What is a Jerry?

A Jerry is a self-hating person who thinks ABDLs are pedophiles and sees ageplay as pedophilia. They also sexualize any innocent drawings or things people do or what people write by calling them a pedophile. They also don’t care to learn and understand and be educated and find any lame excuse to not learn by claiming any mental disorder they have.

They will also play the victim when called out on their bigotry and ignorance and even be manipulative and play with your emotions to make you feel bad or just whine about being “bullied” and “harassed” and whine about how they have been called closed minded or a bigot. This is more manipulation here and trying to gain sympathy. Some may go extreme and say they are going to kill themselves.

They also see any form of child like behavior as sexual and associate it with pedophilia and see anyone as a pedophile for being with that person. They also connect it to real kids.

They see daddies as a pedophile and any sort of DDLG as pedophilia.

A Jerry is also concerned about being a pedophile so they judge others as pedophiles for being childish or being into child like things, buying toys in the store, playing on play grounds or just simply having fun.

A Jerry is also normally a hypocrite due to double standards.

Not all Jerries are ABDL, some are very well vanilla and automatically see ABDL as pedophilia and refuse to be educated about it and will make excuses about it and find justifications why. They don’t care if this is your coping mechanism or just part of your personality. They still judge and hate on you about it and kink shame it.

A Jerry will also see everything you do as ABDL. They may see your reactions as ABDL or your emotions or your feelings.

A Jerry may also ignore you if they don’t like how you are and will give you attention when you are the person they want you to be.

A Jerry may also mock ABDL.

Some even go extreme to say ABDLs/ageplayers/DDLGs, etc. need to die and be shot.

Other characteristics of a Jerry:

They complain about actors not being their actual age in the film they are playing.

They are transphobic and/or homophobic and use slurs and call anything as shoving it in their face when they don’t want to understand.

They judge other people easily and call anyone an idiot for not dressing in style or for wearing characters on their clothing or for not dressing their age.

They put other people down to make themselves feel better.

They are cold hearted and lack empathy and don’t give a shit about your feelings.

They easily label other people as a pedophile without any concrete evidence.

They talk about suicide and how they have wanted to kill themselves in the past. (probably to make you feel guilty so you will stay or do what they want you to do)

They easily screw you over.

They get mad at you about your feelings.

They tend to be very controlling and needy.

They try to cut you off from your friends and family.

They screw with your emotions. (just an example of manipulation here and being controlling)

They are very stereotypical and love to generalize everything.

They suck at apologizing. They may say their sorry but it’s not a real apology because they just suck at it. They don’t apologize for the pain they have caused you and the distressed they have caused. It’s all about them.

They make you afraid of them and you feel you have to bottle everything up or they will get mad at you if you voice any concern or express how you feel.

Where do you find these Jerries? Usually in the ABDL communities and if you see a Jerry on your ABDL forum, report their posts when they compare it to pedophilia or call it as such or do any kink shaming about it. See it on social media, call them out if you feel comfortable or just block them or do both. You will also find them on K**farms. You don’t do anything, you just ignore it and not visit that site if it’s too triggering. There are lot of them there.

Why Jerry? Jerry is a name I had given my ex online so I wouldn’t keep referring my ex as my ex and just use a name for him who is now her. Anyone that acts like her I call a Jerry because it brings back pain and flashbacks from their anti ABDL stuff. I have gathered up all this stuff I have seen online over the years and made it all a meme.

You are not a Jerry if you do not compare ABDL with pedophilia nor see it as pedophilia. This is the only criteria you need to fit to be a Jerry. You don’t need to have the other characteristics to be a Jerry.

Just because your name is Jerry or Geri or however your name is spelled does not mean you are a Jerry. Some peoples names are Karen or Susan and they are nothing like the memes.