Addiction is real

I used to be one of those morons who thoughts people can just quit anything if they try hard enough. Put down the cigarette, put down the drink, flush down the drugs, etc. My mom compared it to me liking ice cream and asked me if I am willing to not eat it for the rest of my life. What I got out of it was “so people like that stuff like I do with ice cream except I don’t have ice cream everyday and I won’t go crazy if I don’t have any so why are they tossing their money away on that stuff and stealing for drugs and also having financial issues over beer and cigarettes? Why have I cut out luxury foods to save on grocery bills?” That was a bad analogy then my mom had used.

As a joke I used to say I am too poor to eat all the time and being poor keeps me thin. Then I got pregnant and had to eat more food (I had an eating disorder before then) and all I would eat was whole wheat stuff and fresh food, no canned food or desserts or any high sodium foods and I would occasionally eat something unhealthy. As a result it made me lose weight while I gained the baby weight and then I was way below my pre pregnancy weight after I had my son and I was getting comments from people I knew “You have lost weight” and it was all unintentional what I did. I never intended on getting thinner. My only intention was avoiding gaining the unnecessary weight by eating healthy and following the pregnancy diet like a bible it became my new special interest. I even got a comment from a random stranger, “It doesn’t look like you just had a baby, how much weight did you gain, a pound?” If only she had seen my belly, she would see it was still bloated out but I had on a loose shirt so she didn’t see my midriff. I couldn’t even wear my regular jeans yet either so I was still wearing my maternity pants. But I did experience random bladder leakage and it would happen off and on randomly and still does to this day, I just leak it in my diaper. I figure that is from child birth than from wearing and using them.

But my husband decided to get me a Red Bull one day, a sugar free one and I drank it and liked the taste. He started to buy me one every time we would go to a 7-Eleven that is less than a mile from our house to buy his father a beer or something or anything they needed and plus we would get milk there than driving two miles to a near department store or grocery store. I started to get hooked on Red Bulls and I realized I had gotten myself addicted to them when I would always be thinking about having one and be mentally craving it. I started to wonder if this is how an addiction feels except I don’t have any physical symptoms.

Another thing about Red Bulls is it makes me wet my diapers and I would enjoy drinking them but it was because I was always mentally craving it. Then my in laws moved out and I was still mentally craving it and we would still go to the store and get one and I started buying one every time I was at a store and even going to a zero calorie Rockstar at Goodwill since they have no Redbulls. The Rockstar doesn’t taste as good as a sugar free Redbull and I have tried to pear flavor and I still like the regular sugar free one. But I am still addicted to Red Bulls, not to those 5 hr energy drinks and not to any Rockstars or any other energy drinks that are juice.

I once bought a orange juice energy drink years back when I was visiting Montana and then going home and driving long distance gets me tired so I use energy drinks on the road to keep me alert since my husband can’t drive. With kids I don’t think I need them anymore since we have to stop anyway and walking around wakes me up. That is another reason why I don’t like driving. I have many reasons why I don’t like driving but I still drive anyway because I have to, how else will my kids get to school? And I find it more convenient and we can afford the gas. But I will always be the last person to drive when there are other people because too many people in the car distract me I often tell my son I can’t listen to him talk because I am watching the road. But when there are less cars, I can listen better because there isn’t as much to focus on.

Then I decided to try and wean myself off Red Bulls and just suck it up. I realize I can save money by not drinking them and coffee is cheaper in the long run but I don’t like coffee. I know I can also save money on diapers too by not wearing them all the time but I like them too much and I am forced in them anyway. I could also save money on my game I always play because I buy premium content in events and during the tower challenge. I have been using gems now to save because I hoard them and I use Microsoft Rewards and every month I earn enough to get a $10 Microsoft ecard and I use it for the game and get more premium stuff. So that has saved me money too. There are many things out there we can all save money on but we still choose to spend our money on it like cable, Netflix, coffee, food like snacks and just eating for comfort and for fun, driving when you can just take the bus or walk, hobbies, but I just choose to try and cut out Red Bulls and it also saves me one diaper a day too so I am also saving money on diapers too in the long run. People even use money on the gym when they can just work out at home. People may even have Kindle Unlimited when they can just go to the library and check out books for free and people even go and buy books when they can just go to the library to save money. People even go to the movies when they can just wait for it to come to video and rent it on their cable or go to a Redbox to save money or just wait for it to go on a pirated website and watch it there before it is even released on video.

I also use Google Survey Rewards and I earn some money each time I take a random survey when it randomly pops up. I have used the money to buy a couple books and I am still reading them because it’s fat activist books and I only bought them just to read for entertainment and then I get bored with it and quit reading. I will read anything rather I agree with it or not because I am curious and I will follow any youtube channel and I would follow a bunch of controversial pages too on Twitter but I don’t want that to reflect on me as a person and my page would get flooded with TERF stuff, and MAP stuff and right wing stuff and Trump stuff, etc. if I follow too many non ABDL pages. I am just like my dad, we both listen to things we don’t like because we want to hear what crap they say and my dad will get mad at whoever he is listening too and start cussing. I don’t get mad what I listen to. I even watch Dr. Phil because of the drama and there have been some episodes that have gotten me angry. There was one episode that got me so angry I will never watch that episode again. I just remember it too well so I don’t need to see it again.

After deciding to cut out Red Bulls, I couldn’t resist them any longer and am back to drinking them again and buying them every time I am at a store. I even stopped at a Plaid Pantry and bought three Red Bulls because they had a sale. Then I stuck the drinks in my diaper bag where the bottles go and I didn’t even drink them in the dorms I was cleaning because I get head aches due to getting dehydrated and it was very hot that day. Red Bulls make me pee a lot and I didn’t want to pee out all my water and get dehydrated and have head aches. I didn’t crave them that day until after I got off work.

I never thought I could get addicted. I only deal with mental cravings. I wonder if this is how people feel about coffee? At least it’s normal. I am pretty sure my Red Bull addiction is normal because it doesn’t interfere with my life. I used to call myself a diaper addict as a joke because if I went too long of not wearing, they would be on my mind all the time and consume my thoughts and I the urges would get stronger and stronger and so would the thoughts. Now I don’t have that anymore because I wear them 24/7.

No one cares you wear diapers

So four years ago I decided to join Reddit and for shits and giggles I put the word diaper in my username and my female pronoun because I couldn’t come up with anything else. I don’t like to use the same usernames for each forums because of doxxing and people doing a search on your name so I will mind as well make it harder for them. But coming up with a username has always been hard for me so I picked that one.

But anyway, after I had been posting on Reddit and not just in r/ABDL, my name has gotten very little attention. So what could this mean here? I know, lot of people just don’t care that you wear diapers. So that means you can go ahead and put one on and wear it to work or wear it anywhere and no one will care if they notice. So you have nothing to worry about folks. I bet even putting “Ishitmypants” as your username won’t get you attention either. But maybe it will and it will give you an auto ban because it sounds like something a troll would create. Someone once created a user name on a forum and they put the word fetish in their username and female pronoun and the word duck and boom she was banned before she could even post. She was not even a troll because she went to another forum (now defunct) and complained about being banned from that forum and then members in that thread were complaining about the mods on the other forum and how that place sucks. I wonder if the word diaper in the name would have gotten you banned too from that forum. The 3 mods there were pretty corrupt and paranoid.

Occasionally an idiot will bring up my diapers and say something about it that is totally irrelevant to the discussion. They will go through my post history to find something about it and use it against me. My favorite one is “You shit your diapers in front of your children and you think this is the worst parenting?” I looked through her post history (assuming it’s a she because of the name in it but then again it is also a unisex name) and she didn’t seem like a troll but decided to make a troll post towards me. Interesting how even regular members can be trolls. This is so rare I can’t remember any other times it’s happened but this one sticks out so that is why I remember it. Other comments I have gotten about my username have either been neutral or positive.

My username acts invisible until someone feels the name is relevant like “username checks out” or if a troll wants to dig into my post history and use diapers against me. I couldn’t care less if they say I shit myself or that I have a diaper fetish. I am not embarrassed about it and don’t care that random strangers know or else I would have created an alternate account and not post on r/abdl nor even mention my diapers from time to time. Guess what, I still have gotten very little attention about that too when I would do it. What these trolls don’t realize is, nobody cares if Johnny likes to wear diapers and likes to sleep in a crib and eat baby food or have a caregiver so they make themselves look stupid.

7 years of 24/7 and the progress

After being put back in diapers 7 years ago with some attempt in re potty training me šŸ˜‰ here has been the progress so far:

I still have bladder control and bowel control

It is uncomfortable to go without a diaper

I do have to pee a lot because even some urine in my bladder makes me feel I have to go pee

When I have to poop, it is uncomfortable to hold it and it feels it really wants to come out

I still have to get in certain positions sometimes to pee when I am sitting

I can actually just go when I feel a slight urge to pee

I can poop in my diaper in less than a minute after feeling the urge, sometimes it takes a little longer when I am relaxing

Depending on how soft the poop is, I can just go without really pushing it out and squatting so I have done it around my kids and nephews since they don’t pay attention. I even did it once while playing Monopoly with my son. I did it while sitting on the floor and I was on my feet anyway and we were at the coffee table on the floor. I’ve never done it around any adults yet

I sometimes pee while walking depending on my bladder when I am relaxing it but most of the time I can’t do it

Still can’t wet myself on a moving train but have done it while we were stopped and it depends on my bladder

Still can’t wet my diaper while driving with people in the car but for some reason my body is fine with kids and my bladder has to be full enough for me to do it and that is from relaxing and concentrating

I can pee lying on my back but not on my side

I have pooped sitting but that doesn’t happen often and when I stand, I can finally do it.

I have wet my diapers off and on without thinking about it or remembering when it happened

My poop has gotten soft and it’s not hard anymore like it used to be

I still don’t poop in my diaper without thinking about it

It doesn’t feel exciting anymore to be in them 24/7 because it becomes normal and part of my routine, same as for messing and peeing in them

Diapers are now my underwear. My mother has been calling them that now. I guess that is her way of normalizing it. Part of me wishes she would still call it a diaper because I feel it’s like diapers are something to be ashamed about

I don’t hear any diaper comments in the house anymore. I guess everyone had gotten used to it

My diapers have gone from “mommy diapers” to “plastic underwear” by my son. I wonder if he actually knows or if he is just being polite. Sometimes he will poke at them or tug at them and I tell him to stop and he goes “Plastic underwear.”

People at work probably know or it was just a coincidence someone had left their Northshore Underpad on my cart

Both my kids are happy and don’t seem to be confused and they have survived me wearing diapers 24/7. Where is the trauma and all the bad affects on them of me wearing trolls out there love to make up? I must be doing it wrong if my children are happy and don’t seem to be affected. Someone give me a guide on “How to fuck your kids up by you wearing diapers 24/7.”

I am happy to have proven my mother wrong and for her to see both my kids are happy and out of diapers and have no interest in them

I have worn cloth and only wore disposables to work and out of the house if gone all day and now I am now an exclusive disposable wearer. No more cloth

I still go through 2 diapers a day on average, 3 if I have a Red Bull.

I still have not woken up wet after going to bed dry and I will wake up at night and wet my diaper and go back to sleep. I don’t wake up wetter either after going to bed in a wet diaper

My mom is no longer critical about my “underwear.”

I have never done any 12 month programs nor even tried to become incontinent. I decided if it happens it happens and 7 years on, I still have control and I finally learning it’s a myth to lose bladder control of wearing. I know people out there will claim it but I have noticed they already had bladder problems to begin with and they decide to go 24/7 and they notice their lack of bladder control and ones out there with a normal bladder that make that claim could just be lying because it’s the internet. I have even read stories online by people saying they have urinated in pools and get kicked out because they had that chemical that turns color. No such thing exists so those stories were obvious lies.

This has been my diaper progress in the last 7 years of wearing 24/7.

My ABU Order

They got a big stock so I just had to get more and I pay for diapers anyway every month. I will just pay them again next week when we are given our money.

I got a mixed case and one of the packs was ABU Simple and the other pack was PeekABU and I got 2 packs of stickers.

Yesterday the order was still processing and today my package had came. My kids have accepted I get a big box every month and then I give it to them after I empty it out.

I took the package up to my room and cut the tape using a small screwdriver and then ripping it open. I take the packs out and open the ABU Simple and the envelopes with the sticker sheets and I put them on the diapers.

I’ve been in the mood for printed diapers I guess due to stress. I wanted a pack of Lavander but they didn’t get more in stock.

My son knocked and came in my room to ask me if I wanted to play video games and he didn’t seem to notice what I was working on. Like I say, I don’t really hide it but I still keep my diaper station covered and diapers in the closet and I had to put the other ABU diapers behind the curtain. I have also been buying some IC shields that go in your underwear to use as stuffers I find at Goodwill. I have not found any size 6 or 7 diapers and I didn’t get the Pampers slip ons cruisers I saw yesterday at the store. The size said up to 37 lbs from 25 lbs.

My son doesn’t really look my way and he says “Don’t worry, I won’t look” and goes back to talking about playing Super Smash Bros with his cousins yesterday. I don’t know if that meant he knew what I was doing. I can’t read his mind. He also asked about the empty box and I said he could have it.

I organized my Simple diapers by baby girl and the kitty cat ones by Baby girl, kitty cat, baby girl and stack them on the shelf and put the Crinklz diapers on top of them and put the blanket over it. Then I played the game with my son. We did two ten minute rounds and won the first and lost the second.

Is WordPress after us now?


First it was Tumblr removing ABDL content due to their change of policy so many ABDLs shut down their blogs. I still kept my Tumblr page up since all I do is repost ABDL pictures or themed ones or reblog ABDL stuff. I haven’t gone there in a while so it’s pretty much dead.

Now I see baby Emma had her wordpress ( suspended. She also had 3 other WordPress blogs too and they were all suspended. Has WordPress changed their TOS now and are they now going after ABDL blogs?

I just looked through my links and saw two dead ones, (one was private) so I removed them both. I have not gone though all my following blogs lists yet but the abdlgirl one is still there.

So if this blog disappears, that would be WordPress suspending it. But I will still be at Twitter, Dailydiapers, Adisc and some other websites.

Underwear fetish

I am reading a book called I’d Rather Eat Chocolate by Joan Sewell. In the book she writes in chapter 12 about how women get turned on by underwear so they will wear thong underwear or any other fancy type of underwear and lot of women want to feel sexual about themselves when they wear one.

I already knew there were men out there that get turned on by women in underwear and I was sure some women would just wear some sexy panties to turn their partner on.

It got me thinking if that is how people feel about their underwear, I am sure that is how ABDLs feel about their diapers. When I have worn underwear, I never wore it to feel sexy and turned on. I would just wear whatever I felt comfortable in and if I liked the look of it and I liked pattern underwear and ones with prints. I noticed most bikini underwear had prints on them and granny panties were boring and plain color or had boring patterns. Bikini underwear had Disney characters and even The Powerpuff Girls in women sizes and other prints. So I had to learn to like bikini underwear if I wanted childish looking underwear and if there were bikini underwear in girl sizes, I could also start wearing some myself. So at 15, I started to wear more bikini underwear even though I had low rise underwear at age 14 and they were the 7 days of the week underwear. But they were still bikini underwear.

Years later I had tossed it all out because they were all worn and no way would anyone want to buy them and they would have been tossed out if I had donated them to charity or Goodwill. I had only a couple pairs that were still in good shape so I sold those at a yard sale. Another reason why I wore underwear was because it was what we all did and plus it was to catch my vaginal discharge and I needed something to hold my pad when I’d get my period. I was shocked to find out as an adult how not everyone wears underwear including women and I wonder what do they do about their period? Hopefully they are wearing something or do they wear a pull up? I also wonder what about their vagina discharge, so they just drip it down their legs or in their crotch area onto their pants? Even I found out my mom always had slept naked even without underwear on so I asked her didn’t she get vagina discharge on her sheets on on her legs? She said she didn’t. I guess not all women have lot of it and they only have very little and I always had tons of it so I would drip it. I guess that is why those small pads exist. I started to use toilet paper in my teens because I got tired of feeling wet in my crotch and dripping through my underwear. Now I don’t think about it anymore because I now wear diapers and I can just drip it into my diaper. I do the same with my period too. I don’t really have it bad because of the IUD so I just spot or it’s only in my vagina and I see it when I wipe.

I feel the same way about diapers, I don’t wear them to get a thrill out of it or to get off on wearing them under my clothes like I did with underwear when I wore them.

If women can wear underwear under their clothes to feel sexual about it, how is a diaper any different? I say this because I have seen ABDLs say how one shouldn’t wear their kink under their clothes and it’s forcing it on others. So I will say, how is doing this with underwear any different, some women wear sexy panties under their clothes to feel sexual about themselves, same reason as why some DLs might wear a diaper under their clothes to feel sexual. When I think about it like this, the whole “wearing your diaper under your clothes is forcing your kink on others” sounds ridiculous. I have also read on Fetlife in comments that DLs wear their diaper out in public to get a thrill and hoping to get caught. Talk about projection, that isn’t why I do it. I don’t doubt that is what some DLs do.

I am totally enjoying the rest of the book and chapter 18 made me laugh because she wrote about her ideal episode on Oprah Winfrey, instead of women trying to raise their libido, it’s about men trying to lower their libido and it’s wrecking their marriage and making women leave them and I was laughing on the train while I started reading it because it was so funny. It made me realize that sex really is over rated as I have always felt before. Why are women treated as broken for not having a high sex drive? I don’t normally relate to other women but I related to this part this time about what she expressed about how she feels about men and their high sex drives and how society is way too obsessed with sex. I used to get frustrated with my husband about him wanting sex and I would suggest he go look at porn or go give himself a hand job or go get a sex doll or a fleshlight and none of these were good enough because he wanted me.

So what would I do about it? I would try to avoid doing anything that would get him turned on. Can’t walk around wearing only a diaper, can’t dress up as a ABaby, can’t even be in the same room as him or he will want sex. I used to just wish he would lose his sex drive and one day it happened, his medical condition got worse, now he is always in more pain so he often can’t have sex but as in return, he is now disabled and I mean he can no longer work and is now on disability. Boy did I get my wish. Be careful what you wish for folks. In this book I am reading, this author also wishes her husband would end up in a wheelchair or something so he can’t have sex. Then she wrote that is awful of her to even wish such a thing on him. Yeah I totally get it, I used to wish my husband would just get a sex change I used to call it so he would be female and not have a high of sex drive. Then he would have been female. I did find out in the book that some women do take hormones, the same pills transgender people take, to raise their sex drive but the side affect is getting male traits so is that why there are cis women with facial hair or have masculine looks? The author wrote why couldn’t men take pills to lower their sex drive but they wouldn’t want to take them and have risks of feminine features so why should women?

I am curious how others would feel about this author. Time to hit the reviews I guess.

Things ABDLs make up

Sometimes we hear crazy things in the community about ABDLism. I think we get so paranoid, we start to make shit up. I remember when I was 17, I was convinced you would be fired if they found out you were wearing a diaper. I believed this as a young adult too so when I decided to go 24/7 at age of 21, I only wore Goodnites to work. Yes I would leak there from time to time and it was pretty obvious and no one said anything about it. They had to have noticed but didn’t say a word. Then I moved to another state and get a new job two months later and I wear real diapers there and decided “they won’t know I didn’t wear them before so I can wear them now and they won’t know.” Then I quit 24/7 because I wanted to keep my bladder strong and I read online that feeling the need to go more often was a sign of losing bladder control. Now I think that was just some made up shit there. But I never could wear a real diaper to work again because how could I explain why I wasn’t wearing a diaper anymore and then was again?

I had an online friend say when I was 17 years of age that if anyone fired him for wearing a diaper, he would sue them. Even other people were telling me I can’t get fired for wearing a diaper, I could be incontinent. Even one person tried talking me into wearing 24/7 at 17 years of age and told me people would just think I am incontinent if they realized I had one on. But back then it was not possible due to my diaper phobic mother and because I didn’t have a job and I didn’t make enough allowance to wear diapers 24/7 and I couldn’t buy online so all I had were Wal Mart and the local grocery store. My dad was more liberal about it then because he said I was old enough to make my own decisions and it was probably just a phase and I would grow out of it. Then he said it was probably their fault because they let me wear them as a toddler and didn’t think it was a big deal. They knew I liked wearing them then and didn’t find it a big deal. I was only two and had plenty of time for me to be out of diapers and because I was special needs, they were still able to enroll me into daycare at age 3 unless that daycare took older kids in diapers.

Even my mom had made stuff up about it when I was in 6th grade. Told me none of this was real and people post make believe on the internet, told me I would also lose bladder control if I wore diapers, no one would want to share a dorm with me because they wouldn’t want to smell any diapers. No one would want to marry me either or hire me because of the smelly diapers. My life would be going backwards. Congratulations Mom, I have believed for many years you didn’t like incontinent people because no one would want to deal with the smelly diapers and telling me you wouldn’t have married my father if he wore diapers. I just thought for many years you would not like incontinent people because of their smelly diapers. I had to find out at 17 that was all a big lie and if incontinent people still got married and had kids and went to college, then you can wear diapers and still live a normal life. I am pretty sure mom had told me that lie to get me to stop liking diapers and congratulations, it worked, I put it in a chest and buried it under crap. Now I had lived in denial for 5 years and thought I could get myself to not like them but I was back on ABDL sites again at age 14 and I just couldn’t stay away from that stuff. I did go to DPF at age 13 and then stopped going thinking I could stop liking it. I guess you could call this my own version of the binge and purge cycle. But I slowly unburied that chest from the crap I had buried it under and slowly opened it and I would say it was officially opened when I realized I am a diaper lover and admitted I like diapers and want to wear them. No more lying to myself and pretending. I had been pretending all these years and lying about it to me.

Now fast forward to when I am 22, my mom is so happy I am not wearing 24/7 anymore and tells me I can’t wear them when I am pregnant because then they won’t fit me. I tell her you get bigger sized diapers then as your belly gets too big for the size you wear. Then she told me wearing diapers hurts the baby and the infection will go up your vagina and infect the baby. I knew this was an obvious lie or how else do you explain incontinent women having kids. Had they endangered their fetus? I think she was at it again with her tale to scare me. I wore them in both pregnancies and both babies were fine.

Another tale she told me when my son was an infant was me wearing diapers would be so bad for him and would affect him and I knew that was a bunch of baloney or else kids would be affected by their parents incontinence. I have even been told online by other ABDLs that I better be saving money for a therapist because I will need it for my kids and that my kid is aggressive because I am wearing diapers. More lies there.

More tales I have heard in this community is if you don’t potty train your children, CPS will come and take them away. I told my mom this at age of 28 when I was pregnant with my daughter and she told me “how are they going to prove you are not potty training your children, some kids are later than others, you were hard to potty train and couldn’t get you out of them until you saw what your brother looked like and saw his messy diaper. I bet someone made that up on the internet to scare diaper lovers to potty train their kids.” I must say I fell for this tale.

Another crazy thing I heard on ADISC from someone is how you can’t work certain jobs with diapers like you can’t work around food. I thought that was baloney and there is someone on Dailydiapers that works as a chef and he is incontinent due to his obesity. I don’t think he posts there anymore because I haven’t seen any posts about his weight issues or his job as a chef and his son having to help him with his shoes and his wife having to help him into a clean diaper. I remember him saying his diapers were a size of a pillow.

Now another crazy thing I hear from time to time is having to prove your medical need for you to wear diapers. One of them is if you are working with small children and I think that is ludicrous. Diapers are medical, why do they need someone to prove they are not ABDL just because they wear a diaper? What about women who wear pull ups or pads because of childbirth or due to aging and now they leak urine or don’t always make it to the bathroom? Do they now have to rush to make an appointment and tell their doctor about their bladder leakage just so they can put it in their computer system and print it out and hand it to them?

I recently got into a argument about this with an online friend and now I don’t want to speak to him because he pissed me off AGAIN. Now unless someone walks into work wearing an AB outfit or obviously dressed up like a little and is obviously padded, then that would be another story. They have made it very obvious they are bringing their kink to work and engaging in it than leaving it at home. Go to work wearing your normal clothes and diaper underneath, no one is going to know and even if they do find out you wear a diaper, they are not going to care. It’s not like you were obviously padded or wearing a bunch of diapers making them thick and noticeable. That stays home. But anyway, there is a blog on Tumblr by someone who goes by the name of Sereh and she wants to be a preschool teacher and has completely unpotty trained herself and lied to the doctors about having bladder problems so it can get documented in the system so she can prove her medical need for diapers for her teaching job. Talk about paranoid she is so she had to make up a tale to her doctors and my online friend believes this is true what they do to incontinent people and actually endorses it and thinks this is all okay and not ableism because he doesn’t think ABDLs should be around small children. So incontinent people have to prove they are not a ABDL, what about if they were a ABDL too? Now can they not work with them either? I mean what’s next, having to prove your medical need for taking medication so you can prove you are not a druggie? What about taking insulin or an inhaler? Are they going to make you have medical proof for those too? I see diapers as no different because they are a medical device.

Another shit that gets made up, ABDLs engage in their kink by working with small children and are guising it as a job. What’s next, people who are into nurse fetish engaging in their nursing kink when they work as an actual nurse at the hospital? Or what about school teacher or school girl? What about furries working with animals and in a pet store?

What other crazy tales have you heard about all this?