So yesterday

I was going to blog about this but didn’t get around to it so I am doing this now before I forget or before it’s too late. This happened yesterday before work. My husband makes me go outside in the warm weather with our son and he makes me play with him on the swing set. My husband just stays on the porch with our daughter while I am on the swing and my son is on the slide. Since he was being a daddy, I will call him daddy in this entry.

I am not sure how long I was out there for before Daddy decided it was time to go inside because our son was tired and his tone of voice was driving me crazy and making me irritable and short tempered and I felt shot from it. It’s harder for me to listen with that tone. No wonder parents yell. I needed a break from this child so Daddy put him to bed with the tablet and then he took my clothes off and my plastic pants and diaper and we had sex. It was harder to do with an infant in the room and I just wanted Daddy to hurry because of the kids. Yes we had sex with our daughter in my room but she won’t remember. We also had the door closed with the toddler thing on the knob and our son got out of bed and knocked on my door and he would have caught us if I didn’t have that thing on the door. Daddy put him back to bed and came back to my room and resumed. Then our daughter started fussing so Daddy changed her and she still fussed so he had to entertain her to keep her happy so she wouldn’t fuss and I cannot relax with a crying baby. I think that is what their crying is meant to do so the parent will take care of their needs to shut them up. So after he was done having sex, he gave me a bath and he washed my hair and body and let the water out. Then he put a Tena Slip Maxi on me but did it wrong so I had to fix it when he was through. He said I threw a fit over him doing it wrong. No I just didn’t like it being put on wrong, bottom tabs first and then the top two and make it tight, on the plastic landing, not close to my legs, but instead he put the top tab on first and he put so much powder on me and I didn’t like how it looked on me when he was through so I fixed it. Luckily they are refastenable. Then I was made to be in my bra and diaper and socks only until work.


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