Fedex misplaced my package

I have a subscription with Tykables and they were supposed to arrive on the 15th but they never came so I checked the delivery status and the package was supposed to be here two days ago and it’s been in my area since the 15th and the delivery is stuck on pending. Okay I will just go to Fedex first before I expect Tykables to do anything about it. I contacted customer service and the guy said it looked like it had not been scanned after it arrived and then he said “oh wait, it never arrived so I will contact the werehouse about it so they can see if they can find it and call you back.”

Now I don’t know if they reimburse customers if they lose packages. I guess I would have to go to Walgreens to buy diapers while I wait for a replacement.

And the guy also asked me what the content of the package is and I had no issue saying “adult diapers.”


Edit: I got my package and 24 hrs later they finally had it out for delivery and when it came, it had another sticker on it with my address. I looked at the original shipping label and it was the same but they had my address written down different with a big gap in between the town and address.