The Problem Child

Anyone remember Baby Tali, she even had a geocities website with stories on it, her own and other peoples. It is still online but it’s archived.

There is one story I remember reading on there when I was 15 and I think it was the first story I had read on that site. Problem Child it was. It made me think of that movie made by Universal Pictures so the title caught my attention and I read it.

I was 15 when I read it so I found Alicia to be a unlikable character. She is mean to her sisters and cusses at them and insults them and she then got treated like a baby literally. Of course being a kid myself, I thought this was well deserved because serves you right for being a bitch to your siblings and then pretending you didn’t do anything wrong.

I read it again as an adult and well I think this was all just child abuse. I felt sympathy for the character this time and the little sister’s name happens to be Karen. Coincidence. Why the coincidence? Because Karen will push her sister’s buttons, she will intentionally do things that will make her act that way and she will tell on her and exaggerate and lie and their mother believes her. Now this is just normal sibling stuff. My children do it to each other all the time. The difference is I don’t take either side and I separate them both and make them not talk to each other or interact when they are going to be doing this. I will take anything away they are fighting about too like video games or computer or phone. When I was 15, I saw Karen as the little monster and evil and a bully forgetting that I used to do things to get my brothers into trouble whenever they touched my stuff and messed with my dollhouse or playhouse and also passing off my wrong doings to my brothers. For example, I remember one time my mom made popcorn for me and my friend and my brothers and I made a huge mess with it. My mom saw the mess and screamed about it and I said it was my brother’s that did it. I didn’t want to get in trouble because whenever my mom raised her voice, it meant a punishment was coming, either spanking and being sent to your room. What kid wants to get in trouble and be punished? No one so they are going to lie and try and pass off their wrong doings to another kid. I of course helped cleaned it up to avoid being in trouble. Now this is where the spanking debate would come in and anyone would tell me what I did was fear and why spankings don’t work. But the truth is, I would have had this same reaction with any punishment. I didn’t like being sent to bed without supper or being forced to stay in my room or having my Barbies taken away or be made to sit on the stairs or have my bike get taken or not allow anyone to come over to play with me or me not being allowed to leave the yard or even go outside. So I had learned to lie because I hated being in trouble, period. But I was a terrible liar so I was always caught with it. I couldn’t be manipulative as Karen. Plus my mom always paid attention to us and Erica never did with her kids. Kids only learn to be sly and be manipulative when their parents are lazy and buy their story over what the other child says.

Now I see Karen just being a normal child, a typical one. Not some sociopath.

But anyway I thought the only reason why Alicia was the way she is was because of their mother. Their mother was pretty abusive when it came to being grounded and getting punished. It was just humiliation stuff. So where does her mom think her daughter gets her mean behavior from?

Then it gets crazier in the story. Erica’s (the mother) sister is Donna and she is a psychologist and she is all okay with this stuff and I realize this story is basically a different dimension where all this stuff is normal and totally fine to do to a child. Also the fact they invite all of Alicia’s friends over to see her like that. Karen also takes part in it too and Erica follows her ideas even though she was only eight. That was her revenge she was getting on her sister for blocking Blues Clues on TV and screaming at her and calling her a bitch and saying fuck you. But hey, maybe that was just Alicia modeling that behavior from her mother if she treats her kids that way during punishments. Then she was expected to set a good example for her two sisters when their mom was supposed to be setting a good example for all her kids, especially when mad.

These were what ABDL stories were like back in the days, everyone lived in a world where it was normal to psychologically abuse your child by humiliating them with diapers and dressing them up as one and taking away their human rights and they are a helpless baby now. This was all common stuff I would see in the community when reading ABDL stories.

Now people write stories with a different dimension on them where everyone lives on another planet and littles and bigs are different creatures. Back in high school, there was no term age play or little or little space. Instead, the words I saw were adult baby, diaper lover, infantilism, sissy, and regression. There were no furries in the community either and I started seeing them popping up around 2004 on the xsorbit forum ran by Winz and Lil Vickie and Elizabeth before they all disappeared. I know one of them is still around but she posts under a new name.

I have no idea if the story Problem Child was written by an adult or a minor.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to say things like how my youngest brother should be treated like a baby since he whines all the time. This was before I knew of the ABDL community and before I saw these stories. I used to fantasize about it too because I wanted to have baby siblings and thought it would be fun if my parents forced my youngest to be my baby brother because he whines so he shall be treated as a baby since he acted like one.

Maybe the story was written by someone who had an annoying sibling and fantasized them being treated like a baby for a punishment like I used to fantasize with my little brother when I was 10 and 11 years old. I also remember telling him sometimes just to annoy him whenever he whined, “If you don’t stop whining, mom and dad will treat you like a baby” and I would tell him what stuff they would do to him. I think this was early signs I was into this stuff before I even knew it was a thing and a fetish.

Now being a parent, I can’t see myself treating my own children like literal babies as a punishment like I used to imagine myself doing when I was a kid.