Where are all the older ABDLs?

It seems like many of the ABDLs are either 18 or 19 or in their twenties. I am in my thirties and I was in my twenties when I started this blog.

Someone asked on reddit if it’s harder to find ABDLs your own age. Actually it is. Many ABDLs I see are all under age 30 and I wonder if many of them (older than 30) just simply don’t do social media (eg. Tumblr, Twitter, Pocketstars) and they post on forums instead (eg. Reddit, Daily diapers, Adisc) which is where I see them mostly.

I read some speculations on there like:

28 y/o here! You may have trouble finding people on social media because they cater to a younger crowd anyway. Also, kids/careers/spouses and other things that are more common once you approach 30 are likely to contribute too.

Probably as people start families of their own it’s harder to find time to indulge & interact with the community. I’m 27 and already seeing that as potentially happening.

One of the issues is a lot of so called daddies are really just interested in young people and see this as a way to get a 19 year old. And once you hit thirty you are no longer young. Also people give up,repress who they are and latch onto a vanilla partner. This same person also said this at the end If you aren’t in a relationship by the time you are 35 there is little chance you ever will be. There’s not a lot of people looking to change the diapers of a forty year old guy.

I’d say one of my aspie friend’s got lucky and found a vanilla woman in her thirties who also has it too and they met online through a Facebook group about old highways and freeways and she also liked traveling and would come and see him and then she moved to be closer to him. They are now engaged and both decided to not have kids for personal reasons.

But I do wonder why social media is more common for young ABDLs and why older ABDLs prefer forums and don’t do social media and do photos. Notice how on the ABDL photo sites, all of them all seem to be young women and very few male. I also notice that most sex workers are female. Why are less men into this and more women are and I guess not very many women are into males so there would be no point in men doing it. But I wonder why.

I might be one of the few older ABDLs on social media.

Update: I came home from work and went into the bathroom to look for dental floss, door was closed when I got home and it smelled like piss. That toilet. But at least I didn’t smell it when I came home into the kitchen from the garage.