MyDiaper review

The first diaper I tried was MyDiaper Night. I have heard bad reviews about MyDiaper and how they are a rip design from Fabine which is why they changed their design. I got these anyway and I thought it was a good diaper. I am not sure how many times I wet it but I believe I did one big wetting in it. Sadly I had to change out of them because it was smelling like pee so I had to change. The next one I put on was MyDiaper Night Animal.

Me standing in MyDiaper Night.


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Feels like diaper wasted but I had it on from before work until morning and it was smelling so I had to change but these were good diapers since they could hold more. Also the tabs restick and can come undone.

My Super Seni Quatro review

My DC Amor Anime diaper review

The tabs ripped from the diaper so I had to use packing tape and I say they hold very good and I was soaked when I got changed. But the tabs hold good on the diaper but sadly they don’t hold long as you wear them because they rip from the diaper but the tabs stay on the plastic landing.

Seni Super Plus review

I just got changed out of it and they held very good. They didn’t leak at all and they never sagged so that is a A plus there. But the smell is bad and the tabs ripped from the diaper as I wore it and I didn’t even know about it until I pulled my pants down. So I would say there goes that diaper I wouldn’t want to wear again. I didn’t take a photo of it this time. The fit is also good.

My wet cloth like Cushie diaper review

I just got changed out of this diaper and they do get uncomfortable with a little pee in it because of the sag so I wore my swim bottoms over it. I wore it all day until around 9PM and I didn’t count how many times I wet it. I don’t do normal pees in it like you do in the toilet so it’s always smaller amounts. But I soaked it and then it leaked a little so that meant it was time to change and it was smelling like piss anyway. Now I am wearing a Seni Super Plus diaper from Europe.

But here is my wet Cushie diaper I made if you are interested.

You can tell it’s wet this time and it’s wetter than I got the other diaper.

My ID Slip review

These are from the UK I got from Wearing Clouds. I put it on last night and they hold well, they didn’t leak. But I didn’t get to use it to full capacity because it stunk like urine so I had to change. My mom asked me if I had a wet diaper and I said I did and she told me I better change it because it stinks really bad and it’s disgusting. But I know we should all change every morning anyway after getting out of bed no matter how wet the diaper is unless it was still dry when we got up and then we wet it. The longer the urine stays in the diaper, the more it smells so even fresh pee with make it stink. But because it was only one diaper I had, I cannot accurately form an opinion about it to know for sure it has poor odor control because all diapers smell the next day after having it on the night before or the day before. That is probably why companies usually send out two diapers for a sample so you can test it accurately to see if it’s the right diaper. Wearing Clouds only sends out one diaper so you would have to order two of them and the diapers there are pricey per diaper. It cost me over $20 total for five diapers but with a 40% discount, it only cost me around $18 and that includes shipping in it. Remember it’s shipping that throws me off so I rarely buy diapers from private companies because they charge you for shipping and it’s a lot. But if they offer free shipping, then that is different.

They are pretty thin and crinkly and they are supposed to hold 3500 ml which is about 14 cups when I looked online so that is nearly a gallon it holds. I don’t need a diaper that holds a shitload because then it would be a waste of money because I don’t wet them enough and they will just start smelling before it gets to its capacity. Also it still felt comfortable after it was wet and it didn’t sag. They felt more comfortable than the Abena M4 diapers and I tried the cloth like ones too and they smell terribly when wet so I know to not get Abena online. I don’t understand how people can like them if they have poor odor control. But I want a diaper that doesn’t stink easily. Wet Abenas seel uncomfortable when wet because they sag but this ID Slip didn’t sag or feel uncomfortable at all and I still felt dry when i changed it but with a fresh diaper on now, I can definitely tell the difference between the wet diaper and a dry one.

Here is my wet diaper: VCjwAIG

(Link broken so remove the space in it. I did it because I know not everyone wants to see used diapers and the image was showing when I posted the url)

You can barely tell it was wet so that could mean I had enough fluids. But it was wet in the middle and it could have held more but it was smelling so I had to change.

Here is how I roll mine up: I6Hcw5F

You might notice the dark patch on the diaper, that is where it is wet.

Now I have on a cloth like Cushie. It feels nice to be dry again and not smell.

Tena Maxi Slip review

I got these in the mail and I decided to try them. I put one on and I took some photos which I intend to share but I don’t have a SD memory card slot on my laptop nor do I have the computer accessory for it. My son lost it the next day after I got it in November because I was stupid to leave it out on the table and he woke up the next day and went down there and put it somewhere and didn’t know where he put it and it has never showed up since. Who knows what he did with it. But at least he is past that annoying stage and because I don’t have to keep my bedroom door closed anymore but I still do for precaution when I am gone.

So I put one on the night before and they feel very comfortable. The fit was good and I had it on nice and snug and they hold quite a bit too. I wore one to bed and I still wore it the next day because it could hold more and it did smell strongly but I kept it on. I also pooped in it so that made it leak when I peed more in it but I had on some plastic pants. Then I took it off around four and I saw the mess was soft and it went up my diaper a little and I rolled it up and threw it away in the diaper champ. I went into the bathroom to shower and my son decided he wanted to shower too despite he already had a bath that day so he came running upstairs and went into the bathroom after me and saw the mess between my but cheeks and said “poopy” and I didn’t know what he was talking about until he pointing to my butt. I told him I went poopy but I didn’t tell him where I did it at and I hope he didn’t figure it out. I just rinsed it out in the tub and then showered. Cleaning up isn’t bad if you wash it off in the tub. I would probably do it more often if I wore disposables 24/7.

Then after I got out of my shower, I put on the last Tena and I pee a lot this time and I probably wet it several times before going to bed and I went it once at night while in bed and then when I got up. Then I changed out of it around eight because I didn’t want to deal with the smell again and diapers do always smell if you had them on from yesterday. The diaper could have held more but I didn’t care. These are good diapers and I would love to buy more and I am looking forward to trying the cloth like kind they just started.