Remember Ashley’s Diaper Adventure?

This was the first ABDL story I have ever read. It was very popular among the ABDL community. It was written by a Wisconsin man who I suspect is in the closest transgender (that means he has not come out yet as trans and start identifying as a woman) and he wrote about a 7-10 year old girl wearing diapers. At the time she was only ages 7-9. It has lot of errors and inconsistencies in it so obviously the author did not think it through as he wrote it nor did he take notes on his own characters and read it through again when continuing. Today this story would be considered creepy and probably banned from ABDL forums because the progenist (sp) in it is a minor and under high school age. My have times changed and how much the community has evolved. I remember the days when minors young as 11 would be posting on the forums or message boards in the late 1990’s. Now today that would be unacceptable.

But my mom read the story in 1997 when I was in 6th grade and she was disgusted with the story and called it child porn and inappropriate and called it twisted. I didn’t get it at the time because I was not very sexual yet and was still a little girl on the inside, I didn’t even like boys yet either and I knew nothing about sex and didn’t even know what it was then either. Even when I was a young adult I still didn’t get it and thought my mom was very weird about the whole thing.

Few years ago I read the story again and noticed stuff in there I didn’t see before. Ashley went through what was a diaper punishment but it was very tame. It was supposed to be she wears diapers as suggested by her doctor and she will get sick of them and want to go back to underwear but instead it backfired. Yes she had to face diaper humiliation but she made that choice and when her mom couldn’t get her out of them, she decides to take the diaper punishment further by treating her like a baby and that backfires too. Instead she enjoys it as does her mother. It didn’t surprise me when she was later accused of doing child abuse and had to take parenting classes and then she flees the state with her kids back to Wisconsin. This would be frowned upon by ABDLs if a parent did this to their child because you are supposed to teach them to grow up and be independent, not treat them like a little baby and change their diapers unless they are special needs. But then again that parent wouldn’t be posting in the ABDL community if they had such child, they would be posting in the special needs community instead. A couple times a parent would post about such thing in r/ABDL and I just direct them to r/parenting where I think it’s more appropriate.

I also noticed about Ashley’s father he was opposed to the whole diaper thing from the start and there were subtle clues he was going downhill like when he loses his job so the whole family moved to Colorado. I also noticed he took no part in the diaper thing and his wife was a stay at home mom. Then he turns into a drunken abusive asshole and does domestic abuse. It was very subtle because Ashley’s mother mentioned he hit her so the abuse was probably done when their kids were not around and the story was told in first person by Ashley.

No wonder my mom saw it as child porn because for one, forced diapering is a sexual fetish and so is the babying and the diaper humiliation and sure Ashley picked it but it was either that or underwear. It’s no different than reading a story when a angry wife makes her husband pick between a divorce or diapers so he picks diapers and he gets forced into them and humiliated but it is a choice after all he made because he didn’t want a divorce. That’s considered sexual so of course my mom saw it that way. I didn’t see it because I was not aware how sexual it all was even though it was considered adult. I thought it was considered adult because I thought it would confuse minors so they made it be 18 plus to avoid angry parents because of their kid being confused.

Ten years ago you would find a bunch of ABDL stories with minor characters in them, now that is frowned upon or restricted. It doesn’t matter how innocent it is or if there is no sexual content but people will still see it as such because of their highly sexual minds so the mods ban them from their websites. That just shows how much we have evolved. Maybe it was that way before because lot of us had diaper desires in our childhood so we wrote what was based on our childhood fantasy but now that the community has grown, we don’t need that stuff anymore so we have moved onto adult characters now and write our adult fantasies now. Plus the ABDLs are now finding the community underage than as adults so they don’t need to write that stuff either when they are adults and join the ABDL community. They still join it no doubt but they lie about their age. Nothing we can do about it and mods on ADISC find ways and on Dailydiapers if it is found the member is underage, they are banned. I have no way of knowing if a minor reads my blog or not or if they are underage when they are emailing me or seeing my Twitter page and messaging me there. I don’t know if that has happened or not but if I knew I wouldn’t be talking to them about this stuff.

But I am glad I was born when I could post on ABDL forums as a minor and ABDLs being fine with it. But there were still adult sites back then too like Dailydiapers and Wetset. Those were the only two I knew plus DPF. I am not sure if DPF was labeled 18 and over but I also visited that place a lot for photos and rosters and stories I could read. I didn’t go to Wetset because it was too sexual and Dailydiapers I didn’t go to because they didn’t have what I wanted. Plus back then it was a member only site and you had to be a member to view it and I wasn’t someone to lie about my age to get onto websites. To me lying was bad and wrong. Now that website is open for anyone to view. It was like that ten years ago too because I joined the forum in 2007.


diaperphobics in the ABDL community

There are two types of diaperphobics in my opinion. They are hostile diaperphobic and none hostile diaperphobic. The none hostile ones I can stand. They are everywhere in the ABDL community. The none hostile diaperphobics are ABDLs who do not fully accept their diapers so they reject that part of themselves. They may do the binge and purge cycle or refuse to wear 24/7 or whenever they want. They view wearing diapers as all the time as taking over your life. Sometimes I will see them posting online about how to get control of their diaper desire and they talk about how it’s on their mind constantly and they can’t stop thinking about it. The solution is just wear the damn diaper and move on and now it won’t be on their mind much. Other ABDLs who are 24/7 will also tell them the same thing I tell them, wear the diaper and move on. They will feel better and it won’t be much of a distraction. But those ABDLs protest against it and insist it is taking over their life and they don’t want to be 24/7. They are rejecting that part of themselves still so they refuse to go 24/7. Maybe in their mind, diapers is a fetish and they associate wearing them in public and to work as having sex in public and at work but i don’t see it that way. Maybe if they get over seeing diapers as a sex object and as something sexual, the guilt of wanting to wear them would be gone. They may also be against anyone wearing them 24/7 if they have kids because they see it as you having sex in front of your kids and doing your kink in front of them even if you have them covered. They may even see it as minors being involved. But I am unsure if I should put this part in the hostile diaperphobic category or not. But to me these ABDLs just have too much of a sexual mind so it’s not my problem if that is how they see it. If they can’t separate it, not my problem.

The hostile diaperphobics are the ones I cannot definitely stand. To me they are the worst and I will block them anywhere online. These people are rare in the ABDL community and are usually not ABDLs themselves. But they may be in the community because they are incontinent but show disdain attitude towards those who have the desire to wear. But you will find most of them outside the community randomly. Kiwi Farms for example is full of diaperphobics. It’s not that they don’t want to wear them, it’s because they judge those who do that are not medically incontinent. They will even make fun of them too in their threads. There is even one lady who I will not say because I refuse to promote her shit, she is an advocate for the incontinence and wants to get rid of the stigma on diapers but yet she is a diaperphobic towards those who likes to wear them and has made a video on it once and said we were all sick and a mockery to those who are disabled and stuff. She is also a ABDL phobic as are the ones on Kiwi Farms. Now I just see her whole blog and her videos as her whining. Whining about people not calling them diapers, whining about the room attendant not taking out her used diapers from her hotel room, etc. etc. etc.

Jerry was also a diaperphobic because he told me when we were still together that he wouldn’t wear them if he were continent. I don’t know if he would have been judgmental about those who do like to wear them. But because he wasn’t all hostile about people wearing diapers for fun, I would put him in the none hostile diaperphobic category but he would go in the hostile one for ABDL because he compared it to pedophilia and judged anyone into it and acted like I was intellectually impaired so I block anyone with that attitude about ABDLs. On ABDL forums, I just report them for their hateful posts. But yet I am fine with the ones who have a hard time accepting it in themselves because they don’t judge others with it and they don’t call anyone sick for liking adult baby girls and being a daddy nor do they compare it to pedophilia.

“You might need to rethink the pants?”

Today I went to my old neighborhood garage they were only doing for today. I brought the kids and I was helping my kids put their change away when my mom told me I might need to rethink the pants I have on. I asked her why and she said quietly she can tell I have a diaper on and I would be so embarrassed. I said “yeah i sure don’t want to embarrass myself in front of my old neighbors.”

Just because it’s covered doesn’t mean it’s discreet. That should be a picture meme. I have heard of “Just because it buttons doesn’t mean it fits.” People tend to have weird logic like “I turned out just fine” to not listen and to keep doing that they do or think speed limits are set too low so that is their reason to go fast and thinking tickets are only given out for revenue or think a healthy food means eat as much of it as you want or any low calorie or fat free foods or thin Oreos or that being a good driver means to speed and take risks and put others as risk on the road with your maniac driving skills and people do actually think traffic laws don’t apply to them because they are such “good drivers.” I actually question their intelligence. My husband gave me that idea so that is now something I always consider.

But I went upstairs and changed my pants and figured out what shorts to wear. I piked out a pair that belonged to my mom before she gave them to me. Now they were too big in the waist but it had a lace on it so I tied it to make it tight around my waist. My mom saw it and said it looked much better and asked to see my shirt so I lifted my jacket.

My son got a bunch of stuff with his own money and I had not seen so many cars in a while and I got three seasons of Sponebob all for $15. My daughter got a few things which I paid for because she had no money and she had not started earning yet because of her young age. I also got a Easter decoration. I also got some VHS tapes but that was in a different neighborhood because I saw a sign for a garage sale while I was leaving.

Then we came home and my kids played with the new inflatable toys in the hot tub I bought for a dollar.

“Just go in your nappy/diaper.”

This is one of the common topics I see in the ABDL community. It’s about parents telling their real kids to just go in their diaper. Before I had kids, I just thought the parent was being lazy and couldn’t be bothered to take their kid to the bathroom. Why do that to your child if they are ready to be potty trained or you are in the process of potty training them? That must be confusing for the child to be expected to use the potty and then they are being told to just go in their diaper.

After having kids, I have gotten a different perspective on why parents do this.

Kids say they have to go potty and then they change their minds about going. Kids are manipulative so they may be saying this because they want to leave so they know if they have to go potty, you will leave. The kid gets what they wanted so all of a sudden they don’t need to go anymore. Or when they do go, they would have to go again when they don’t want to be there. So you as the parent decide, enough, and not play their game. You tell them to just go in their diaper, the child learn that tactic doesn’t work anymore so they stop using the potty excuse to leave. Even I have had to be one of those “just go in your pull up” excuse because my son did this. He was someone who likes to exploit things. Like when I would do potty rewards, he started to go little squirts in the potty so he can get many cookies as he wanted but I told him that only worked every three hours. He was running to the toilet excessively to try and pee and go little each time so he could get a treat. So he was one of those “I have to go potty” excuse kids and then all of a sudden not having to go anymore.

It’s easy to judge a parent for their choices without kids of your own.

Still have not bought more diapers

I am down to my back up diapers. I am on my last pack of ABU Simples. I still have an unopened pack of Wellness Briefs. I also still have my husband diapers that are too big and also crappy but I can always use soakers in them or double diaper them.

The reason I had not ordered more was because I was in a play so I had to miss work and I was paying off my credit card. My son even asked me why he hadn’t gone to McDonalds in a long time so I told him it was because we have not had the money and I was in a play so I wasn’t getting my full paycheck, now that the play is over, things will be back to normal until I get another part again. Now my son wants to try acting so I told him he would need good listening skills and patience and have good behavior or else they won’t give him a part. I also told him he can’t be too loud during rehearsals because it makes it harder to concentrate when kids are loud and running around. We had small children in the play who were little critters but didn’t have lines and that drew my son’s attention when before he called it boring.

I just paid off my credit card at the beginning of this month and I already had to put $55 on it because of a oil change and it was 1,000 miles past due. I still need to find my insurance policy number and call them so I can get new sticker tags for my license plates. I couldn’t do it at the DEQ because I didn’t know my insurance so I had to pay the pass inspection fee only which was only $21. I would still have to use my credit card for the stickers. Plus my daughter’s school is demanding $30 from me for raffle tickets even though I never purchased any. I don’t know if that is an error or if I was supposed to buy them too. The school has these crazy requirements like “you must put in a certain amount of hours for volunteer work” “You must buy raffle tickets” “You must buy gift cards” and they charge you if you don’t buy a certain amount. Almost all of it only applies to parents who have a kid in kindergarten and up. For preschool it’s only 10 hours of volunteer work. She won’t be going to that school again next year because of it and also because they are getting rid of three day school and the cost will be $425 a month and we can’t afford that with our son in school seven miles away. The cost of gas is why. So I found a new school for her for next year and it will only be $255 a month and it will be five days for half day and they have no extra fees like needing to buy stuff there or you get charged.

Now I feel justified in hacking my SNES 3DS lol and buying a hacked EU 3DS because I can now play free games but sadly it ruined My Nintendo for me because now the game discounts have become useless now. My son now wants his hacked but I refuse to do it because my concern is it can get his console banned by Nintendo. Then he won’t be able to play other peoples levels on Mario Maker or even use youtube. That is why I won’t ever hack my Majora’s Mask 3DS because I still want online.

There is always Walgreens because they are cheap for a pack of 40 for when I run out and still on a tight budget.

Email response to an email from 4 years ago

Today I was looking through one of my email accounts I hadn’t visited in over a week. I found an email from Wellness Briefs to a response to my email from 4 years ago. Just look at the dates:

There was nothing in their attachment when I opened it. I apparently never received the sample and I forgot all about it. Then they reply to my message 4 years later which I found very strange.