My punishment

I got done early and no one else needed my help so I left work. I came home and it was still daylight and I went straight to the basement so my daddy could take care of my rash. My Shop Ko diaper had leaked after I sat down, cheap diapers, so I had a damp spot on my jeans. Daddy got me undressed and I laid on the bed and our kids were asleep in their bed so it was just us alone. He got the rash cream and took my diaper off and decided to give me a butt spanking so I protested ad fought saying “no no no.” That punishment was for me not wearing a diaper and for not talking to him about it first when I wanted to air out and he had caught me. Then he said he wasn’t going to give me one and he was just playing, instead he decided he would give me a spanking after we have sex. He gave me a few swats on my behind after we had it and I fought too for it and he won because he got a hold of me and spanked me while holding me but he didn’t hit me hard so it wasn’t a real spanking. I have read about adult spankings online and seen it in AB/DL and age play stories on ebooks and they always hurt bad and hurt to sit on their ass and it leaves marks on their behind. Daddy didn’t do that to me. Then he put a clean Bambino under me and put rash cream over my sore spot and diapered me. Then he got me dressed again and I took the baby monitor and headed back upstairs to my room to watch Dr. Phil.