Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

I remember when I was a little girl, I discovered this excited feeling of peeing in my playhouse. It all started when my brother did it but because I didn’t have a penis, I brought a Safeway paper sack out to it and me and my best friend both pee in that sack and I felt this tingly feeling in my belly and I got hooked peeing in my playhouse. But my mom was not thrilled and told me to not do it but I kept on doing it and I started to try and sneak it and wait till she was not around to do it. It took for her to spank me to never do it again.

Another weird thing I used to do as a little girl was give my two Barbie dolls golden showers.

When I was 8, I liked to be tied up and couldn’t understand why the duty ladies at school at a problem with it.

I guess even children can have kinks if they also engage in them too but that doesn’t mean adults can do it with them. But I remember my parents used to get mad at me about it and the duty ladies at school because I kept telling my classmates to tie me up to poles and stuff. But they never gave me any explanation why so I couldn’t understand why they were getting mad at me so no amount of yelling and trying to wall me and making me get the jump rope made me quit. I however give my kid explanations for why I don’t like their behavior. Maybe if the duty ladies had told me “you can’t ask kids to tie you up with jump rope because it will wreck it and eventually it will snap in half and your parents would have to pay for it, I am sure they will be pretty upset about it” and I would have listened and not do it again. Or if my mom had told me when I was 5 “I don’t want you peeing in the playhouse because it will then smell really bad and it will get smellier and smellier and the city will come and take your playhouse away and you won’t have a playhouse to play in, neighbors don’t want to smell your pee so they will call the city about it and they will come and take it from you.”

Even if they would be fibs or lies or even a exaggeration, at least it would have been a logical explanation for me because that was just how I was, I need to know reason behind demands and rules before I took them seriously or else I had a hard time following them. I basically had to be threatened, spanked, or have something get taken from me or even be excluded to get me to follow a senseless rule. Then I remember thinking adults made rules to punish kids because they enjoy it or they punish you because you made them mad so they are getting even with you.

But one thing that never left me was diapers. I outgrew the rest of the other kinks.

Now I am discovering my seven year old daughter has a fascination of using her bedroom as the toilet. She first did it when she was six and tried to hide the evidence but got it stunk in there so bad like stale urine. I looked at her bed but there were no urine stains and I even lifted the mattress pad and the mattress was bare of urine stains. I had to do some detective work by cleaning her room and I find out some of her clothes have piss on them. But the smell was still there and then my son discovered the closet really smelled and her whole entire Disney Frozen spread reeked of urine. I got mad at her about it and yelled at her like my own mom used to do to me when I was a kid.

She never did it again for a while and then she started up again. Now she was peeing on her floor and putting towels over it. I just thought she spilled something and forgot to put the towels down the laundry chute. Then her room started smelling again. My 10 year old son then mentioned she has a bucket in her room with pee in it and I went upstairs and my son showed me and it was a empty coffee grounds can and I got furious at my daughter and made her take it outside and made her clean her room and made her leave her bedroom door open. I sprayed the hallway and opened windows to air it all out. I also grounded her from electronics for peeing in her room and told her next time she pees in her room again or anywhere else in the house besides in the toilet, she won’t have any electronics for a week. She did cry but got over it.

Then I had to leave the house to go get some hamburgers for the whole family. I came back and my mom told me a story about how my daughter wanted to play in her room with her but it smelled so bad she couldn’t tolerate the smell and told her “if you want people to be in your room, you can’t pee in here or it stinks and no one would want to play in your room. I will play in your room tomorrow if it doesn’t stink still.” My daughter then wanted all the windows open in her room to get rid of the smell.

I hope she learned her lesson. It would be interesting if she reached her teens and I start to find wet diapers in there. If she is buying her own, I would just tell her to throw them away outside and I don’t want to see any of her used ones in the house, not in the trashcans, only outside in the trash and I don’t want to smell any in her room either and anywhere else in the house. Or will she have a wet pants fetish or just simply outgrow it? Lot of kids outgrow weird things when they do kinks and sometimes they stick like diapers did for me.

Oh yeah my daughter has also tried pooping in her underwear and she said her brother does it and I told her “your brother has medical issues with his poo, he does not do that on purpose, he gets constipated so his poop gets runny, you don’t have problems with constipation so don’t go copying your brother for something he has no control over. That’s not nice.” She has not done it again since.

And my son has not done anything strange yet that is kinky. My husband thinks she is just doing it for attention than having a pee fetish. I guess I will see.