First diaper blow out

I don’t ever recall having a diaper blow out as an adult. Yesterday I got very bad stomach cramps and I figured I just had air and I needed to fart it out. So I couldn’t sit long without my tummy hurting again. I was then up in my room watching a abandoned house youtube video and I did a small poo in my diaper and I thought that was the end of it.

About ten minutes later, the cramps came back and this time I heard gas in my belly so I knew I was going to have diarrhea. I just stayed relaxed waiting for the poo to come but I could tell I was constipated because the poo was pretty hard.

I got a little more out but I could still feel more in there and it would take lot of grunting and pushing till I pass out and sweat.

I just kept relaxing and waiting for the poo to come while I pushed a little and I felt some runny poo come out around it. Then it came out and I felt better and then came the runny poop. It came to the edge of my diaper so I had to use a baby wipe to wipe that part of the mess away and I got my changing mat and put it on the couch where I was sitting and sat and I felt it spread and it came out of my diaper and onto the pad. I pooped more and then I was dripping poo out of my diaper when I stood up and I carried the mat under me when I moved over to my changing station so I wouldn’t get poo on the floor.

I finished pooping and then I took it off and it was one big mess to clean up. I couldn’t take a shower because my son was using the bath tub to soaked himself down there. I think he has started puberty because it was really swollen down there when he was complaining about the pain down there and I had my mom look at it (she’s a retired nurse) and I also looked at his chest and it looked like he was starting to get men breasts. My mom thought it looked normal like a boy’s chest, not puberty.

So I couldn’t bath and I had to use a lot of baby wipes to clean myself up. Then I felt more pain and I had to break my religion and use the toilet to leak my stool in because it was so runny.

Then my body was trolling me because when I would feel better, the cramps would come back when I would be in my room so I had to head back to the bathroom to let out my loose stool.

Then after my son was done with the bathroom, I showered and I was expecting to poo in the shower but the cramps never came back and I just wore a robe only after my shower to be sure I was done having diarrhea.

All my poo was solid and then liquid and it came out of my diaper because it was so runny and it was all over on the side of my buttock and around my butt crack on my butt cheeks and I did a photo set of it while it happened and while I cleaned it up and put it on my pocketstars where they allow messy content. I hear Patreon doesn’t allow it so I don’t post it there and Justforfans will allow none of it if it’s obvious you are messy. I actually had someone leave their cancelled reason “not enough poo” and I was like “but they don’t allow that stuff.” Then I saw someone had joined Pocketstars where she was posting her messy content Patreon made her remove, so I joined it later and am slowly putting my old content on it I still have. I have already put some of my messy content on it and I put my diarrhea messy diaper photo set on it and am thinking if I shall make it pay to view too for those who are not subscribed so they wouldn’t have to pay a subscription to see it and to see my repeated content again I have on JFF while I have my messy set already posted for my subscribers. I would just have to post it again for pay to view.

I haven’t made my page public yet but I am already getting some subscribers already so I am thinking my page have been in the featured already or they have searched my username on there and found me. Someone even messaged me on Patreon asking for my url because they can’t seem to find me when they searched me.

I have had diarrhea in my diapers before but I never ever had it leaked out of my diaper where I was dripping poo out of it nor have it come out the top.

Beware of abprinteddiapers

This is a seller on ebay. I bought a pack of Teddy diapers from them with my content money. Item was shipped and then last night I decided to check on my package to see when to expect it to be here since I have gotten my other packages already. I saw item had been delivered on the 14th but it was delivered to a parcel locker in Columbia, MO.

I contacted the seller no response. I wait till till noon and still no response so I sent them another message. Still no response.

I decided to contact ebay via Twitter @askebay and no response so I decided to try live chat on their website. That time I got to a live human and I told them of the problem. He asked for item number so I gave him the item number and he asked for my address and I gave it to him. He saw it had been delivered wrong because the tracking number did not match my shipping where it was delivered to so I did what he told me to do, open a dispute. But the website wouldn’t let me open one because the send button wouldn’t click so I got redirected to someone else and that person opened the claim for me.

I don’t normally call out buyers but when it comes to scams or unprofessional business, I will do call outs to warn others.

No one likes to be scammed or to be out of money and I even did screen shots too of my issue for proof so everyone can see it in case I am called a liar and I would cross out personal information like my address and only leave my state and city so everyone can see where it was supposed to go to. People have hated me for my screen shots and me saving things for proof but it’s simple to not lie and you won’t be exposed. Someone else once told me they don’t really care if people believe them or not so they wouldn’t need to be posting screen shots of their chats and things for proof. Another person once told me I think doing that makes me look good but it’s the opposite. To me, when I see people doing this stuff, it just tells me “don’t be dishonest, be a decent person and people won’t be posting your personal chats and things to out you with your lies.”

Funny thing is, last time this happened, it was with ToysRus which I had written here:

And I opened a dispute and it was closed automatically by ebay because it showed items were delivered so I had to call a number to talk to a live human and they did a courtesy refund and told me it was a one time thing and to check with my post office next time and neighbors. They wouldn’t understand it was shipped to the wrong address. Another user in the Ebay speculated that a ToysRUs employee changed my shipping information and wondered why they would do that. Then few months later, they went bankrupt and I thought it was hilarious because their customer service sucked ass and who wants to do business with them if their customer service sucks and people don’t always get their orders? As a child, I loved their store and always wanted to go there and shop and then I became an adult and I didn’t like their high prices when I could get it cheaper at Wal Mart or something. So I didn’t go there anymore. I only went occasionally when it was a Black Friday and when they were doing a closing sale.

So I guess Ebay has changed their policy finally about if the tracking number doesn’t match your address at the time of your purchase, you will get your money back. I guess they finally caught on with the scam.

I guess I should have known because it was only $1.95 for shipping for a pack of diapers and they did have 100% positive feedback so I expected they were legitimate. They sell the same items as Aww So Cute website so I wonder if they are the same people. I have heard of complaints by people not getting their items from Aww So Cute. So I have avoided them. It’s a pain in the ass to try and get your money back and you have to play the waiting game. Plus when you are with customer service, you an’t do anything else so if you have kids to take care of, it’s a pain to make them have to wait and if you have small children, it’s even harder because it will make it difficult to do live chat, especially if you have to do home schooling because of Corona.

Sometimes I feel like a Karen lol but I gotta remember I am just advocating for myself and no one likes to be scammed out of money. If someone buys an item and it doesn’t come and tracking number is saying it has been delivered but to another location, you better respond, they don’t know if they had been scammed or if it was an innocent mistake and you just put in the wrong tracking number or else you could be facing trouble like a dispute being filed against you or dealing with a charge back and dealing with your name being slammed to warn others. We’re not mind readers.

Edit: I had ebay stepped in when seller never responded and the next morning I got up, the dispute was closed and I was refunded by the seller. I left them negative feedback for sending my item to the wrong address and never responding to my messages. Reason for refund was “seller was not able to provide valid tracking.”

More edit: Ebay had removed my feedback so this site has become a scamming playground for scammers since they can get any negative feedback removed. The weird thing is, ebay never sent me a message telling me my feedback had been removed for whatever reason. So feedback is useless if any negative feedback can be removed for any BS reasons. We have no way of knowing who the scammers are since they can just get the negative feedback removed from their buyers they have scammed.

I am hoping I don’t have covid 19

It started yesterday when I got a head ache. So I laid down until it was time to get ready for work. I thought I was having caffeine withdrawal so I got a energy Rockstar.

But the headache never went away and then I was coughing and had a sore throat. I kept my mask on because I was coughing. I got off work and I sit on a bench and the person sitting on the other end had moved. I didn’t blame them.

I feel worse when i get home and I felt nauseated. I thought it was just hunger so I hate a entire box of Mac and cheese and still felt sick. Then I was cold. My feet were ice cold. I finish what I am doing on my computer and go to bed. I changed quickly and went right to bed but I had to turn off the fan and AC because I was shivering. My mouth was very dry and so were my lips so I have water next to me and I had put on chapstick.

Then the next morning I got hot so I had to turn the fan on again. I still had a bad headache but the chills and body aches were gone.

My dad called and asked me about covid and said he and mom would be staying away from me and won’t come in the house.

They’re old so of course they have to stay away from the house. They have their RV and cottage and their other cottage they had built.

I was going to go to my kids’ school today to pick up devices and to drop off their immunization records but I got sick and didn’t want to get anyone sick. I even called into work also but if I did have the covid, it’s too late now because I had already spread it.

Maybe someone else didn’t know they had it too or they were carrying it without symptoms and I got it.

My only fear is this will get worse but if i die, at least I won’t ever see myself get old or even worry about getting dementia. I will just enjoy my last days in my room.

My God, I also hope I don’t have covid. My husband thinks it’s just a fever. I also skipped homework with my kids today because I wasn’t feeling well. My husband won’t do it because he is worried he will make mistakes because of his disability.

I finally changed my wet diaper from at night when I was feeling well enough and I spent my whole day laying on the couch watching TV and dealing with bad cramps in my tummy from gas. Then I finally pooped but it wasnt a big one. Then the cramps were gone. I was even hot i laid naked in my bra and diaper and then I started to get cold again around 5 pm so I am back to wearing my robe and pants.

TV came in handy because I dont really watch TV anymore but today I did because I was sick and needed something to do. I would have watched Netflix or YouTube or disneyplus if we didn’t have cable.

The time when Jerrys got cancelled

Lately there has been topics online about cancel culture. Some think it’s toxic but I say there are consequences to what you say. People have the right to boycott and to stop talking to you. People have always cancelled but we just didn’t call it that then. The word then was shunned or boycotted. Products have gotten boycotted or Wal Mart and even pet stores in malls were boycotted and they got shut down due to puppy mills. People have even been shunned at work or in their neighborhood.

I remember the time when Jerry got herself cancelled on Adisc. This was about ten years ago. Someone did a thread calling everyone sick for getting turned on with ABDL and kept comparing it to real children and then doing the Barney talk “but I still love you all” after insulting all of us.

I put her on ignore and I guess everyone else did too because I saw her on another forum a year later and she called them her opinions. She said she got ignored on Adisc because people there didn’t like her opinions. Don’t you love it when bigots call their bigotry opinions? But I didn’t say anything to her because I really didn’t want to start a drama on that other forum and plus she had already been punished so why punish her again by trying to humiliate her by calling her out where everyone can see it?

So she basically got herself cancelled. I knew it was her because she used the same username. I remember on Adisc I couldn’t say anything to her without breaking any rules because what she had written made me so mad and it was triggering. But luckily other members took care of it. If they had done it on Twitter, they would have gotten accused of harassment. But at least she didn’t threaten to kill herself.

There was another time on Twitter ( I had once written about it here and another Jerry called ABDLs pedophiles and people called her out and she lost tons of followers. But she didn’t like getting a consequence to her action so she decided to say she was going to kill herself over it. People even sent her DMs according to her and she even did a suicide poll asking how she shall kill herself. It was very pathetic. I even blocked her too. Then she eventually deleted her account (she is no longer on my block list so that is how I know) and I guess she got herself cancelled as well because she didn’t like she had lost tons of followers. I think she realized that maybe most of her customers she got were ABDL and she had insulted them. It had to be a hard lesson for her to learn.

One of my online friends thought she was just a troll and did it to upset us and I took it too personal but disagreed with how people handled her suicide threat and said he would just call the suicide helpline even if they were doing emotional blackmail and it would show them to not use that threat to manipulate.

Keep on cancelling. Then maybe they will all shut up and go to their safe zone to sprout their bigotry about ABDL. We won’t see it and no one will call them out or pile up on them by disagreeing with them and being all offended. They also wouldn’t have to worry about being cancelled either.

I think being cancelled only holds power if it costs you your business or your job or revenue. But none of that will happen when you call us pedophiles and compare ABDL and age play to pedophilia calling us sickos and pedos unless the majority of your customers are ABDL and I think that is exactly what happened to that one lady who did the suicide thing. I remember she did furry drawings and did commissions. So what she did affected her. I don’t even know if she is on Twitter again under a new name. I think it would be pretty hard starting your business back up again if you are trying really hard to hide your true self.

And it’s okay to be a bigot and be intolerant towards bigots. Carry it with pride. I have been noticing the reverse intolerant thing and reverse bigotry conservatives like to claim about liberals so I had decided to carry the closed mindness and intolerance and bigot label with pride. I even say I am an asshole towards assholes and a horrible person to ABDL bigots. Yes I have been told these things too about myself so I do the reverse thing as well.

had to break my religion

This will be a TMI post..

I wonder if religious people would be offended if I said I have a non God religion.

Toilets are against my religion. I even tried to make homework be against my religion when I was 10 but my mom wouldn’t allow it under her roof. I knew a boy on my block and him wearing his Chicago Bulls hat was his religion, he even said.

Yesterday I felt constipated so I had abdominal pain. It wouldn’t come out so i had to break my religion and sit on the toilet and dig it out. It was in hard pieces and the cause of the pain was the stool was pressing hard on something inside my rectum so I pulled it out and pulled more out until I felt no hard stool and the pain was gone. Gone was the cramps and the abdominal pain and it was just little BM. I think it was residue from my last BM and it got hard

When you stick your finger up there, you can feel this thick skin and a hole and you feel some cramps when you press on it. That is why it hurts when I get constipated and why it’s uncomfortable to hold it because it is pressing on it. But with me wearing diapers 24/7 for the last 8 years, I have not been constipated since.

Even anel sex will make me feel constipated because of the penus pressing on that part inside my rectum. I never liked that feeling so I am baffled how anyone can hold it till they get home. I would have just ended up shitting in my diaper if there were no restrooms. Before diapers, I would have been in agony. I would be worse when I would be constipated so I started to dig it out at 16 years of age and started using enemas at age of 21. Then that problem stopped over time when I have been in diapers 24/7.

In the past, when I would dig it out, it was always blockage because the rest would come out and it would be all runny because it got soft but the hard poo was keeping it all in. It’s amazing how our body will give itself a laxative by producing more water to soften the stool so it will come out.

I thought I would have soft stool again but I didn’t.

Onlyfans cleaning out

I am now hearing they are wiping account accounts with any ABDL content in them. I was going to do a blog about it but RileyK beat me to it so you can read her page here:

Now everyone is moving to Just For Fans. When I first registered there, I was told by the website admin he doesn’t allow dirty diapers or poop or pee there and I had to confirm I wouldn’t put that stuff on my page just so he could approve me. It might have to do with the credit card companies but he does allow ABDL content there.

I have been posting my stuff there at the same time I have been putting my stuff on Onlyfans. Right when I decide to try the place again, this starts happening. But at least this time I won’t have another anxiety episode and lose my appetite from extreme stress if I lose my page again because I will know it’s been happening to other ABDL creators as well and no one is going after me. It’s just the website doing it and their computer catching banned words to trigger them to delete your profile so I had to go back and change my name and delete my whole page bio.

Another speculation is there is an incel that is going around reporting ABDL pages manually and the OF team are going and deleting them. Another speculation is the computer triggering the page deletions because of the keywords.

Having time to ourselves again

My kids will be leaving town tomorrow with my cousin to head out to Montana to meet with their grandparents while my cousin has work to do in Montana. She only came back to camp with her friends and then is going back to Montana so she had decided to bring my kids there. I am joining them in two weeks.

This means I can do more videos and I will have the whole house to myself and I am hoping my husband will join in with me making some videos. I can also wear my AB outfits around the house and even do some outside shooting. I want to make a lot of good content.

Also tomorrow is Father’s Day and I am still wondering what we shall do for that day. We still have that COVID going on and for Mother’s day we just stayed home because of everything being shut down.

The Problem Child

Anyone remember Baby Tali, she even had a geocities website with stories on it, her own and other peoples. It is still online but it’s archived.

There is one story I remember reading on there when I was 15 and I think it was the first story I had read on that site. Problem Child it was. It made me think of that movie made by Universal Pictures so the title caught my attention and I read it.

I was 15 when I read it so I found Alicia to be a unlikable character. She is mean to her sisters and cusses at them and insults them and she then got treated like a baby literally. Of course being a kid myself, I thought this was well deserved because serves you right for being a bitch to your siblings and then pretending you didn’t do anything wrong.

I read it again as an adult and well I think this was all just child abuse. I felt sympathy for the character this time and the little sister’s name happens to be Karen. Coincidence. Why the coincidence? Because Karen will push her sister’s buttons, she will intentionally do things that will make her act that way and she will tell on her and exaggerate and lie and their mother believes her. Now this is just normal sibling stuff. My children do it to each other all the time. The difference is I don’t take either side and I separate them both and make them not talk to each other or interact when they are going to be doing this. I will take anything away they are fighting about too like video games or computer or phone. When I was 15, I saw Karen as the little monster and evil and a bully forgetting that I used to do things to get my brothers into trouble whenever they touched my stuff and messed with my dollhouse or playhouse and also passing off my wrong doings to my brothers. For example, I remember one time my mom made popcorn for me and my friend and my brothers and I made a huge mess with it. My mom saw the mess and screamed about it and I said it was my brother’s that did it. I didn’t want to get in trouble because whenever my mom raised her voice, it meant a punishment was coming, either spanking and being sent to your room. What kid wants to get in trouble and be punished? No one so they are going to lie and try and pass off their wrong doings to another kid. I of course helped cleaned it up to avoid being in trouble. Now this is where the spanking debate would come in and anyone would tell me what I did was fear and why spankings don’t work. But the truth is, I would have had this same reaction with any punishment. I didn’t like being sent to bed without supper or being forced to stay in my room or having my Barbies taken away or be made to sit on the stairs or have my bike get taken or not allow anyone to come over to play with me or me not being allowed to leave the yard or even go outside. So I had learned to lie because I hated being in trouble, period. But I was a terrible liar so I was always caught with it. I couldn’t be manipulative as Karen. Plus my mom always paid attention to us and Erica never did with her kids. Kids only learn to be sly and be manipulative when their parents are lazy and buy their story over what the other child says.

Now I see Karen just being a normal child, a typical one. Not some sociopath.

But anyway I thought the only reason why Alicia was the way she is was because of their mother. Their mother was pretty abusive when it came to being grounded and getting punished. It was just humiliation stuff. So where does her mom think her daughter gets her mean behavior from?

Then it gets crazier in the story. Erica’s (the mother) sister is Donna and she is a psychologist and she is all okay with this stuff and I realize this story is basically a different dimension where all this stuff is normal and totally fine to do to a child. Also the fact they invite all of Alicia’s friends over to see her like that. Karen also takes part in it too and Erica follows her ideas even though she was only eight. That was her revenge she was getting on her sister for blocking Blues Clues on TV and screaming at her and calling her a bitch and saying fuck you. But hey, maybe that was just Alicia modeling that behavior from her mother if she treats her kids that way during punishments. Then she was expected to set a good example for her two sisters when their mom was supposed to be setting a good example for all her kids, especially when mad.

These were what ABDL stories were like back in the days, everyone lived in a world where it was normal to psychologically abuse your child by humiliating them with diapers and dressing them up as one and taking away their human rights and they are a helpless baby now. This was all common stuff I would see in the community when reading ABDL stories.

Now people write stories with a different dimension on them where everyone lives on another planet and littles and bigs are different creatures. Back in high school, there was no term age play or little or little space. Instead, the words I saw were adult baby, diaper lover, infantilism, sissy, and regression. There were no furries in the community either and I started seeing them popping up around 2004 on the xsorbit forum ran by Winz and Lil Vickie and Elizabeth before they all disappeared. I know one of them is still around but she posts under a new name.

I have no idea if the story Problem Child was written by an adult or a minor.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to say things like how my youngest brother should be treated like a baby since he whines all the time. This was before I knew of the ABDL community and before I saw these stories. I used to fantasize about it too because I wanted to have baby siblings and thought it would be fun if my parents forced my youngest to be my baby brother because he whines so he shall be treated as a baby since he acted like one.

Maybe the story was written by someone who had an annoying sibling and fantasized them being treated like a baby for a punishment like I used to fantasize with my little brother when I was 10 and 11 years old. I also remember telling him sometimes just to annoy him whenever he whined, “If you don’t stop whining, mom and dad will treat you like a baby” and I would tell him what stuff they would do to him. I think this was early signs I was into this stuff before I even knew it was a thing and a fetish.

Now being a parent, I can’t see myself treating my own children like literal babies as a punishment like I used to imagine myself doing when I was a kid.

The time I accidentally stole content

Back in the days when forums were new where you could have an account and an avatar in your profile, hotlinking was pretty common. I remember you could either upload a photo or post a url. It was the same on message boards too. You could insert link. So in games like picture association, I would look for an image to use and get the photo url and post it on the forum. I am pretty sure many people did that too then. I also did the same with my avatar photos too. If I wanted to use a personal photo, I would upload it to my photobucket and use that url for my profile picture. This was back when photobucket let you hotlink your content. It was easier that way because it would resize my image automatically for the website.

But anyway this started to become difficult as technology online evolved and got more advanced. Images were starting to get broken and so were avatars. I just thought then it was a bug or the website disappeared because it was abandoned and the owner had deleted it. I was on an autism forum and my Madonna avatar from A League of Their Own kept disappearing off my profile. I kept putting it back and I thought it was some technical issue with the autism forum itself so I kept putting it back. After about three times, the avatar turned into “No hotlinking please” and I realized this was no bug, this was the actual owner from the other website doing it or it was the admins on the autism forum doing it and they didn’t tell me they had removed my avatar or that they don’t want hotlink avatars.

On forums I have been on, moderators will not tell you when they have changed your profile or removed something in it or even tell you they had changed your post or even deleted it. To me this is a violation because of no communication. No communication, I am not going to know if it was intentional or know if I actually wrote that. If I make a post and it disappears, I am going to think “I thought I posted it but I must have forgotten or it didn’t go through” so I will post it again. Sure if a mod changes your post and leaves a note in it, that is fine because at least I know I am not imagining things or thinking “I thought I posted this, I guess not” or “I don’t remember writing that.” I guess many moderators assume people will remember what they posted or know they had done something wrong if they find their profile changed or profile image removed or post gone and stuff. That doesn’t work with me. Instead it’s like gaslighting me making me think I am crazy and I had not remembered or that I thought I had posted it but actually didn’t. If someone took something of yours and you went to get that item where you left it and it was gone, you would think you misplaced it, not think someone took it. That is what it’s like when any changes are made to my account or posts without me being notified about it. But I guess lot of people don’t know this that moderate forums.

But anyway I have learned more about online and servers. I have learned that when people have images on their website, they are paying for those images they have on their server. The more traffic they get, the higher the cost gets so they have to pay the difference which is why ads get put on their webpages. It is to help compensate for the cost so they won’t have to pay extra out of pocket. But what happens when you hotlink to their image from their site than saving it to your PC and reuploading it yourself? You are using their server and their money when you get traffic to your site and the more views that page of yours gets, the harder the server is working to load that image so it costs the website owner money. That is stealing their content but yet if you save their photo they were using and you reupload it, that isn’t stealing unless they say all their images are copyrighted.

I was actually lucky I got a polite message in my image than a nasty one. I have read there are nasty ones the webmaster would put when they change the url to shame you on your website. I am sure it was the website owner that did that to my avatar than one of the forum admins. But back then I didn’t know and knew nothing about hotlinking or paying for servers or that the more traffic they get, the more they have to pay. If you have never owned a website and never built one, you are not going to know this. I also read that people have shut down their website because of too many people hotlinking. That could explain why websites back then would disappear. But now there is a feature where you can not allow people to hotlink and I have been to sites where you couldn’t highlight any text.

But I have noticed how forums now will not allow hotlinks in profile pics so that is why I will do image uploads instead. That is what I did with diaper pics I was finding in search engines for my Tumblr and I saved them to my PC than hotlinked them. I knew it was frowned upon but didn’t know why.

Part 2 for another time I accidentally stole someone’s content despite that I didn’t take any credit.

On ADISC, someone wrote a funny story, the character was named Chris Hansen and he was a predator. He was ABDL and he was talking to underage ABDLs and trying to meet up with them but he kept appearing on a TV show that catches predators and he could never seem to learn his lesson no matter how many times he was caught and appearing on those TV shows. What was coincidental about it was the author had never heard of Chris Hansen and had never heard of the TV show either. The way the story was written seemed to be written in a satirical way and it was hilarious. So hilarious I had to share it on another website in a thread called “make someone Laugh” so I copied and pasted it and said I found it from another website and I didn’t write it.

That post was there for a year or two when out of the blue I got a PM from someone saying he was freaking out and said he had deleted the original post when he saw I posted it there and gave the url to that post for me to delete. He had registered on that site just to send me that message. I honestly didn’t understand what the big deal was and it wasn’t like I took credit for it and there was no money involved and it wasn’t like I was selling the story. But I deleted it because he had asked politely. Maybe he had mental health issues like anxiety which would explain why he didn’t take it well and why he freaked out when he saw it was reposted on another site. Honestly I would have been grateful to see my content being reposted because it means they appreciated my work so much. If it was on a freebie site, posted in public for everyone to see, it’s fine to share it just as long as they don’t take credit for it. Same as if people don’t take my photos to pretend to be me. But if it was some other post that is my opinion on something or a rant or personal experience, I will be meh about it. If someone had taken my story I had written and changed the location and town name and all the characters and genders and their dog breed they have and cats, I might leave a passive aggressive comment saying something like “I see you have enjoyed my story that you decided to take my work and do some changes to it because you seem to lack creativity” and I link to the original source of my story. The time stamps would show the story is stolen.

People copy and paste posts all the time to share and link it to the original source. People share memes all the time. People reshare photos they find. But I know if it’s something you paid for rather it’s from Patreon or Onlyfans or anything you had to spend money to see, it’s obvious you shouldn’t repost that content anywhere, same as if it was posted privately in email or PM or it’s on a protected Tweet account. But some people don’t seem to know this because I will find on their page sometimes that any content on their page may not be posted anywhere. I guess people are that stupid and pirates will just take it anyway so they don’t need to be told that. That is just for dumb people.

The time Photobucket got Greedy

I’ve mentioned capitalism and greed in one of my other posts. But I found the worst one ever online. Remember the time when photobucket decided to stop hosting images unless you paid for a premium?

The moment they made their website a paid site, I stopped using them and started to find other image hosting sites. Most websites now allow you to upload images to the website; Etsy, Ebay, web forums, now Reddit allows that feature.

I totally abandoned my account and stopped using it and only went back for my old images to use for this blog. I remember I had to re upload my images to imgur to host them here.

But what I never knew what Photobucket did was hold peoples photos as ransom and not leaving anyone the ability to download all their images. Also they did not give anyone a warning in advance that they would be changing their service and what the cost would be. They also changed their TOS and didn’t bother emailing their users and they did it three days before the massive change. Also they were vague and didn’t tell anyone what would happen if they don’t pay to host images for 3rd party sites. So when June 20th came, the internet from ten years ago was destroyed, old internet forums, blogs, everything because the majority of users used Photobucket to host images. All the images looked like this:

I saw them on message boards and it was annoying not being able to view abandon places or even old vintage photos. It also destroyed websites, bunch of Amazon and Ebay listings. Even one person had her whole entire blog destroyed because now all her pages were filled with that image and the background too she bought. It turned out the service used photobucket to host the image.

Many people were pissed and outrage because not only did they ruin the internet and old forums and blogs and listings, they held their images as hostage. It was you had to pay $399 to allow 3rd party hosting and that price is ludicrous. Microsoft only charges $69 for 1 TB cloud storage for one drive, Google Drive charges $99 a year for 2 TB or $20 a year for 100GB storage. There are so many other platforms that charge a lot cheaper than $399.

Only very few people actually paid that amount and it was just businesses that paid because it was for their business and they needed their images to show. But many people could not affords to pay that price and they couldn’t access their photos unless they paid. It caused outrage and sparked lot of discussions all over the internet; forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook. People were angry. I had no idea this went on because I wasn’t on Twitter then and I am not active on Facebook community and I had stopped using photobucket and was using Imgur by then.

So many people deleted their FB accounts and left their angry reason. Eventually they got a new owner and he changed things like got rid of the outrageous price, let people access their photos again so they can download them and host them somewhere else. They even decided to make it free if you keep your storage space under a certain amount. But if you go over, your images will be blurred when shared.

But here is a thing, they still let you upload as many images as you like without stopping you, it still gives you the ability to host your images without paying for a premium. You would think this feature would be unavailable to freebie accounts.

I went to my yahoo account and found two emails from Photobucket saying I was violating their TOS because I was hosting images. Yeah, all those images were from over ten years ago and I don’t even use the website so at the time, hot linking my images was fine and like I would remember where I posted my images and when I ever did them when it was so long ago.

I go to the Photobucket website and it basically held my account as hostage saying pay premium or break the links. I selected break the links. I would have been pissed if they only gave me the pay Premium option.

I looked on my account and found my infant son and me in my cloth diapers which would be from the early 2010s. I decided to just start downloading the images for in case they do delete my account and thank god I did not have many photos there or it would have been impossible to get them all off. They did not have a feature where you can select all and download. Instead you had to do one at a time.

So I downloaded each image I wanted to keep and the rest I didn’t care about. Lot of them were of me from when I was young and and I looked like a minor as a young adult and I could tell I was bigger too but it also reminded me how attractive I was then because I was younger. Now I think I look unattractive because I’m older now and have seen my face in my own photos when I would take them. My husband said I look the same but I think he is just bias. My mom looked pretty too when she was young, now she looks unattractive.

So Photobucket got greedy and held peoples images as ransom only for them to not get their money and they lost a bunch of their users. This was the worst greed ever in the wild I ever heard. Now their prices are a lot cheaper but I still won’t use them because of their demand to pay and I am not even close to exceeding my storage limit but yet I still got an email saying I am nearing my storage limit. Also the fact I can host my images for free somewhere else and I am not demanded to pay. When I am demanded to do something, I feel doing the opposite and I feel anger so I end up not wanting to do it. But yet if I am given that option, I don’t feel oppositional. Same as if I am asked politely or if someone is polite, I feel more inclined to do their request. One time someone screamed at me to shut off my laptop when I was going to work, and I just said no and refused because the fact she was a bitch about it. Also it was my personal property and she had no right to tell me what to do with my time. If she believed the computers and phones messed with her brain, move. I never like people imposing their beliefs onto me. When someone is rude to me, I feel oppositional and feel more inclined doing whatever I am doing that bothers them rather it’s them being impatient so I will take longer intentionally.

I mean seesh, being nice gives you benefits. You’d be surprised how much privileges there are when you are actually polite and how much easier customer service is and how helpful employees actually are.