Leaked at the group

I went to my autism group again and I wore a cheap Shopko diaper. I got them at a thrift store in Montana for five bucks and I put one on. I didn’t know how good they were but I wasn’t going to be gone that long so I put it on. They were very thin. It was hot out so we had huge flans blowing and ice cold water on the tables with cups and I wet my diaper during the group and it was a long one it felt. Then when break time came, I felt a wet spot and it was so hot out, there were none on the chair so I went in the restroom and changed and it was wet in the middle and after I was done, I didn’t feel any wet spots anymore. I also used some gas money the guy gave me yesterday when I went to the nude beach and put in three bucks to support the group since the guy who runs it has to pay rent for the space he uses for his groups. I had remember I had money with me because last time I forgot to put some in and it’s a habit because I don’t carry cash or coins so I never contribute to the group unless I happen to have any change or a dollar or so. So I stuck a few dollars in the container.


2 thoughts on “Leaked at the group

  1. So just to get this right, you’ve been diagnosed as having aspergers? I have a major curiousity in that as my wife I believe is an undiagnosed aspergers as well… Honestly I don’t care if she is or not. I love her either way, but I’m trying to find out more, get diagnosed so I can understand her better…. She thinks differently and I’d love to try and understand her point of view or thinking. I feel it would make misunderstandings a little easier. How would I find a group like what you go to? What symptoms of aspergers do you have? What difficulties do you have with your husband, etc. your help is greatly appreciated, and your blog is great! I look forward to reading it all the time!

    • I was diagnosed in 6th grade and my symptoms were I had dyspraxia and sensory issues and problems with social skills and I didn’t like change and had more difficulty with it when I was younger and I was very literal and black and white and I wonder if my habits I had were actual stims because how many times did I get “Don’t play with your lip” “Don’t play with your hair” “Don’t play with your ear” and mine always changed over the years. In my toddler years it was ringing my wrists and I did it when tensed or upset and it’s in some of our family videos and I do it at a mall here in my area and I was looking around. I looked fine in the video and content but my mom said that is what I did in noisy situations and malls were loud. I did have friends but I had problems with them as I got older and I did fine if they were at my house but at their house I had a hard time and by 6th grade I had no friends of my age and it started to get hard around 4th grade because puberty is tough for all children. Same thing happened with Temple Grandin at that age, she had friends and then started to lose them at puberty age and I am sure anyone with any disability can relate including normies. My husband tells me I take things literal and his humor and he often has to rephrase things and I don’t get so upset anymore if I have to give him a ride at the spur of the moment and I often have issues with lot of touch so he always has to ask to give me a hug and I have to expect it first. I don’t think there is much between us because he is a great understanding guy. He also has to tell me when I am being inappropriate like he will tell me something is not appropriate at the table or if I say something he will tell me that was not appropriate or tell me everyone has moved on from a topic or he will tell me “Do you know you have been talking about this for the last twenty minutes” when I am going on and on and I go ‘oh sorry’ and stop. I found my group online when I did a local search for As groups in my area and his page popped up. I used to be in two others but one of them folded and the other I stopped going to because of my work schedule and the meetings were always were when I was working and then I got booted from the group because I never responded to wanting to stay in the group when the new owner cleaned house. I was inactive so I didn’t take it personal and I wasn’t going to the group anyway. I am not sure how my kids are affected but so far my son loves me and I sometimes wake up with him in bed with me. He comes in my room at night sometimes and crawls into my bed and sleep. It’s tough dealing with his whining but I know all parents have a hard time with it and I have a harder time listening to my son when he whines because all I hear is the whining than what he is saying so I do tell him I cannot understand him when he whines so say it in his normal tone of voice. It’s even tougher when my daughter is fussing or crying and my son is whining or screaming. The advice online about how not to yell is a joke because it’s like saying how to put a fire out without adding any dirt to it or water. But I realize it’s me with a problem if the advice is not helpful. How can I be calm if my kids are doing things that are overwhelming me you know. I am done with having kids. ūüôā

      I don’t see why a DX is important, if you think she has it, why not already treat it like she does and just understand her already? Why not do research on it to understand her thinking or join an autism forum like wrongplanet or just listen to her to see her point of view. I only understand a DX is needed if the person needs it to get the help they need but I know some get one for closure or to prove to others they have a legitimate issue and are not making it up and they are not a hypochondriac and I knew one online who needed it to prove in court he was not purposely getting fired to avoid paying child support his ex was claiming. I even knew one aspie on wrongplanet who got pissed about someone saying self diagnosed aspies are full of it so he went for a diagnoses to prove to all those people who are against the self diagnosed he has it.

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