I was once a Pirate, arghh

Back in 2009 I had opened a new youtube account so I could post my favorite The Amanda Show clips. It all started when I wanted to find a particular video to share online called Meet The Literals. It was nowhere to be found anywhere on youtube so when the TV show came on again, I was watching it till I found that skit so I recorded it by holding my camera up to the TV and holding it still. Then I uploaded it to youtube and shared it online. I decided to upload my other favorite clips and kept recording my favorite ones and uploading them.

I knew what I was doing was against their TOS but lot of users did it anyway and would even get away with it. I got lot of subscribers and I started to get requests so I was starting to do them when I started to get hit with copyright infringements and my video being removed. I wouldn’t upload it again. Then after several times my account closed. That was it. I wasn’t upset. I didn’t bother opening up another account again to re upload it because it would have been a pain. I wasn’t getting money for it and I wouldn’t want to anyway because it’s not right to make money off of other peoples content and back then people just uploaded content, they didn’t get any money for it until youtube started the ads thing and decided to have users make money off their content from ads. I am not sure when that started. But you need to have around 10,000 subscribers to qualify.

Why am I saying this, because I know people who steal content and re upload it probably create a new account because they know they could get caught, get a violation of the TOS and have their account be terminated. Then they can just open a new account if they want to go through all that pain again of posting everything. My husband says they also use fake names to avoid getting caught. I told him what could possibly happen to them, their accounts would just get suspended and they can open another one and re upload again.

I also used to download music from Kazaa, and that often gave you viruses because sometimes a song file would have it. I also used Limeware because it was better and a sharing program. I would then burn it to blank discs and that was how I saved money. I stopped doing it in my mid twenties when I started to find any song on YouTube to listen to. Now there is Pandora and Spotify.

Why would people buy porn and then upload it somewhere else? Because they see it as theirs and think they can do whatever they want with it. So they share it but they use a premium upload service and get money for it. They may upload it to a freebie porn site but what is worse, a premium share file site or a freebie site?

They probably see it as trading their game to Gamestop and they resell it or they do a yard sale or they go on Facebook and sell their game they no longer want. But however, that isn’t the same thing, they are not copying the game and reselling copies of it. Buying digital stuff and then reuploading it is wrong. It’s fine for your own personal use like if you upload it to your google drive or put it on a one drive folder for back up and to keep it safe because you don’t want to risk losing that video in case something goes wrong with your computer. But you don’t share it to the public. Technically that is violating the TOS but just as long as you don’t share it, video won’t get reported for abuse.

People have always shared what they bought and companies would try to tackle it. Gaming companies have decided to troll pirates when they copy their games so items get lost, graphics get all scrambled while the character keeps moving, the file will randomly erase right before you beat the final boss, game randomly crashes. Even Nintendo has done stuff like this too. In this one game, they had it be you are about to beat the game and the game freezes and when you reset the game, file is erased. All that work for nothing. That is why I will not buy pirated games and I steer clear of any games from China since they are known for selling knock off items and fake stuff. If I see a game for insanely cheap, I won’t buy it because it’s too good to be true and it can be a fake. I would rather see pirated games as previews, you play it and like it, get the actual copy. I once found a bunch of pirated games at a gaming convention and the man was just giving them away for free and lot of them didn’t even work. They were all Superman for GBA. I found one that worked and took it but I don’t expect it to functional 100%. I have even bought Wario Ware Gold at a used game store because I had it on my modded 3DS with a bunch of piracy games and I know those files can corrupt and I lose the game so it’s better to just buy the real copy. Plus I am not computer smart and not tech smart so all this is far too advanced for me. I have Gamefly for a reason and I pay $16 a month to try games and if I don’t like them, I send them back for another one. Maybe that is how pirates see it when they buy content and re upload it. They maybe see their files they share on a website as their resale store. I am guilty of buying games used because they cost less money and I like to be frugal. But I will buy the game brand new if I want it that bad. I won’t wait to get it from Gamefly to try it because it will be so popular, it will be very hard to get because it will be low availability.

Even companies that would make computer games would require you to have a book to put in a special code. Stunts was like that, and so was The Incredible Machine. But if you lost the book, you were screwed so we couldn’t play Stunts anymore when we lost the book. It was a fun game we always played.

I also remember my parents loaning out our computer games to their friends so they could put it on their computer and they would return the software. My parents also borrowed Student Writing Center from my Dad’s friend and they installed it onto their Windows 3.1 computer. That was why PC games now required discs to be inserted for programs to play. Now companies will put a feature in on their discs to keep it from playing if it is copied. Playstation did that. Some DVD players won’t play copied discs. Some won’t record movies either. I tried playing a recorded movie on my parents DVD player and the graphics were scrambled. Now I think you can buy PC games online now from Microsoft or from Apple store because I don’t see any PC games being sold in stores anymore, now they are all online. I think that was their way of tackling sharing. But there will still be pirates who will find a way to copy the game and have it uploaded somewhere else and people can download it for free.

Netflix had also tackled account sharing because they now do limited screens. You can now watch up to 4 screens because they know people will share their accounts. We share ours with my parents and my inlaws and we shared it with my brother until he decided to get his own.

As my online friend has said, pirates will always win.

Lot of people see their bought content as their own so they will repost it online. Even if they are giving credit to the person but it is still stealing because they they won’t make any money from it anymore.

Pirates are at it again

I got a DM from someone on Twitter alerting me of my messy content being posted and I clicked the url and another Twitter user had posted 3 of my videos crediting me but posted a ufl to a upload service. It costs money to be a member so you can download the content in less than 60 seconds. Ths freebie download is over an hour long.

I was mad. I do not take kindly to my content being uploaded anywhere. Advertising, yes but not reposting it. Advertising would be posting the url to my original source where I had uploaded it to.

So I mass reported the tweets and the user and posted the account on my page telling others to report the person for my stolen content. I even filed a dmca with Twitter for copyright infringement. I want all my videos removed from that page. The account got suspended. Okay. But I know he can just file an appeal to get his page back up.

Too bad Twitter doesn’t have a report tweet option for copyright infringement or for stolen content. I had to report it as spam and abuse and not interested in the page. I am sure others reported it too because it got suspended.

I saved the urls so I can report them and file a DMCA to get them taken down.

I tried to report each video but it wouldn’t let me. I could only report 1.

I heard back from their abuse team and they said my email didn’t match the domain. They even said fake accounts often come from Gmail, yahoo.com and 10minute emails. They asked for proof and while I was working on gathering my evidence those are my videos, I realized it was already past 4pm and I had to get to work. I knew I had work to do later after I get back from work. Even work on my DMCA report with my name and email on it too along with my other proof it is actually me.

I don’t have a problem with showing my real identity when it comes to my content being posted elsewhere. Only the hosts will see my real identity and the DMCA. They don’t care what content I do. I guess too many sex workers and ABDLs are too embarrassed to report it because then it means telling them about their fetish. But to me, all these people are anonymous so I don’t even care if they know. And if they can’t prove it’s their work, they are out of luck. You have to get creative like post you doing your original work, take videos of yourself logging into your website, show your work with your face in it, etc.

Mini “tantrum” in the store

Today is my daughter’s 6th birthday. My husband and I had ordered her a Frozen II cake at Fred Meyer. The lady there had written it down and my name and phone number and size of cake and filling and frosting. We wanted it done by Tuesday at noon.

That day comes and I go to pick it up. They were very busy and the store was crowded, many people had on masks. I tried to wear mine but my sensory issue can’t take it so I keep removing it.

I give them my name but they can’t find d the name and my husband’s name and our daughter’s. They keep asking me if I am at the right Fred Meyer. The woman in the bakery even called the other Fred Meyers and none of them had the cake.

I start to panic and I call my dad’s phone to get a hold of my husband. He confirms we ordered at this spot.

The bakers asked me if I paid for the cake and I said we didn’t. They explained I was supposed to pay and bring the receipt back to them. They also asked me when I ordered it and who took the order. I am bad at remembering names and peoples looks so I told them I had no idea.

I think they saw how frantic I was and I even said effing than fuck because I didn’t want to cuss and yell in the store. I didn’t yell at thd bakers or anything because it wasn’t their fault and the lady obviously didn’t do her job or she would have given us the receipt and tell us to pay and to bring it back and put our order in. I even asked my husband if she gave us anything and he told me no.

I don’t know if I had a panic attack or a mini meltdown in the store but it got me a free cake and they gave me Frozen cake decorations and put her name on it.

Then I wandered around the store because of the meltdown I had so I forgot for a moment why I was there and what I was doing. I eventually grabbed my energy drinks and paid and went home.

My daughter didn’t notice and thank God she wasn’t there when we ordered the cake or she would have been so upset. We didn’t tell her anything about the cake. There was no double layer with frosting in the middle and it was all one cake with one layer frosting

Just one of the annoying things about ordering cakes, they can fuck up your order, ugh. This is the 3rd time that has happened. First time, someone forgot to write down we ordered Thomas the Tank so there was no Thomas the Tank but we got the cake decorations to make it right. The second time, we paid for the cake twice, when we ordered and when we picked it up and I didn’t even know we had already paid. But these two happened at Safeway.

24/7 Challenge

All around the ABDL community, I have been seeing people talking about going 24/7 because of the quarantine and being stuck at home.

To me, there is no challenge because I already wear 24/7.

In fact my life hasn’t really change much since the quarantine because I was already a homebody.

Only slight differences that have changed for me is:

My work hours have been cut because of customers not coming into work, the day cares are closed. But the security still go to work and very few people still go in and some conferences are still held. I just go in and check the restrooms, sweep and vacuum and check the fitness center and wipe up the foot marks left by the security. I also check the conference rooms and the teachers still come to work for the daycare so I check the trash.

We can no longer go to Goodwill from time to time because they’re all closed and we have to stay home so I have been going on Facebook and browsing and I got a 2005 Desktop computer with a Windows XP for $40 and I got a Zelda Amiibo for $20. I also got the Shopkins Mall today for $50.

I sold my old Dell laptop for that price because I couldn’t do my normal stuff on it anymore because it got too slow to run. But it runs smoothly when you have the wifi shut off. But I still sold it and I wiped everything off of it which took several hours. The guy who bought it from me drove an hour to get it and he gave me 50 bucks and he booted it right up. I used that 50 bucks to get the Shopkins mall.

I am also selling my HP Stream laptop because you can’t really do anything with 32GB hard drive so I am selling it. I thought me browsing and writing would be enough but it’s not so it started to crash on me eventually, the programs would auto close, just the web browser. Plus it got too slow also. Once I shut off wifi on it, it runs smoothly now. I also wiped it out when I was going to sell it.

I also got a paper shredder for $10. I basically picked it up from the porch and the man waited till I got to my car to come outside to collect my bill. I could have just taken the thing and run off with it without leaving the money on the chair. But I think that would make me feel too bad I would have to go back and drop off the bill.

I also sold my two Sega genesis games and made $15 bucks off of it so I basically got my money back when I purchased that Disney Classes for Nintendo Switch.

Now I am trying to sell my other stuff I don’t want on Facebook since all the donation sites are closed.

So nothing much has changed for me from this virus.

Minors in Kinks, what does it mean?

Minors in kinks, it’s a relative thing to say.

Everyone has their own standards on what it means to have minors in kinks.

Someone may say they don’t involve them in it but then you see they don’t match your term of minors in kinks so you may assume they have lied.

Surely when people say “no minors in kinks” and “they should not be in kinks,” hopefully they do not mean they cannot explore them or act on it. How many of us started wearing diapers again as kids or teens? How many of us were going to the forums and reading? How many of us were reading ABDL stories as minors?

Are ABDLs really saying that minors should not be wearing diapers until they turn 18?

No, they should not go online and try and look for a daddy. If you see such an ad, report it. No they should not be doing ABDL pages, if you see it, report it.

Perhaps there should be a page for minors to understand ABDL better, actually there is, it’s called http://understanding.infantilism.org/. It’s a very old page and this was around back when I was in high school. It’s dated August 1995 so I can assume that is when it went up. It has never been updated, the layout is still the same. It has never expired or went off the site so obviously the owner is still paying for their domain. This is the closest resource for minors to get to for support. This page has been around back when I was still in elementary school before my school decided to get internet. I can remember it would take around 5 minutes to load a page and you needed dial up, only businesses had DSL because it didn’t require a phone hook up to use the internet in school.

I am sure there are other places that have information about infantilism and what it means.

On Twitter, someone posted a video of them with their baby sibling and people did not take it so well. They saw it as her involving minors in her kink when it was both totally separate. Obviously her sharing her baby sibling, she did not see it as involving minors in her kink because it was a vanilla post she made. She had no idea how people would see it and how they would react so she removed the videos and apologized. It did create Twitter drama. Now she has troubles doing premium content on her page because of her siblings making noise in the house and she never knows how people will take that if she posted those videos even if they were not in her room. They could see it as minors being involved. She doesn’t know how weird people will act about it.

On another website I used to go on that is now defunct, you could not have any photos of you in your profile if there were minors in the background or even if they were scribbled out. It was seen as involving them even though the photo is vanilla and not ABDL related. That is how weird people get about minors in kinks.

I have seen ABDLs get weird about ABDLs sharing their story about their history of being a ABDL because it goes back to when they were a minor and they were telling their story as a minor all the way till they were an adult. They see it as minors being involved in kinks even though they were talking about themselves. I don’t think it’s Fetlife itself that is weird about it, it’s the users on it that is or else there would be no Kinky Parents group or other ABDL groups where they talk about their childhood.

I wonder what else would be considered involving minors in kinks? Some see taking dirty diapers out of public trash cans as involving them because they’re baby diapers. To them doing it, they might just see it as a diaper.

Some see as writing fictional ABDL stories with minor characters in them as involving them. I normally skip those stories now because I find them boring. I say if you want to do it, be creative, have the story be about something else than diapers. Look at Rugrats, they are in diapers but they’re babies. There has been ABDL theme in it like when Angelica regresses on her 3rd birthday but decided being a baby is no fun and she wants to grow up so she jumps out of the playpen and breaks the pinata. Or when Stu got hit in the head and got amnesia and regressed into a baby. I doubt the company is ABDL but if an ABDL did it too with their stories, it should also be fine because there would be no difference between a vanilla and a ABDL doing it.

What does it mean for me for involving minors in kinks? I would say it would mean the person decides to put diapers on kids for non medical reasons. They also decided to have kids change their diapers or they go online and seek out minors in ABDL and start talking to them about ABDLism or they talk about their diapers to minors online and direct them to their ABDL pages. That is involving them.

There was a time when someone decided to have her kids take care of her as a baby. They were changing her diapers and stuff and then someone found out and called CPS and they were taken. That was involving them. I think I have talked about this here in my blog before. A friend told me about it.

If you walked up to a child and showed them your diaper intentionally and made sure they would notice it, that is involving them.

What it means to involve minors in kinks is relative. Because people have their own terms on what things means means I don’t understand what they are even saying when they say it unless they mention the specifics. Someone involves minors in kinks, okay, define it, what do they do that involves them? I want to see their page, their profile, their posts so I can see what you mean by they involve them. I won’t blindly believe your word. I want to be sure we are on the same page here.

And of course there are ABDLs who are Jerry about it so they will get weird over minor things when there are no minors involved there. “Oh, I just noticed a baby picture in the background, you are involving your kink, I’m gonna block you now.” If that happens, good riddance I will say because it means I have one less idiot to interact with.

I guess I have to always investigate first when I hear about someone involving kinks in minors to be sure they aren’t Jerrying lol.

But if a parent decides to discuss ABDL with their child, I don’t see how that is any different than a parent discussing regular sex with them when they have questions. If a kid is ABDL and they have questions about ABDL, talk to them about it. No one should be discussing sexual fetishes with minors, that is the parents’ job or their guardian, same as for sex.

The labels “little” and “littlespace.”

These are words I have often heard in the ABDL community. It means they act like kids and have emotions of them and when they get into littlespace, they are doing childish things. Supposedly this is a kink. But people with it say this isn’t a kink so why the term “little?” Why apply this word to yourself if none of this is sexual?

My rant is ABDLs who have kids have to ask how they can get into little space or something when they have a kid around, especially a toddler.

To me, this is ridiculous this even has to be asked. It’s called being a parent. There is no difference between a ABDL and a vanilla playing with their child. No one would call it little space if a vanilla plays with their kid so why call it that as an ABDL?

Now, I am not the label police so I am not going to be telling people what they can and can’t call themselves because:

“But you are autistic, you shouldn’t be calling yourself a little because are you being immature on purpose and role playing when you stim and have meltdowns?”

“But you have anxiety, you shouldn’t call yourself a little because are you faking your emotions when you have panic attacks and act immature when you are upset?”

“But you are child like, you can’t call yourself a little because are you having childish interests on purpose? Are you role playing when you watch Rugrats?”

“But you are a parent, you can’t call yourself a little or else you are role playing when you are spending time with your kids. That is so pedophilia.”

See? People can label themselves a little all they want, that is their choice. Let them deal with the consequences because little implies kink and kink implies choice and that is something you can control and turn on and off just because people might be too stupid to tell the difference and see them as them but instead they see everything about them as ABDL no matter how vanilla they are being.

That is why I do not call myself a little, I also do not call my interests littlespace. To me, that would be insulting to call it a kink. If I play with my kids, I would not call it role playing because it would be very insulting just like it would be insulting to call me a little because my happiness was too immature and too childlike. No, I am not role playing you dolt. Little implies role play.

It screams Jerryism when anyone tries to say this is a kink and you are being a pedophile or borderline pedo when you suggest you can do fun activities with your kids like cook, watch TV with them, play with them, cook together, and someone calls it involving them in your kinks.

People are free to label themselves a little all they like and call it their littlespace all they like while I choose to not use these labels on myself. Maybe Jerry had something to do with it so it’s too triggering. There is a reason why age regressers or why people with ASDs may not want any kinksters following them, especially littles and other ABDLs because they do not want their disability and their persoanlity, their emotions, etc. to be sexualized and be accused of doing “their kinks” 24/7 because people would be confused and assume they are also kinsters because of who is following them. They don’t want to deal with any Jerries or get any Jerry comments.

If someone who is child like wants to call themselves a little, that is their choice. I won’t tell them they can’t call themselves that or else they could deal with Jerries out there because they would see everything they do as ABDL and not see them as them. Same as for the word age play. I wouldn’t call it age play if a parent gets on the ground with their 3 year old and starts playing with them and building forts with them and going in there. But if they decided to call it age play, they are opening themselves to judgment because age play implies kink, sexual.

It’s very hard for me to apply any kink labels to myself other than ABDL. Pacifiers are a choice and so are AB nurseries and AB clothing. They are not a personality. But, I would not call someone an AB if they had to sleep in a crib for medical reasons. If that were me, I might have also have a hard time applying ABDL to myself if I had to wear diapers, needed a caretaker and always needing assistance for feeding and bathing, getting dressed, etc.

Like I say ABDL implies kink and kink implies choice so if someone needs care assistance and needs to be in a crib and they are incontinent, I would not label them as an AB but however, it would be up to them if they want to call themselves ABDL. That is their label, I won’t tell them they can’t call themselves that or else they are implying they do all these things on purpose and are just gaming the system so they can live their AB life. Anyone who would make that assumption about them because of the ABDL label is an idiot. I am smart enough to not be a Jerry about it by calling them pedos or saying they are putting their kinks in front of their caregiver and other kids that come to the home to visit.

It’s funny how my ex was able to separate all these things but couldn’t do it with me which makes me think my ex did it on purpose. If I were not into ABDL, I don’t think this would have happened.

So that is why I refuse to call anything of mine little space or even call myself a little. I am child like and childlike is not a kink, it’s a personality.

My advice to parents out there who have kids and wondering how they can do littlespace, drop the “littlespace” label if you are concerned. If you have a toddler, drop that label and just call it parenting. It’s not littlespace, it’s called being a parent and playing with your kid, you are not role playing, you are being a parent. Now your problem has been solved, no more worries. This is not a kink, it’s being a parent. Anyone who calls it pedophilia just because you are a little and go into littlespace is an idiot and being a Jerry because they are forgetting this is what normal parents do except they don’t call it littlespace. So that is why I will tell you, drop that label if you are that concerned. You can use that label again when your kid is old enough and has outgrown the playtime you like to do. There is no difference between vanilla parents and ABDL parents, just the label.

Call yourself whatever you want, it’s your label.

God’s way

I am not a religious person, I am in fact an atheist. That means I don’t believe there is a god and he is a made up story tale like Santa Claus and I also don’t believe in religion.

But some people use religion to cope with the unknown or use it to cope with bad situations or to deal with grief. Even religion seems to be common in death row inmates because they live every day in their cell not knowing if someone will come up to them and tell them their death warrant had been signed and they are scheduled to be executed. They have no idea if they will even be alive the following year either. Some terminally ill patients may even use religion to deal with their upcoming death and their family members and their partner.

Lets pretend I am indeed religious. I lost my Onlyfans page so I decide to use religion. This is how I would deal with the unknown, my grief over losing my revenue. This was god’s way of telling me I was taking myself for granted and not giving myself enough credit for my content because I was being too cheap by charging everyone 5 bucks and then only 3 bucks. for a subscription. Most creators charge a lot more than that and charge very low when they want to make more money so they get more subscribers and make more sales. I don’t believe in greed, I don’t believe in money grubbing. I believe in going out and getting a job and work and gigs are just gigs. It makes sense to charge a lot if it costs you supplies to make it, plus shipping and all that. But I am only shooting videos and photos and that costs me nothing. I have been called a socialist. To me if I am getting plenty of money to live comfortably, I don’t need to ask for more. Most businesses will go “gimme gimme gimme, more, more, more” even though they were making plenty of money already, enough to pay their employers and enough to pay to maintain their buildings and lot of people will complain about businesses being greedy. If Netflix decided to add in some extra charges like you now have to rent movies on their stream service, you bet that will cause lot of backlash and that will give them loss in revenue because people would be cancelling their subscription. That is what greed can do.

Nintendo jumped on the bandwagon to start charging people to play online and lot of people were pissed. They used to not charge and then decided to. But luckily they are cheap about it. But it is still greed. Reminds me in a Bearenstein bears episode where Brother and Sister bear had figured out how the system worked. They wanted to buy these jackets but Momma and Pappa Bear would not buy them for them and suggested they earn them. So Brother and Sister did exactly what they wanted, they started to find ways to earn money but they turned to greed. Instead of just doing things for others and helping, they were now charging everyone for their time. The episode basically showed a flaw in capitalism. This is basically what businesses do because of capitalism. It’s all about making profit than about people. So Momma and Pappa Bear were mad at their cubs than realizing how messed up the system is and being proud of them figuring out how the system works. But I don’t think capitalism is the problem, it’s people. Mama Bear and Papa Bear certainly didn’t like it how their kids jumped onto that level.

But anyway, I moved onto other platform, I now have Patreon, Manyvids account, have a shop on scatshop. This was god’s way of trying to make me charge more for my content because of capitalism and he didn’t like me being a socialist. Now I am having problems getting another video uploaded and I wonder if this is his way of saying, “you need to charge more for your videos, no more $9.99. Go higher.” Or maybe it’s his way of telling me, “Don’t make videos doing something outside your interest for revenue, keep making diaper change videos.” After writing this part, the video got approved after I used a still photo as a featured photo than a GIF.

Without using religion, I had tremendous anxiety when I lost my Onlyfans page because of the unknown. I didn’t know if someone had falsely reported my page, do I have an enemy, was it someone from K***farms or 8**.net or *chan. I had no idea if someone would try and shut me down again on other websites. This is why people sometimes turn to religion to cope with the unknown. Without god, you are having worries and paranoid thoughts because of a situation you had no control over and you can’t get answers. I have no idea if other people get very stressed out and also have anxiety when they lose their account randomly without warning. I was never given an email when it shut down and I had to email them to ask what was going on and I was only given a general answer, no reason given. Then the rest of my messages were ignored and then I was eventually blocked from their site. I might have been a computer that did it and since they won’t bother to look at it, that is why their customer service sucks.

I haven’t used the toilet since last summer

It’s been going very well. It’s not too hard to mess my diapers and my body is still on a timer for when not to mess because it seems to know when I am out in public with people around which is good. But I am still dealing with the urges and then it comes out when I am alone.

I was once at Gamestop when the urge hit but I didn’t mess my diaper until I got home and another time when I went to a play with my son for his field trip, the urge slightly hit but it came and went. Then finally back at school I was waiting in my car when the urge got very strong so I messed my diaper. This stuff is normal for me.

So it’s just all been diapers, no toilets. I still have my Red Bulls and that also makes me mess and I notice if I do a couple days without, I get massive head aches and I also don’t poop either unless I have caffiene. With the outbreak now, I have been drinking more diet pop and more Crystal Light to substitute for Red Bulls because our state went into quarantine. Now only essential places are open and you can only leave the house for essential reasons and we can still go out for walks or go to hiking trails. I think that is stupid because those places are always crowded. Everyone wants to do something out of the house so they go out to places where there are no people but, here is the thing. Everyone has the same idea so hiking trails have been crowded, even beaches are crowded that some of the towns had to shut down their resorts and hotels and RV and campsites to kick out tourists. Plus they told them to leave or get arrested.

Another thing about this outbreak is my family was struggling with toilet paper because we ran out and I had to bring some home from work from the restrooms I cleaned. They were just used rolls that had been replaced with new rolls. My parents could not find any toilet paper and this was not something I thought about because I wear diapers and don’t use toilet paper. But then I heard about shortage on wipes so I had to run to the store and get a case before they were all gone. But all the cases were gone so all they had left were single packs or small packs so I grabbed 3 packs of wipes, the cheapest, and went home. That should last me a few months because it takes me a while to go through a whole case of wipes. Plus I had to go on Amazon to order another tub of 16 oz Desitin because I saw there was also a shortage on rash cream and I was running low on mine. That also lasts me a while too.

Getting toilet paper has become getting a new gaming system because people now have to leave early and wait in line for toilet paper and stores have each pack limited 1 per customer. My dad had to get up early and go to Albertsons at 7am and get a pack and it cost him $24 because he had to get the expensive ones because they barely had any and he picked up the first one he saw. I don’t even have to worry about any of this but my family does because they don’t wear diapers.

I also got a Tykables subscription and every 3 months I will cancel and them resume when I run low of diapers. My last Tykables case lasted me two months because their diapers hold so much I can go from day one to day 2 without a change and then I need a clean diaper, not because it will leak but because it starts to smell. Unless I mess, then I will need a new diaper sooner. But because they ship every 28 days, I will be having lot of diapers so I would need to cancel my subscription and then resume it or else I will get buried in diapers and pretty soon our house will look like a hoarder house with diapers because I don’t use them fast enough. I use the base subscription because I don’t need all 6000 ml diapers.

I still have bladder control in case you’re wondering. I still am aware of my bowels. I’m pretty sure everyone in the household is aware I am toilet free because I never use the toilet and I am only in the bathroom when I shower or brush my teeth or clean them.

Positive things the Corona Virus has done

Gotta think positive as I was always told when bad stuff happens.

  1. We have been saving money on gas so I still have gas in my car about 1/2 when I normally fill it about 2-3 times month, I think 2 now that both my kids go to the same school.
  2. We have been saving money on school lunches so we have extra $110 a month and plus that money they still had on their lunch account will still be there when school resumes.
  3. My kids have been playing outside now, they are stuck at home and can’t go anywhere so they have been playing outside on the swing set and running around and eating outside and playing with the dog out there we have been watching on week days.
  4. More jobs have opened, now with high demand now in food and products and more people buying online and ordering pizza and take out, places have been hiring more workers. So if you have been laid off, go out and apply if you need money.
  5. Taxes deadline have been extended and so has the local Art Tax.
  6. Some places are putting mortgages and foreclosures and evictions on hold.
  7. People don’t have to return their library books to our local library and there will be no late fees either. They do not want any books being returned either until after.
  8. Parents will be able to spend time with their kids and do stuff at home together. Me and my son played video games yesterday.
  9. Fred Meyer is doing sales, I mean what the heck, this is a crises and they are doing sales to encourage people to shop for wants? I am not sure how I feel about businesses using this virus to make more money.
  10. Onward got released early to home video; digital and on Disney Plus.
  11. Gameloft decided to gift us Disney Magic Kingdoms players 3 Sapphire chests due to the quarantine so that got me to welcome Laurel earlier.
  12. Video game sales have increased and so has alcohol.
  13. No more rush hour in my area.
  14. I was able to go across the street from my house and mail my Gamefly game in the mail box because of less cars on our road. I didn’t have to get in my car and go to a blue mail box 2 miles from my home to mail it off.
  15. Pedestrians can now order at the drive thru.
  16. People have found “clever” ways to have fun at home, hashtag “stuckathome” on twitter.
  17. More houses are being cleaned by the homeowners or tenants.
  18. Places like Facebook, ebay, Amazon have banned price gouging so they will remove any listing doing it. Report if you see it.
  19. And of course this will become part of our history and might be like The Great depression except it was caused by a virus we knew nothing about and no medicine had ever been made to treat it and how people didn’t take this seriously so they kept going out, got infected and got sick and some of them died. The ones who did go out and work would be seen as heroes.

Things I am hoping that will happen thanks to this virus:

  1. People will realize how being a store clerk, stocker, packager, working in the kitchen is just an important job as any other job out there.
  2. People will realize how important national healthcare is because shit can happen and you need medical care when something happens that is out of your control
  3. People will realize what an idiot Trump is and how incompetent he is as a president and down playing this virus and hopefully people will vote against him this coming election.
  4. All bills get put on hold and it will only apply to people who have lost their jobs related to this virus and they would need a letter about it. Capitalism will resume when this all blows over.
  5. People learn how to have fun at home and learn they can interact online like on Skype or on Facebook or talk on the fricken phone again. Maybe people will get landlines again or go to a phone plan with unlimited minutes.
  6. More movie releases will happen digital and go on stream or go on cable or satellite to rent because all the movie theaters are closed.
  7. People might change their perspective and how they feel about working from home and it stops being stigmatized.
  8. More places outlaw price gouging, 34 states already have a law against it so far but that only applies to emergency situations and for certain products. I also hope airlines will stop being allowed to do it too.

And there is the bad too and other possible changes this virus might do. I get a feeling the state gov. will shut down our state and order everyone to stay home and fines will be given if caught in the streets unless you have a good reason to be out like if you have a doctor’s appointment, if you need food or if there is some emergency or if it’s business related. People just won’t stay home and they are treating this like it’s a vacation and early summer break. I don’t know if I should call this a positive change because this may only happen because of people being ignorant and this wouldn’t have to happen if everyone just stayed home and businesses would close on their own because of lack of customers. The country or state wouldn’t be forcing them to shut down. Some business have shut down on their own because they want people to stay home, not encourage them to keep going out and they don’t want to spread the virus and get their own workers sick.

Some towns on the beach have already shut down basically by closing all their hotels and resorts and camp and RV sites and telling everyone to get out or be arrested because people wouldn’t stop traveling there to vacation. But sadly that will just move them. If all small towns did that, then people wouldn’t be able to travel and they would stay home, same as if all the hotels shut down all over the states and resorts, everything. Then people wouldn’t be able to travel because of no place to stay. I am sure their intention was to get away from people but instead lot of people had the same idea and all went to the coast only to be spreading the virus there so now people there are mad and had an emergency meeting.

Look, if you want to be away from everyone, STAY HOME. It’s that simple.


The whole world is pretty much shutting down and my parents have quarantined themselves because of their age and my mom has a weak immune system. Her birthday is pretty much cancelled because they are doing nothing for their birthday but I am thinking of getting a cake or something for them.

My brother has his wedding in September and it’s too soon to tell. But so far my state has shut down the schools till April 28th so I like the fact I don’t need to get up at 6 anymore but I wonder if my son will still have his therapist appointment this Friday. I will still make them do school work so they are still getting their education in. I honestly think school work should be mailed to each student so they won’t get far behind and won’t have to cancel summer vacation. Just today I hear all the restaurants and bars got shut down so basically St. Pat’s Day was cancelled and they even cancelled the Shamrock Run.

I went to my Union meeting this weekend and only very few workers showed up and they had chairs spread apart and they had so much snacks left over, they told us upon leaving to take as much as we want.

People are being laid off now and some workers are lucky to have the privilege to work from home. I am lucky to even still be working despite that daycares had shut down but if people stop coming into work and work from home and they cancel all conferences, there won’t be any more work for us and and I am planning on applying for temporary work at Amazon or at a grocery store or department store with food since they are in high demand for more workers because of the pandemic.

But I am so glad there are still diapers available and people aren’t panic buying diapers that ware houses can’t keep up but there are shortage on wipes. Luckily you can still buy some on Amazon but all the Pampers and Huggies are all sold out.

This Sunday we got snow and I was honestly hoping for a few inches so the city will shut down so everyone will stay home. But once the flakes stopped, the snow melted and now everything is dry again and zero snow. My kids got to play in it while there was still snow and they made a tiny snow man before it all melted. I even went to the store in the heavy snow and got some baby wipes and they were all out of cases. All they had were packs so I grabbed 3 small packs and an energy drink and went home and ordered a 16 oz container of Desitin on Amazon since I was running low on it.

I honestly think people are over reacting and even medical professionals are saying healthy people don’t need to wear masks. Even they are saying people are over reacting and Dr. Phil is saying the same too. While I am fine with places shutting down, I still think the way people are panic buying is an over reaction. It’s not like stores will sell out or that they will all shut down, people will need food, people will need toiletries.

I am not really scared of getting this virus and if I do, I will get over it and won’t die, I think it’s the elderly and those with weak immune systems that really need to worry. While I am not going to places but store and work, I am still carrying on with my life. Heck, people are still going out and doing stuff in my area because it is not a ghost town here and there are still lot of cars on the road and when I went to my Union meeting, there were still lot of people downtown but the hotel I used to work at was all bare and empty and even the restaurant there was closed and the market there too. Then after the meeting I just went straight home. The media sort of got to me because I don’t want to help spread the virus and have my parents get sick if someone is carrying it and I happened to go near them and I carry it and bring it home. The whole thing is making me think of the movie Outbreak.

My parents are still planning on going to a friend’s house and just hang out and play a board game. Even they are not too freaked out and my dad had always told me since 6th grade “worrying is a waste of time” so that is why I am just taking it a day at a time and not worrying about this virus going around.

Some people are acting like this is the end of the world and I wonder if this is the beginning of Life After People because scientists have said humans can die off someday due to some virus and I am thinking well if that happens, why worry, worrying is a waste of time and won’t make it not happen if it does.

One thing I find strange is scientist have been saying how someday we will have this huge Mega Earthquake or how someday Mt Hood could erupt and no one has freaked out about it and made it into a crises like they are with this virus. I know it’s the media that’s been doing it so people are really scared and having anxiety. But at least they are helping people get jobs that have lost their jobs already. Some money is better than no money. Some people are so freaked out about the virus, they are going to the hospital over minor things like a couch or a sniffle which I think is wasting doctors time because there are people out there who could be really sick and need to go in or have some sort of emergency so doctors need openings for those people. I cough all the time and sneeze and have sniffles and I am not going to the doctor.