had to break my religion

This will be a TMI post..

I wonder if religious people would be offended if I said I have a non God religion.

Toilets are against my religion. I even tried to make homework be against my religion when I was 10 but my mom wouldn’t allow it under her roof. I knew a boy on my block and him wearing his Chicago Bulls hat was his religion, he even said.

Yesterday I felt constipated so I had abdominal pain. It wouldn’t come out so i had to break my religion and sit on the toilet and dig it out. It was in hard pieces and the cause of the pain was the stool was pressing hard on something inside my rectum so I pulled it out and pulled more out until I felt no hard stool and the pain was gone. Gone was the cramps and the abdominal pain and it was just little BM. I think it was residue from my last BM and it got hard

When you stick your finger up there, you can feel this thick skin and a hole and you feel some cramps when you press on it. That is why it hurts when I get constipated and why it’s uncomfortable to hold it because it is pressing on it. But with me wearing diapers 24/7 for the last 8 years, I have not been constipated since.

Even anel sex will make me feel constipated because of the penus pressing on that part inside my rectum. I never liked that feeling so I am baffled how anyone can hold it till they get home. I would have just ended up shitting in my diaper if there were no restrooms. Before diapers, I would have been in agony. I would be worse when I would be constipated so I started to dig it out at 16 years of age and started using enemas at age of 21. Then that problem stopped over time when I have been in diapers 24/7.

In the past, when I would dig it out, it was always blockage because the rest would come out and it would be all runny because it got soft but the hard poo was keeping it all in. It’s amazing how our body will give itself a laxative by producing more water to soften the stool so it will come out.

I thought I would have soft stool again but I didn’t.