Onlyfans cleaning out

I am now hearing they are wiping account accounts with any ABDL content in them. I was going to do a blog about it but RileyK beat me to it so you can read her page here:

Now everyone is moving to Just For Fans. When I first registered there, I was told by the website admin he doesn’t allow dirty diapers or poop or pee there and I had to confirm I wouldn’t put that stuff on my page just so he could approve me. It might have to do with the credit card companies but he does allow ABDL content there.

I have been posting my stuff there at the same time I have been putting my stuff on Onlyfans. Right when I decide to try the place again, this starts happening. But at least this time I won’t have another anxiety episode and lose my appetite from extreme stress if I lose my page again because I will know it’s been happening to other ABDL creators as well and no one is going after me. It’s just the website doing it and their computer catching banned words to trigger them to delete your profile so I had to go back and change my name and delete my whole page bio.

Another speculation is there is an incel that is going around reporting ABDL pages manually and the OF team are going and deleting them. Another speculation is the computer triggering the page deletions because of the keywords.