Broke my diaper religion again

My son had to have dental surgery on the 25th because he will not tolerate any sort of discomfort and he had to have a filling and get his tooth pulled because it was all rotted and hallowed out. He yanked that sucker out but still had pain up there. It was a baby tooth so I am not upset he had to lose his tooth and a new one will take its place anyway. He still had a little piece of that tooth up there and they got that out and drilled few of his other teeth and put in fillings and put caps over him perm teeth in the back to protect them from cavities. He had to be put to sleep for all this or else he would not have tolerated it.

But anyway while I was at the hospital waiting for him to get his surgery, my body decided to do a bowel movement and I didn’t want it to happen in my diaper nor did I want to get constipated from holding it so I had to break my religion by using the toilet there. I didn’t bring any extras with me and it was a good thing I did it in the toilet because it smelled and I had to push it out because it wouldn’t come out on its own. It was like my body didn’t know how to do it in the toilet anymore. It wasn’t a big one either. Obviously not all of it came out because after I got home more came out. It’s as if it has a mind of its own and knows when I am at home and out in public or when I am heading home anyway.