At the Nude Beach

I posted about my nude beach experience on ADISC and I never thought people would be opposed to what I did. It got to nine pages. I walked around on the beach in my diaper only and some people looked at me when I went for my walk and I didn’t stare at them to see what kind of look it was like was it a dirty look or a mean look or what. I just minded my own business and so did everyone else. It was like it was all normal. I was the only person who showed up there so it was just me and the guy who planned it. I’ll call him Fred for this entry. Fred sat around in his only diaper too and went for a walk with me. He had on cloth with printed plastic pants over them. The beach got real crowded in the afternoon and then there were people close by to us and one guy sat right by me about an arm length away. Fred and I wandered into an area where there were a lot more people and only one woman stopped us who looked to be about in her 40’s and asked what was about the diapers. I let Fred tell her about his reason for them and he mentioned his medical condition and she was obviously ignorant about incontinence. He told her he is always leaking and she said why not do it in the water. When he said his bladder was messed up, she said hers was too and he said he was always dribbling and she said why not do it in the water. I am not sure what to make of the situation. She sounded curious but also critical. I was honest about my reason for wearing them and she asked us some questions like if our kids wear them too and I said my son is potty trained and she asked us if we changed each other and I said we weren’t together and Fred told her we were just friends. I didn’t know how else to put it but he said friends so I guess that made it easier to explain it. She was the only person who actually said something about it and when we were sitting back down, the man next to me talked to me for a few minutes and he made no knowledge about our diapers. Then when I had to head home because my husband needed hamburger buns for dinner, we packed up and boy did it take us about a half hour to do and the same people the lady was with waved at us as we were leaving.

I think my thread drove a member to leave the forum because he got into a disagreement with another user about what I did so he made a good bye thread shortly after. A few people didn’t see it as an issue what I did.


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