My onlyfans page gone

I don’t know what happened. But just today or a few moments ago, I was not able to log into my page so I figured the website was down and went back to my game and watching James Bond.

I come back around 11 PM and try to log in again and the page is still logging me in so I refresh and I try and log in and it won’t log me in. Thinking it’s a glitch, I ask about it on twitter and no responses. I decide to check the other two only fan pages I know and I follow their twitter accounts. They are still there so I delete their onlyfans name in the url and put in mine and page is not found. I did send onlyfans an email about my account.

I don’t know if they terminated my service or if I got hacked and they deleted my account so I signed up for manyvids to see and I might just have to sell my photos for cheap and see if anyone buys them. I had a promotion going on and it was $3 to join till New Years and it got deleted so that means those that subscribed lost their money. I lost $100 so it makes me glad I withdrew my money in time which was $355.

This really sucks and I am upset now and I can’t relax and given this is the Holiday, I don’t expect to hear back from my only fans support till after the holidays. I plan on sending them a fresh email to contact them in case they only respond to fresh new emails when I ask a new question.

I did look at the terms to see if I broke any and I know I didn’t break any because none of it fit that I violated.

I did create a new Onlyfans account but will hold off posting any new content to it or re posting content. Same as adding any bank information to it.

I am sorry guys. My account had been removed or suspended, who knows or maybe I was hacked and they got my account deleted. If I do reopen my page again and re upload any content, I will have a stronger password and write it down and keep it safe in my notebook. I don’t know if someone had falsely reported my page or what and decided to silently harass me but I hear that happens among ABDLs and they also had their accounts disappeared mysteriously.

I wonder if anyone has opened a new account on the same website having to re verify their identity and started from scratch there?

More to add and it’s after midnight as I write this:

I know mindlessly Diapered made a video and I believe the same thing happened to her and she said people are trying to shut her down.

It’s a rant and I never thought it would happen to me. I don’t know if it was because I am not active enough or I won’t do customs and stuff I get requested from time to time is stuff I am not into. I had my price low for a reason because I didn’t want the stress of trying to keep active. People could subscribe and cancel anytime. But her video is pretty empowering. If you don’t want to pay, don’t pay. That is why I don’t buy paid videos or pay to follow pages except I did with one other person because she was also doing a sale on her onlyfans page so I followed for $3.99 a month and was going to subscribe. Now I can’t view that page unless I pay to follow again which I won’t. But I would never ever try and harass someone and try and get them shut down because I didn’t like to pay. I just go somewhere else.

I know there are other options out there like many vids which I created an account for, patron and I can also try and sell some extra photos or clips individually and there is clipsforsale website. But I realize paypal does not allow anyone to use their service to sell sexual things. That would also mean my real name gets outed which I don’t want and I don’t really want to have to create a new paypal account with a fake name. Plus it takes a few days to set it up. Plus someone can just decide to report my account to shut me down just because. I don’t know why people do these things.

It’s the holidays so I decide I will just relax and take some extra photos and videos if I can and enjoy my holiday and not worry about this right now. I also don’t expect to hear anything from Onlyfans till tomorrow Dec 26th and I am not expecting manyvids to approve me within 24 hrs because of the holiday.

And it’s funny because I had my Onlyfans page Christmas Eve morning and now it was gone in the evening around 6PM and I just shrugged it off and thought it was just being slow and the server was acting up. I don’t know if it was because I had troubles with my images being upright and I didn’t know what sizes they were when they asked me when I contacted them about it. But I never heard back from them again and I also shrugged that one off and figured it’s the holiday so maybe they are closed and will be back in business after Christmas.

I think I am mostly upset because I was getting free money and that got taken away and I lost $100 and I had $38.00 of it in my account that was ready to be withdrawn. I had around $70ish still waiting for approval. But I am so glad I withdrew $355 in time before this happened.

I am still viewing the guidelines to see if I violated anything and I can’t see any. I am hoping I can get this fixed.

I am also viewing guidelines for manyvids to make sure I won’t violate any rules and what their policies are.

When I think about it, I also just remembered someone else I follow saying on her page that her Snapchat got deleted randomly. I don’t know if she got it back. I know she is doing premium again but she didn’t say. I also wonder if baby Emma got her onlyfans page deleted too. I remember the time she lost her wordpress blog and it’s still gone. But she has her Instagram, I don’t know if she still has her tumblr. Too bad she doesn’t do PM or I would have talked to her about all this and see what she does now and how does she advertise her business now. But I could still try and if she doesn’t respond, no worries.

I have clips4sale on my mind, patron, many vids for other options to make some extra money. I wonder if there are other paid social medias like onlyfans.

2 thoughts on “My onlyfans page gone

  1. It’s sad that many of the trolls, creeps, Beta males, soy boys and Incels are trying to take down women run sites because they won’t cater to them.

    • I would hate to point fingers at anyone who did this, I know I have gotten some requests before and would ignore them. One day I decided to be more professional and respond and being polite about it and they went “no problem” and said how they like my content. I am not going to say it was this person. People just suck. I guess I will migrate. But sadly what I post will be more restricted due to TOS. So the vids won’t be as good.

      I even had a low price for everyone to follow and everything they saw was there to see at a low price so it was a good deal but now things will be more expensive. šŸ˜¦ I don’t know of any other place like onlyfans. I am thinking of trying premium snapchat now.

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