Bath time

Last night daddy decided to give me a bath. I was about to shower so I took my diaper off and my daddy then came in my room and told me to get on the bed. I figured he wanted sex because he knew I was going to take a shower later and I already had my diaper off so that was the only clue. He cleaned me up with a wipe and rubbed me down there with it and then he fucked me and then he gave me a bath and scrubbed my body and down there. He also washed my hair wish shampoo and he rubbed acne cream on my back and chest where whiteheads like to form and he used a body scrubber. Then he dried me off and I let the water out. He did first but I closed the drain and then I let the water out again. We hadn’t done this in a while because of our kids and my parents and the fact his feet hurt so he is always in pain and they get real bad when he has been on them for too long. But my mother was gone and my dad was sleeping and so were our kids so we had play time.

Then he diapered me and put me to bed and gave me my doll (daughter) because she woke up. She woke up while he was going to put one on me so he had to go to her and I laid on my bed and waited and then he came back and finished me and then gave her to me and tucked us both in. I was only wearing a diaper and no pajamas just like a baby. Then our son woke up and he wanted to lay with me and I said no. He has to learn to sleep on his own anyway and I didn’t have clothes on. Daddy didn’t seem concerned so he asked if our son could lay with me.