Getting Tired of Diapers

Sometimes I get tired of wearing them so that is why I have quit 24/7 before. The first time I went 24/7 was from October 2006 all the way till March 2008 but I took a little break in March for a few weeks due to no job and I had to keep my money saved. Then I went again in September 2011 when my diaper fetish came back and stopped again in December 2011 because my mother in law came out and then I had no interest. Then I was finally forced to go 24/7 this month. My husband would give me spankings when I get ready for work because I had no diaper on and I was supposed to be wearing one so he diaper me. Then I take it off when I get home when the diaper needed to be changed and I would shower and not put another one on. Then I would get spanked again when my husband would catch me. Then one day he made me have sex and he played Titanic on his computer. Then after that I stayed in diapers.

Today while on my walk with my son, I was starting to feel bored with wearing them. I came home and asked my husband if I can quit wearing diapers because I am getting tired of it. He shouted “no.” I said I guess I would wear them like underwear then and then asked him what would happen if he caught me using the toilet and he told me “Then you get sex.” I told him I bet he has been happy I have been pooping in my diapers and he said he is. I complained he never changes them and he said it’s because of his feet.

I am stuck in them for the rest of my life. I might have to start sneaking the bathroom but how would I explain lack of cloth diapers? I guess I can pee in them once and then change to make it look like I had been using them and he wouldn’t even guess I had been using the toilet.

When I went in the bedroom again to ask my husband something totally none diaper related, he felt the back of my diaper and asked me if I just peed. I said no and asked him why and he said it felt warm. I wondered if I actually peed and didn’t know it or if my body warmed my wet diaper up. I can’t even remember the last time i have went. Last time I remember going was when I was playing Mario Party 9 and that was before the walk.