Very weird

I peed in my new diaper twice last night and then I woke up this morning and did my morning pee in it but it wasn’t a big one and it was more of a medium one. Then I took my son to school and then came home and sat down at my computer and a few minutes later I noticed the back of my pants were really wet so I went downstairs and changed my pants and my diaper. The diaper was wet in the back but the diaper should have held more because it’s a Bambino. I figured it must have been defective or because I had peed in it standing, I sat down and it pushed the pee out the sides because I didn’t do it sitting. I wasn’t sure when the pee leaked out after sitting because I noticed it after I got home from dropping my son off.

Now I am wearing another Bambino and I have peed in it a bunch of times including one big one and no leaks. I might change before work so I wouldn’t have to change at work and have any leaks. I have been drinking lots of  water due to dry throat and that makes me pee. But then I go through an extra diaper a day.

Turns in changing diapers

Last night I came home from work and my husband told me he had pooped in his diaper. I had put it on him before work. He said he had done it two hours before I got home and because he was poopy, he was not able to pick up the toys because he didn’t want my parents to smell it and have them know his secret. So he was trapped in the basement after putting the kids to bed because of his poopy diaper. So I changed him and it was very messy and I used a bunch of adult wipes and then I put a clean diaper on him and threw the messy one away and washed my hands.

My husband stayed upstairs with me while I had my dinner and he gave me hot chocolate and he rubbed my head and he put up with Dr. Phil. It was one of those rare episodes where people do a fighting match on the stage and Dr. Phil had enabled it because he didn’t stop them and he just let it happen. I always hate it when people talk at the same time because it’s hard to hear what they are saying.

Then after the show had ended my husband had went downstairs and I finished watching Lethal Weapon 2 and I pooped in my diaper. Then my husband changed me and it only took one wipe to do it and the mess wasn’t very big. He commented that my Bambino Biancos looked like baby diapers from the olden days from when I was a kid. I told him maybe that is what they were meant to look like. Then I got my pajamas on and went back upstairs. I finished watching the movie on my phone than on the PS3 since Hulu stopped working on there.

I changed my husband’s and then he had a turn changing mine.

My soaked Bambino

I had this on last night after I changed out of my last one and I woke up this morning and the diaper felt dry. I am not sure if I used it before going to sleep. I had to pee so I let loose and it was a big one and the diaper held it all when I flooded it. It felt nice and warm and I felt the warmth spread to the back of my diaper. Then I felt dry again a few minutes later.

Then later in the morning I peed in it again and it was another big one but not as long as the first one. I did about two more wettings in it but they were both small ones. The diaper held it all and I did feel wetness between my skin and the diaper on the front and back but there were no leaks. Then I changed when I got home when my dad and I tried to drop off a TV to recycle it but they were going to charge us 40 bucks for a small TV set. I didn’t realize they charged that much.

Here is my wet diaper (scroll down to see)  I made here. I need to drink more water given how yellow it is. You can tell how close to the sides the pee got to.










My poopy diaper

I got Bianco this time when Bambino did their sale because those were the only ones they had on sale at lowest price and the rest was too expensive that weren’t Bambino.

I finally had real diapers again because I had been using cloth boosters in my Tena diapers to make them real diapers. The Bianco hold a lot and I have pooped in them several times already since I poop about every other day. I did yesterday and then again today about an hour after I changed into a fresh one. I didn’t take it off until my shower when I needed to change so I decided to just shower a little early since I need changed.


Here is my used on for anyone who likes seeing used diapers. I know I like looking at used ones. Warning, image is shown so scroll down to see it. For some reason it won’t let me show links anymore so instead it does images automatically.







































It was Valentine’s at the munch and I nearly went to the house for the after party but backed out the last minute because it was late and I forgot my son didn’t have school tomorrow and the house is on the other side of the area, not my direction where I live.

But it was a one year anniversary of the munch and the person running it told us the rules because it had been a problem in the past and these things have actually happened, they were.


Drawing inappropriate things like sexual body parts. Someone actually did that so they drew them on the balloons and they were all over the room and they got near the door way and they nearly went out in the restaurant and there are kids out there so if they saw one of them, they could have gotten kicked out of the restaurant and banned and it would have been all over the media.

This is not a hook up group. People in the past have gotten creepy there and since she mentioned it not being a hook up group, I figured ABs and DLs have gone there to try and find a date and it’s meant to be a safe group, no creepy behavior and she doesn’t want to turn it into a couples group only where bigs have to be with a partner, not be single so no hitting up with someone.

No baby talk. They have a rule about no adult talk so some people thought they had to do baby talk but apparently that is not what no adult talk meant. Maybe they meant no sexual talk. I asked what is adult talk, is it sex so she explained adult talk is like discussion your work, relationship issues, politics, and it’s meant to be a safe group where people can be free from those things and we have 30 and 29 days to talk about all that stuff.

No exposing yourself. Some ABs and DLs in the past have showed their diapers and this is a public place so someone could walk in here and see it so this is not a place to show your diapers.

This is a littles group but everyone is welcome. In the past she has gotten messages from DLs wondering what is with all this stuff they are seeing that is too childish.

No touching and hugging other people. In the past people have done it and it would make some people there feel uncomfortable.

No taking photos. They don’t want people taking photos in the room and if they do, they need to ask peoples permission first to be in the photo and she doesn’t want to start taking away cameras and making everyone keep their phones in their purse. I asked what if we blocked out the faces and she said no they are not consenting so no photos. You can wait after everyone leaves.

No underage. Apparently some underage people have came to the munch and once she finds out they are not 18 yet, she tells them to leave and she is just going by the law because 18 is the consent age in our state. She isn’t making that rule, it’s the law. If you are 16 or 17, you can wait another year or two and they might still be here. Just follow the over 18 rule and they might still be there when you turn 18. They don’t want to have to fold the group because other littes groups have been formed and didn’t last in our area and she doesn’t want it to be this group.

If she has to keep warning you or reminding you of the rules, you will be removed from the munch and not ever come back.


So what I learned from all this was how stupid some people could be (the penises on balloons thing) and how some minors have snuck into the munch and some people took the “no adult talk” literal and some have no sense of personal space so they were putting their hands on others or hugging them.


I dripped again

I had to change a poopy diaper because it was leaking. I decided I am going to start keeping track of how often the dripping happens. It happened again after I took the diaper off and I got some of it on my Winter coat and I used a wipe to keep soaking it up as I dripped.

Tonight it happened, well it’s past midnight so it happened last night.

In a Second Language

A few days ago I read a new ebook by Rosalie Bent and it was called Coffee with Rosie and it’s for vanillas about how to cope with a ABDL and to be honest, reading it was like reading a second language because it was all foreign. I can’t understand why anyone would freak out over a diaper or have a hard time with it. It’s just a diaper, like a form of underwear. People have freak out over other things too like men wearing skirts or dresses or women’s underwear or bras and I have heard stories about ladies freaking out when they would find out their partner had been trying on their clothes or their underwear. If they were too big for their clothes, I can understand because then they stretch them out and could rip them because I would be upset too if someone ruined my clothes and messed them up and got them all out of their place and then didn’t put the back right and now it’s a mess. Leave my stuff alone. But it wouldn’t be because of the female clothes itself, it would be because of the fact they touched my stuff and moved it and messed it all up or if they even tried on one shirt I had thrown on the floor and it ripped when they put it on, I would be upset because they wrecked my property.

There are many weird things out there I wouldn’t be able to understand why anyone would freak out about it and would have a hard time with it if it’s so harmless. I wonder if lot of ABDLs also would have a hard time understanding it too. I have never freaked out about anyone wearing a diaper and I wasn’t even into them then but I was indifferent about another kid wearing them and they were past the potty training age.

I also felt about the book that it could be giving other ABDLs false hope thinking this book could cure them of their partner’s ignorance and get them to accept them and understand their fetish and not let it get in the way. How long can you wait before they come around to understand it and try to? Five years? Twenty years? What if that many years go by and they still don’t understand it and they still have troubles with it, then you have wasted that many years with the wrong person. I have been there and I won’t go back. No I didn’t spend five years or more with the wrong person because I have always left quickly from relationships when they weren’t changing and they were getting worse and I have heard too many stories of women staying and being miserable or staying and then getting abused and I didn’t want to be one of those people. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave.

I wondered if this is something my mom would relate too if she read this book. She had a hard time with my diapers for a while when I was a teen and in high school and a young adult and she would make snide comments about it and I would just ignore it. I didn’t react or say anything. I just had a mom who hated ABDLs and there was her own daughter doing it and it was as if she thought if she could embarrass me about it or shame me about it, I would quit. Now she goes “I am not being critical” when she voices some concern about it and she once had my husband talk to me about it when my daughter got into my dirty diapers and carried one of them to my parent’s bedroom with it open and my mom shrieked about it going “ew ew ew” and jumping our of her seat and I was at work when it happened and I had forgotten to take my diapers outside when I left and left them by the bucket instead I used as a diaper pail. I had them in a diaper pack that was empty and I put the used diapers in there to take out when I go and the trash bag with them in there. I think my daughter has forgotten about it already because she was one when she did it and it was before my son got his own bedroom so I was still sleeping upstairs at the time.

So reading this book was like reading a foreign language. It felt so alien.

You can find the book on Amazon and if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s “free.” I don’t think it’s a bad book. Just don’t get your hopes up if your partner is ignorant about ABDL and is being willfully ignorant if they don’t want to learn about it or understand it and they see it as it being shoved in their face when you try and talk about it. They might not even want to read this book either if that is how they are acting towards your fetish. They would also see the book as it being shoved in their face when you try and get them to read it to get them to understand it more.