websites with poor customer service

I order from DDLG World and they had cute stuff, stuff you can wear out in public. You can also find the same stuff on Amazon too. I order a few things for my content using my Patreon money and while shipping is slow, I get the wrong size velvet shorts because they were put in the wrong package. Okay not a big deal, it’s a little inconvenient but mistakes happen. I will just contact them so they can make it right. I sent them a message on their website no response. I also sent them a support ticket too and wait it out. I wait two days and no answer so I sent them an email and still no response.

I decide to move on and I can always sell the sorts or just deal with a smaller size, they will be snug on me is all with my diaper. But because I take issues with customer service, it makes me not want to buy from them because with other websites, they always respond within 24 hrs and someone is always there 24/7. I get it, with smaller businesses, someone is not going to be there 24/7 and response time will take longer but I still expect a response, not a no response or I give them a bad review and think they are a bad service and it makes me not want to use their site again. To me this is unacceptable and if you are going to run a business, I expect you to be professional and always check your emails and respond to your emails. I don’t think it’s unreasonable here.

Over a week later I finally get a response from them and they offer me a refund or a replacement. I told them I wanted a replacement please. I still have yet to hear back. I still won’t use their site again because of bad customer service and lack of response.

Now pocketstars is having a problem with Mastercard regarding what content they allow on their platform. So they have hidden all the ABDL pages and no one can subscribe to them nor be rebilled so I do not expect to get anymore payments on there. I also withdrew my funds and it’s been 5 days and still no money in my bank and it’s stuck on pending. I contact them on Twitter and wait and 24 hrs later, still no response. I send them a email and I also contact them on Twitter again for an update.

I get it’s only two people that run the site and not hearing anything makes me anxious because I don’t know what is going on and I would at least like to hear what is happening. Makes me want to abandon their platform next month after my two week haitus because I do not accept this at all with customer service.

Another model just told me on Twitter she has been waiting on her payout since Tuesday so I am glad it’s not just me then. I wish they would have told me something like “We are slowly processing payouts to everyone so give us another 5 more days and contact us again if you do not get it by then” and that would have been good for me because I would then know what is going on and happening and I would patiently wait five more days before bothering them again. I had to hear from another model that they are slowly processing payouts to people and they just got their s that week. So I had to get a update from another ABDL model. I don’t need the money right now but I still don’t like not getting it if it’s stuck on pending because then I don’t know what is going on and if something is broken and if it will be like that forever. The unknown always makes me anxious. I have always had this problem, even as a kid. I used to get meltdowns over it and everyone always had to fix it for me and if they didn’t have the answer either, then everyone around me was fucked. Now today I just go online and google my issues and get answers that way and I also try and find solutions to my problems and not worry until I get to that bridge and take one step at a time. Oh my games haven’t come yet after a week of paying, well I will just wait another week before I open a paypal dispute. I make a post about it in a facebook group in a game collector group I am in asking if anyone has had that issue when buying games and surprise surprise I hear from the seller again and he shipped the item out. I don’t know if he was in that same group or if it was a coincidence but he said he had a flare up with his medial issue and was in the hospital and apologized for not responding sooner. At least I solved the problem.

And I have written about my issue with Aw So Cute I had on ebay too. Sent my diapers to another location and ignored my messages so I had to open a ebay dispute and I got refunded by ebay from the seller. I do give sellers chances to make things right and if they ignore my emails, bad customer service and I don’t buy from them again. If a business makes a mistake sending me the wrong size diapers and I had to ship them back before they send out the right order, I am not bothering with them again either. I shouldn’t have to pay for their fuck up and then have to wait another week or two to get my order. Lledico had no problem sending out my correct order when they sent me the wrong sizes but they shipped it out right after I shipped them back because they got a confirmation the package had been shipped so they sent out a replacement and it wasn’t a big deal. They didn’t wait to receive to send me the correct sizes. Also their response was pretty fast too and they are a small business ran by a couple. So I would use their site again because of great customer service. So other small businesses don’t have an excuse to not respond to their customer emails. I also learned when getting diapers in the mail, always open the package to check to make sure the sizes are correct. It would suck if I was low on diapers and saw I had the wrong size for the past two weeks and I would have to go to Walgreens and buy a pack until the correct ones came and having to wait to get the issue fixed.

There are also other ABDL sites I don’t use because of high shipping costs and poor customer service and because I don’t like how they treat their customers and can’t accept criticism. Same goes for individuals too rather they are writers or content creators. This saves me the stress and anxiety and I also weed out people who act toxic. I feel why should I give them any of my time and money if they will treat people poorly.

I also learned there is no point in calling people out on their behavior because they will DARVO. They will first reverse it and say you are the one doing it, they will act like you are the problem. Fact is lot of people lack self awareness so calling them out on it is not going to do anything. Notice when you call someone out on their racism, they will say you are the one being racist, tell someone they have changed, they will say you re the one that’s changed. Call someone out on being creepy, they will say you are being creepy. I have seen it all over the years since I have been interacting online. I have seen it happen to others as well on forums. Even I have experienced it in my childhood too in real life. I once told someone to not put words in my mouth and I never said that and they told me I was being snarky and to lose the attitude, talk about lack of self awareness. So it’s a waste of time to call people out.

In my fantasy world it would be nice if we all could say:

“Please stop twisting my words” and they go “oh I am sorry, I will take you literal then, I didn’t realize you were saying what you exactly mean, my bad.” Nope, this is not how it works in the real world. Instead people get defensive and will say you are being snarky or say “you are the one who is twisting words here” or tell you you are just gaslighting.

Edit: DDLG World did get back to me and they replaced my order and this time I got XL shorts as I ordered. I gave the other ones to my daughter. I had to leave public negative reviews on them and bam they got back to me. I don’t know if I would still buy from them again. I shouldn’t have to leave negative reviews to get them to make it right.

Pocketstars got back to me and I did get my payment finally but there was a delay and they are going to open a sister website it seems like but it will be for ABDLs and the payment method will be different. I still have yet to hear what that website will be called. It is supposed to be launched sometime this week. Also none of my fans can seem to access my page now and all the rebills have been off.