That awful smell in my home.

My house has been smelling like sewage like piss and I thought it was our dog pissing somewhere and us not knowing about her. I wondered if it was the bonus room that was making our whole house smell and I looked for any dark spots and used carpet cleaner to clean it and got training pads for our dog to piss there in case she can’t hold it anymore since she won’t nark or howl to be let out. She likes to sleep with my husband so whenever he goes to bed, she follows him and she goes outside first thing when he wakes up. She will even whimper when she wants out too.

My parents came over and they had to leave because the smell got to them and I cleaned the basement carpet again and looked for more dark spots and checked the trash cans in the bathroom to empty out in case it was making out house smell and I use fabreeze and sprayed everywhere and opened windows and had my husband light the scented candle.

I hope we won’t have to get rid of the dog and tell my brother “sorry we can’t have a dog anymore, she is making our home smell like piss and we can’t figure it out where it’s coming from” and he has to take her back and get rid of her because he can’t have a dog anymore right now. It was his dog and then she became ours.

Then today I decided to clean the toilets and around them to see if the kids got piss on the floor and on the walls around it and I used pine sole and Comet inside the toilet and cleaned the top where the water comes in when you flush and I used the chemicals cleaner to clean the outside of it too. I scrubbed around the sides and cleaned the outside of it to see if it would help with the smell and I even opened the window and sprayed in there with Fabreeze to make it smell nice. I even washed the floor around the toilet too with pine sole and I used a rag to ensure to make it smell nice.

I decided to close the door when I was done. I go back in there later and smelled that awful smell again and figured out it was that toilet. It stinks and it was stinking up our whole house. It doesn’t flush and it fills up slowly after you flush so people keep pissing and shitting in it. But even after it’s flushed, it still smells and I cleaned it and it still smells like always and even wiping it down with chemical won’t make it go away. I told my dad about it on the phone and he said he will replace the toilet with another one they have brought over. I decided that bathroom door will stay closed with window open. I don’t think we have air vents in that bathroom. Even when I was a kid, I always kept the door to our bathroom closed because it always stunk in there from the toilet even though we would clean it. Even the bathroom upstairs in Montana stunk while mine didn’t seem to smell nor the downstairs one and my parents.

My mom described the smell like “it smells like dirty diapers down there” and I said “none of them are down there.” All mine get thrown away in my room and then I take it outside when the pail gets full. My dad said it didn’t smell like dog urine and it smelled like human piss.

I guess one of the good things about wearing diapers is never having to worry about toilets smelling but then you have to worry about the diaper smell. That’s why I used a enclosed bucket as my pail and take it outside when it’s full, open a window to air out or turn on my air freshener thing that melts scented wax and I keep my bedroom door closed. Plus it’s to keep the dog out of my room because I want it to be flee free in there and don’t want any on my bed. The flea problem has gotten a lot better after my husband has started giving her baths and plus we got flea medicine. She keeps taking off her own flea collars. I even got doggy shampoo that kills fleas or helps keep them off. Or maybe flea season ended so that would explain why I am getting bitten a lot less now.

I also decided to keep the bonus room door closed to hold in the doggy urine smell. I also keep spraying the pad to attract dogs to pee in that area. She has used her pad before because I have seen yellow stains on it and then I throw it out and replace it with a clean one and she hasn’t used it yet.