I am hoping I don’t have covid 19

It started yesterday when I got a head ache. So I laid down until it was time to get ready for work. I thought I was having caffeine withdrawal so I got a energy Rockstar.

But the headache never went away and then I was coughing and had a sore throat. I kept my mask on because I was coughing. I got off work and I sit on a bench and the person sitting on the other end had moved. I didn’t blame them.

I feel worse when i get home and I felt nauseated. I thought it was just hunger so I hate a entire box of Mac and cheese and still felt sick. Then I was cold. My feet were ice cold. I finish what I am doing on my computer and go to bed. I changed quickly and went right to bed but I had to turn off the fan and AC because I was shivering. My mouth was very dry and so were my lips so I have water next to me and I had put on chapstick.

Then the next morning I got hot so I had to turn the fan on again. I still had a bad headache but the chills and body aches were gone.

My dad called and asked me about covid and said he and mom would be staying away from me and won’t come in the house.

They’re old so of course they have to stay away from the house. They have their RV and cottage and their other cottage they had built.

I was going to go to my kids’ school today to pick up devices and to drop off their immunization records but I got sick and didn’t want to get anyone sick. I even called into work also but if I did have the covid, it’s too late now because I had already spread it.

Maybe someone else didn’t know they had it too or they were carrying it without symptoms and I got it.

My only fear is this will get worse but if i die, at least I won’t ever see myself get old or even worry about getting dementia. I will just enjoy my last days in my room.

My God, I also hope I don’t have covid. My husband thinks it’s just a fever. I also skipped homework with my kids today because I wasn’t feeling well. My husband won’t do it because he is worried he will make mistakes because of his disability.

I finally changed my wet diaper from at night when I was feeling well enough and I spent my whole day laying on the couch watching TV and dealing with bad cramps in my tummy from gas. Then I finally pooped but it wasnt a big one. Then the cramps were gone. I was even hot i laid naked in my bra and diaper and then I started to get cold again around 5 pm so I am back to wearing my robe and pants.

TV came in handy because I dont really watch TV anymore but today I did because I was sick and needed something to do. I would have watched Netflix or YouTube or disneyplus if we didn’t have cable.