The time when Jerrys got cancelled

Lately there has been topics online about cancel culture. Some think it’s toxic but I say there are consequences to what you say. People have the right to boycott and to stop talking to you. People have always cancelled but we just didn’t call it that then. The word then was shunned or boycotted. Products have gotten boycotted or Wal Mart and even pet stores in malls were boycotted and they got shut down due to puppy mills. People have even been shunned at work or in their neighborhood.

I remember the time when Jerry got herself cancelled on Adisc. This was about ten years ago. Someone did a thread calling everyone sick for getting turned on with ABDL and kept comparing it to real children and then doing the Barney talk “but I still love you all” after insulting all of us.

I put her on ignore and I guess everyone else did too because I saw her on another forum a year later and she called them her opinions. She said she got ignored on Adisc because people there didn’t like her opinions. Don’t you love it when bigots call their bigotry opinions? But I didn’t say anything to her because I really didn’t want to start a drama on that other forum and plus she had already been punished so why punish her again by trying to humiliate her by calling her out where everyone can see it?

So she basically got herself cancelled. I knew it was her because she used the same username. I remember on Adisc I couldn’t say anything to her without breaking any rules because what she had written made me so mad and it was triggering. But luckily other members took care of it. If they had done it on Twitter, they would have gotten accused of harassment. But at least she didn’t threaten to kill herself.

There was another time on Twitter ( I had once written about it here and another Jerry called ABDLs pedophiles and people called her out and she lost tons of followers. But she didn’t like getting a consequence to her action so she decided to say she was going to kill herself over it. People even sent her DMs according to her and she even did a suicide poll asking how she shall kill herself. It was very pathetic. I even blocked her too. Then she eventually deleted her account (she is no longer on my block list so that is how I know) and I guess she got herself cancelled as well because she didn’t like she had lost tons of followers. I think she realized that maybe most of her customers she got were ABDL and she had insulted them. It had to be a hard lesson for her to learn.

One of my online friends thought she was just a troll and did it to upset us and I took it too personal but disagreed with how people handled her suicide threat and said he would just call the suicide helpline even if they were doing emotional blackmail and it would show them to not use that threat to manipulate.

Keep on cancelling. Then maybe they will all shut up and go to their safe zone to sprout their bigotry about ABDL. We won’t see it and no one will call them out or pile up on them by disagreeing with them and being all offended. They also wouldn’t have to worry about being cancelled either.

I think being cancelled only holds power if it costs you your business or your job or revenue. But none of that will happen when you call us pedophiles and compare ABDL and age play to pedophilia calling us sickos and pedos unless the majority of your customers are ABDL and I think that is exactly what happened to that one lady who did the suicide thing. I remember she did furry drawings and did commissions. So what she did affected her. I don’t even know if she is on Twitter again under a new name. I think it would be pretty hard starting your business back up again if you are trying really hard to hide your true self.

And it’s okay to be a bigot and be intolerant towards bigots. Carry it with pride. I have been noticing the reverse intolerant thing and reverse bigotry conservatives like to claim about liberals so I had decided to carry the closed mindness and intolerance and bigot label with pride. I even say I am an asshole towards assholes and a horrible person to ABDL bigots. Yes I have been told these things too about myself so I do the reverse thing as well.