The time Photobucket got Greedy

I’ve mentioned capitalism and greed in one of my other posts. But I found the worst one ever online. Remember the time when photobucket decided to stop hosting images unless you paid for a premium?

The moment they made their website a paid site, I stopped using them and started to find other image hosting sites. Most websites now allow you to upload images to the website; Etsy, Ebay, web forums, now Reddit allows that feature.

I totally abandoned my account and stopped using it and only went back for my old images to use for this blog. I remember I had to re upload my images to imgur to host them here.

But what I never knew what Photobucket did was hold peoples photos as ransom and not leaving anyone the ability to download all their images. Also they did not give anyone a warning in advance that they would be changing their service and what the cost would be. They also changed their TOS and didn’t bother emailing their users and they did it three days before the massive change. Also they were vague and didn’t tell anyone what would happen if they don’t pay to host images for 3rd party sites. So when June 20th came, the internet from ten years ago was destroyed, old internet forums, blogs, everything because the majority of users used Photobucket to host images. All the images looked like this:

I saw them on message boards and it was annoying not being able to view abandon places or even old vintage photos. It also destroyed websites, bunch of Amazon and Ebay listings. Even one person had her whole entire blog destroyed because now all her pages were filled with that image and the background too she bought. It turned out the service used photobucket to host the image.

Many people were pissed and outrage because not only did they ruin the internet and old forums and blogs and listings, they held their images as hostage. It was you had to pay $399 to allow 3rd party hosting and that price is ludicrous. Microsoft only charges $69 for 1 TB cloud storage for one drive, Google Drive charges $99 a year for 2 TB or $20 a year for 100GB storage. There are so many other platforms that charge a lot cheaper than $399.

Only very few people actually paid that amount and it was just businesses that paid because it was for their business and they needed their images to show. But many people could not affords to pay that price and they couldn’t access their photos unless they paid. It caused outrage and sparked lot of discussions all over the internet; forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook. People were angry. I had no idea this went on because I wasn’t on Twitter then and I am not active on Facebook community and I had stopped using photobucket and was using Imgur by then.

So many people deleted their FB accounts and left their angry reason. Eventually they got a new owner and he changed things like got rid of the outrageous price, let people access their photos again so they can download them and host them somewhere else. They even decided to make it free if you keep your storage space under a certain amount. But if you go over, your images will be blurred when shared.

But here is a thing, they still let you upload as many images as you like without stopping you, it still gives you the ability to host your images without paying for a premium. You would think this feature would be unavailable to freebie accounts.

I went to my yahoo account and found two emails from Photobucket saying I was violating their TOS because I was hosting images. Yeah, all those images were from over ten years ago and I don’t even use the website so at the time, hot linking my images was fine and like I would remember where I posted my images and when I ever did them when it was so long ago.

I go to the Photobucket website and it basically held my account as hostage saying pay premium or break the links. I selected break the links. I would have been pissed if they only gave me the pay Premium option.

I looked on my account and found my infant son and me in my cloth diapers which would be from the early 2010s. I decided to just start downloading the images for in case they do delete my account and thank god I did not have many photos there or it would have been impossible to get them all off. They did not have a feature where you can select all and download. Instead you had to do one at a time.

So I downloaded each image I wanted to keep and the rest I didn’t care about. Lot of them were of me from when I was young and and I looked like a minor as a young adult and I could tell I was bigger too but it also reminded me how attractive I was then because I was younger. Now I think I look unattractive because I’m older now and have seen my face in my own photos when I would take them. My husband said I look the same but I think he is just bias. My mom looked pretty too when she was young, now she looks unattractive.

So Photobucket got greedy and held peoples images as ransom only for them to not get their money and they lost a bunch of their users. This was the worst greed ever in the wild I ever heard. Now their prices are a lot cheaper but I still won’t use them because of their demand to pay and I am not even close to exceeding my storage limit but yet I still got an email saying I am nearing my storage limit. Also the fact I can host my images for free somewhere else and I am not demanded to pay. When I am demanded to do something, I feel doing the opposite and I feel anger so I end up not wanting to do it. But yet if I am given that option, I don’t feel oppositional. Same as if I am asked politely or if someone is polite, I feel more inclined to do their request. One time someone screamed at me to shut off my laptop when I was going to work, and I just said no and refused because the fact she was a bitch about it. Also it was my personal property and she had no right to tell me what to do with my time. If she believed the computers and phones messed with her brain, move. I never like people imposing their beliefs onto me. When someone is rude to me, I feel oppositional and feel more inclined doing whatever I am doing that bothers them rather it’s them being impatient so I will take longer intentionally.

I mean seesh, being nice gives you benefits. You’d be surprised how much privileges there are when you are actually polite and how much easier customer service is and how helpful employees actually are.