on the 28th informing me she didn’t have the size I ordered and offered me a xxs or a refund. I check the size online and I figured this will work so I took the smaller size. I never hear back. I never got a shipping notification either. I sent her another email yesterday and never heard back. I was going to wait till Monday but I decided to open a dispute on PayPal to get her attention. But instead paypal works different now than last time. It used to be seller had to respond or you get refunded within 3 days of no response. I had gone through this twice and got my money back each time.

This time I had to fill out a form. I had to select seller wasn’t available because it was the only option for me. Then after I sent in my claim, I was instantly refunded. Then I checked my email and it said case was closed after my refund. That was it.

Now I don’t have to worry about my money being lost and item never being sent. I don’t have to worry about lack of seller’s response, it’s over.

Now worst case scenario is being fired as a customer.

If you are thinking “you didn’t even give her 24hrs to respond you Karen,” she never answers her emails or messages so I wasn’t expecting another response from her. She certainly never responded when she once sent me a wrong item so I had to resell it and I rebought the shirt and that time I actually got the right order. She never responds to her emails so of course I’m not going to wait.

Small businesses out there, please communicate with your customers and reply to emails. Lack of communication can result in chargebacks or PayPal disputes. Customers, this is why you should always pay with credit card or PayPal. Never pay with your bank card directly from your account.

I really like what LKB sells but I hate her customer service.

Edit: I quickly received an email from her saying my order has been cancelled so she does respond to paypal at least. Always pay with Paypal if you have it. I always do that so I am guaranteed my money back if a business fails to send me item I ordered.

picked up my order

I ordered from LKB again and she shipped quickly and I was surprised to see it came on the 17th but I saw online there was a delivery attempt due to “animal inference.” I figured the postman saw my brother’s dog outside who was leashed. So he didn’t deliver it. I left a note in the mailbox the next day and figured if it wasn’t delivered again or if a slip wasn’t left in mailbox for pick up, I would complain to the post office. My son asked me if will be a nice Karen. I told him I will and I won’t be nasty about it.

I come home again last night and I had the dog over by the swingset so the post man wouldn’t see her but I found the slip in the mailbox for pick up. There was a note on it saying dogs out black and white. My husband told me the kids were playing outside all evening with both dogs.

This morning I go to the post office abd pick up package and no complaints from me. I go home and open it and I see one of my orders is wrong. I got a 2XL cotton candy romper than a sleeved red and white top. I messaged LKB on Twitter and send get an email in case she isn’t active on Twitter. I will see if she responds this time and fixes the error. I’m sure another order got mixed with mine by mistake. Maybe they have sent her an email too. Maybe she will want them back or she sends out a replacement.

Now I will just move my brother’s dog over to the swingset out of sight whenever I expect packages now to avoid a disruption with my deliveries.

Lost all my ABDL stories

The good news, I have the published ones on my forum so my stories are saved. The bad news, it will be a bitch to copy them all and save them on google docs for back up. I never know if the website will decide to delete my forum.

Back in the days, you could just save them to disc or to a memory stick but you can still lose those files if the disc corrupts or if the cd gets scratched and can’t be read and disc rot settled in. If your PC broke, bye bye files. Now with cloud, if they delete your account for some reason, bye bye files.

My pc has been having problems for a while like sd card slot not working, headphone jack not working well but works fine with speakers. It took me a while to figure out it was the PC, not the headphones being faulty so imagine how many good ones I tossed put. I figured it out when a pair was working fine with my phone but not on the PC.

Another issue I had been having is not being able to load Microsoft word properly and its somehow an unlicensed product even though i pay for the subscription every year. I can’t load any MW files without my files freezing so I have to load one of the files from search than from my folder. I even tried moving the entire folder to my PC but all it did was made it not sync and it entirely removed the folder from cloud. I still had the same issues with opening and I thought about deleting everything and reinstalling hoping it will fix the issue but never did it. Then my pc was busted right when I got back from my trip because screen won’t show. It worked fine right before I left.

I discovered my folder wasn’t on one drive so it must have moved everything off even though it still showed on my PC so now I have a reason to take my PC in to get it fixed again. Worst case scenario is I need a new PC and if that happens, I will see if they can back up my folder from my hard drive to a stick or something and I will pay for it.

I can do stupid things when trying to fix a problem. I once lost all my stories when my PC stopped working so I used to back up my work process to my network54 account. It’s gone now when they moved to tapatalk and I can’t login at all saying my account doesn’t exist. I will just use Google docs now. That is where I make lists and I can check them anywhere and I can access them on my phone too. I also lost my Disney Magical Kindoms data when it crossed over to someone else’s saved data so it thought I was logged in on another device. Sadly, they still hadn’t fixed it abd I quit playing because it was 4 years of play. Someone else lost their data too with mine when I synced trying to stop the issue. But then I ended up with someone else’s data. I just simply stopped playing because I kept getting kicked from the game and nothing would save anyway because it was wiped and corrupted and even reinstalling the game gave me an entire new player ID and when I connected to my account, it did not bring back my data. It was totally wiped. Instead of getting all upset about it, I decided I can move onto another interest and focus on a different game. These things happen with player data and you have to start over. I even think that playing on multiple devices can create this conflict. It’s like when we move house, sometimes things get lost. I’ve had that happen as a kid and as an adult. I lost my 101 Dalmatians trading card collection and my psp games and my husband lost his psp. I saw them right before the move and I packed them. Now they’re gone. I did replace all my psp games I lost. I didn’t own many of them. Ones I didn’t lose I had with me in my case the whole time. But the game cases were gone. Its possible someone came by and snooped and took them all and I didn’t notice it till after the move.

Plus we still have so much crap because lot of it belongs to my parents and if I were cold and selfish, I would be getting rid of it all whenever my parents were out of town. Now lot of it belongs to my brother too. He still hasn’t gotten it after moving in with his wife.

Update: I got my PC back and they fixed it in 2 days after I dropped it off. The issue was dust so it interfered with the graphic card. It was a cake of dust so they had to take the whole PC apart and clean it.they even cleaned out the USB ports and headphones and speakers jak. My husband set it up today and turned it on but found Chrome to not be working due to corrupted file. Then I find keyboard isn’t working properly again because my kids did a spill at the desk the night before school started for the year and they blamed each other for it. I just sent them to bed for fighting because they fight more when they’re tired. Maybe that wrecked the keyboard. I also moved my folder back to one drive and it took a half hour for it to show up on my phone through the app. So now I have is Microsoft Edge for now as my browser. And my husband uninstalled Chrome under his account on my PC but he had to reset his password and I took a photo of it to remember it. So I have my stories back now. That was my main reason to get my PC fixed.

When did I do this?

Just today, something interesting happened. I am in the kitchen and I put water on the stove to boil to make my son mac n cheese for lunch who is home sick from school. I wet and realize I need to change because it’s about to leak and I could smell urine anyway.

RIght when I am about to change, I realize I had a small load in my diaper. When did I do that? I don’t remember. I was surprised and wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

Years back on DailyD, I mentioned how it was getting easier to poop in diapers and another user warned me it will get easier and easier until it gets harder to not hold it and soon I will be doing it without thinking about it so be careful. Now I wonder if this could happen in public and I wouldn’t know I am messy till I feel a load in my butt crack area. It just happened here at home while I was in my room arguing in a thread on Wrongplanet and also reading it where most users are arguing over how the title was worded and arguing over why the teacher went to jail because of people not reading the article.

But I pooped my diaper and have no memory of when that happened. And I hate my nosy mother.

shit happening

On my second day I have been home from my trip. I thought I wouldn’t be spending more money other than for my pills. So I went to Walgreens and also got bandages for my chafing and more oil free sun screen for my face (I wish I had started wearing sunscreen daily a lot sooner than starting in my 30s) and then I got my sunglasses fixed because a screw came out right before I was heading to the airport. Then I decided to go to Target and treat myself from my content money I made in the last 3 weeks. I got an Advent calendar and a Disney store mini brand and I got some fitness bars that were cookie dough flavor. Then as I was leaving, it felt like I was driving on a rail road track do I pulled into a few parking spots and looked and my tire was very flat and the rim was on the ground. Well I can change a tire, I have seen my parents do it and I have helped as a kid. But then I find out I can’t change a tire because the lug nuts are on too tight and I can’t turn them so I stand around and wait hoping some guy will stop and offer their help. I couldn’t call my husband because I had his phone in my purse because he left it in my car the day before. So the Target security guy helps me and I go to Les Schwab and the wait is 2 hours because they had other cars they were working on for tires. My diaper was soaked so I had a leak while I was there but it was only damp and my bladder had stopped being active so no more peeing. Then the diaper got uncomfortable and it was starting to smell. It made me think I should have brought some with but I didn’t know this was going to happen. Good thing I am not incontinent.

I ended up paying $477.00 for two new tires and getting my allingmemt fixed and then today I find out my son needed new shoes for school he outgrew this summer and my daughter had a ear infection so I may have a medical bill coming now and then I find out this morning my PC isn’t working because I tested my husband’s monitor on mine and no screen showed. I connected mine to his and screen shows. PC broke again but I am not paying a couple hundred to have it fixed or to buy a new graphic card if it needs it. It worked fine right before my trip. So no more video content for a while. I have my phone for internet stuff and I have One Drive for a reason. I already did pay part of my credit card bill. I paid the tires and alignment and fun stuff I bought with my content money. I had to dig into my savings to buy the tires. I knew I needed them but the middle was still good but kept putting off taking it in to have my tires looked at. It was a nail that made my tire flat and they said it couldn’t be repaired. I asked if I should buy two new tires or if the other one is still good. He said I should buy a new one so I did. The rear tires were still good.

Another crazy thing that happened when I got back was my vanilla clothing smelled funny and felt damp and so did few of my ABclothes. Then i see my acne warrior bottle had popped open and it leaked out of the baggie and got all over everything in the make up bag where I had my travel shampoo and razors and skincare stuff but good thing I didn’t put my toothbrush in there. So I had to hand wash my AB clothes and rinse them in the washer and hung dry them. I was going to wash my vanilla clothes anyway since I wasn’t able to use the laundry room and I didn’t want to go to a laundromat so I used hand washing and hung dry too but I only did that with my t shirts and socks. I practically wore the same clothes everyday but switched it. I would wear the same pants but wear a different t shirt. Or I wore shorts but wore a different top. I only had two t shirts and 2 sun dresses and 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shorts for when I am out about. And we had to do grocery shopping the first day I was back because we had to buy groceries for the whole family. Then my parents and my kids came back while I was at work the second day I was back. The day when I had to get new tires because one of them went flat on me while I was out about. I didn’t want to drive with a spare because it’s not made for that. It’s only made until you get to the shop to get a new tire.

Maybe I should keep some diapers in my car now but this rarely happens and I was lucky this happened in town than out in the middle of nowhere.

Right when I get home, I changed into a fresh diaper and decided to bring my AB clothes up from the basement and good thing I did that because my kids came back that evening. They were still a little damp so I laid them out in my room.

I typed this on my phone and kept finding errors in my spelling while working on this post. Damn auto correct so pardon any errors you may find here.

diaper chafing

I dont get chafing often but I had a 5 hour flight from Atlanta to my hometown which turned out to be a 4 hr and 23 minute flight. I decided to put 3 liners inside my carasoul diaper because I wasn’t sure if I would have time to change at the airport for my an hour and a half layover for my connecting flight. I like to be prepared so I was thickly diapered. I will even arrive early at the airport before hours for take off to avoid any anxiety because I don’t know how busy it will be and how long the TSA line will be so I arrive early and then I end up waiting a couple hours for my flight.

But we land and I am able to find my gate and the airport wasn’t bad as my friend made it out to be. I was able to find my way and read the signs. I even had time to change even though the diaper itself was barely wet but I changed anyway to avoid leaks on flight. I wear 3 liners again and I wet 4 times in the air and again after we landed when I was getting off the plane. I also felt a sore near my diaper area as I walked and wondered if I had leaked. I was able to get my luggage fast and I commuted home than cabbing so money saved. I get home and I saw I had a diaper chaf. I put some ointment on it and I didn’t change until the next day and I even wore underwear to keep my skin from rubbing against the diaper. I guess making my diaper too thick was a bad idea because my inner thigh was then rubbing on the plastic of the diaper. Now I have band aid over it to keep the sore from rubbing on my pants or against my diaper and I even got flexible band aids that are big and wide while I was getting my anti anxiety pills at Walgreens. I can still feel the sore and the band aid tugging on my skin and I keep thinking i am feeling the chafing. I can’t wait for this owie to go away and next time I fly long hours, wear some chafing tights over my diaper or thighs to prevent my skin rubbing against the diaper. Another lesson here learned. At least I didn’t have energy drinks but water and low pressure seems to give me an active bladder up there. Did I so mention it gets cold on the flight. It’s stuffy and warm when you are on the ground but once you are in the air, it gets cold so its like they have the AC on. This is why I dress like it’s 50 degrees outside. The outside air makes the cabin cooler.

But yet I didn’t diaper chaf when I tested out 3 liners in my Northshore Supreme while visiting Ohio. I was supposed to make ABDL content out there but that didn’t work out so I only got few of it done.

Man banned from seeing his kids due to being a DL

The Daily Mail had an article about it which is known to be a tabloid website so I decided to google it and multiple sources cover it but none are from CNN or ABC or other news websites, just from tabloid websites.

But anyway this man was married and he and his ex had an agreement that he will never do it around their kids. They were now divorced and he had visitation rights of them and even had them at his house too so I assume they had joint custody or he had them on some weekends.

But one day his ex comes to get the kids and she notices his diaper peeking out of his clothes. Maybe his shirt rode up and she saw the waist band.

had intensified to the point he ‘would wear certain garments around the home’. 

Maybe under his clothes but this is a vague wording open to interpretations.

As the couple’s children grew older, the woman was concerned they could be negatively affected, but the father refused to see a counsellor. 

And kids don’t care what their parents wear. If diapers truly affect kids, then what about kids of parents who are incontinent and have to wear them? The parent can just tell their kids they have a weak bladder or weak muscles. I tell mine I tore down there (the truth) and leak urine now randomly (the truth). I only told them the partial truth but not the other part. I know most moms out there would do Kegel exercise or go to a doctor for random bladder leaks for solutions or try and keep their muscles tight down there and simply wear a pad for if their bladder decides to release some urine. If it gets bad sometimes, they would probably wear pull ups all the time just in case. I doubt this would affect kids if they knew their mom wore pads or disposable underwear. Same as if they used them for their heavy periods.

He claimed he was being discriminated against because of his association with the ‘Adult Baby-Diaper Lover’ community. 

And unfortunately rules change when it comes to custody. It’s not uncommon for ex’s to be petty and use anything to alienate their kids from their parent. Men have done this too but this seems more common in women. Also how did she know he was posting in the ABDL community, did she snoop on his PC and find the forums he goes to and usernames? Was he going to them when they were together and she saw his username? Was he on Fetlife and she found his profile because he posted photos of himself and it was easy to identify his home if he had no face in any of them? Would it have been any different if he was never in the ABDL community but still wore them?

‘What I choose to do in the privacy of my own home without any children present is my business. It is a harmless ­activity and affects no one.’ 

His kids were present when he had them on under his clothes, maybe he does things differently when they are not at home.

But Justice Hannan in her decision said that it was ‘inevitable’ the children would be exposed to the father’s behaviours, which would likely cause psychological harm. 

Was the dad acting any different with a diaper on or were they just underwear? Do people act any different based on what underwear they have on? Or do they mean him wearing diapers alone under his clothes will harm them? Do they realize how ableist this sounds because people wear them for medical reasons so what about them? I guess they are harming their kids. Even the ex wife is making herself sound bad too. It’s possible she is manipulating the judge and keeps collecting his posts online and if I were the dad, I would have not posted on ABDL forums and gotten a new username but not post too much detail about their life that could identify them. This is just a smart move here and rules change when it comes to child custody. If his wife had been a diaper bigot before and had a thing against diapers when they were together, this is very likely she would have used it against him to keep their kids from him. Just because someone is okay with you wearing them just as long as there are no kids around does not mean they like it and are okay with diapers. I think too many people confuse tolerance and acceptance.

She added they would also be subjected to ridicule if his links to the community were exposed. 

If he was posting photos of himself online and showing his face, I can understand her concern but this should be her argument than him wearing diapers. This is why I don’t do face photos and why I don’t post the same content on my Twitter page I have on my Facebook or Instagram. I don’t want to be discovered through photo search. But if he never posted face photos in the community, there is no way he can be discovered by other kids in his kids’ school. How will they identify him? Is he posting too much details of himself to reveal who he is like where he works, his kids school, what neighborhood he lives in?

This comes off to me as someone who just wants to alienate her kids from their dad so she is being petty and using his fetish for it. Now how is she going to explain to their kids why they can’t see their dad anymore? She doesn’t want them to know he wears diapers and now she is going to have to tell them when they ask or make up a lie.

The problem with this article is they are using too many vague comments that can be interpreted different by non ABDLs who are prejudice towards those who wear diapers for non medical reasons. I see no difference between a IC person wearing diapers and a non IC person if they are not stupid about it and they treat their diapers like underwear which is probably what did father was doing. Plus he called it a lifestyle so this indicates he doesn’t do this for the thrill and gratification like some diaper fetishists do. Want to know why I have faded pretty much from the community, because of too many diaper fetishist that are pure sexual about it and can’t stop projecting. They don’t seem to get that not everyone does it for the thrill. They see diapers as sex toys and not as underwear or as part of your wardrobe.

I honestly wouldn’t want to date a guy if he saw diapers as pure sexual because this would become a problem for us and it would affect me because he would be projecting thinking I am kinking around and putting my kinks on others even though they are under my clothes and thinking I am getting off on it and getting a sexual thrill from it and I must be acting and doing a good job not showing it. This is how annoying pure diaper fetishists are. Even non diaper fetishists try and sexualize it too and use projection. To me it’s creepy. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what happened to this guy here with his ex wife. This is why you don’t ever want to date someone who sexualizes it and don’t have kids with them or you will run into this. Remember when I made a post about what a Jerry is? This is one of them.

If anyone assumes it’s a fetish when they find out you wear a diaper, they are being an ableist then because how do they know it’s not medical? No one talks about it. They will online but not in real life. If anyone out there accused me of having a diaper fetish, I would think they were ableist and would react to a IC person the same way if they found out they wore diapers or if their diaper poked out of their pants. They wouldn’t know I don’t have a medical issue and it wouldn’t matter if they happened to be right even if it was for the wrong reasons. I would also think they were sexualizing it and projecting it onto me.

This story was also posted in ABDL reddit and it was great seeing comments showing sympathy about the dad and those who are pure sexual about it are being downvoted. They think anything about diapers is a kink, wear under your clothes, oh you are kinking and doing it in front of people. This same argument can be compared to women who choose to wear lingerie or men who choose to wear panties under their clothes, are they doing it in front of people? They are not wearing them openly because they are under their clothes. Why should a diaper be any different? I say they are just underwear.

Not immune to fake news

I may not have fallen for Covid hoaxes or QAnon or ANTIFA burning down places and starting fires in Oregon or Black Lives Matter being a terrorist group but just because I can spot lies in the media and misinformation doesn’t mean I am not immune to falling for fake news.

For years many people thought Lisa Nowak actually wore diapers but it turned out to be a myth.

From this article here

Orlando Detective William Becton was the first to discover the diapers when he opened a trash bag inside Lisa Nowak’s car and found two used diapers. In his charging affidavit he wrote, “… I then asked Mrs. Nowak why she had the baby diapers. Mrs. Nowak said that she did not want to stop and use the restroom, so, she used the diapers to collect her urine.”

She might have just put a diaper under her and peed in them and pulled it away and kept on driving. This spun into that she actually wore adult diapers or astronaut diapers 900 miles to avoid using the bathroom. But sadly no one even bothered to check the facts, even I didn’t check them because for ten years I had believed she had worn a diaper and this had been the first time I had heard in mainstream media that someone wore a diaper for non medical reasons.

And another thing that is well known is the hot coffee lady. Turns out she had 3rd degree burns and had to go to the hospital and she was not driving, her grandson was. This became a joke in entertainment and even I did a joke about it in one of my Natalie stories when Natalie suggested her mom spills hot coffee on herself and sue businesses to be rich to pay off their dad’s fuck up. But of course I knew by then this was false news but in the year 2000, many people didn’t know this. Also they were parked when she spilled it.

And of course I have heard in mainstream on google that women in Japan were wearing diapers and I thought nothing of it. I just thought “oh, it’s less stigmatized there so more women there feel comfortable wearing them.” I never thought ABDL about it. There are tons of articles about it even Yahoo Canada news covers it and so did Las Vegas news. But of course if I had actually googled the trend, I would have found out this was fake news and it’s just one woman wearing them to work and while it’s true that there are women there wearing them, it’s done out of fetish purposes. I would have seen other articles covering the story from peoples opinions and they said in it this was clearly a fetish. I had to learn through a ban on a Reddit sub that this was a urban myth in the diaper fetish community and they were sorry I fell for this and they regret having to inform me about it. They must have saw my thread about it I made in r/ABDL and sent me a modmail about it.

But yet other news source covering this “trend” also failed to say this was fetish but maybe they fell for this too like I did so they spread this misinformation. I truly thought it was more common for women in Japan to wear diapers but this is just a myth. I am not immune to falling for fake news.

Now I wonder if it’s a myth that people wear diapers in Time Square for the ball drop or that a Chinese airline told their employers to wear diapers. Even BBC had the story covered and other news sources like CNN. I have been hearing about people wearing diapers becoming mainstream. I even saw parents mentioning on Reddit to tell this mom that people wear diapers for different reasons or for medical reasons because her son was dealing with incontinence and was refusing to wear diapers because it was in his mindset that diapers are for babies. Even I chimed in and I got myself banned for it. I am sure other people got banned too and I don’t know it if the mod felt it was too ABDL what we said. I saw nothing ABDL in their comments because it was in a parenting group and I was there because I have kids and only posted there sometimes. Then all of a sudden my username became an issue because it had “diaper” in it when no one ever had issues with me in that group all because I wrote something that was false and I didn’t know it.

But you know what me getting banned for spreading false information is no different than users getting banned in reddit subs for falling for right wing propaganda and it doesn’t matter if they truly fell for it. I fell for some diaper propaganda in the media. I never thought this was made up by diaper fetishists and would have no reason to think every news source has a diaper lover working for them that was spreading the false information. This is what the mod seemed to think this was. Maybe the moderator thinks every user spreading this info is a diaper lover. Maybe he or she is a ABDL too because how do they know this? Maybe they are just curious and are in the community too and read around. This could be a guy too that moderates the sub as well because not every parent posting online is a woman. Or it could be someone who heard about this and decided to look the story up online to get facts about it.

My online friend did tell me the word diaper in my username could mean childbirth caused incontinence so now I wear them now which explains why no one pays attention to my username. Only trolls do when they don’t like what I say.

Edit: And I ran into more fake news on Facebook. I came across an article in my feed and it was about a 19 year old who accidentally moved into a senior living place for over 55 years of age. The landlord let her have the lease because “you can’t discriminate on age” but then someone posted an article in their comment showing that this was false. The real story is she lived next door to the senior living place and she took a photo of herself and there was the sign in the background. I fell for this one too and only believed it for a short minute until I saw another link posted.

I also asked two of my ABDL online friends about Japan diaper trend and they said they never heard of it. I wonder how many ABDLs never heard of this?

Avoid caffeine on flight, ugh

I had no choice but take the middle of the night flight because the rest of the tickets I found were either giving me bad times to fly out and bad layovers and bad flight times and bad seating for lower price range so I found the 12:50 AM March 10th flight. I figured I would just sleep on the plane. These were the only tickets I found in my price range that didn’t give me bad layovers or give me too late of flight times or too soon of flight times that would make my kids miss more days of school and that was before I asked my aunt if she can take my kids for me for two days. This was me booking a plane ticket 1 week in advance because I had decided the last minute I wanted to come and we had savings. Just fly out and be there for 1 whole day and fly back the following day. I was gone for two days total.

I did leave Wednesday night right before 9 pm and went to the airport by light rail and I had to wait in the TSA line for about 45 minutes and almost all the stores and eating places were closed there. I was surprised how packed it was because I used to work at the airport for about two months and it would be silent and no people in the middle of the night after we get there and then around 3 AM, flights start coming in and people start arriving for their departure while others arrive. Then the airport would be packed again. I used to work from 11 PM to 5 PM there and most times it was silent and no people.

I had to stand inside this thing at the TSA and then I had to be patted down and I was never asked to remove my diaper that was wet. I did change before I left for the airport but had wet it because it was too uncomfortable to hold it so I let it loose. But on the way back home, I never had to go through that thing again and I didn’t get patted down but maybe it was because my diaper was dry that time.

I did find a store that was open there and I got myself an energy drink so I can stay awake and not fall asleep at the airport and miss my flight. I guess it was too much for me because I soaked my diaper and had to change before I boarded and I couldn’t even sleep on the plane because I wanted to look out the window and try and guess what towns I was seeing below because of light pollution. Then we were in Montana and I was wondering “is that Missoula up there “and then it was “Did I see Butte?” Did I see Billings” and I was looking at the screen at the flight route.

Okay I did finally fell asleep and then I was woken up by the flight attendant talking and we were already in Minnesota and I saw daylight and it was amazing because we were high up and I saw blue sky coming while it was still pitch black down below.

My diaper was totally soaked and I should have changed at the Minneapolis airport but didn’t figured it would hold more. I had an hour layover and then we had a delay due to engine issues with the plane and everyone had to be deplaned for it and then we got back on and the new flight time had been changed to 9am from 7:50. We didn’t get to our destination till 10:20 am and I got some breakfast at Starbucks there and then went to the luggage area and my parents had me at the airport and my dad already had my suitcase and we looked in a couple goodwills there. They had lot of good stuff there and it made our goodwills here look crappy and the stuff they sell there look junky. Plus they had a bunch of diapers there but they were all the wrong size and they were crappy brands anyway and the wrong size. Then we had to go back to the airport and pick up my brother and then we ate at some restaurant and I realized then I should have really changed when I landed because my diaper was full and I knew it was about to leak if I wet it one more time. I didn’t change till we got to my grandfather’s house my mom grew up in. I changed in the basement and tossed my diaper in the trash there and my 94 year old grandfather never went in the basement so I wasn’t worried about him seeing my used diapers. My aunts stop by and do laundry for him and my grandma.

I was only out there for 1 day because of my grandma’s funeral and then I flew back on Saturday and had to get up at 3:30 am because 6:50 am was the only ticket I could find affordable for round trip. But I made a mistake of having a energy drink because I soaked my diaper on board and had a leak. Then I couldn’t change because my backpack was above me in the thing and I figured there is only 2 hours left of the flight and hang in there. I did change when we landed back in my home town so another thing I had learned is avoid caffeine when you fly. You may end up peeing a lot and soaking your diaper and then might not be able to change. Another lesson I learned is maybe keep my bag with me and keep it under the seat. I also wonder if you are allowed to carry your bag to the lavatory with you. Or just wear liners in my diaper but the reason why I didn’t was because from my experience, whenever I use any, it brings out a smell and the last thing I want is to reek of pee in the flight cabin. But avoid caffeine on flight. Last time I flew, I wasn’t drinking energy drinks then so I didn’t even need to change when I flew until long after we landed and were at my aunty and uncle’s wedding reception.

Public ABDL so political

Politics are every where, it doesn’t need to be about our president or about current events and about social issues in life like welfare and poverty and abortion or capital punishment. There is such thing as ABDL politics. Things I have discovered that seems political is about how to put on a diaper or where the tabs go. To me this is trivial and I couldn’t careless how someone puts on their diaper or what sizes they wear or what type they use.

One thing I noticed on Twitter not too long ago was about going public with ABDL. Wearing Clouds made a tweet about those going public with it and said kinks should stay at home. This got turned into a controversial issue and a little drama broke out. Obviously we all know he meant purposely exposing your diapers and making it very obvious you have one on without anyone trying to look. He also meant those who use pacifiers in public and strictly wears ABDL clothing, not graphic tees or overalls you can buy in regular stores. But I swear to god there are people out there that look for things to get offended over and instead of asking questions to ask him what does he mean, they take offense. I don’t even have the patience for this drivel and neither did Wearing Clouds so he was blocking everyone who was being defensive about their choices and being the victim about their IC. First of all, there is a difference between waring diapers under your clothes like underwear and purposely wearing clothes that make it obvious you are wearing a diaper. Even incontinent people don’t expose their diapers that way and they are discreet about it. Wearing Clouds made his account private until this all blows over and it seems to have blown over and it only lasted a day. It was over by the time I saw the drama.

I also thought it was insane when people brought up violence against ABDLs for public ABDL. Wait a minute, I have never heard about anyone being murdered for wearing a diaper or for wearing little clothing in public or having a pacifier around their neck or even dressed up as a LG. This was all insane when Wearing Clouds saying to keep your kink at home is bringing violence upon ABDLs. Oh the stupidity I have no patience for. If people truly thought ABDL was pedophilia, we would be getting murdered for our printed diapers and harassed and chased out of our homes and neighborhoods for being ABDL but lot of people don’t care so I do not buy people truly think we’re pedophiles for being ABDL and they are just saying it to be slanderous and hateful and to troll. If they think wearing diapers makes someone a pedophile, then they are saying it about incontinent people too and that is why I find them to be stupid. I actually felt excitement when I got downvotes for this comment on reddit because I figured I offended these lurkers who think this way and didn’t like I insulted their ideology. I had called them out on their faulty opinion.

Someone left a comment on my JFF page as a reason for why they cancelled their subscription and what they meant by “not enough variety” is I am not public with it and they wanted to see photos from me with me being public with it. I just saw it as I didn’t have the content they were looking for and they have their own preferences for ABDL content and that is okay. I will not go public with it. I see lot of that content online and I always find it cringe. I see nothing wrong with if they are wearing child like clothing or kawaii clothing or using a child’s bag. But I swear people will just find reasons to be offended over “keep your kinks at home” and whatever happened to NMIK? I guess this is okay for some of them if they go out in public with it where there can be a child. Or maybe they are the ones okay with minors in kink but will never admit to it and their excuse is it’s not sexual for them so therefore it’s okay since it’s not a kink. Well this is why these people are getting blocked. I didn’t use the block button but Wearing Clouds did for this reason and I know some others did too that stood by his side.

If people are actually this dumb they can’t understand nuance or what Wearing Clouds was saying, I feel bad for these people and I have been around those kind and they’re exhausting to deal with. I used to be friends with one of them and eventually it came to a point where I started to ignore his phone calls because I knew it was about him going to complain about something I wrote online and making it be about him and act like I attacked him and I just didn’t want to go there and having to defend myself and justify my post. He said he wasn’t ABDL so why did he keep acting like he is and why did he keep acting like he is a pedophile when he said he wasn’t? If I said anything about pedophiles and child predators and public ABDLS, all of a sudden he would have hurt feelings and be upset and act like I had attacked him and judged him. It was exhausting. We haven’t spoken since January 2014. Since then I have decided I am never going to deal with these type of people again so I can understand why Wearing Clouds was blocking anyone who took offense to his post. Even he has no patience for it and I can guess he had dealt with it too in the past.

My only argument in the drama was “I treat my diapers like underwear.”

I do not thinking wearing diapers under your clothes is exposing others to your kink because they won’t know about it and they won’t know you are not IC if your diaper accidentally sticks out or if there is a smell. I have known some ABDLs that actually thought this way and I couldn’t careless about their opinion. I have even gotten stupid comments about how my kids will be affected when I am wearing diapers around them so in my defense if that is so traumatizing for a child, then it must be pretty traumatizing to be raised by a IC parent as well since they will notice their diapers so that is how I know that argument is stupid. I just know they are against ABDL parents wearing 24/7 without a medical condition so they will just make up arguments to justify it but they sound stupid at the end. What they don’t seem to realize is, your kids won’t know why you wear them and they won’t know you have a diaper fetish and it’s don’t ask, don’t tell. And bold of them to assume that kids will be interested in what their parent wears. Mine don’t even care and my son acts like he doesn’t know a thing while my daughter will sometimes make a comment about it to get my attention and I ignore it. If it’s not diapers, she will do it about something else. When I was a kid I would do the same to my own mom like comment how big her underwear is or how fat she is or how hairy she is down there or how badly her periods smell. Then I grew out of it by the time I was 15. I used to even say she didn’t have underwear on and then lift her dress or peek under. I don’t remember that but she told me I used to do that when I was like 8 and I would do it on our drive way. She always ignored it or I would have done it more for attention and she didn’t slap me for it or it would have taught me to hit every time someone says something you don’t like.