No place to put my used diapers

It’s past the holiday season and both our trash cans are full. Lot of it came from Christmas and I stuffed two trash bags of wrapping paper and garbage from the presents. Plus I was cleaning the yard and picking up leaves and I found some old junk buried in ivy from my brother’s house when my parents and him were renovating it to sell and they had all the house junk tossed on the side of our driveway making us look like slobs. Think of one of those properties you see with full of trash and abandoned vehicles and household appliances because they don’t have the money to haul it away. Well mine did it to save money until they had enough to fill the pick up to haul all away and they finally did buy forgot some of it so I tossed it in our trash bin including the medal frame to the fireplace from his old house. Plus I filled up the tiny trash bin that can fit 3 13 gallon trash bags from our household trash and now it’s all full and none of the trash cans have no room for more garbage.

I told my dad on the phone to stop hauling his and mom’s trash over here and use the trash service over there. They are house sitting my aunt and uncle’s house so they live there for now until they are back from Hawaii for the season. I told my dad our trash cans are full so don’t bring over anymore trash of theirs and to use the trash service over there.

My dad’s excuse was he was going to burn the trash (it was all paper from Christmas) and I said it was all over and it got wet from the rain so I tossed it.

My diaper pail is also full and we have stuffed trash cans but trash day isn’t until this weekend because of the New Years. I also don’t have to leave the bag on the ground outside or else animals could get into it. I can always leave out in the garage to haul out after trash pick up and then toss in the trash can with the other trash bag I am filling. I have thought about upgrading the trash but figured it’s my parents hauling it over here so I might just start dumping it in their cottage to show them because I am not letting them full up our trash cans when we need the room for ours. They can use my aunt and uncle’s trash service since they are paying the utilities so they can pay the trash service at their house.

There is a subreddit called bad roommates, there should be a subreddit called bad family members. I would probably have a lot of it but I bet it would make me look like I am always whining about my family and can’t find happiness.