Diapered my husband

I have been wanting to blog this but kept forgetting and wasn’t in the mood for the writing.

This weekend after our son was in bed, my husband and I had sex in the basement in his room and then I put two diapers on him cutting a slit in the first one and then I put his Super Mario onesie on him. I got it on ebay last year for his birthday or Christmas and it wasn’t cheap.

The next day I took it off him and he was barely wet and then he did a big pee in it after he got out of bed so I changed him into a clean diaper putting two on again. Then he got dressed in his regular clothes and I got changed and dressed as well. Then we went out with our son and we went to Goodwill and we found our son a nice tricycle and I found size 1 baby diapers and a rubber mat for the shower to keep you from slipping and ours at home is all moldy and I found a cute hat and mittens for my new baby and my husband got some sausage and a small pack of Pringles. Then we left and the thing on my car broke off and I was upset about it and I cried. We headed home to drop off the trike but my husband was in pain from his feet so he stayed home with our son having him ride his new trike and I went to Salvation Army and Goodwill and I found a cute shirt I liked and I found a cute coat for a baby girl and an outfit so I got those and I found size four Cars pajamas and got those for my son. He is always losing his pajamas. He has already lost the top to his other ones and another top and bottoms, kids. Then I went to Goodwill and I looked around and was ready to go home because I was getting tired and I was starving so I went home. My husband stayed in his diaper all day and used it and then we had sex again that night after our son was in bed and I had to diaper myself because he was too sore to do it and I threw our wet diapers away outside. We don’t usually have sex twice in a row but I didn’t go for my walk that day so I needed to burn some calories. The day didn’t go as planned because of that stupid thing breaking off my car and I need to take it in to get it fixed so I wasn’t as happy when I was out alone and I got tired from it and my husband was sore so he had to stay home. I decided to leave my kid home with him because it’s hard taking him out alone and go looking around so the reason why I don’t ever take him with him when I want to look in thrift stores and he gets tired and cranky so that means time to go home. I stop having fun anyway when he gets that way so it’s not a problem when I leave and head home. But yet when I was out alone, I didn’t really have fun because of a change in our plan so I went home and spent rest of my day on the computer relaxing from it all while my husband took care of our son. Then I had to put him to bed. Then after I saw he was a sleep, I went down to the basement to watch my shows again on the DVR so the shows won’t keep piling up and my husband decided to have sex with me so we did after I got through watching the show.

One thought on “Diapered my husband

  1. I think I can beat your story sadly its true or not depending on how you look at it. my wife of 14 years decided to be bold or i guess tried to see what kind of reaction i would have when she told me her boyfriend would be coming over that night and I might want to leave or stay to meet him my choice, to her delight that night I dressed in a pink dress with bright red plastic panties covering up a huge diaper. when he rang the doorbell I answered it. he said that’s why she meaning my wife needed a real man in this house because oviuously looking at me I was just another woman here.

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