Is WordPress after us now?


First it was Tumblr removing ABDL content due to their change of policy so many ABDLs shut down their blogs. I still kept my Tumblr page up since all I do is repost ABDL pictures or themed ones or reblog ABDL stuff. I haven’t gone there in a while so it’s pretty much dead.

Now I see baby Emma had her wordpress ( suspended. She also had 3 other WordPress blogs too and they were all suspended. Has WordPress changed their TOS now and are they now going after ABDL blogs?

I just looked through my links and saw two dead ones, (one was private) so I removed them both. I have not gone though all my following blogs lists yet but the abdlgirl one is still there.

So if this blog disappears, that would be WordPress suspending it. But I will still be at Twitter, Dailydiapers, Adisc and some other websites.


I have come across a blog entry and it was about the war on sex workers and how so many places have shut them down.

But anyway, for WordPress, the blog entry stated from the TOS:

  • – Specifically things hosted on and not instances of WordPress open sources software on people’s self hosted sites. There is a lot of confusion over this one. is a business venture by the company Automattic, which was started by a founder of the open source software project. You will not be prevented from making a site with WordPress software you have downloaded from or installed through your web hosts control panel.However, you may have your account shut down or content removed if you host your blog/site at, which says in its TOS: “There are limitations to the mature content permitted on our service. Please don’t: Post visual depictions of sexually explicit acts (such as, but not limited to, images, videos, and drawings) that can be considered pornographic; Post links or ads to adult-oriented affiliate networks, such as pornography site signups; Post links, text, or images promoting or advertising escort or erotic services;“ and has been known, thought firsthand accounts, to suspend adult industry workers using it for personal or promotional blogging.It’s not clear to the extent Automattic polices use of other services/plugins that you log into with a account (like JetPack), but we’d advise caution for WP users on wing your images to be compressed by JetPack packaged plugins, for example.

Someone online, could have reported Baby Emma’s blog and claimed it was a sex work and escort service because ABDL is a sexual fetish. But I found her blog again and she migrated to another platform it seems like. There are bitter ABDL out there who get angry if they have to pay so they will try and shut them down using the TOS to manipulate the service. They will make false claims and they succeed because the service buys it.

Perhaps this blog still stands because I am not making any money off of it and I am not selling anything here. I am not doing any meet ups here or hosting anything. I am not charging anyone to see my photos I have posted here. I am also not charging anyone to hang out with me and I am not renting out any room for any photo shoot.

Do people truly believe ABDL is an escort and sex work service if you are making money off it or are they just claiming it to shut them down due to jealousy and anger?

Broke my diaper religion again

My son had to have dental surgery on the 25th because he will not tolerate any sort of discomfort and he had to have a filling and get his tooth pulled because it was all rotted and hallowed out. He yanked that sucker out but still had pain up there. It was a baby tooth so I am not upset he had to lose his tooth and a new one will take its place anyway. He still had a little piece of that tooth up there and they got that out and drilled few of his other teeth and put in fillings and put caps over him perm teeth in the back to protect them from cavities. He had to be put to sleep for all this or else he would not have tolerated it.

But anyway while I was at the hospital waiting for him to get his surgery, my body decided to do a bowel movement and I didn’t want it to happen in my diaper nor did I want to get constipated from holding it so I had to break my religion by using the toilet there. I didn’t bring any extras with me and it was a good thing I did it in the toilet because it smelled and I had to push it out because it wouldn’t come out on its own. It was like my body didn’t know how to do it in the toilet anymore. It wasn’t a big one either. Obviously not all of it came out because after I got home more came out. It’s as if it has a mind of its own and knows when I am at home and out in public or when I am heading home anyway.

Scatshop hacked

Boy did I have a scare. I decided to check my account to see if I had sold another video and I see my login information does not work. I try again and it still doesn’t work. I look in the ABDL category and I see my own videos there still and it had been replaced by another username. I click on it and see my page and I click on the profile and it says it does not exist or it’s been moved to another location.

I even created a new account and sent in a ticket asking about my account thinking it was hacked.

Then it didn’t take me long after that that all the videos were marked with the same username and I realized it was the website itself having issues. I come home and look up the issue and I find out the website had been hacked. It was on reddit and on Twitter where I read about it and none of the models can access their accounts.

I am not really concerned about my earnings because I barely made any sales this month. I have been more successful on Pocketstars now. I make enough to buy content but not enough to make a living off it. I even keep track of my gig spendings on Microsoft word and save receipts or write down the cost so that way when I pay my credit card I know how much money to transfer to our checking account when I pay my credit card and I also write down how much I made on JFF and Pocketstars and write when I had moved it over to gig savings.

Now I was nervous about our bank account so I had my husband check it and everything was fine but I told him to keep an eye on it because Scatshop got hacked. I do not know if the hacker got our banking information but there is a reason why on websites, our personal information appears like 5555**** for banking information and social security and card information because it’s for in case if the website gets hacked.

I googled the username and I find out it was a name of a hacker and they even have their youtube channel with a few videos showing how to hack websites and you also see on google a list of websites they had hacked. It was a long list of them as well and all those websites I had never even heard of and even WordPress websites are often hacked I found out. I am not very concerned about my blog because I don’t make any money on it so I am not worried. Why would a hacker want my blog? Unless it’s someone who is my enemy and wants to destroy me.

I know Adisc has been hacked before but Moo always got it back and we were required to reset all our passwords and I remember when a bunch of users no longer had access to their email they had used to register with so they all came back under new accounts and Moo had to help them get access to their old accounts and ban their new account. So there were a lot of banned accounts then. I also remember when Dailydiapers had been hacked several times and it always wiped out recent posts or old posts were removed so it only showed the quotes in our post but our post itself would be gone. Each time we were told to change out password.

I remember when Nintendo got hacked so many users were given emails to change their password.

Gamestop was hacked one time and you were not able to log in and their website was not secured. I also remember when some games were free or were on sale for very cheap and everyone knew it was hacked but it was fixed within an hour or so. Or it could have been some Gamestop website employee that did that and sometimes employees with tamper with stuff when they get fired or are about to lose their jobs.

I have seen some porn sites that were hacked and it was pretty obvious too because it had malware, too many pop up ads, it would redirect you to other websites, the DMCA stuff is bogus, and sadly some website owners never get their websites back.

I don’t know what is going to happen to Scatshop but good thing I kept my videos on my computer under Onedrive. Will Alexapoo get her website back or is it gone forever and it will forever be hacked? I feel bad for other models though if they made over $100. There goes some of their income but I am happy I don’t need a gig income to pay my bills when our disability checks and my job pays it all. Sometimes I might have to start getting rid of my toys to declutter to move on to make room for more and repeat.

So don’t buy from that website. It’s hacked and none of the models will get their money. I hope wearing clouds won’t ever be a victim but I am sure he would move to another platform if that happen and hopefully he has his website backed up. I noticed the login button was missing on the page and so is the checkout page. Hopefully the owner is on hiatus again. He has done that before and will disable the checkout.

Update: the website is back to normal now. I can access my account and someone bought the newest video of mine and all the usernames are back. But strange how the site admins can just be silent about it. Usually the admin sends emails to all their users informing them of the hack and that everything is fine and telling them to change their password and check their banks for any suspicious activity or reassuring you everything is fine and your personal information was secured and not affected. This has been my experience on other websites.

That awful smell in my home.

My house has been smelling like sewage like piss and I thought it was our dog pissing somewhere and us not knowing about her. I wondered if it was the bonus room that was making our whole house smell and I looked for any dark spots and used carpet cleaner to clean it and got training pads for our dog to piss there in case she can’t hold it anymore since she won’t nark or howl to be let out. She likes to sleep with my husband so whenever he goes to bed, she follows him and she goes outside first thing when he wakes up. She will even whimper when she wants out too.

My parents came over and they had to leave because the smell got to them and I cleaned the basement carpet again and looked for more dark spots and checked the trash cans in the bathroom to empty out in case it was making out house smell and I use fabreeze and sprayed everywhere and opened windows and had my husband light the scented candle.

I hope we won’t have to get rid of the dog and tell my brother “sorry we can’t have a dog anymore, she is making our home smell like piss and we can’t figure it out where it’s coming from” and he has to take her back and get rid of her because he can’t have a dog anymore right now. It was his dog and then she became ours.

Then today I decided to clean the toilets and around them to see if the kids got piss on the floor and on the walls around it and I used pine sole and Comet inside the toilet and cleaned the top where the water comes in when you flush and I used the chemicals cleaner to clean the outside of it too. I scrubbed around the sides and cleaned the outside of it to see if it would help with the smell and I even opened the window and sprayed in there with Fabreeze to make it smell nice. I even washed the floor around the toilet too with pine sole and I used a rag to ensure to make it smell nice.

I decided to close the door when I was done. I go back in there later and smelled that awful smell again and figured out it was that toilet. It stinks and it was stinking up our whole house. It doesn’t flush and it fills up slowly after you flush so people keep pissing and shitting in it. But even after it’s flushed, it still smells and I cleaned it and it still smells like always and even wiping it down with chemical won’t make it go away. I told my dad about it on the phone and he said he will replace the toilet with another one they have brought over. I decided that bathroom door will stay closed with window open. I don’t think we have air vents in that bathroom. Even when I was a kid, I always kept the door to our bathroom closed because it always stunk in there from the toilet even though we would clean it. Even the bathroom upstairs in Montana stunk while mine didn’t seem to smell nor the downstairs one and my parents.

My mom described the smell like “it smells like dirty diapers down there” and I said “none of them are down there.” All mine get thrown away in my room and then I take it outside when the pail gets full. My dad said it didn’t smell like dog urine and it smelled like human piss.

I guess one of the good things about wearing diapers is never having to worry about toilets smelling but then you have to worry about the diaper smell. That’s why I used a enclosed bucket as my pail and take it outside when it’s full, open a window to air out or turn on my air freshener thing that melts scented wax and I keep my bedroom door closed. Plus it’s to keep the dog out of my room because I want it to be flee free in there and don’t want any on my bed. The flea problem has gotten a lot better after my husband has started giving her baths and plus we got flea medicine. She keeps taking off her own flea collars. I even got doggy shampoo that kills fleas or helps keep them off. Or maybe flea season ended so that would explain why I am getting bitten a lot less now.

I also decided to keep the bonus room door closed to hold in the doggy urine smell. I also keep spraying the pad to attract dogs to pee in that area. She has used her pad before because I have seen yellow stains on it and then I throw it out and replace it with a clean one and she hasn’t used it yet.

Where are all the older ABDLs?

It seems like many of the ABDLs are either 18 or 19 or in their twenties. I am in my thirties and I was in my twenties when I started this blog.

Someone asked on reddit if it’s harder to find ABDLs your own age. Actually it is. Many ABDLs I see are all under age 30 and I wonder if many of them (older than 30) just simply don’t do social media (eg. Tumblr, Twitter, Pocketstars) and they post on forums instead (eg. Reddit, Daily diapers, Adisc) which is where I see them mostly.

I read some speculations on there like:

28 y/o here! You may have trouble finding people on social media because they cater to a younger crowd anyway. Also, kids/careers/spouses and other things that are more common once you approach 30 are likely to contribute too.

Probably as people start families of their own it’s harder to find time to indulge & interact with the community. I’m 27 and already seeing that as potentially happening.

One of the issues is a lot of so called daddies are really just interested in young people and see this as a way to get a 19 year old. And once you hit thirty you are no longer young. Also people give up,repress who they are and latch onto a vanilla partner. This same person also said this at the end If you aren’t in a relationship by the time you are 35 there is little chance you ever will be. There’s not a lot of people looking to change the diapers of a forty year old guy.

I’d say one of my aspie friend’s got lucky and found a vanilla woman in her thirties who also has it too and they met online through a Facebook group about old highways and freeways and she also liked traveling and would come and see him and then she moved to be closer to him. They are now engaged and both decided to not have kids for personal reasons.

But I do wonder why social media is more common for young ABDLs and why older ABDLs prefer forums and don’t do social media and do photos. Notice how on the ABDL photo sites, all of them all seem to be young women and very few male. I also notice that most sex workers are female. Why are less men into this and more women are and I guess not very many women are into males so there would be no point in men doing it. But I wonder why.

I might be one of the few older ABDLs on social media.

Update: I came home from work and went into the bathroom to look for dental floss, door was closed when I got home and it smelled like piss. That toilet. But at least I didn’t smell it when I came home into the kitchen from the garage.

No place to put my used diapers

It’s past the holiday season and both our trash cans are full. Lot of it came from Christmas and I stuffed two trash bags of wrapping paper and garbage from the presents. Plus I was cleaning the yard and picking up leaves and I found some old junk buried in ivy from my brother’s house when my parents and him were renovating it to sell and they had all the house junk tossed on the side of our driveway making us look like slobs. Think of one of those properties you see with full of trash and abandoned vehicles and household appliances because they don’t have the money to haul it away. Well mine did it to save money until they had enough to fill the pick up to haul all away and they finally did buy forgot some of it so I tossed it in our trash bin including the medal frame to the fireplace from his old house. Plus I filled up the tiny trash bin that can fit 3 13 gallon trash bags from our household trash and now it’s all full and none of the trash cans have no room for more garbage.

I told my dad on the phone to stop hauling his and mom’s trash over here and use the trash service over there. They are house sitting my aunt and uncle’s house so they live there for now until they are back from Hawaii for the season. I told my dad our trash cans are full so don’t bring over anymore trash of theirs and to use the trash service over there.

My dad’s excuse was he was going to burn the trash (it was all paper from Christmas) and I said it was all over and it got wet from the rain so I tossed it.

My diaper pail is also full and we have stuffed trash cans but trash day isn’t until this weekend because of the New Years. I also don’t have to leave the bag on the ground outside or else animals could get into it. I can always leave out in the garage to haul out after trash pick up and then toss in the trash can with the other trash bag I am filling. I have thought about upgrading the trash but figured it’s my parents hauling it over here so I might just start dumping it in their cottage to show them because I am not letting them full up our trash cans when we need the room for ours. They can use my aunt and uncle’s trash service since they are paying the utilities so they can pay the trash service at their house.

There is a subreddit called bad roommates, there should be a subreddit called bad family members. I would probably have a lot of it but I bet it would make me look like I am always whining about my family and can’t find happiness.

My Camelots review

I decided to give these a shot. Instead of waiting for them to come in my subscription box randomly, I decided to use my funds money to buy a pack. These are the most absorbent diapers ever on the market so far, holds 7000 ml.

The pack came and I tried one and I wore it all day and over night and it leaked. I also had a lot of energy drinks too so that made me pee a lot.

Last night I decided to put one on again after not wearing for a week or two. I got changed and then less than a half hour later I felt the urge to poop so I pooped while sitting on my couch whole sewing up a seam on my pajamas while listening to Christmas sing alongs on Disney Plus on my phone. Then I peed and I felt it against my skin because it was so warm.

I don’t remember when I peed again but I remember I did a big one in my diaper this morning before getting out of bed and I felt it because of the poop. But it all absorbed in the diaper and I put my robe on and went on with my day. I remember I did a big pee again around noon and it went up the front of the diaper and it absorbed and it had no leaks. Normally diapers leak on me when I have messed in them and then pee heavily. But not these. I did wet them again while working out and they still didn’t leak and I even say in my wet and messy diaper and there was no wet spots on my wooden floor.

I don’t plan on using up the entire pack and I plan on using these for special occasions since they hold so much and these are good for travel use and when I am out all day. I can drink a bunch of sugar free energy drinks and not worry about my bladder. But just as long as I don’t have to poop because pee always makes poop smell as it gets wet from the pee.

I would keep these on longer but sadly I would have to take it off and change into a different diaper for work. These are also very thick too and they are very comfortable. I can feel the squishiness and the dampness in this diaper and I am not sure how many times I have peed in it other than the heavy pees I remember doing.

Things I am thankful for (ABDL version)

I am thankful for my husband who accepts me in diapers.

I am thankful I can wear them 24/7 and have a normal brain. (No more OCD thoughts about diapers)

I am thankful diapers have been normalized in my home

I am thankful for the companies out there that make good diapers and care about dignity than saving money.

I am thankful for some people out there who make outfits for ABDLs and have opened a compajny for it such as Lil Kink Botique and Littles Lavatory

I am thankful for Tykables that have diaper subscription cases.

I am thankful for all my fans out there that have supported me by subscribing to my content, even if it was for one month.

I am thankful for the fact that Casey had bought ABU and fixed up the mess the previous owner did and shipped out orders that customers had ordered.

I am thankful for Emma ABDL and Mindlessly Diapered that had inspired me to start making money on my content and some others too I had seen on Twitter.

I am thankful that Pocketstars allows messy content on their site.

I am thankful Just For fans does allow ABDL and age play on there while Onlyfans decided to throw everyone out who had that content on their site.

I am thankful for all the ABDLs that condemn any behavior in the ABDL community that is inappropriate like invading IC forums with their ABDLism and fantasies.

First diaper blow out

I don’t ever recall having a diaper blow out as an adult. Yesterday I got very bad stomach cramps and I figured I just had air and I needed to fart it out. So I couldn’t sit long without my tummy hurting again. I was then up in my room watching a abandoned house youtube video and I did a small poo in my diaper and I thought that was the end of it.

About ten minutes later, the cramps came back and this time I heard gas in my belly so I knew I was going to have diarrhea. I just stayed relaxed waiting for the poo to come but I could tell I was constipated because the poo was pretty hard.

I got a little more out but I could still feel more in there and it would take lot of grunting and pushing till I pass out and sweat.

I just kept relaxing and waiting for the poo to come while I pushed a little and I felt some runny poo come out around it. Then it came out and I felt better and then came the runny poop. It came to the edge of my diaper so I had to use a baby wipe to wipe that part of the mess away and I got my changing mat and put it on the couch where I was sitting and sat and I felt it spread and it came out of my diaper and onto the pad. I pooped more and then I was dripping poo out of my diaper when I stood up and I carried the mat under me when I moved over to my changing station so I wouldn’t get poo on the floor.

I finished pooping and then I took it off and it was one big mess to clean up. I couldn’t take a shower because my son was using the bath tub to soaked himself down there. I think he has started puberty because it was really swollen down there when he was complaining about the pain down there and I had my mom look at it (she’s a retired nurse) and I also looked at his chest and it looked like he was starting to get men breasts. My mom thought it looked normal like a boy’s chest, not puberty.

So I couldn’t bath and I had to use a lot of baby wipes to clean myself up. Then I felt more pain and I had to break my religion and use the toilet to leak my stool in because it was so runny.

Then my body was trolling me because when I would feel better, the cramps would come back when I would be in my room so I had to head back to the bathroom to let out my loose stool.

Then after my son was done with the bathroom, I showered and I was expecting to poo in the shower but the cramps never came back and I just wore a robe only after my shower to be sure I was done having diarrhea.

All my poo was solid and then liquid and it came out of my diaper because it was so runny and it was all over on the side of my buttock and around my butt crack on my butt cheeks and I did a photo set of it while it happened and while I cleaned it up and put it on my pocketstars where they allow messy content. I hear Patreon doesn’t allow it so I don’t post it there and Justforfans will allow none of it if it’s obvious you are messy. I actually had someone leave their cancelled reason “not enough poo” and I was like “but they don’t allow that stuff.” Then I saw someone had joined Pocketstars where she was posting her messy content Patreon made her remove, so I joined it later and am slowly putting my old content on it I still have. I have already put some of my messy content on it and I put my diarrhea messy diaper photo set on it and am thinking if I shall make it pay to view too for those who are not subscribed so they wouldn’t have to pay a subscription to see it and to see my repeated content again I have on JFF while I have my messy set already posted for my subscribers. I would just have to post it again for pay to view.

I haven’t made my page public yet but I am already getting some subscribers already so I am thinking my page have been in the featured already or they have searched my username on there and found me. Someone even messaged me on Patreon asking for my url because they can’t seem to find me when they searched me.

I have had diarrhea in my diapers before but I never ever had it leaked out of my diaper where I was dripping poo out of it nor have it come out the top.

Beware of abprinteddiapers

This is a seller on ebay. I bought a pack of Teddy diapers from them with my content money. Item was shipped and then last night I decided to check on my package to see when to expect it to be here since I have gotten my other packages already. I saw item had been delivered on the 14th but it was delivered to a parcel locker in Columbia, MO.

I contacted the seller no response. I wait till till noon and still no response so I sent them another message. Still no response.

I decided to contact ebay via Twitter @askebay and no response so I decided to try live chat on their website. That time I got to a live human and I told them of the problem. He asked for item number so I gave him the item number and he asked for my address and I gave it to him. He saw it had been delivered wrong because the tracking number did not match my shipping where it was delivered to so I did what he told me to do, open a dispute. But the website wouldn’t let me open one because the send button wouldn’t click so I got redirected to someone else and that person opened the claim for me.

I don’t normally call out buyers but when it comes to scams or unprofessional business, I will do call outs to warn others.

No one likes to be scammed or to be out of money and I even did screen shots too of my issue for proof so everyone can see it in case I am called a liar and I would cross out personal information like my address and only leave my state and city so everyone can see where it was supposed to go to. People have hated me for my screen shots and me saving things for proof but it’s simple to not lie and you won’t be exposed. Someone else once told me they don’t really care if people believe them or not so they wouldn’t need to be posting screen shots of their chats and things for proof. Another person once told me I think doing that makes me look good but it’s the opposite. To me, when I see people doing this stuff, it just tells me “don’t be dishonest, be a decent person and people won’t be posting your personal chats and things to out you with your lies.”

Funny thing is, last time this happened, it was with ToysRus which I had written here:

And I opened a dispute and it was closed automatically by ebay because it showed items were delivered so I had to call a number to talk to a live human and they did a courtesy refund and told me it was a one time thing and to check with my post office next time and neighbors. They wouldn’t understand it was shipped to the wrong address. Another user in the Ebay speculated that a ToysRUs employee changed my shipping information and wondered why they would do that. Then few months later, they went bankrupt and I thought it was hilarious because their customer service sucked ass and who wants to do business with them if their customer service sucks and people don’t always get their orders? As a child, I loved their store and always wanted to go there and shop and then I became an adult and I didn’t like their high prices when I could get it cheaper at Wal Mart or something. So I didn’t go there anymore. I only went occasionally when it was a Black Friday and when they were doing a closing sale.

So I guess Ebay has changed their policy finally about if the tracking number doesn’t match your address at the time of your purchase, you will get your money back. I guess they finally caught on with the scam.

I guess I should have known because it was only $1.95 for shipping for a pack of diapers and they did have 100% positive feedback so I expected they were legitimate. They sell the same items as Aww So Cute website so I wonder if they are the same people. I have heard of complaints by people not getting their items from Aww So Cute. So I have avoided them. It’s a pain in the ass to try and get your money back and you have to play the waiting game. Plus when you are with customer service, you an’t do anything else so if you have kids to take care of, it’s a pain to make them have to wait and if you have small children, it’s even harder because it will make it difficult to do live chat, especially if you have to do home schooling because of Corona.

Sometimes I feel like a Karen lol but I gotta remember I am just advocating for myself and no one likes to be scammed out of money. If someone buys an item and it doesn’t come and tracking number is saying it has been delivered but to another location, you better respond, they don’t know if they had been scammed or if it was an innocent mistake and you just put in the wrong tracking number or else you could be facing trouble like a dispute being filed against you or dealing with a charge back and dealing with your name being slammed to warn others. We’re not mind readers.

Edit: I had ebay stepped in when seller never responded and the next morning I got up, the dispute was closed and I was refunded by the seller. I left them negative feedback for sending my item to the wrong address and never responding to my messages. Reason for refund was “seller was not able to provide valid tracking.”

More edit: Ebay had removed my feedback so this site has become a scamming playground for scammers since they can get any negative feedback removed. The weird thing is, ebay never sent me a message telling me my feedback had been removed for whatever reason. So feedback is useless if any negative feedback can be removed for any BS reasons. We have no way of knowing who the scammers are since they can just get the negative feedback removed from their buyers they have scammed.

I am hoping I don’t have covid 19

It started yesterday when I got a head ache. So I laid down until it was time to get ready for work. I thought I was having caffeine withdrawal so I got a energy Rockstar.

But the headache never went away and then I was coughing and had a sore throat. I kept my mask on because I was coughing. I got off work and I sit on a bench and the person sitting on the other end had moved. I didn’t blame them.

I feel worse when i get home and I felt nauseated. I thought it was just hunger so I hate a entire box of Mac and cheese and still felt sick. Then I was cold. My feet were ice cold. I finish what I am doing on my computer and go to bed. I changed quickly and went right to bed but I had to turn off the fan and AC because I was shivering. My mouth was very dry and so were my lips so I have water next to me and I had put on chapstick.

Then the next morning I got hot so I had to turn the fan on again. I still had a bad headache but the chills and body aches were gone.

My dad called and asked me about covid and said he and mom would be staying away from me and won’t come in the house.

They’re old so of course they have to stay away from the house. They have their RV and cottage and their other cottage they had built.

I was going to go to my kids’ school today to pick up devices and to drop off their immunization records but I got sick and didn’t want to get anyone sick. I even called into work also but if I did have the covid, it’s too late now because I had already spread it.

Maybe someone else didn’t know they had it too or they were carrying it without symptoms and I got it.

My only fear is this will get worse but if i die, at least I won’t ever see myself get old or even worry about getting dementia. I will just enjoy my last days in my room.

My God, I also hope I don’t have covid. My husband thinks it’s just a fever. I also skipped homework with my kids today because I wasn’t feeling well. My husband won’t do it because he is worried he will make mistakes because of his disability.

I finally changed my wet diaper from at night when I was feeling well enough and I spent my whole day laying on the couch watching TV and dealing with bad cramps in my tummy from gas. Then I finally pooped but it wasnt a big one. Then the cramps were gone. I was even hot i laid naked in my bra and diaper and then I started to get cold again around 5 pm so I am back to wearing my robe and pants.

TV came in handy because I dont really watch TV anymore but today I did because I was sick and needed something to do. I would have watched Netflix or YouTube or disneyplus if we didn’t have cable.