Scatshop hacked

Boy did I have a scare. I decided to check my account to see if I had sold another video and I see my login information does not work. I try again and it still doesn’t work. I look in the ABDL category and I see my own videos there still and it had been replaced by another username. I click on it and see my page and I click on the profile and it says it does not exist or it’s been moved to another location.

I even created a new account and sent in a ticket asking about my account thinking it was hacked.

Then it didn’t take me long after that that all the videos were marked with the same username and I realized it was the website itself having issues. I come home and look up the issue and I find out the website had been hacked. It was on reddit and on Twitter where I read about it and none of the models can access their accounts.

I am not really concerned about my earnings because I barely made any sales this month. I have been more successful on Pocketstars now. I make enough to buy content but not enough to make a living off it. I even keep track of my gig spendings on Microsoft word and save receipts or write down the cost so that way when I pay my credit card I know how much money to transfer to our checking account when I pay my credit card and I also write down how much I made on JFF and Pocketstars and write when I had moved it over to gig savings.

Now I was nervous about our bank account so I had my husband check it and everything was fine but I told him to keep an eye on it because Scatshop got hacked. I do not know if the hacker got our banking information but there is a reason why on websites, our personal information appears like 5555**** for banking information and social security and card information because it’s for in case if the website gets hacked.

I googled the username and I find out it was a name of a hacker and they even have their youtube channel with a few videos showing how to hack websites and you also see on google a list of websites they had hacked. It was a long list of them as well and all those websites I had never even heard of and even WordPress websites are often hacked I found out. I am not very concerned about my blog because I don’t make any money on it so I am not worried. Why would a hacker want my blog? Unless it’s someone who is my enemy and wants to destroy me.

I know Adisc has been hacked before but Moo always got it back and we were required to reset all our passwords and I remember when a bunch of users no longer had access to their email they had used to register with so they all came back under new accounts and Moo had to help them get access to their old accounts and ban their new account. So there were a lot of banned accounts then. I also remember when Dailydiapers had been hacked several times and it always wiped out recent posts or old posts were removed so it only showed the quotes in our post but our post itself would be gone. Each time we were told to change out password.

I remember when Nintendo got hacked so many users were given emails to change their password.

Gamestop was hacked one time and you were not able to log in and their website was not secured. I also remember when some games were free or were on sale for very cheap and everyone knew it was hacked but it was fixed within an hour or so. Or it could have been some Gamestop website employee that did that and sometimes employees with tamper with stuff when they get fired or are about to lose their jobs.

I have seen some porn sites that were hacked and it was pretty obvious too because it had malware, too many pop up ads, it would redirect you to other websites, the DMCA stuff is bogus, and sadly some website owners never get their websites back.

I don’t know what is going to happen to Scatshop but good thing I kept my videos on my computer under Onedrive. Will Alexapoo get her website back or is it gone forever and it will forever be hacked? I feel bad for other models though if they made over $100. There goes some of their income but I am happy I don’t need a gig income to pay my bills when our disability checks and my job pays it all. Sometimes I might have to start getting rid of my toys to declutter to move on to make room for more and repeat.

So don’t buy from that website. It’s hacked and none of the models will get their money. I hope wearing clouds won’t ever be a victim but I am sure he would move to another platform if that happen and hopefully he has his website backed up. I noticed the login button was missing on the page and so is the checkout page. Hopefully the owner is on hiatus again. He has done that before and will disable the checkout.

Update: the website is back to normal now. I can access my account and someone bought the newest video of mine and all the usernames are back. But strange how the site admins can just be silent about it. Usually the admin sends emails to all their users informing them of the hack and that everything is fine and telling them to change their password and check their banks for any suspicious activity or reassuring you everything is fine and your personal information was secured and not affected. This has been my experience on other websites.